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Found 680 results

  1. I've found this Roamer watch in a relatives belongings and I'm just wondering if anyone know the year of it and how much it might be worth? thanks Jamie
  2. Hi, we are doing our own watch project, and have chosen 2824-2 for the movement. We'll then design the case, dial etc ourselves. I know ETAs not the cheapest for a beginner watch project, it’s apparently very good quality and hands, spare parts etc are somewhat easily available. In case the prototype turns out nice, we want to make the following units with a good movement. Using this movement right away in the prototypes saves us lot of time so we don’t have to start changing case dimensions etc. for the following units. Is there any sense in this approach, or should we choose something else? Also, I would need to find a used 2824-2 movement somewhere for the prototype. Any suggestions where to look first? I live in Finland so US stores are kind of out of question due to shipping times, import taxes etc. I already looked into ebay, but not sure if I can trust sellers from i.e. Egypt claiming to sell genuine movements. No offense intended there, but as a beginner with watches, my impression about Egypt is that it's full of fakes.... Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi iv had this in my family for a long time and wondering if i can pick anyone's brains as the the model and rough year. I know its only a roamer and on the back it has been ingraved ,it was given to my granddad for good service so hasn't got any marks on it. There is a small part number on the strap that when i put it in on google came back with just the strap(NSA).i dont know if its going to be too new for you guys but any help is a bonus. Thanks in advance. andy
  4. Hi everyone, I am an amateur watch enthusiast and I'd really like to add a vintage Tissot watch to my collection. I came across the watch below with very limited information and photos. From my search on the web and forums I found that it is probably Tissot Aquasport Antimagnetique military watch from 1943 or around that era. Now I'm not sure if that is accurate or if this might be an entirely different Tissot watch. I find the history fascinating and I was thinking of a purchase but I'm not sure it's worth considering. They are functional. The dial seems ok but the crystal might be cracked a little at the bottom (can't really tell, will ask for better photos). Unfortunately the back is pretty beat up and I'm not really sure what I can do about it...probably the only option is a replacement. I'm not asking for a valuation, I know that is forbidden here. I would just like a kind opinion of more experienced collectors about the state, history and if it's worth a deal (the asking price is 100 USD). Any help appreciated. Oh and I forgot to mention. I would probably clean the dial and hands a little
  5. A few months ago I picked up a watch that had intrigued me since its release; the Victorinox INOX. My first "major" watch purchase as a young 'un was a Casio G-Shock, so I've always had a thing for so-called "tough" watches, and the INOX definitely appealed for this reason.I watched all the whacky promo videos of the watch being run over by Plant Machinery etc and tried to not let the child come out in me. This worked, until one day, a sale came up and the watch was at a price I couldn't say no to. A few days later, this arrived...I'd gone for the blue dial, as it was different to what's normally in my collection. I hoped it would stand out amongst the black dials of most of my watches. The blue is not a navy, but not a Royal Blue either. It's somewhere in-between and works well with the matte finish of the dial itself.A few weeks in, I spotted a NATO come up for sale in the SC. It came with a Swiss Army Knife (bonus) and had the right colours to act the watch head. I'm not a massive fan of the rubber straps that come with these so the NATO made a welcome change. Once fitted, it allowed me to wear the watch more comfortably, and I preferred the aesthetics as well. The INOX comes with a rubber guard. It takes seconds to fit and remove but I also imagine it may be easy to lose. I never saw myself using it, but I have to admit I actually have done. The main reason I've used it is... to protect the finish of the watch. When I say I'm impressed with the quality of the finishing on this watch, I really mean I'm IMPRESSED. The mirror polish is up there with watches many times the price, and the satin brushed areas are super satin and very fine. There isn't too much in terms of complicated angles and various finishes, but what's there is done well.The watch is relatively thick, but not terribly so. I like its height, and I guess if it is a tough watch, it's unlikely to be designed as a "slimline" watch.The crown is thick, and very well protected against knocks. Along with the screw-down case-back, it allows for 200M Water Resistance, but the watch isn't suitable as a divers watch due to the lack of bezel, and unfortunately not the best lume in the watch world.So this is a watch that was bought on a whim, and is at the lower value spectrum of my collection, but still a very fine addition. I like its simplistic design, its fantastic finishing, its heft and its accuracy. If you're in the market for a three-hander, it's well worth considering. My YouTube channel review is located here: https://youtu.be/l9_7ihqA6d4
  6. I'm considering buying either a Breitling Transocean 1461 or a Zenith El Primero 410. My problem is that I like them both but I have only been 'authorised' by the wife to buy one. Which one should I go for?
