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  1. I have just booked a service via Breitling through Ernest Jones. Breitling have advised the case and crown needs to be replaced @ £450 which effectively doubles the cost of the service. Two questions please : 1) is it usual to replace the entire case? 2) Are Breitling over particular with their servicing i.e would they suggest replacement where others might just make a minor repair? Watch is a y2k super ocean silverfish. Thanks to all for your help. Dave
  2. Can anyone give me some information about this watch please.
  3. Hi TheWatchForum! I am new to watch collecting, and have absolutely fallen in love with the vintage Omega Constellation watches. The problem I have is that I have heard that a lot of counterfeit vintage omega watches exist, and I do not know how to tell them apart. This is the watch in question: https://www.chrono24.dk/omega/constellation--id8532898.htm?checkoutId=4267479&showAll=1 I have tried looking up the ref. no. and the serial no. but alas it has not helped me, because I do not know how look it up properly. If anyone could spare a bit of their time to help me understand looking up serial no. or ref. no. I would greatly appreciate it. Furthermore, if someone could look into the watch and give their "professional" opinion, it would also be greatly appreciated Kind Regards!
  4. The vacheron constantin art watches are some of my favourite pieces but are unfortunately out of my budget . Does anyone know of another watch brand that produces pieces at a more affordable price range with a similar disc function. Thanks for any help.
  5. The vacheron constantin art watches are some of my favourite pieces but are unfortunately out of my budget . Does anyone know of another watch brand that produces pieces at a more affordable price range with a similar disc function. Thanks for any help.
  6. I have inherited a gold IWC from 1924 -1935. Could anyone help me to find the name and also how much it would be?
  7. Hello This is my first time on a public forum so please be gentle and apologies if this posted to the wrong board. I have a Seculus Pythagoras watch 4506.3.7003 boxed with recipt of sale and genuine Seculus ref number. It was my dad's and I was wondering if anybody could give me a rough value Thankyou
  8. I have an old Ulysses Nardin pilot/military watch (Manual wind). Does anyone kn ow what it could be?
  9. Hello everyone!I acquired this watch from an estate sale in Vancouver BC Canada. I don't know much about these watches other than that they gained popularity with the show Mad Men.it is a 14k Case, the band is not Omega, it is a Birks 10k band.What can you tell me about this? i know its from the 1950's but not sure what specific year.I would like to get it appraised as well, to know its worth. Thank you any information is greatly appreciated !\
  10. Pair of Dalvey Chronos. Both bought from ebay very cheaply, Both requiring extensive re fettling, only new part the rally strap that cost more than the two watches together
  11. Hi everyone, I have in my possession an Im Hof alarm clock. I have searched the internet and can’t find very much info about the brand and can’t find a matching picture. I’ve attached photos
  12. Hello I am new here and not sure if I am following proper etiquette! I am trying to identify a watch movement I hope someone can help me! The Movement has the letters A T P on top of each other on a DP11 movement and a C on the crown! Anyone has a clues on what brand this movement belongs to?
  13. Recently acquired a Maurice Lacroix gents quartz wristwatch with no battery. Despite searching watch brands and battery lists I can find no battery info for this model In fact the only reference to batteries is on their current range of models and my watch resembles none of these. All I can say to identify this watch is that on the back it has two letter and number sequences . Above the brand name it has AH40891 and below the name AR1016 . the movement is marked ETA 955412. Can anyone tell me what date this watch might have been made and which battery I should use in it.
  14. hello to anyone looking i would like some advise please! so i am lucky enough to have collected a few watches over the last 30 years and people know me for it so i often get asked if i am interested in certain things... in this case a speedmaster. the movement starts 20526xxx cal no 321 the number in the back is s 105012-64 also HF inside a shape that loos a bit like africa.. the bracelet is stamped1171/1 the seller tells me that he was told the bezel was changed over 20 years ago.. i have an 82' moon watch which is great and i was wondering what i should pay for the beast? thx in advance.
