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Found 620 results

  1. Hi All, I have an old Sea King model from india. It's not in working condition and am currently looking for watchmakers who can repair it here in Germany. Does anyone know any repair shops here in Germany, please do let me know
  2. Hi, I was looking for a mechanical watch under 1600 pounds, and came across these two. What do you think? Could you suggest some watches? By the way, I have a pretty big hand, so small watches won't do!
  3. I recently bought 3 watches at an auction. I got them pretty cheap - and the main reason to buy them was, that I like their "appereance", the patina and design. After buying them, I started an intense google adventure, to try and find out, what I got on my hands - but I came up short, and did not find any information at all. So now I turn to this site, full of "watch-nuts" and other good people - to see if I can get a little more close to figure out, what I bought. 1. Brandname: "Optima". In the front it says (besides the brand name): "17 rubis - antimagnetique ". And on the back it says: "Fond acier - Noxydable - 7020" http://billedeupload.dk/images/XFZoL.jpg http://billedeupload.dk/images/n3hHP.jpg http://www.billedeupload.dk/images/KQPqT.jpg http://www.billedeupload.dk/images/5WDJf.jpg 2. Brandname: "π Pierce". In the front it says (besides the brand name): "Automatic - 25 jewels incablog - swiss made". And on the back it says: "Antimagnetic-Waterproof-Swiss-Shockprotected-Stainless steel back". http://billedeupload.dk/images/kgICs.jpg http://billedeupload.dk/images/b1rlf.jpg 3. Brandname : "Geana". In the front it says (besides the brand name): "Automatic - 25 jewels incablog". And on the back it says: "Antimagnetic-20 microns-Waterprotected-Steel back". http://billedeupload.dk/images/bNutL.jpg http://billedeupload.dk/images/nN3Q.jpg So all in all - what I am looking for in this thread is some information about the different watches (origin, pricerange, year of make etc) basically all that someone might know about the brand and the specific model. I´m looking forward to some usefull answers from the god people of this community :) Ps. sorry about the quality of the pictures - will try to take some, thats a bit better and more detailed if nessecary. //Lasse
  4. Hello! I've already introduced this watch to you (here: click), but I took some new and better photos today, so I'm going to start another post and add a little more information about the watch and the movement. This is my Zenith El Primero HW Chronograph, dating from the late 90s / early 2000s: Zenith El P HW 13a_small by wotsch2, on Flickr The 40mm x 11,5mm make the watch a perfect size IMO, and with no rotor, the movement and watch is thin enough to slip comfortably under a shirt cuff. The watch is water resistant to 100m. Zenith El P HW 15c_small by wotsch2, on Flickr The watch has a 420Z column-wheel chronograph movement: Zenith El P HW 18b_small by wotsch2, on Flickr The 420 and 420Z movements were the hand-wound versions in the El Primero 400 series of Calibers. According to Ranfft, the 420 was produced from 1994. The 420Z is a later version with some technical upgrades and was produced from 1998. A nice overview of the history of the El Primero chronograph and, in particular, the 420(Z) movement is here: click. Without the automatic rotor, there's an unobstructed view of the beautiful 36000bph (5Hz) movement through the display case-back: Zenith El P HW 16a_small by wotsch2, on Flickr I hope you don't mind me posting photos of this watch a second time. Cheers! -wotsch
  5. hi I'm new to this site, I joined because like many people I have just inherited from my uncle but originally it was my great, grandfathers pocket watch, I have a picture of my great, grandfathers wearing it on his wedding day! When I got it wasn't working so I took it the a watch menders and they have got it going for £55 which I thought was pretty good! I asked the guy in the shop if he could tell me more about the watch but couldn't really help or point me in the right direction...he did say it was fairly rare due to the type of movement...apparently this type is 1 in 500.....I have done lots of searching on the internet and can find nothing! I have uploaded some images, I would be very grateful if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction of where I can find any further information out about this watch. many thanks for any help you can offer. Ian...a new pocket watch collector
  6. I have been given a 18ct gold pocket watch stamped JW and the reg number 713055 18ct gold.The watch is also stamped 15 jewels, 2 ajusts,swiss made. The watch is a half hunter and the dimensions of the watch are diameter=45mm thickness=6mm. I have no idea as to the value of the watch or its age as the assay marks are not clear.If anyone can give me any information I would be very grateful. regards Harry
  7. I picked up this Pocket Watch last week at a local junk shop, but can't find out who made it. It has "S+P" & "0800" stamped inside the caseback and "S+P" & "243" stamped on the movement. I'm wondering if the "S"=Swiss & and the "P"=Patent? The "+" seems to be the classic Swiss cross, so am I correct in assuming that this watch is Swiss Made? There is also a ladies name with a Feb. 1891 date engraved inside. The decorative engraving on the outside has a rose gold dove flying into a rose gold nest. Can anyone provide additional information on this watch? Any help is appreciated.
