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  1. I am so giddy, About time I bought a Swiss movement, will post pics if I learn how to do it when it comes Told the wife I bought a grass trimmer for our holiday home and btw bought a new watch..... "Will it cost more than a new washing machine?"...."no love it doesn't"......"ah that's ok then " Happy bunny!!!!!!!
  2. Hi I need some help deciding between new Rolex Daytona ceramic white face, new Santos 100 carbon and Jacob and co epic x, I love all of them but I can't make my mind, I already have previous Daytona black face, hublot black magic, Cartier calibre. Which one would you choose.
  3. Hi this watch was given to me from my grandfather. I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me anything they know about this watch (Age, model, fake/real, value, etc). Thank you http://imgur.com/a/Cgmyr
  4. My Mum just gave me this watch that was in Dad's things (he died a way a few years ago). It came from a friend of his who was in the RAF. The guy at the Omega shop thinks it might be an RAF watch, but the numerals look unusual. Anyone know what it is? Isn't it missing the second hand? I think it looks cool and will get it serviced and cleaned up, then buy a strap (thinking brown leather, but any other strap advice?). Thanks!
  5. I was looking at watches on amazon and i stumbled across a sturhling grand regetta for 60$ reg 695$ i thought its too good to be true and it claims to be a swiss made quartz movement. After some research it seems to be a good watch however i am still wondering if its a good deal also the company who is selling it on amazon is 100% legit and credited. Another reason why i am kinda debating on getting this watch is because i also like the seiko sna 411 and its flight master beauty, so should i wait and save for the seiko and get something i will really enjoy or get a steal on a quality sturhling. the seiko is 195$ on jomasshop which sells genuine watches. AMAZON LINKS TO BOTH https://www.amazon.com/Seiko-SNA411-Flight-Alarm-Chronograph/dp/B00068TJM6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1470866934&sr=8-1&keywords=seiko+sna411 https://www.amazon.com/Stuhrling-Original-Specialty-Professional-Dive/dp/B01BB8PZQI/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1470866958&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=sturhling+grand+regetta
  6. Dear Forum good day Another newbie here, I have trawled some old posts and perhaps my quest may remain a forlorn hope, I seek replacement watch back removal tool for 1970's Omega Dynamic Geneve ( the red plastic thing) and possibly "coraform?" strap ( think think not available now) leather replacements are somewhere .....? I note from posts I have reviewed from quite some years past Roy from Brid suggested he may know of a source .......but chances are it's dried up now......strange thing is that my origins are Nth Yorks but now am close to Geneva ...and still here have not been successful in location these items....albeit have only recently started seeking, you would have thought so close to the epicentre of watch making some of my requirements would be about....but not so far. I have box, case & papers from 1974 plus watch on a genuine Omega st/st bracelet but would like to "complete the set" so to speak, as might move it on as it's been in it's box with my socks for 34 years & I need to acquire other timepieces...not that she who will be obeyed agrees. I realise their are a great number of similar models of the Geneve Dynamic of the era but believe all share the strap & tool design ...... ! Here's hoping.... Lindberg146
  7. Hi all I'm helping my father clear out the loft of a few possessions,, hoping to raise some cash for him. We came across this rotary ladies gold watch which he thinks with his cousins and would like me to sell it for him. It's 9 carat gold case and bracelet as well as the safety chain. It was assayed in Birmingham 1964, and that Is as much as we know. Not wanting to under sell it for him, could anybody tell me any more about it and it's possible value? many thanks regards Dee
  8. Folks, I have had my Carerra 1887 less than one year (Aug2015) and I have had to send it back twice. The first time the anti glare protection film totally deteriorated which they replaced but when it came it wouldn't tell the time!? To be exact it ran about 2 hours fast in the space of a 12 hour time period. I have now sent it back and they have had it coming up on 3/4 weeks. I have really lost confidence in the timepiece and they want nothing to do with it. Should they not do something extra??? Any of your thoughts would be great! Cheers Richard
  9. Hi there, first post so hope this is in the correct place! I'm a big watch fan and am looking to buy a striking chronograph as one of my more regular watches. I'm really torn between the Bremont ALT1-WT in BK and the Heuer 80th or 81 (silver or anthracite dial in each respectively). I know know bremont also is a world timer, but that's not really a particular driver for me, just torn between the styles. I have a couple of tags already but have not had any experience with the heuer. Also have never seen the Heuer 80th in the flesh! Both beautiful watches but any thoughts?
