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  1. Hello, I wanted to introduce myself. I am a big watch fan and wanted to talk to like minded people. I have a Heuer WS2112 re-edtion, the model that was made by Tag Heuer to celebrate the original 1960s carreras. The watch has the vintage style brushed face and leather perforated strap. Stephen
  2. Hi All Have a collection of pre 1960 Longines ladies watches, is there a repairer who specialises in Longines. I have emailed a few repairers but most seem to want to fit generic parts and my favourite longines needs a rose gold crown as well as a complete overhaul. I know these watches should be fairly simple to service as they aren't half as complicated as gents watches, just small and old!! Am hoping someone can point me in the right direction Many thanks in advance Sue
  3. Hi I am wondering if anyone can help me with any info for this clock I have. I have searched the internet and have found similar ones which possibly date from the 1950's but I haven't found one like this. Any help would be much appreciated. Hoping this photobucket link works as I am not too sure how to share the picture. Please let me know if it is not available to view
  4. So I stumbled across This bad boy yesterday and wanted to get some opinions as I've never seen or heard of it my life before.
  5. I understand that Raymond Weil watches are of rather recent manufacture. This one has a day date and some stones which I think may be rhinestones. The movement had S642 and ETA 2671 engraved on it.It's automatic. I don't know what ETA means... and, any idea as to manufacture year?
  6. This is one of my favourite vintage watches, but I have not been able to date it through Google. It is 17j, incabloc, Swiss made, on the back only "fond acier inoxidable" and the numbers 488601. It is also gold filled, has a second dial and date. On the engine it's engraved P336N. Help???
  7. This Certina watch was bought in e-bay. The engine has this engraved: KF400. Inside the back I found this number: 1377647. The seller posted it as being a "1950s " watch. It is gold plated and works very well. Thank you.
  8. This LaMarque watch has 17 jewels, marked as Swiss made, incabloc, antimagnetic with mechanical movement... It has a four-digit serial number on the engine... I couldn't find much information on this brand on Google. On the back it says "cased and timed by precision watchcraftmen." Thank you.
  9. Hello chaps! I have recently acquired a new (old!) pocketwatch, and as I am new to collecting watches, and considering my knowledge of the topic is fairly basic, I decided to post pictures of it, in the hope of gaining a better understanding of both this watch, and indeed watches in general. The watch case is 52mm wide, the movement 42mm. It is inscribed 'Swiss Made', and above that it says 'safety pinion'. There are no clues to the maker, but it is key winding, so I assume it is from the 19th century- I could be wrong! Any ideas?
  10. Hey everyone on Saturday I ordered a new pocket watch and I would like to know what you think of it. It's my first pocket watch and I am very excited. Look at this link to find a description of it - Thanks A Lot -Roope :yes:
  11. I just found this box in my mailbox sent from a relative back home in England: And here's what I found inside: An old pocket watch and a small bag for memory cards, which contained... ... A RADO Silver Star Now to find out what these are, and try to date them. More pictures to follow.
  12. Hi, Looking for some thoughts on the pros and cons of vintage vs brand new. Obviously everyone will have their own view, just looking for some hints and tips before I take the plunge for a new watch. Looking to send between 500/700 GBP. Looking for an automatic, reasonably smart dress watch. My thoughts on buying new are - should work perfectly, guarantee of purchase, wide selection (but unable to afford the premium brands), For vintage my main concern would be condition. Would it need serviced? How accurate will the time keeping be? But the plus points being able to (maybe) buy a classic timepiece with a good history. Any hints and tips would be appreciated. Also websites that specialise in vintage watches. Thanks Kevin
  13. Hi, Can someone educate me on the necessity of a watch winder to keep an automatic watch running? I know that this will save resetting the time / date etc if the watch is kept wound, but will it increase or reduce the lifespan of a watch? Is it better to keep the watch running or will it not do any harm if it runs out of charge. Looking to add an automatic to my collection, but will want to rotate with my others watches. Thanks for any advice Kevin
  14. Hello all, I wonder if I could have your thoughts on a watch called the tissot powermatic 80, I am going to buy one but don't know which colour face I like it, I was thinking the black face with stainless steel strap or white or grey face with steel strap, It's uses an era movement and has a power reserve of 80 hours, and cost 560 in the uk, Let me know what you all think Harry http://m.tissot.ch/?collections/products/6599/n//T086.407.11.051.00
  15. Hello all I am in the market for a new watch, and I don't want to spend any more than £2000 really, I am torn between an tag heuer and an omega, which would you go for? Tag heuer carrera caliber 5 http://www.watches-of-switzerland.co.uk/brands/tag-heuer-watches/carrera/carrera-calibre-5-automatic Omega aqua terra quartz http://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/Omega-Seamaster-Aqua-Terra-Gents-Quartz-Watch/p/17330457/ Thank you
  16. Hey all, I'm slowly growing my collection and saw this watch (with the blue hands) at a flea market this past weekend: I love the design but can't seem to find anything about it online. The woman (who did not speak great english) could only tell me that it had swiss movement, but it was hard to understand her. She was asking about 850 DKK, or about $170 USD, if that helps. It looks pretty similar to some vintage Stowa's, but nothing quite matches exactly. Thanks! And sorry if this is the wrong plae to post, I'm new here!
