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  1. Our second watch collection Panama, is now live on kickstarter! Visit the link below for more images and information about the watch and us as a brand. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/584306822/james-barts-the-panama-line Have a great day!
  2. Anyone here wear a Hamilton Electric as your everyday, daily wear watch? Shut it down at night to preserve the contacts, of course, but otherwise 12 hours a day, day in and day out, just like it was originally intended when new 50+ years ago? If it had been restored by Jared, Paul, Rene, or Dan, with contacts changed, then regularly cleaned and lubed every couple of years, would it last like a regular manual or automatic wind watch? Just wondering. Would love to hear from the BIG FOUR Master Restorers on this question, or anyone else familiar with Hamilton Electrics...specifically the 505 mov
  3. Debate: Is the accuracy of a chronograph function the same as the watch it self?
  4. Hello everybody i am new here may i present : i am speak a little beat English. is this website good : kisaroboutique because i send message and the owner was friendly so can i go . please need answer sorry for the name i want to buy my Military Swiss watch quick before the and of the week.need help please our any good address thanks you.
  5. Hello, forum Question: Between an Omega Planet Ocean 43,5mm and a Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control 43mm, what whould you guys choose and for what reasons? I am really having a hard time deciding. Thank you
  6. I've not been on here in a while, trust all including Roy, our host, are well. Ordered a two tone longine hydroconquest auto and now the wait begins
  7. No, not the modern A&F. Back in the day, Abercrombie & Fitch were premier outdoor/safari clothing outfitters, and had a star studded list of clientele. And they sold watches that Heuer made especially for them. Read on... http://www.christies.com/features/Vintage-Heuer-for-Abercrombie-and-Fitch-watches-8375-1.aspx
  8. Real Rado Diastar or fake? I set the red arrow
  9. Hello all, My wife was given this watch. It is 27mm dia and says swiss made at 6 0clock position. The face seems to say montblanc in italics, but the watch looks 40's and montblanc didn't make watches then did they? On the back case is stamped 2979. Inside are some scratched numbers: jewellers marks? and it says fond acier inoxydable. The mechanism says fifteen jewels. Does anyone know anything about it or how old it is? Thanks in advance for any help. sorry wont upload photo but it is here
  10. "Not everyone has the same standards or expectations for their men's watch, but there are certain facets that every quality watch should contain." What to Look for in a Men's Watch
  11. Dear friends, I'm Sergio, founder of Direnzo watches, and I'm very glad to present you my new DRZ_Type_250F. Assembled in Switzerland, each timepiece will form part of a limited series of 600 units. Each watch will be a unique, numbered piece. Please feel free to visit our campaign page to find out more: http://bit.ly/KS_Direnzo Pre-order pricing starts at 270 CHF and the final retail price will be 420 CHF. Website: www.direnzowatches.com Facebook: DIRENZO watches Instagram: direnzo_watches Specifications:Case: 316L steel (polished)Crystal: 1.5mm double-domed sapphire with anti-ref
  12. Hi, looking for advice people..... TAG Formula 1 watch stainless steel, gold plated in blue. What's the cheapest price to buy new? (I seen it advertised for £1,550) What's the chances of it increasing or decreasing it's value if I buy in years to come? Is it a good investment? Does the gold on it wear away? Thanks Guys
  13. Hello , I'm new to this forum and I'm seeking help. I inherited two watches and I would love to know more about them as I'm pretty clueless and Google isn't helping as I don't actually have enough info to begin a real thorough search. One has no writing or marks on the dial but has inside the working and the other just states Titus Geneva on the dial and it's 18k as it's stamped on the back casing. Any help to find out more or info on them would be great. Thanks ... how do i add pics ?!