  15. Hi guys, I'm new here, so my apologies if I don't do it properly! I have a beautiful watch that I know very little about...I can't seem to find anything quite like it online. I was wondering if anyone could give me a head start...I know its an art deco 17 gem Swiss eloga with p stampedon it....but that's it. Thank you for any information!! Welp I can't attach pictures....im guessing it's user error...I already wrote this up...so now my question is....how do I put pictures from my phone on here
  16. Good afternoon, I'm new here, hoping someone might know something about 'Perona' . I occasionally wear my father's old Perona watch which I remember him telling me as a child (circa 1960) was his best timekeeper. I have 4 old Omegas including a 1967 Constellation, none of which can match the amazing Perona's less than 3secs a day over the past three days, using Radio 4's pips as a reference. Wikipedia has no significant information and I can find nothing about it on the internet. Posting a photo is beyond me, but it has a crown emblem, 17 jewels, incabloc on the face and a sweep second hand. On the stainless steel back is a number, 855-5. Can anyone throw some light on the firm that produced this extremely well made and durable watch?
  17. Hi guys, I have recently acquired a vintage Jaquet Droz ladies watch. The face reads Jaquet Droz-17 Jewels incabloc. I know the name is now the maker of very expensive watches but research I have done suggests that there is no relation to older watches and the current ones. It is in excellent vintage condition and works perfectly. The strap appears to be silver but is not hallmarked: however it does have some weight to it for such a petite watch Could anyone help me with an approximate date of the watch and whether there is any value to it at all please? I have a picture but am unsure how to attach! Sorry! Kind regards Linzi
  18. I new to this forum, hopefully i'm posting this to the correct section. I have a Baume 17 jewel incabloc gold watch but I know very little about it. I understand (at least I think I do) that Baume was the original company before Baume and Mercier and they are Swiss? Other than that I have not been able to find any details online. It's a wind up watch, it works fine, there is a rattle if I shake the watch like there is a small loose fragment inside but it does not appear to affect the movement. Are they rare, sought after and do they have a great deal of value? I have a couple of pics but cannot seem to upload to this post. Thanks in advance
  19. I have a MedanaWatchCo extensa,7j, wind up, ladies wrist watch with a Ernest Borel kaleidoscope face. It’s late 1920’s(so I was told). How is that possible?? I’ve looked everywhere to see if Meyer, Studeli, & Borel ever worked together but to no avail.
  20. Hello, I'm new to this forum. After travelling and living in many places around the world, I live in Switzerland. I have a passion for watches and intend to launch my own brand. During the research, I found myself jumping into the rabbit hole, buying all the tools, and ordering parts. Before I realized to what extent I became distracted, I had built a couple of watches from parts (a diver based on replica ETA 2824, and a mono hand based on replica ETA 6498). You can follow my progress on IG @swisswatchproject Now I am seeking parts for my third project, based on the Ronda 706.3 moon phase movement. I'm having real difficulty finding dials, hands and cases that are compatible with this movement. I would be very appreciative for any suggestions. I look forward to learning from this group. Thank you!
  21. I have a pic of a watch I would like to identify but not sure how to add it - if you can tell me, I'd love to see if any of you can identify it?
  22. I really like this rolex sub but im afraid that it is too big for me, I personally think it fits but what do other people think? can I pull it off or do I need to pick another watch? I attached a link to this post, any advice would be appreciated. https://imgur.com/gallery/gtz1fTT
  23. Looking for history, data or any information regarding my ACIER JB GARANTI pocket watch. Given to my great grand father as a gift from the Czar of Russia Nicholas II between 1884-1917 in appreciation for providing engineering/manufacturing tooling in the textile industry. Gun metal case, case# 32549, dials for minutes, seconds, day, week, month and moon. Approx. 3.5" round, 5" tall, and an inch thick.
  24. Hi, has anyone done any business with Chronoexpert?
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