  7. Hi, I am looking to create my line of watches, I have got the design and everything I want for the watch. It's going to be a good quality watch but the place where I was going to get them made the minimum pcs is 200 per style. For someone starting out that's just too much and wondering does anyone know any manufacturers what will make my watches for around 20-40 pcs per style but yet of good quality. I can let you know what I want in the watch if that will help! Many thanks Ross
  8. I took this today for another forum but thought I would post here too. I love my little collection.
  9. Recent acquisition was a H Samuels hunter movement. The movement is engraved Swiss made, and H Samuels Manchester. The movement is rather special with gold set jewelling and a snail cam micrometer balance adjustment. Having looked at many movements I am unable to put a maker to it. Did this Jeweller make special watches to order, any one know. The dial is in great condition with Roman numerals, and just bears the H Samuels Manchester legend. After a light clean and lube I have housed it in a spare Dennison GF case.
  10. Tried to upload photos again, The system just does not work for me. Tells me it can't perform actions due to the security on my machine. there is now a box saying click for photos. Will it work for others to see I don't know?
  11. This watch started my collecting,it was given to me in 1985 ina bad state and I wore it at work .When the watch needed a battery my watch shop told me the movement was shot but suggested it go back to TAG. Off it went all the way to HQ for a total rebuild note TAG dial was fitted.The result was stunning. i give up
  12. This watch started my collecting,it was given to me in 1985 ina bad state and I wore it at work .When the watch needed a battery my watch shop told me the movement was shot but suggested it go back to TAG. Off it went all the way to HQ for a total rebuild note TAG dial was fitted.The result was stunning.
  13. Hi all. I have signed up here this morning because I am looking for some specialist advice on this zenith watch: This was a birthday present to me many years ago, either 18th or 21st I cannot quite recall, from my grandmother. I have recently had it restored by Zenith through Charles Fish in Canary wharf. As you can see the batons at the 4 and 6 positions are, or appear to be new and the strap is non-original, they could not seem to locate an original one so I had a similar looking leather strap fitted. My question relates to the movement inside. I believe, and this is all anecdotal or googled, that during the Quartz Crisis Zenith purchased a batch of cheap far eastern movements and this "Defy" series of watches was fitted with these cheaper movements rather than the genuine Zenith movements from Le Locle. This would make sense as My Gran was not a wealthy woman and I cannot imagine her having the wherewithal in the late 80's to be splashing out. So, I now own this watch, another Zenith El Primero Synopsis, a Rolex Datejust and my wife also has a lady datejust. My mind turned to getting a winder as I found that the watches were usually hanging about on bedside tables, unwound and not only is this messy but I cannot imagine it was good for them so I ordered a Designhutte Munich four-watch winder which I am very pleased with, looks lovely, good quality but not biblically expensive next to some of the alternatives, oh and it has a "spare" slot ( if you don't count the wifes watch! ) I have the El Primero and the Rolexes at 600 turns-per-day clockwise, I have no particular reason for this as I am yet to investigate what the best settings for those watches are. No problems. I had the Zenith Defy set to the same however after a week or so it stopped! I think the winder may have either overwound it or is not suitable for the movement. Since then I have allowed the watch to fully unwind by "tinkering" ... it would start running again, and stop, and start again if I changed the date or time, or just left it alone. It would not wind when placed in the winder from "flat" So now I am wearing it all the time to keep it wound, and I have not returned it to the winder and it's running fine. My questions are really around whether this movement will wind in a winder, whether a service is required, whether there is anything about this movement that means I should not put in in the winder etc. etc. Any advice on winders, this watch in particular and the questions on whether it's suitable for a winder gratefully recieved! Thanks, Ed.
  14. Hello, I was looking for some help on identifying a watch that I was given to me, that is my great grandads. On the back it has engraving listing service from 1924 - 1964 so recon it is around from the 1960's longines era. Was wondering if anyone has seen this type of watch before and could give me an idea of model and just some general history about it. Also looking to restore it back to its glory, I know it is a wind watch and gold but that's about it. Would be interested on peoples thoughts. Thank you. Images below.
  15. This arrived yesterday and I had to try a selection of straps on and photograph it. Today I took it to my local watchsmith who checked under the hood, despite it coming in it's original box with original bracelet, I had not seen the exact condition of the 1570 movement even though I had a timeograph printout included in the package. I was extremely pleased when the back came off to find a super clean 1570 as well as a etched service date for last month. Happy days. (this is not the original jubilee strap included, it has a little stretch and I'm not fond of the style, so this is a cheap strap i'll use occasionally, but I prefer leather) sorry, forgot to include essential details. It's a 1971 1603 datejust. Original dial and hands, the case has been polished 'correctly' according to my local watchsmith who seemed very impressed with the finish.
