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  1. Hello, I've lost the count of how many pages I read about differences and similarities about the two models. A part from the design is there anyone in this forum that could tell me technical differences between the two watches in terms of mechanism and reliability? All articles I read end up saying that the mechanism is pretty much the same and a potential buyer is lead to buy one or the other simply by the design he/she likes the most, but what about precision and mechanism, what is the best considering this two aspects in the long term? I don't know how many times I asked this simp
  2. Hi Everybody, my name is Pete i have just started collecting pocketwatches with the intention of repairing the to working order, For my first try it was so much fun trying to find screws that had fallen onto the floor and 3 cats running around as well, luckily i found them when the stuck to my elbows, the screws that is not the cats. I decided i would try on a none working smiths watch and what a surprise did not manage to do it but i did learn a lot. At the moment i have a Waltham Royal in 14k full hunter a new watch that i got 2 days ago a P.S Bartllet Waltham with a
  3. My Father found this watch in a bunch of old boxes. Here is a link to a picture of the watch. What do you think I should do about the band? In your opinion do you think I should get it fixed? It's not in running condition. Its been sitting for years collecting dust until my Father discovered it. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Kyle
  4. Just a Question, is there a Quartz version of the IWC Top Gun Pilot's Watch? i came across a watch that does look so authentic, but the movement is Quartz and Miyota Japan!?!\got me so confused , help!
  5. hi we a wondering about details of a accurist 21 jewels Swiss with letters nk and 375 and looks like an i could any one help please
  6. Mens 1960s Longines Cal 370 Watch in New Case - cleaned, ...
  7. Hello all! I'll warn everyone first, I have a very lacking knowledge of watches and so I apologise for any mistakes I am likely to make. Around a year ago I purchased this watch off eBay for around £17 on an auction. I know little about watches but I liked the look of it, and recognised the brand and, of course, the country of origin. As shown in the photos it is in far from perfect condition, but I was happy to discover it kept good time and was in full working order, as described in the auction. I did what research I could using the hallmarks and information on the face but would b
  8. Hello, i would like to sell my Rolex gmt master ii ref. 116710LN (Black dial and black ceramic bezl) bought in June 2015, still under Rolex warranty, in excellent condition (almost new) with all the authentic papers and box. Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm Alessandro and I'm new here. I joined this forum because I've found a swiss clock in my grandmother's house and, since I'm completely ignorant on this subject, I decided to go looking for more information about this object. Can anyone tell me what I've found (and, possibly, his value)? Almost certainly it's not a thing of value but trying it's not a bad thing. Thanks in advance. Alessandro
  10. I own a Roamer Popular wristwatch. The front dial is inscribed RW Roamer, 17 Jewels, Swiss Made and Shockproof. The back Roamer Popular. However it is very difficult to wind, the crown is very small. Otherwise the watch works well and keeps excellent time. Without opening the back, do you suspect the movement is not original and maybe not a Roamer movement?
  11. My rolex was stolen when our house in Portsmouth, UK was burgled yesterday (31/1/17). It's a Rolex Oyster serial number 704506, silver bezel, white/cream face, silver digit lines, with a mid brown plain leather strap and genuine clasp. It was my great Uncles and I changed the strap so I could wear it to remember him. If anyone comes across it please call Hampshire Police. Also if anyone knows if I should be posting this on another site which tracks stolen Rolexs please let me know. Many thanks.
  12. Hi I have a1976 14k DS&S cased Rolex 1600 calibre movement. I bought the watch knowing it did not have a Rolex crown winder. Can anyone advise me if these watches were originally sold with a plain or crown winder ? and if a crown where could one get a replacement ? Many Thanks Ian
  13. Hi. I was wondering if anyone here can give me some more information on this beautiful rolex timepiece .
  14. Can anyone supply info as to whether i am ok wearing my GSAR auto while clayshooting, competitions will be at least 100 targets, I know it has a reputation as a robust timepiece.
  15. Hi, I recently acquired a women's Hermes Wristwatch. I don't know much about it though and I am interested to find out more. Could anyone inform me on the rarity and age of the item? Thanks Mark
  16. having bought 2 Porsche flat 6 watches at tk maxx @£700 each both had to be returned as there is a fault .
  17. Hi all, I thought you might like to see the latest watch off the refurb bench. It's a 1930s Cyma 335 15 jewel, with a 72 hour power reserve and staggeringly huge mainspring and barrel! Wasn't working at all when sent to my watchmaker, and top cap it off the crystal had worked loose as well. It turns out it was merely dry in a big way, and that the previous oil had thickened so nothing was happening. On the plus side it hadn't been mucked around with and there were no repair marks inside the case. I was originally going to get rid of it but there was something about it that sai
  18. Hi All New on here so just thought I would pose a question and see what happens. I bought my first serious watch last year. After much deliberation I went for the latest Omega Seamaster Professional in Blue. I wanted an iconic stainless steel diving/sports watch and at this moment in my life I just couldn't stretch to my holy grail, a Rolex GMT II. It didn't feel right buying what is essentially what I consider a symbol of status, taste and success on credit. So I used the deposit to buy the Seamaster outright and got, in IMO, a great deal. I got around 14% off from the retailer and
  19. Hi all, I am trying to decide between the IWC Pilot Chrono (3777) and the Top Gun Chrono (3890). Anybody have any preference or experience of both? Want to decide which one to get, irresepective of price. Thanks, T
  20. Hi,I recently had my Breitling Chronomat Evo sent to Breitling via a high street watch retailer in the UK because I suspected that there was condensation into the watch and caused the auto winding function not working as efficient (the watch stops sometimes even I wear it continuously). Breitling got back to me via the retailer and wanted £620 for a full service. I initially asked for a repair for the mentioned problem only. Asked the retailer but refuse to let me speak to Breitling directly about the problem and insisted it has to be a full service in other words the cost to get the problem r
  21. Men's Longines for sale: Men's 1950's Longines 17 Jewel Incabloc Watch - cleaned, oiled and regulated
  22. Hey guys! I can find little to nothing on the history of 'Aldex'. Took a punt on this on ebay, could anyone with the correct knowledge let me know what they think this is potentially ball-park worth, and perhaps a little information on the company - I cant find another anywhere online. I appreciate that this will be very much guess work with regards to valuation but it would be nice to know i didnt over pay, i paid £132. Automatic 51 jewels Swiss made From italy watch hands seem to sit just off centre, is this a problem? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WATCH-VINTAGE-CHR
  23. Have a F06 111 movement, would love to make my own dial for it, but can't find ANY information about how thick it can be. Does anyone know where I can get a 2d/3D drawing of the movement? I've tried contacting the manufacturers but their website contact page is shockingly bad - won't even lets me send a message to them as they have a ridiculous spam filter!
  24. Three watches I have recently posted for auction: Zentra : Men's Zentra 17j Incabloc Dress Watch - cleaned, oiled & regulated Vertex Revue: Men's Vertex Revue 17j Incabloc Watch in New Case - clean... Roamer: Men's Roamer Incabloc Watch - cleaned, oiled & regulated
  25. Hi, I have a GMT Master II 16710 that was damaged beyond repair (at least the case was) but the 3186 movement appears to be salvageable. I can't seem to find any 16710 cases to buy for the movement (even aftermarket ones) so, despite the fact I have a dislike for replicas, I wondered whether a case from a half-decent one might do the job. Some rudimentary on-line research (looking at photos) seems to indicate that it could fit but it may need different size clamps. Can anyone offer any advice at all please, or know anyone who could assist? Thanks in advance.
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