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Found 606 results

  1. Hi, A few months ago, I wondered what was the best tool to measure the accuracy of my mechanical watches, tired of using my notepad and an atomic clock. With two friends, also watch enthusiasts, we thought of a web application for that purpose. We wanted the whole process to be the the most simple and convenient possible. We then launched Toolwatch.io confidentially a few weeks ago and we were surprised to soon have several hundred and thousand users. We listened to their different feedback and based on these, we just launched a brand new version. I would be delighted to have your feedback as true watch aficionados and also to answer any question you might have. Thanks!
  2. Just had my new Sonder Series watch turn up from Made & Dye, got a great discount in their sale too. Bought it for work and looks mint with my Navy suit. What do people think?
  3. Please read the rules BEFORE posting, this is not a free selling place.
  4. Hello watch enthusiasts! I'm stumped. I got this vintage Gigandet triple date chrono watch the other night and trying to find some information on it. I've seen a few just like it except the others all have "Wakmann" marked on the to which this one does not. I have not found any like this without "Wakmann". Is this a different version? From what I know Wakmann was the US distributor of Gigandet but I could be wrong. The inside is marked "Charles Gigandet" also has the 730 with a letter "R". By the way, it works great! Any information that could be shared about this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I'm stumped. I got this vintage Gigandet triple date chrono watch the other night and trying to find some information on it. I've seen a few just like it except the others all have "Wakmann" marked on them although this one does not. I have not found any like this without "Wakmann". Is this a different version/model? From what I know Wakmann was the US distributor of Gigandet but I could be wrong. The inside is marked "Charles Gigandet" also has the 730 with a letter "R". By the way, it works great! Any information that could be shared about this would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I am looking to replace the bezel insert to my 1993 red tag Heuer 1000 model number 980.913n.....anyone know where I can find one?
  7. Hello everyone. I am looking to get my grandchildren into collecting watches. I have the opportunity to buy a few pocket watches, could anyone please tell me if there is anything interesting among this selection or of real value. person selling them does not know about watches but wants a fair price, I don't want to insult them, but don't want to pay more than necessary either. most are silver stamped with a crab mark and one with a swan, none work apart from the pear cased one, they have not told me what watch is inside that but they are keeping that anyway. any help would be a great help for a man with fading eyesight
  8. ....hello GSOM: What a great addition to the collection. The Breitlings weren't getting worn much and I've always loved the GSOM. It's much more formal than the DSOM and its fairly understated too. Never thought I'd trade any watches again but if they're not being worn then no point in keeping them.
  9. Hello all, I have recently acquired this little beauty: It came to me looking a bit grubby and the little orange sub dial hand needed re attaching but otherwise it was in the condition shown. The dial is a bit faded but it doesn't really bother me, in fact it adds a bit of character in my opinion. The case feels quite heavy so I think it is decent gold plate, though I'm not sure what quality it is as I can't find a hallmark. The Landeron 248 movement is working perfectly so all seems well. The only thing that bothers me is the buttons. I think the upper button is original, but the lower button just doesn't seem right. It feels like it is being held on by a thread and just doesn't look original at all. Can I get a replacement and how easy is it to replace? Sorry that the photos are a bit crude, I'll put some better ones up once I've got the buttons sorted. Thanks in advance, Pete.
  10. http:// Nice watchfor fathers day H
  11. I have a 1960 Cal 504 Omega Constellation which is running perfectly and keeping very good time. The date function is working and it is faultless apart from needing a crown and the dial shows considerable signs of age. Not sure whether it is possible to clean the dial to improve it slightly and keep it original or to have a dial restoration done. I'd be happy to have just the two or three larger stains removed if that's possible. Does anyone know a good watch man who could do this as I'm reluctant to go down the restoration route. Lastly, should the crown have ten sides to it for this model. The serial no. is 17091293. By the way, this is the first vintage watch I've seen with an intact rubber seal, maybe recently added.
  12. Good evening All, I just bought a cheap light tent to try to improve my watch photos. After a few experiments this morning, I'm pretty amazed at the difference it has made. It makes it much, much easier to get a good shot without ruinous reflections. Here are a few of the results. A couple of recent acquisitions plus two of my favourites. First up, the most recent arrival - my Sturmanski Radiation Resistant chronograph: Sturmanskie Chronograph by wotsch2, on Flickr Sturmanskie Chronograph by wotsch2, on Flickr Second, a Glashütte Spezimatic: Spezimatic Weltzeit by wotsch2, on Flickr Spezimatic Weltzeit by wotsch2, on Flickr Next up, my Komandisrki Airforce chrono: KomanKomandirski Airforce Chronodirski_Airforce_Chrono_14 by wotsch2, on Flickr Komandirski Airforce Chrono by wotsch2, on Flickr (continues...)