  14. Hello The Watch Forum community! First off, I would like to thank the admins and The Watch Forum for granting me permission to share my project with this community. About us Inspired by the French lifestyle, Monsieur captures the essence of bold living with an eclectic taste for adventure. This project was birth from an idea that quality can come with a low price tag. As an avid watch collector and enthusiast, the key to owning a watch that could stand the test of time does not only rely on the materials used but also the craftsmanship of the timepiece. We are a small team of watc
  15. Greetings to all at the Watch Forum! Thank you for giving us, elegantsis, a watch brand from Taiwan with 20 years of experience in manufacturing, the chance to share our latest creation. JSK Series: Mechanical Watch with The Custom Motorcycle Soul The JX65AS-JSK Series, is two mechanical watch collections inspired by custom motorcycles. In joining forces with the custom motorcycle design company, JSK Moto, we bring together the common values of craftsmanship, strength and style, while drawing inspiration from their signature and classic works. Drawing inspiration
  16. Hi guy:) so ive been on here before for my grandfathers old Rolex`s and today picked up my first real watch. Ive always loved some of the old WWWs and was familiar with the rarity of the Grana. Now i have no idea if i got a great deal or lost a whole bunch. Some of the exact info he provided "This example is a part of a small consignment of Grana contract watches which were designated 'W.W.W specification' with white, A.T.P dials."A comparative example is illustrated in the notable publication British Military Timepieces by Knirim, [page 553]. The serial number for the watch illustrated in Kni
  17. Hi everybody, I have antique Longines lady's pocket watch (30mm) in agate case. Can you help me find the price and date of manufactured? Thanks in advance .
  18. Just launched my first SoHo watch collection- NEWTON Watches- Stylish, Affordable, Minimalist with premium components Under $79 http://kck.st/2u5o88i
  19. Hi Guys I am new to your forum! Thanks for taking time to read my post! I have a Solvil Etc Titus watch that was left to me by my late grandparent many years ago. I haven't really given it a second thought until now so I am just after some advice as to whether it maybe of any value to a collector etc.? Cheers Guys!
  20. Hello. Only discovered this site yesterday so please excuse any naive questions as I know nothing about watches beyond the post I read yesterday on Vertex watches, for which many thanks. Anyway, I have a Vertex watch which was given to my father in 1968 when he left the company Short Bros & Harland in Belfast. All it says on the front is Vertex, Swiss made. Nothing on the back. i saw in the post that these were often stocked by companies in the past as leaving presents, so I assume there is nothing particularly unusual about it. I hate things that don't work however so took it to a lo
  21. Hi, Below is a picture of a watch that was owned by my dad. I'm trying to find out a little more information on it, i.e. approximate year of manufacture, value (not that I would ever sell it) etc. I'd also be interested to know if the strap looks genuine, as to me it looks a little off for the style of watch. The crystal is very scratched but I'll be taking it to a watchmaker soon to have it replaced, the case cleaned and the watch serviced. easy photo upload Thank in advance.
  22. DVICE Rolex Daytona 116523 Hi can anyone give me advice regarding the Daytona 116523 blue racing dial, I think it's a great looking timepiece and unusual, discontinued and hopefully going up in value? It's going at the moment for £10.500 pre-owned anyone's opinion matters to me Rolex Daytona 116523 Oyster Perpetual 40mm Steel and Yellow Gold with Arabic blue racing dial, 10 ATM, Movement Automatic-Self Winding thanks
  23. Afternoon all, I've been saving up, and am looking to buy a Rolex. I've done quite a lot of research, visited quite a few stores and have finally found a piece that looks great. It's an Oysterdate Precision (1974), priced at £3,350. I was just wondering what people's thoughts were on it - good value? good model? Any thoughts much appreciated! Pics of watch here: http://imgur.com/9OZwkAs http://imgur.com/5YEAI7C
  24. Hi. New to the watch forum but have been a watch enthusiast for as long as I can remember. Looking to discuss all things luxury watch related with like minded watch lovers. I own a Breitling Superocean Steelfish (2014) and have recently purchased 2 of the limited edition Tag Muhammad Ali tribute Carrerra Ring Master. I want a watch with a brown leather strap next to complete the hat trick of Steel, Black and Brown straps. Open to some suggestions from other members on this subject. A more long term dream is to own a Jaeger Le Coultre dress watch.
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