  8. Have you guys seen this new Instagram User @dailywatch? Pretty awesome gallery: http://instagram.com/dailywatch Found my next watch there! I think you would like it :)
  9. hello everybody, i would like to buy this for everyday use, but before that id like to know more about the brand, history, other models etc. up until now i havent been able to find out anything about conquest (besides the obvious longines model) online. any help would be greatly appreciated best regards & nice to meet you all andrei.
  10. This odd looking clam-shell watch is another find at my local junk shop. On the case back, it says: "FONDACIER INOXYDABLE (Stainless Steel) SWISS MADE" On the movement is stamped: ""Z2" & "SWISS MADE" on the bottom left curving upward. Above the main gear it says "17 JEWELS SEVENTEEN" It looks like maybe a 1940's or 1950's watch, but I just don't know. It was such an interesting, clam-shell design that I couldn't resist...even if a little gaudy. Is this a desirable/collectible watch? Did I find a priceless treasure...heheheh? Here are the pics:
  11. Hi All, My wife innherited this Rolex Tudor from her Grandmother about ten years ago. It's therefore of great sentimental value and she wore it regularly until a couple of years ago when the strap broke (just a pin) and the watch itself stopped. Can anyone tell me anything about it? I think the case is gold (there is a very small hallmark on one of the photos, next to the winder, but I'm afraid my camera isn't up to much!) There's a Rolex logo on the winder. Nothing on the back. Any idea when it dates from and what it's value might be? Why do you think it stopped? Will it just need a service? I'm planning on getting it repaired as a surprise for our next wedding anniversay - old romantic fool that I am. If anyone can recommmend where I should have it repaied (Nort West of England) that would be very helpful. Many Thanks. PS. Can anyone tell me how to post the images??
  12. Hello, I am a new member to the forum, I mainly collect watches but I was given this pocket watch recently when a family menber passed away. Does anybody know anything about the pocket watch, I cant find anything like it on the net. It is missing its winding pin and the loop for securing a chain. It does have the following markings : WEBSTER on the face FSAR on the internals it is stamped 925 silver Any info would be much appreciated.
  13. Hello, I'm new here. Has anybody out there seen another example of my Chronograph ? It has a Heuer Camaro like case and a Valjoux 72 movement. The previous owner told me, it was commissioned by the Swiss Porsche importer AMAG back in the sixties. Pictures can be seen here : http://imageshack.us/g/1/9877327/ Thank you, Janos
  14. Hi all, I need some recommendations to get a watch repaired, ideally in the Manchester / Liverpool area. I bought this watch as a birthday present for my brother about ten years ago, a Longines Chronograph (ETA 7750 I assume). Its been worn everyday since then, until a few months ago when it somehow got ripped off his wrist when it landed on a hard surface and stopped. It was taken to a local Jewellers nr Gloucester, who repaired it for only £40, saying that it was a simple repair as 'something had just come loose'. Afterwards the chrono seconds hand didnt always return precisely to 12 oclock, then a couple of months later the watch stopped again. My brother was fed up and very busy, so the watch got put away in a draw, till I stayed over and offered to get it repaired as an early xmas present, without spending a fortune. I'd like to take the watch to a reputable repairer and collect it when its done, rather than risk posting it off. Any suggestions? and a rough idea of how much it may cost? Thanks..
  15. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I have recently become a watch enthusiast. I currently have about 27 watches in my collection. Most are mainstream watches but recently purchased my first Tag and also have a Lum-Tec. I'm currently searching for a Breitling but haven't found the right one yet. I'm hoping to learn more about various watch brands and their individual qualities.
  16. Hi there, I've been looking on the net for a new mainspring for an AS 1802/02 movement. I can't find a specific replacement and was wondering if it would likely be a generic type? The next problem is, how do I determine what size mainspring I need? I've had the old one out a couple of times, and it's almost straight at the end that contacts the wall of the barrel. The watch only runs for about 8 hours. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dick.