  13. Hello I was watching Bargain Hunt and an Omega Silver cased pocket watch went for under £50. Was this price unusual or can you get swiss pocket watches for that kind of money. What is typical price for such items. I look forward to hearing the discussion. Yours Farhan
  14. I have a Jaeger Le Coultre master Compressor Pro Diver Geographic which I have had since new for about 8 months now. I had planed to actually go diving but after an attempt I realised diving probably isn't for me (started to panic when googles fogged up and I was only down 2 meters!). Having a watch that is going to be telling me how deep I am not going day in day out for the rest of my life isn't what I had planned so I'm thinking of selling and getting another watch of the same calibre. I was thinking of the AP Royal Oak but was told today in the watch gallery that it would be a downgrade. What watch should I be considering to replace the JLC, anyone have any suggestions?
  15. Hi all, I just received a lovely new (from the 70s) watch with a Valjoux 7737 manual wind movement. I have never had a manual wind before. Any top tips on how not to break it? ie, which direction should it wind in, how many times should you wind it, etc etc? Thanks in advance...
  16. I've been hooked on black faced watches from my twenties :yes: now while this watch pleases me and given it's age keeps good time I find myself not wearing as often as I might, however if it had a black face it would never leave my wrist. My query is would an EXPLORER face and hands fit it ??? your views and comments please gentlemen. regards beach bum
  17. I have bought a few with this description recently, and so far I am 6 for 6, all just needed the battery :thumbup: . But when this was described as needing a battery I took a punt Paid a price that nothing would work, it was full of water or a transplanted movement (ie not enough to worry about) and it was working fine when it arrived. Still can't work out what battery it needs :yahoo: Shame about the marks on the dial but I think I am still on the safe side of not losing money
  18. Hi there I wanted to post this in wanted but it wouldn't let me as I'm a newbie! Anyhow, Im looking to buy one of the speedmaster Apollo anniversary watches to celebrate the start of a new project. One of these http://forums.watchuseek.com/attachments/f31/45782d1176679117-wtt-omega-speedmaster-apollo-11-35th-anniversary-os1.jpg There seem to be quite a few available in the US but not finding many in the UK. Any ideas anyone? Needs to be in superb condition with a paperwork, boxes etc. Thanks.
  19. I was in an Omega showroom with a friend a few days past where I viewed a Speedmaster that would cost, after discounts and everything, just under 5000 USD. 'You mad? I'd get a few different watches for a few hundred dollars each and wear them, for 5000 USD', my friend remarked. He isn't a watchhead and can thus be forgiven, but he did get me thinking. Let's say you were given (only on Top Gear do you get 'given' money, but pray read on) $4900 (I surreptitiously keep the extra $100) to spend on 7 watches, one for each day of the week. Which ones would you choose? And why? These all have to be brand new, mind.
  20. I currently have three watches in my humble collection - one on a steel bracelet, one on a ZULU nylon strap, and one on rubber. All of which are very decent watches for just under $100 and all of which serve me well as daily wearers (Pics up soon!) A big birthday is coming up in a few months however and I do want to look at a chronograph on a leather bracelet. Realistically I can afford to set aside $500, perhaps $600 if there is a very good reason for me to do so. I've shortlisted 2 models, but am really welcome to any suggestions. The models are: - Vostok Gaz ( ) - Jorg Gray 6500 ( ) Both run on Miyota movements, but I'm wondering what a decent Swiss choice would be, at this price range. Cheers!
  21. This was given to me, and i have no idea about anything. Anyone know a background or a link to tell me what the watch is (beside it being a Mathey-Tissot) such as what model? What year it was made? What value does it have?
  22. Hi, I have being trying to find out about this watch, the manufacturer, where, year of manufacture etc., but nothing comes up online. Its 18k old case with patent and brevet stamped on the crown. On the dial is the name Neutral. Thanks for any information
  23. Hello, I am new to this site. But I have inherited these two vintage ladies watches and was wondering ifanyone could enlighten me as to their value. I think they are from the 60's and the UNO one is 9ct gold case and strap. The Everite is just 9ct gold case and rolled gold strap. They are both working perfectly. The seconds hand on the UNO is missing so ive ordered a replacement for it. I look forward to hearing any information you may have. Many thanks, Alison
  24. This is my first Luxury watch and I am very excited to share my experience with you all. This is the two-tone TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500m Ceramic/18k Gold Bezel Calibre 5 with 18k gold two-tone bracelet. Some people compliment it but others just strictly do not like it based on the color. However, this piece is unique and I'm in love with it. What do all of you watch enthusiasts think about it?
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