  10. I have had this Grana KF320 in a drawer since the 50s when I had a new balance staff fitted in it . I now want to service it but the dial is not good and I am wondering if anyone has a flat 27.44mm Dial maybe even for a Certina as it is possible that this watch has the wrong dial?
  11. Hi Everyone I just wanted to introduce Mulco watches to you, design to detail, and top quality, available on sundialwatches.co.uk/mulco twitter@sundialwatches FB fb.com/sundialwatchesuk Since its creation in 1958 by Mr. Muller (Muller and Co.), Mulco quickly became a prestigious brand that stood head to head with other competitive Swiss watches. With its suggestive designs and impeccable quality, this exclusive brand superseded the expectations of the demanding European, American and South American markets. Mulco maintained its place in the market until it was bought by one of its competitors in 1973, and for three decades the brand remained a sleeping giant only to be reawakened in 2006 by a group of visionary entrepreneurs. Never forgotten by its followers for its impressive product lines and distinguished quality, Mulco stood the test of time, mesmerizing customers once more with the brand's new look. Mulco Watches Inc. gathered a dynamic group of designers and watch manufactories creating a fashionable yet unique collection of bold new models with playful vibrant colors, original textures and solid materials. Most importantly, the new Mulco inherited the classic seal of quality that people have come to expect from the brand. Mulco is now committed to continue its legacy by constantly updating models and improving the brand; altogether creating the best piece of time you can wear. And forever...designing time.
  12. I am looking at buying my wife a watch. Criteria from her are two-tone and a metal strap. I know she would love an auto. Do you have an informed opinion on any of these three? I know some on here own the gents version of these watches. Build quality? value for money? My leaning is towards the Oris as it is slightly different and the pointer for the date is unusual. Last consideration - this watch is likely to lead a hard life! BR
  13. Hey everybody! I'm sure you are all you aware of how frustrating it can be when your TAG starts ticking every 4 seconds. You know its time to get the battery change. Then the ultimate question is, where to go? If you go to Jewellers they will quote you around 3 weeks and charge you around £70. If you go to the local shoe repairer they will more than likely charge you £5 but will damage your watch. Here at Ross Watch Repairs RWR our prices for a TAG Heuer watch battery replacement starts only at £29.99. This is including resealing, pressure testing, 12 month guarantee and return postage. And our turnaround is only 2-3 working days. Feel free to ask me any questions if you have a TAG Heuer watch which needs a battery replaced. Or even comment below just to share with others your TAG Heuer watch battery replacement experience. I know there must be a few of you out there with some stories to humour us and to educate the newbies!
  14. Hi all, I have acquired a J W Benson Pocket watch which I don't know a great deal about. I believe it is rose gold and is dated 1871. It is in pretty good condition and works fine. It has "swiss made" & "15 jewels" engraved on the inner mechanism. Any info on the watch would be greatly appreciated and any indication of what it might be worth also Thanks All Eric
  15. Haven't posted an incoming on here for a while (couldn't access the site) but here's today's: Tag Heuer Carrera 1887 bullhead. Completely unexpected as I had my heard set on a JLC Squadra but once I saw it in an AD and tried it, I was hooked. AD had it in for three years and it hadn't sold so I negotiatied a deal and slept on it. Then it came up in the sales and got an even better deal so it was a no brainer really. Wears extemely comfortably due to the lugs following the wrist and the case being angled upwards. The amount of detail in the dial is awesome too, lots going on when you look closely but relatively flat when you look at it from a distance. The 1887 movement is a talking point as it's controversial on the forums and the bullhead design makes it something different in the collection. You don't see many bullheads on the forum, regardless of brand. No love for them?
  16. How do you think watch sellers should collect and use customer data to achieve better sales and ensure the best customer experience? What would you, customers, like to see there?