  17. Posted also in the Wanted section, just in case not everyone visits all sections on the forum: HI all. I'm after buying some spare links if anyone has any, for a vintage Tissot PRS 516 stainless steel bracelet, pictures below. Probably need two or three? PM me please if you have any. Bracelet reference: Top: Link size at the clasp end are 18mm Bottom:
  18. Speake-Marin vs Cecil Purnell The Tourbillon watch is considered one of the most refined and complex in horology. Invented in 1776 by Breguet, the Tourbillon is rare in that it represented a technological advance that was also ascetically pleasing. Most modern Tourbillon watches have a partially transparent skeleton, allowing the viewer to see the complex inner workings. These comprise hundreds of components and dozens of precious stones. Like their predecessors, most modern Tourbillons are wound by hand, making them incredibly attractive to collectors who want to connect with the rich history of watchmaking. As with all luxury items, there are good Tourbillons, and there are great Tourbillons. What is the difference? Often this question doesn’t have a simple answer, but in the world of Tourbillon it does: dedication, creativity and independence. It is best to elaborate on this by looking at two examples of high-end Tourbillons; Speake-Marin and Cecil Purnell. Both are highly-respected and create beautiful Tourbillons, but only one crafts them in a way that takes the movement to new and exciting heights. Peter Speake-Marin is a British watchmaker who started his own atelier in 2000 and made his first Tourbillon in 2006. Cecil Purnell is a Genevan watchmaker founded by Jonathan Purnell and Stephane Valsamides. Their company exclusively creates Tourbillon watches to Haute Horlogerie standards, using 100% Swiss components. Both launched new tourbillons at Baselworld 2012, and these new offerings are what really set them apart. Cecil Purnell launched not just a new calibre, but a spectacular, fully-realised collection. Cecil Purnell’s new executions include the Pit Lane, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiX1FV7vtMA, Rendez-Vous and all based on the V12 and V13 calibres. The pinnacle is the Mirage. Designed for collectors, just one Mirage will be produced in 2012. It is a stunning timepiece with 350 components, and 51 jewels set in a unique crystal case boasting over 3000 man hours. Peter Speake-Martin used Basel 2012 to present his http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFRIe9ruP2M. While it is an impressive watch, the Renaissance doesn’t quite hit the same balance between technical excellence and aesthetics ubiquitous in the new Cecil Purnell collection. At the bottom line, while it maintains the integrity collectors have grown to respect in Speake-Marin, the Renaissance is less adventurous than the V13. Added to this, Cecil Purnell boasts a much more extensive collection that will appeal to a broader audience of collectors. It’s undeniable that both Cecil Purnell and Peter Speake-Marin make very good Tourbillons, but I can’t help feeling that Cecil Purnell's pieces represent a higher level of creative execution and manage to stand out a bit taller. Ultimately, Cecil Purnell have shown that there are ways to can take the Tourbillon out of its traditional context and make it attractive to modern collectors, all the while maintaining a high degree of respect for this treasured movement.
  19. Hello. I have a Zenith 8 Jours clock. It is mounted on what looks like a propellor with the blades cut off. I think its is a dashboard clock. Is it from a car or aeroplane? I have photos but i can't see how to attach to post. This is my first post so there may be restrictions thanks Barry
  20. I found an Ardath 'convertible 7' watch set, complete in it's box and looks to be unworn when scouring a market, I'm guessing it's from the 1960s? But can't find much out, I only paid £7 for it, but I'm just interested to know a bit more about the company, and if it's something worth hanging on to?
  21. Hi,I have inherited my Late Fathers watch,it is fully boxed,has a personal inscription of the back with the numbers 26367355 then L7.606.2,he received the watch for 23 years service at Amoco (oil company),I have tried to find the watch via Google but cannot find it anywhere,any help would appreciated
  22. I have a Spaceace (all one word) 17 jewel automatic Swiss Made watch. I inherited it from godfather who died in 1975. Anyone know anything about this make: history, value, care etc?
  23. Have a new Planet Ocean in your expert opinion from new how long should it take from fully wound to stopping?
  24. Hey there, I want to buy an Omega Constellation, mini watch, steel bracelet, mother of pearl case- but browsing high street sales, i came across an Ebel classic, 1215421- ladies mini watch, steel bracelet, mother of pearl case, plus12 certified diamonds. The constellation is more expensive, the Ebel is cheaper even it bears diamonds (on sale because it gets discontinued). I am not a watch connoisseur, therefore, i would like to ask a savvy opinion, what is a better investment the Ebel diamond watch or the plain Omega? Common reasoning says to pick the diamond watch, but I dont really know the after sale value of the Ebel. Thanks
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