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  1. Hi all,My name is jesaya, just join this fantastic web yesterday , so anyway i came across this beautiful vintage raketa wrist watch what i like about this watch is the hand i have never seen anything like that, i want to know what you guys thing about this piece, i don't know alot about raketa all know it was made in USSR, please help me with any info you know about this watchWarm regards.
  2. Hi, I'm enjoying my start to watch collecting, which has been led primarily by space related watches. I'm hoping to add a Sturmanskie Sputnik watch and have a few questions The brand new watch is a Sturmanskie quartz movement and is around £160 however I've found what must be original or reconditioned older models. These are a Pobeda Sputnik ZIM with white face and white rotating sputnik circle where the 6 would be as a second hand, and a Podeba ZIM Pobeda 2602 with same sputnik feature however a gold inner disc. Is the new watch a homage to these? The older watches have mechanical m
  3. https://images.app.goo.gl/KbrmB1MmGp97eyfE8 Interesting looking thing.
  4. I have purchased an American drop dial case clock. On the dial it has PENFOLD SUTTON any idea what or where this could be
  5. Hello All, a few weeks ago I discovered a thread on Vostok Amphibia modding on a German forum (http://uhrforum.de/v...modding-t172217). I'd known about Seiko modding for quite a while but wasn't aware that there is also a nascent Amphibia modding scene. I was fascinated and, being a fan of Vostoks, immediately caught the bug. After countless hours searching around, I ordered a few bits for a mod - bezels, inlays and the like - as well as a new Amphibia from zenitar on eBay. One by one, the parts arrived and, in my excitement, I also bought another Amphibia from this forum (thanks mcb2007
  6. https://www.google.com/search?q=amphibia+cosmonaut&oq=amphibia+cosmonaut&aqs=chrome..69i57.5312j0j7&client=ms-android-h3g-ie&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=eXxbnySr9GLzKM: Hi all. I recently got one if these. Does anyone know how to remove a link on these. If not could you.recommend a replacement bracelet that will work. Thanks for your help in advance.
  7. Hi all, I’m new to the site! Hoping for some help/advice acquiring a genuine Raketa 24 hour?
  8. Saw this watch in a shop the other day and liked the look of it, it was in such great condition, it looks like it has hardly been used, if at all. I've seen a silver version of this watch on here but can't find any examples of gold versions. Apparently it's a slava double barrel 2428 but wondering how old it is and what kind of value it has, being in such good condition in box. It has a price tag of £17.95 on the box with a shop logo which is from between 1968 - 1993. photos of the watch: https://imgur.com/a/tQjIxmK
  9. just bought a sturmanski space pioneer quartz chrono vk64 3354851 , £40 inc postage , and im confused about its workings , as I understand it the top pusher , starts the second hand timer , but the watch is working while no other chronograph dials are moving , so in theory if the second hand is in the stationary position and the 2 small chrono dials are also not moving the watch still keeps time , I thought a quartz watch had to have one dial moving to show its working I think its a Seiko movement
  10. Just arrived from Julian at Poljot.de 40mm Poljot "Aviator I Chronograph" (Cal: Poljot 3133) Also came with a second strap, which is also black but with red stitching. Oh and of course the customary free packet of biscuits.
  11. Just arrived via DHL, the 2801 Poljot Chronograph Journey (Cal: Poljot 31681) Again came with extra straps and fee biscuits. Picture really doesn't do it justice, silver dial really looks good in the daylight.
  12. Hi All, I’m Tom, random member with some random watches. Everything from a GShock....to a soon to arrive Panerai with a splattering of Pulsar, CWC, Tag, Dunhill and Montblanc in the middle. Looking forward to chatting to you all! Very best.
  13. I have this "Paul Buhre" watch which has a sterling silver bracelet/band inscribed (i think?)......"Mick?....Christmas 1934.......my question is......is the band contemporary with the watch.......i believe "Paul or Pavel Buhre"......were a watch maker connected in some way to the Imperial Russian Court before the revolution......and subsequently moved their concern to Switzerland?......Anyone have any more info ......it's a great little ticker and only loses about a minute in 2 weeks
  14. I have a quantity of vintage watch cases with dials dating from trench watches onward. They have no movements so I have no calibre information to go on. Does anyone know of any book or other resource that might help me date them with just the style / fashion of the case and dial to go on? Thanks
  15. A new watch is been lunch on kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coastudios/redefining-british-luxury-watches?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=coa stu
  16. Came back from holiday to this new arrival
  17. I recently acquired an Elektronika 53 as I had heard that their rate could be regulated via an on-screen menu and I was curious to see how accurate I could get it. The build quality is not amazing, with quite a bit of discoloration on the LCD display. As is common with Russian watches of this type, it ships without a strap. I put a bracelet on from one of my Casios, but it isn't a great fit Anyway, I have found that the watch can be adjusted by +/- 6.5 seconds per day in increments of 0.1 seconds per day. Over the course of a week's observation I have adjusted the rate to a nominal -
  18. Hi there First time post and apologies if this has gone into the wrong section. I have come into possession of a few Vostok Watches, there are also a couple of smaller ones that are not pictured. Is it possible for any help with any information about these models? I think I have got as far as that they are Vostok Komandirskie but please correct me on this if I am wrong. Is there is any significance in the crown being at the 2 O'Clock on 2 of them and 3 O'Clock on one? I have a gold coloured/ plated model at the end and can't find any other images on these. Thanks
  19. Hi all Im looking for some recommendations on vintage dress watches Nothing expensive £100 is my max I’m not new to buying watches but I’ve never actually owned a dress watch I’ve got a small collection of divers and a number of gshocks but my change of job calls for something more refined than say my Marathon GSAR so if anyone could help me out with some suggestions i would be more than greatful
  20. Hello all mates.i am collecting some old models of Seiko.any other Seiko collector here?? Kindly share his knowledge here.which models are antique?? I have 5 Seiko old models of Seiko 5. Thanks in advance
  21. Thanks to the people who do this work of art. A week ago, I went to the site http://komandirskie.com and I found a cheap watch, made an order. They are very cool. Many advantages and most importantly beautiful.
  22. Hi all, I'm after some help with a Vostok Troika, I seem to have too many seals for a start and need a movement spacer as the movement moves when the crown and stem is pulled out. The real thin seal was on the case back and the two large thicker seals were around the movement, I seem to remember theses seals on amphibias. So can anyone help or put me onto a supplier who may be able to. I need: New crystal and plastic ring Movement spacer Correct seal kit I should have taken a pic of the movement, its a 17 jewel manual wind, any ideas? I'll try and
  23. Hi, I recently bought a watch that seems to be from Russia or Eastern Europe, but I don't have a clue what brand it is, in which country it is made and when? Does somebody have some information about this watch or brand? Sincerely, Jimmy
  24. A full manufactured automatic Russian Raketa watch that was successfully selling a year ago for USD 1600 is now available for the ones counting in dollars for USD 819. While a Swiss made automatic time keeper sold in Russia, during the same period increased its price from 51 000 Russian rubles to 154 000. It is now time for foreigners that may have hesitated a year ago, to buy a legendary Russian manufactured watch, as they purchasing power increase along with ruble depreciation.
  25. I took this today for another forum but thought I would post here too. I love my little collection.
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