  17. Hi. I have two vintage watches that I inherited a few years ago and I wanted to know if I should have them insured. The first one is a Fulgens 18 carat gents watch. It also states "17 rubis" on the face which I know means 17 rubies. The reverse has the hammer stamp with 158 stamped in it. It also ha "6 508" stamped on it and a small scroll with the letters "C G" in it. The second one is a Avia gents watch. It has a stainless steel back. It has "17 jewels" and "incabloc" on the face. The reverse states "10003" stamped on it. I know the first one is worth more, but that's all I know. Any help would be appreciated!
  18. Can anyone identify this watch? It is a Baylor heuer and is mechanical. I know the bracelet was made by JB champion although I don't know whether it came with the watch originally. I don't know anything about where this watch came from and would be very grateful if anyone can identify it and/or approximate a value Many thanks
  19. Hello everyone, Right, this will be a controversial one. Yes, I think Japan beats Switzerland. You may think I'm off my rocker but just hear me out. As far as I'm concerned, the Japanise market is where it is at right now, and I think it is far under appreciated. Japanise watch brands are producing higher quality products than ever for extreme affordability, with the workmanship previously held exclusively by Swiss watch brands. Ok, I understand the attraction of the heritage, history and pure class that comes with Swiss made watches, heck, I own a few myself. And yes, they do probably still come out on top on quality against their Japanise counterparts. But in terms of value for money, they simply cannot compete. For me, I get just as much enjoymant from my Japanise pieces as I do from some of my Swiss ones, even though they were just a fraction of the price. Take Seiko, a company I would argue being perhaps most under appreciated in the watch community. They are producing incredibly high quality, in house watches for only a few hundred pounds. Look at the SARB collection, simply fantastic, high quality time pieces that you can't go wrong with. So there you go, that's my view anyway. I know Switzerland will always be the home of horology, but Japan needs more recognition, I highly recommend you check them out. What are your thoughts on this matter? All the best, TKOG
  20. I have two watches that i'd like to sell but I don't know what models, I'd be grateful if anyone could let me know what they are. http://imgur.com/a/VLgrh
  21. Just wondering if anyone could offer up any information on a watch of a friend. She received it from her grandfather after he passed and all she knows about it is that it's old, possibly dated back to the Vietnam war which he fought in. The back of the watch says 2.0 espa 1-8680 golden star anti magnetic Swiss watch. Their is also engraving on the inside of the watch strap on each segment which says special. The front is a large white face with golden star written on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  22. Ok so I decided to get a Squale 20 atmos in the new year. Since I live in Europe I would have thought getting any squale I wanted would be an easy take. Went to their official site since I'm willing to purchase from their home ground but they don't seem to sell directly. The best selection of the model I want ( the 20 atmos with sel bracelet ) is on gnomon watches. Where does everybody here get their squale watches and was there extra charges if from abroad ? Thanks, happy Boxing day from David.
  23. Dear Bloggers, the last time i tried to get some advices here, at this forum, I just got crushed and banned for no reason. So I retry it. My name is Nico and i am 23 years old. I am living in Germany and working as intern in Switzerland. Lately i found a great watch to buy, but i do not really have the knowledge about what i have to take care of when buying a high quality watch. What are the famous mistakes made? Probably anyone of you might give me some hints? If needed I can post the link of the watch, although i am not sure, if it is allowed to post things here. Probably a reason why i got banned last time? Never mind, thank you for your advices. Sincerely, Nico
  24. Hello! My first post here, I'm a mil sub collector but decided to pull the trigger on this find on eBay. I was hoping a member of the forum might have some more knowledge on the Spera SA brand and specifically this watch? I merely bought this watch based upon the beautiful dial! Any help with its history, and of the SPERA brand would be really appreciated. Find some photographs below of the watch. David
  25. Hello Everyone, This is my first post here. I was recently gifted a Invicta I-Force Quartz watch (model no. 13010). I have been trying to set the date on this watch by pulling the crown to position 1 as per the manual; but however delicately I try, I always end up in position 2. Is there a knack to do this or am I doing it completely wrong? If anyone here could advice please? Thanks
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