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  1. I have some little collection) My favorite mark- Minerva.
  2. Good evening, I am very new to the watch forum, and to forums in general. A long time ago, I inherited an old Omega Constellation from my father in law. Since I was a very busy person back then, it ended up in a drawer. Now I am retired I have become more curious about the watch, and since I know nothing about the subject, I decided to ask for some help on this forum. Would you be so kind to take a view at these photo's and give a first opinion? I don't even know if it's real or fake! Thank you in advance. http://s86.photobucket.com/user/Marrq/media/2017-05-20 19.23.08_zpsjrvkvi
  3. Hi guys! I am desperately looking for a Legend Diver No Date and I cannot find one anywhere in the UK. I know the model without the date has been discontinued by Longines and replaced with the date one, but maybe someone among you knows where to find a good used one or a shop (possibly in London) that can order one or could still have some pieces in stock. I would also be interested in the original (vintage) model. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone I'm new to the Forum and would like to introduce myself. I'm living in the North East of England in the fair city of Durham with its great history, Cathedral and Castle. I am a bit of a collector although not as keen as i once was when I used to visit antique sales, watch fairs and London markets. Strictly mechanical movements and no room afforded to quartz. I still keep in touch with some friends who are seriously into the hobby and keep me abreast of changes.
  5. Hi, I've got a puzzler. My deceased father's old watch. It saw him through the 1930's (enlisted in the Regular Army in 1925) apparently and then into the 2nd World War. I've just come across it and decided to search for info. None it seems. The watch is named as, 'Prine Watch Co.' (that's PRINE) and, 'Hunt' and, 'Swiss Made'. That's all the info. I have found nothing on the net. Can anyone help? (Would be most appreciated).
  6. Doxa split second timer. This timer is very rare and looks great. If you like timers, this is what you are looking for. This is super rare model!!! High quality movement and Swiss made of course. Frame diameter 49,5mm and with crown 63mm. High beat momement 36000 A/h. Best of my knowledge watch has very rare Landeron 14 movement. http://www.ebay.com/itm/272660425791?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  7. What is your opinion? Real or Fake?
  8. Hi all, Im watch hobbyist from Finland. I have taken my hobby to a little bit more further and I have now open my vintage webstore: www.timemachine.fi/en I have been intrested in watches from teenager. I got my first Leijona (finnish watch brand) automatic when I was 13 years old. About 4 years ago I wanted to learn more about watches and I bought few project watches and since that I have been repaired watches according to my skills. I mainly do crystal changes, movement service (oiling etc.) and frame polishing.
  9. Hello I have 6 old watches and i wish to know how much are they worth. Can someone give me a general idea of their price value? Here is the list: - Cauny Prima , Latino , Silgar ; 2 which i can't figure the brand and an Omega.
  10. I have a Tag Heuer 236006 3000 series chrono watch which I sent to Tag via LVMH in the UK for repairs. They now send it back to me saying they no longer carry parts and cant get the parts made any more as their supplier in Switzerland is no longer in business. My understanding is that it has power going through it and it just has a minor electrical problem. I am not happy with the response from Tag and wondered if anyone can help .
  11. Hello, I just joined the forum to find my great watch and to learn! I wish I can learn many things about watches and find a good dealer
  12. Hi! guys I was looking for great deal of the IWC watch (Mark XVIII or le petit prince edition Mark XVIII) While I was researching I saw about a "grey market watches". Does anybody knows great grey market / dealer? Many thanks
  13. Hello! Anyone have any ideas about this watches? There is label on the clock face "fabric suisse".
  14. Been looking at this model for quite a while now and just discovered its gone up in price by 10% overnight. Have Rolex put up all their prices??? I was told by a dealer that this was a popular model and that's why the price had gone up. Find that hard to believe Amy thoughts??
  15. This might sound a silly question but what's the deal with stupidly inflated prices for new watches offered by some sellers on ebay? I'm not going to name the seller I have in mind (at the risk of breaching any forum rules) but they are listing new, boxed watches at two or three times their retail value. A quick glance at the sellers info suggests they aren't an authorised re-seller (let alone a jeweller) so I'm not sure how any buyer would stand re guarantees/warranties etc? I accept that some of the models offered may not be available on the high street but, for example, the Seiko models are
  16. Some help would be appreciated. I am new to watch repair but I have two watches that have very weak movements but if I fully wind them then apply a little more pressure on the crown in the winding direction the action gets really strong and the balance spring rotates fully. Can anybody give me some idea why or does it gust need cleaning.
  17. Hey guys, I am hoping someone can help with some information on 2 Roamer watches I was given after my Grandfather passed away. The story goes that he lost both of these in the cow paddock (farmer) and they were found some years later, both in very poor condition but one still ticking away after a few shakes. The best of the 2 I had restored by a jeweler and will likely get the other restored. Can anyone assist me with an approximate age? Would like to figure out if they were his or my Great Grandfathers watches.. Really appreciate any feedback. Roamer Pictures Cheers!
  18. Hi! i have a frankling mint eagle watch from 1988. i was wondering if anyone how much its worth? I have made some simple tests at home and it seems like real gold. anyone got some info on this watch? i would appreciate it alot! PICS:
  19. Hi, I'm new on here. Have just won a Sicura D500 Jump Watch on ebay. It looks battered from the pictures (yet to arrive) but it is working. I still have my 1973 Sicura, from when I was 11. The hands had fallen off and the mechanism stuck and so I left it for years. My original plan is to use the best case and crystal, take the face from my original and attach it to the working mechanism, and use the new red and white hands. But then I realised that I had never taken the back of the original watch off, so the hands must be inside the case, maybe jamming the mechanism. So I gave it to a frien
  20. I bought a watch from thomas-earnshaw.com and received my watch 15 April 2017. However it is faulty and not working upon arrival. I stay in Malaysia and the watch was sent from UK. So the only way was to get in touch via email. But they have not gotten back to me on this matter after sending them emails several times. They claim to provide 2 years warranty claim ??
  21. Hello TWF, I've been inactive for a little while due to family issues and personal issues. I'm back though! During my leave, I acquired two Rolex watches! Both are running perfect! I changed the bracelet on one of them to a brown perlon (because I had nothing else to use). Link to Pictures of Both Watches If anybody has any recommendations on what I should add onto these watches regarding the watch band let me know! If anybody wants more information on these watches let me know and I'll edit this thread with the info! I also acquired some other lower-end watches, I'll make another p
  22. So this is a watch I found that I thought looked great. I know that Oris is a Swiss and a reputable brand. Oris, Automatic movement, Executive, Crystal 21 Jewels, from around the late 70s-80s, . Fully functional, colour came a bit off and all original parts. I am searching for a possible price tag on this one. Does anyone have an idea?
  23. hello everyone . i'm new here .. i'm happy to share information about watches and learn from others so my story is that i went to this place which people sell everything .. watches .. antiques .. cars .. bla bla bla and this old man was selling watches i knew from my little experience that most of them are fake watches and damaged old watches .. but i saw this watch and immediately i took it for only 10$ .. i actually dont know anything about this watch or the brand .. it's my first time to hear about georges claude watches ! it look really old and very clean watch . it i
  24. A Camy dress watch I am selling. Available for sale worldwide: Beautiful Men's 1970s Camy Dress Watch in New Case - clea...
  25. Hi. I am new to the site so any help here would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to find out a little more about my late fathers watch if anybody has any info. I have Googled it to try and find out more but I cant seem to find this model with the alarm on as well! If anybody knows anything more I would be very happy to hear
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