  16. Hi, i'm Stu, new on here so thought i'd say hello. Current watches are a Breitling B2 (stunning and my fave) and a 1970 I reckon, seamaster with a 563 calibre movement. Will try and post some pics if I can figure out how! Lol! (not a forum expert i'm afraid!) Cheers, Stu.
  17. Hi All, I'm new to this site but i have not been able to find any information on this subject. I'm a collector of vintage Landeron 48 movements. Most of my movements have cases and a nice working watches once fully restored. I do however have a few movements that have no case at all, but are fully repaired and working. Instead of putting them into a vintage case with a snap back, i was hoping to find a company that creates new cases that may fit this watch and include a sapphire back so i can see the movement. Is anyone aware of a company that makes and ships newly made cases of this type that might fit a Landeron 48 movement? Any help would be much appreciated. Marco
  18. Hi all newbie on here and I have won a services pocket watch from the charity competition from iceblue. I would like to know some more info like how old etc I haven't worked out how to attach a pic but iceblue will post a pic for me. thanks
  19. Hope someone can identify a this poor mans heuer. Like the Pasadena it has a full PVD case and strap. The movement consists of a Valjoux 7750 day/date which runs very well. I am pretty sure i have seen the makers mark before but for some reason i can't seem to find anything. The face has the letters 'SV" and then a roman vase symbol underneath which seem to have the letters 'crh' or 'crn' making up the shape of the handles. Any help identifying this watch would be great appreciated.
  20. I have a nice clean solid 14kt onsa And would like to know more about it It has date and is selfpowered and had incablock on the back which i know is drop protection, i saw one on ebay similar sell for 9000 canadian altho price isnt my concern date price and rarity would be nice along with any other info anyone may know
  21. I have bought a Swiss watch in the second-hand antique shop in Germany. But I cannot figure out the brand. Does anyone know what brand is this? Links: http://tieba.baidu.com/photo/p?kw=怀表&ie=utf-8&flux=1&tid=3840440351&pic_id=96df36dbb6fd5266dfdbaaf7ae18972bd5073670&pn=1&fp=2&see_lz=1 http://tieba.baidu.com/photo/p?kw=怀表&ie=utf-8&flux=1&tid=3840440351&pic_id=1be03eadcbef7609eca30f7c2bdda3cc7dd99eb9&pn=1&fp=2&see_lz=1 It is quite hard to open it. Looks like never opened before. Thanks a lot
  22. I realised recently I hadn't had my watch box open in months, I've just been wearing the same watch, so fancying a change I opened it up and found the battery in my Orsa had gone flat. I popped a new one in and wore it to work the next day, and look how it rewards me for reviving it: http://1drv.ms/1MRgBz3 The marker has fallen out of the bezel This happened before to another watch I had, I filled the hole with paint but it always annoyed me when I looked at the dial, looks like I'll be doing the same thing again.
  23. I have a Emile Pequignet Watch with date, marked with Geneve Swiss Made and in the rear cover is written 14.661 Fond Acier Automatic I also can read Plaque G.10 TC on the edge in very small letters (what does that mean?). I guess it is gold Double. It is not running but the Winding balance is moving. I havent opened it yet because the back sits really hard without a place to get a good grip. Anyone have some information about this Watch (I have tried to Google without much luck) Is it worth something? Is it worth reparing? http://s173.photobucket.com/user/lennartlennart/media/EmilePequignet1_zpsatmedmeo.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s173.photobucket.com/user/lennartlennart/media/EmilePequignet2_zpspuxwqzqg.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  24. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the site so hope I'm doing this right! I've been looking (and looking) for years about some information on my Wittnauer. I used to be a jeweler in Florida and came across this watch when going through their 'scrap' watches. I fell in love with it and was told it was finders keepers. I only know the following - it is a Wittnauer Geneve Automatic, with a 10K bezel and pop-off stainless steel back. It has the Wittnauer W on the crown, a working day/date window, and is in amazing condition. Wondering if anyone else knows anything about it.... Whenever I have searched for similar watches, I rarely see a black dial, and could never find another just like it. Would love anyone's input! P.S. Below is a photo of the watch now (with new brown strap), and it's strap when I found it, in case it seemed to be the original strap for ID. Links to photos: http://pinterest.com/pin/323625923201119637/ http://pinterest.com/pin/323625923201129344/
  25. Hi, A few months ago, I wondered what was the best tool to measure the accuracy of my mechanical watches, tired of using my notepad and an atomic clock. With two friends, also watch enthusiasts, we thought of a web application for that purpose. We wanted the whole process to be the the most simple and convenient possible. We then launched Toolwatch.io confidentially a few weeks ago and we were surprised to soon have several hundred and thousand users. We listened to their different feedback and based on these, we just launched a brand new version. I would be delighted to have your feedback as true watch aficionados and also to answer any question you might have. Thanks!
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