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  1. I bought a Ball Hydrocarbon Silverfox 4 months ago. The protection system for the crown has broken twice now with no real force. After fixing it once it happened again. The bit of metal that holds the protecter is thin and for me not fit for purpose. Its meant to be a rugged divers watch. Anyone else had this problem?
  2. Hi just come from a Rolex AD. and looked at the Sea dweller4000/ year 1994, good looking watch serviced and the original box and papers. cost £6500 Is this already a vintage model I presume yes ? not really know much about vintage watches, or is the newer version 116660 a better choice? help please
  3. Hi hope anyone can help me with my question, I am searching the web and came along the AP bumblebee never seen before, Just a bit confused when I discovered the massive price difference from 3 different sellers ranging from £12500 to £22000 all the similar age /condition etc. ok, I understand there may some sellers desperate to sell their watch but this seems a hell of a drop. is there another reason for it apart from the need to sell? this model is not for me --can't afford it in the first instance looks a bit chunky. anybody has one just enlighten me
  4. My dad gave me an 18k Gold, Dual Zone, Desta Swiss Watch that has been passed through the family for a few generations now. It has a beautiful solid gold band and a partial map of the world surrounding the two clocks. The back of the watch says "Tresta Swiss" along with "Fond Acier Inoxydable 584." Not sure what it might be worth or what date it is. I assume it is most likely from the 60's but I'm not sure the exact date or the pricing. If anyone has any prior knowledge of the watch, it would be appreciated. Not sure how to add pictures on here, so if anyone wants them, I can send them v
  5. Could anyone identify a rolco watch or provide more info. The serial number on the back is 274 over 599276
  6. Week started with three arrivals from amazon prime day. A Braun, tidal Timex and a Samsung gear 3 smart watch. All swiftly returned from whence they came. Then bought the grovana below. Cheeky bid accepted. Wrist shot now the query. What are the numbers across the moonphase? I assume they are something to do with that, but am baffled why they go to 29 1/2
  7. Hi, Anyone in possession of any information regarding the following Watch. Jean Pierre Pocket Watch 1999-2000: End of the 20th Century/2nd Millennium, Welcome In Year 2000. I have this watch in my possession but know nothing about it, having required it from a late friend. If you have any photos, literature, descriptions, leaflets, number made etc. I would be very grateful if you would kindly let me know. Thanks.
  8. can anyone give me any information on this balmoral pocket watch, also if anyone knows how to open the back, thank you
  9. Hi i have a watch to repair, it is an oris automatic that has stopped running after being dropped. I think it has a shock protection system, does this need re setting or could the problem be more serious
  10. Hi all, I am fairly new to this forum and am looking for some advice or ideas on the identity of my friend's Rotary 18ct Gold Manual wound 21 Jewel Incabloc watch. He inherited it from his grandfather earlier this year. He estimated it was bought for his Grandfather between the late 1950's and early 1960s, although not certain on this. He hasn't opened it up as he is nervous to do so, neither of us, though interested are experienced with watches. It was serviced just before he aquired it and valued at approximatley £1800, if this helps. He also knows that, at the time his grandfathe
  11. Hello everyone . I want to introduce you interesting diver- Navis Aqvantis is a new independent brand and they launch campaign on the kickstarter soon. They give the price about $249 which seems to be very good comparing to it's specification. Automatic (NH35A or swiss made sw200), sapphire glass, 300m waterproof and very good looking simple design. On their www and facebook more information: naviswatches.com FB: facebook.com/naviswatches
  12. I have had this watch sitting in a box for years. For some reason I pulled it out yesterday to examine it. It is not currently running. Can anyone tell me a few things about it? 1. Is it worth anything/repairing? 2. Model information? Thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aws19ykw73ufq64/image1.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/s7k6trtrwvvjoz8/image2.JPG?dl=0
  13. Good Morning to You, I'm a 35yo guy from Hungary. I have a Marvin-marked old watch since late 90's. I got it from my grandfather, but I have no information of the origin. He fought in WW2, and spent some time in Germany and more than 3 years in Russia after. So, this is my watch. It is a bit scrached, also the plexi and the case. The back side of the case is like bronze - it is a very massive watch. If I had to make watches for miners or smiths, they would be so like this. It has a self-winding mechanism. What do you think? When and where it could be made? Thank