  17. I am sure you are all now well aware of my love of my Tag Heuer 1000, having read some more about this watch I had a hankering for the original Heuer version, on the bay they seem to go for silly money £600 plus in some cases! after being really good and not breaking my own limit (losing out on a couple but a couple of £'s!) I finally got what I was looking for and it arrived today, I paid the right amount for it, so without further ado here is my Heuer 1000! IMG_1761 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr IMG_1762 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr IMG_1763 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr and here next to his younger brother (I see i need to reset the errand minute hand on the Tag!) IMG_1764 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr IMG_1765 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr IMG_1766 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr I am very pleased need to source a Heuer jubilee bracelet for it, there is one on the bay now but it is a bit tired and more than I paid for the watch so wont be getting that! What do you think>? Cheers Yogi
  18. Hello First post, I've recently gotten a thing for vintage Omegas (seamasters mainly). I travel a lot through my job and spend a lot of time Mumbai and other places in India ( and everywhere else on the planet to be honest). I've looked around for a decent vintage watch shop in india for years and found nothing; fountain pens seem okay though. I've seen lots of very dodgey ebay adverts originating in India but surely there must be some decent shops there? cheers K
  19. Hi I have a vintage nivada chronoking aviator sea diver 234 valjoux movement. With date function any idea on value. John
  20. Hi silly question, is it best to send my watch back to Omega for a long overdue service or are there any independents that people could suggest? Thanks in advance.
  21. So firstly im Jake 22 and in norwich i have worked within a jewelers for the last nearly 2 years. Upon starting i didnt have any watches but bought a couple of cheap ones to wear, then a started researching how watches are made and movements. Before you know it i was hooked , it helped that we implemented a preowned watch collection so my passion when i ended up being in control of this area, which shamefully ment i had to daily look at Cartier, Rolex and Patek's. My current collection is (in order of least liked to most) ; 2 pulsars (the first watches i got) A tissot, nothing fancy black face and strap on deployment buckle, A 1960's S.steel Omega sea master , mechanical, i bought this for £5 at a carboot, checked the movement all genuine and running. A Bargain. A Bering, G.P slim watch with sapphire crystal glass, nothing fancy but reminds me of the 90's P.P Calatrava Raymond Weil Tradition, Stainless steel on bracelet with the anthracite face, lovely night watch and so slim it fits perfectly with a shirt. My new Guilty pleasure Fredrique Constant La Carrera Panamericana . Limited Edition Vintage rally watch on a brown strap with Rose indexes. My future plans are to obtain a MeisterSinger No.1 Or the black PVD perigraph this year and then for the end of next year i am looking for a 1990 (birthyear) Bi-colour datejust , jubilee bracelet, with the champagne face and possibly dia dot. Currently via work i do watch batteries , bracelet repairs, and sometimes buttons and stems and even re-applying indexes. But i am looking into starting the BHI technician course this year. so yeah thats me, hello all.
  22. Hello there, I'm plaining to buy the Wyler watch and i want to make sure that it's real. http://www.chrono24.com/en/wyler/limited-edition-incaflex-titanium-phantom--id2229979.htm It looks like Wyler night racer f1, but night racer has got black screws on the top. So could anyone help me? Is it the real Wyler watch model? Is it fake? Thanks
  23. My Beautiful new Garrard 9ct dress watch, this has an E.T.A hand wound movement and is in mint condition, not even a scratch on the glass. £150 ... what does everyone think? any one have an idea on age on this style?
  24. Hey everyone! New to watch forums. Always loved watches but never been able afford any classic ones. So until now, I've beenm buying cheap Chinese watches that I like the look of. This has recntly changed however. My girlfriend bought me a Rotary chronograph for an aniversary and also a Triumph Motorcycles chronograph, which is my favourite watch at present. I've since bought another Triumph watch and last weekend I found a Technomarine UF6 chronograph at an amazing price, so I bought it. can I set it? Not a cat in hells chance! It's the syle of UF6 with the two dials for the day and month. I've been onto Technomarine who have sent me a pdf of the instructions, but they don't make sense. The pdf is showing push buttons A,B,C,D,E, but...there are only two buttons in the positions A and B. I'm going back into the shop with the watch and the pdf on Tuesday, but if anyone has any ideas about this I'd be grateful to hear them. The watch cost me £900 LESS than the retail price! So I want it to be a fully working bargain! Thanks, Chris
  25. Hello, I own a vintage Roamer pocket watch which I have inherited from my grandfather. I am trying to find some information about it, but so far I didn't have much luck in doing so. I would really appreciate if someone could provide any information about it (e.g. when was it made). Thank you!
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