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Found 8 results

  1. Hello All, a few weeks ago I discovered a thread on Vostok Amphibia modding on a German forum (http://uhrforum.de/v...modding-t172217). I'd known about Seiko modding for quite a while but wasn't aware that there is also a nascent Amphibia modding scene. I was fascinated and, being a fan of Vostoks, immediately caught the bug. After countless hours searching around, I ordered a few bits for a mod - bezels, inlays and the like - as well as a new Amphibia from zenitar on eBay. One by one, the parts arrived and, in my excitement, I also bought another Amphibia from this forum (thanks mcb2007!) as a mod base. This morning, I was ready to start. The first mod attempt is my 100SE that I bought from meranom around a year ago. Here it is as bought: Vostok Amphibia 100SE by wotsch2, on Flickr I'd bought in a few bezels. An engraved (or etched?) one from Russia: Vostok Amphibia Bezel by wotsch2, on Flickr Two similar ones from the Ukraine (left) and the USA (right) to take the inlays I'd ordered from Hong Kong: Vostok Amphibia Bezels by wotsch2, on Flickr Also two from Germany: Vostok Amphibia Bezels by wotsch2, on Flickr (actually, these two don't fit a 100 case, but I'm showing them for comparison). So, off with the original bezel on the 100SE and a photo shooting of the different options: Vostok Amphibia 100SE Comparison by wotsch2, on Flickr What a choice! One or two combinations were no-gos straight away, but I spent a lot of time back and forth trying to find my favourite. It turned out that my favourite was the Russian engraved bezel (far right on the above comparison pic), but I had other plans for that one that I hope to be able to post tomorrow. After a good bit more humming and hahing and some patient advice from my better half, I finally settled on one of the above. A bit of glue to fix the inlay to the bezel and, after a good hour and a half fiddling with the bezel wire to get the damn thing to fit properly, I was finished. So, without further ado, I would like to present my first Vostok Amphibia mod. (continues...)
  2. Hello.Looking forward to hearing more about the G344F Sky Chief chronograph (waterproof case).Many thanks .Max.I contacted Benrus Watch Company and this is what information I got from them.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You have a beautiful variant of the Benrus Sky Chief there. While there are no specific records remaining, there were quite a few variants of the Sky Chief through its history (1940's-1960's). The original Sky Chief had a 35mm case with a Venus movement and typically came with a Black dial with square pushers and a snap back case, there were white dialed models and even a tri-compax day/date. The model evolved through a few changes and variations through time. The biggest change (no pun intended) came with the latter model coin edge rotating bezel 38mm Sky Chief which included the use of the valjoux 71 as well. One of the variations which is definitely rarer and somewhere in between was the G344F. Your model retained the smaller 35mm case but is differentiated by round pushers and a screw back case and addition of the Vajoux 71/72. I can't say that these were transitional models, but You will see these models less frequently than the square pusher.
  3. I have a quantity of vintage watch cases with dials dating from trench watches onward. They have no movements so I have no calibre information to go on. Does anyone know of any book or other resource that might help me date them with just the style / fashion of the case and dial to go on? Thanks
  4. I recently bought a watch from armogan a small watch shop that sells really high quality watches for reasonable prices, anyway i would see dust etc on the watch glass and i guess when i was wiping it off somehow it managed to get in between the layers of glass and then after 2 days it fell onto the face. I used my warranty on the watch and they sent me a brand new one but i was wondering if this is a unique issue with that certain brand, or just bad luck with the watch i got here is the link to the store ( i have the blue sapphire with the strap from the silver black model) http://www.armogan.com/shop
  5. Hi, I recently bought a watch that seems to be from Russia or Eastern Europe, but I don't have a clue what brand it is, in which country it is made and when? Does somebody have some information about this watch or brand? Sincerely, Jimmy
  6. Hi there,i have one vostok with rare dial i think.Made for Lithuanian parliament in early 1990`s i believe.Looking for any relevent info about this watch.Thanks
  7. Good evening All, I just bought a cheap light tent to try to improve my watch photos. After a few experiments this morning, I'm pretty amazed at the difference it has made. It makes it much, much easier to get a good shot without ruinous reflections. Here are a few of the results. A couple of recent acquisitions plus two of my favourites. First up, the most recent arrival - my Sturmanski Radiation Resistant chronograph: Sturmanskie Chronograph by wotsch2, on Flickr Sturmanskie Chronograph by wotsch2, on Flickr Second, a Glashütte Spezimatic: Spezimatic Weltzeit by wotsch2, on Flickr Spezimatic Weltzeit by wotsch2, on Flickr Next up, my Komandisrki Airforce chrono: KomanKomandirski Airforce Chronodirski_Airforce_Chrono_14 by wotsch2, on Flickr Komandirski Airforce Chrono by wotsch2, on Flickr (continues...)
  8. Inspired by the photos of East German Glashüttes added to Always"watching"'s fine posts (here and here) on one of the modern brands from the town, I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread of GDR watches. I know a few of us have them, so let's collect them all together in one place. To get started, I have a few Glashütte Spezichrons: GUB_11-27a_01small by wotsch, on Flickr GUB_11-26b_01small by wotsch, on Flickr GUB_11-25_06small by wotsch, on Flickr GUB_11-26d_01small by wotsch2, on Flickr GUB_11-27_04small by wotsch, on Flickr (continues...)
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