  14. Hello There, I received this watch as a gift a few years ago, from someone who collected watches as a hobby. I myself haven't worn the watch although i appreciate it's very lovely! I was looking for further information about it, i am lead to believe it is 1960's? The person who i received it from i remember saying it was a nurses watch? Could anyone help to let me know when it dates to and if it has any value at all? I've attached a few photos and would appreciate anyone's help on this! Many thanks, Christy https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8IiWL_5Y1M-OUpD
  15. Hi, I'm Jeff Founder Esquire We are startup watches, our goal was to create something timeless but also contemporary, paying homage to a time of pioneers and amazing engineering, something elegant and subtle After working hard past two years, now we're launching design survey for our watches startup This 7-Question survey should take just a few minutes of your time To say thanks, we’ll send free beta tester our watches to best answer of 20 participant plus other 15 participant we’ll send $100 gift cards We only need 80 participant, we would like to hear your over
  16. Hi everyone Is there anyone who bought parts of this dealer - Buzzufy ? I found pawl wheel in this site for my Omega but I never bought from this dealer. Please, if you have experience, say delivery time and quality. Thank you
  17. Hi there, New to this forum but you guys seem knowledgeable on here so I was hoping you could help me. I acquired this watch through a family member however I'm unsure as to wether it is real or fake. It looks genuine to me - feels weighty, can't see any writing defects or cheap imitation parts and the chronograph dials work fine. It does sometimes lose time but I doubt it has had the battery changed in a while. I took it to a few jewellers nearby but they couldn't confirm if it was genuine or a replica. They said it looked genuine to them but I'd have to send it off to Hublot to have it
  18. Something I've noticed in the last month or two with my Mk II Key West (ETA 2693 GMT movement). At some points during the hour, the minute hand is aligned with the chapter ring marks precisely (bang on aligned with a tick at :00). 20 mins later, it's out of alignment (minute hand is between tick marks when sweep second reaches 12). Then 20 mins later, it's back on. I can't seem to determine if it's a particular spot on the dial, or if it's happening dynamically. It doesn't happen at the same pot on the dial consistently that I can see. The watch is keeping good time, about +2 secs/day res
  19. So I recently came across this beautiful Grana watch in a drawer. It used to belong to my father. It's still in perfect working condition, keeps perfect time, and looks great except for a few small scratches in the glass. I've learned a bit about Grana watches through googling and know they're now called Certina, but I understand they also continued making watches under the Grana name after WW2. I am trying to figure out exactly when the watch dates to, and if it has any value. I have googled exentsively for the watch, but I can't find a single picture of a Grana with 3 6 9 12 numbering, which
  20. well not sure if anyone respects this guy or not but on archie luxurys latest you tube offering hes stating the high end watches are really struggling to sell , pateks rolex omega man on the moon ,jaeger le coultre, I don't know enough about high end watches to validate this and I believe archies trying to sell some of his collection , but ive often thought that high end watches are in a bubble like housing, art, classic cars, etc etc bubbles everywhere you look once 0% interest rates came into force, he even states that dealers are offering discounts to move the items on , so I think now m
  21. Does anyone know if there is a discrepancy in diameter of the screwback cover on a genuine Rolex "Datejust" and a cheap quartz watch copy as my Genuine dies do not fit which gives rise to my query. One of the dies is just oversize and the other is too small! Help anyone?
  22. I'm trying to find out more about a wristwatch that belonged to my great grandmother. All I know about it is that was a 50th birthday present from my great grandfather in 1932. As far as I can tell it was imported from Switzerland in 1931 by a company called George Stockwell & Co. The casing is 1.5cm wide and 3.2cm long, it is hinged at the back and the mechanism, which doesn't appear to work, is marked "PIONEER". I'd like to know more about the watch. possibly discover who made it, what the stones on the casing are and whether it has any value. Thank you for reading
  23. Hi . Sorry I'm new to this but her go's . I bought a pocket watch in auction yesterday the movement is marked hen gunton and the case is marked J P . I can't find any information about the watch or what the case is made off . These a piece of paper in the back of the Watch with hen gunton Norwich on it and on the back of that it's signed h gunton 1844 . Sorry can't find how to inset some pictures . Thank you
  24. hi, first post for a while. My wife has expressed an interest in a first watch. I don't want to spend a fortune, maybe around £400 so id probably be looking at the pre owned market. Truth be told I know nothing about womens watches so if any of you have bought watches for your wives, girlfriends or daughters which have been met with a good reception, I'd appreciate some pointers. Thankfully she has said she doesn't like Michael kors which is for the best as I wouldn't be buying her one.
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