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Found 673 results

  1. Can anyone offer info on a Moviga brand Chronometre Watch? I would be interested to understand value and offer it for sale as well. I will post a picture if interested. The watch is a Moviga Chronotech chronometre Automatic with date window.
  2. Hey everyone, I got my first pocketwatch yesterday for Christmas. My great grandfather bought it in the early 1930s in Amsterdam. Why is it so hard to find any information about Ronson pocket wacthes? I can't even find an auction online about one. Am I just not looking hard enough? Anyway attached are some photos of it. It seems to keep time really well and is in good condition. Kees my grandfather told me it was his dads everyday watch not his fancy one, apparently that one was lost quite a few years ago.
  3. Hello chaps, chatting to the father-in-law last night in the pub and the topic of watches came up, he mentioned his fathers watch that he has in a drawer, a non-running approx 1950s swiss made Roamer manual wind and wants to fix it up, I have done a bit of digging but cant find anything about the watch at all. Perhaps someone here can help? with info on the watch and where best to get it fixed up? I know its not worth much but its sentimental. Greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi there I bought a Longines watch from a seller in Hatton Garden, he has said the watch was discontinued, although I’m unable to find it online. I would be extremely grateful if you could help me find out a bit more about the model? The two photos are here: Thanks very much
  5. Hi All from the two swiss brands Edox and Mido do any users on here have any personal experience on these brands Your comments greatly appreciated. thanks
  6. The Certina DS Action Diver Automatic is a watch that has been on my radar lately. Today I went to the store to have a look at it and try it on the wrist. They only had the titanium version, and I'm more interested in the steel version... but else I thought it looked great. It's very easy to read, and it didn't feel big at all - something I was a bit worried about since the case diameter is 43.2mm. This might just be my next watch. My dream watch is still the Omega Planet Ocean, but that will not happen in a long time. It seems like this could be a nice diver until then. Anyone here has this watch? Thoughts?
  7. I've just got hold of an interesting old chronograph in good condition. I've been looking for a Lemania-powered chronograph for some time, but the prices of the Omegas, Heuers, Sinns etc. have been quite high. Lemania_Chrono_03small by wotsch2, on Flickr This Lemania-branded chronograph came up Buy-it-now on eBay and, I was rather surprised that a somewhat cheeky offer was accepted. It has a Lemania 5012 movement inside, which is the 5100 without 24-hour subdial. Lemania_Chrono_01small by wotsch2, on Flickr While waiting for its arrival, I've been looking for information about Lemania-branded watches and it seems that, in the late seventies and early eighties, Lemania was not only producing movements but also complete designs included cases for other manufacturers, like Omega, Heuer, Tissot, Sinn. I've seen a few pictures of Lemania-branded "poor-man's version" of some famous and sought-after watches, like the Sinn 142 and Heuer Silverstone. Lemania_Chrono_02small by wotsch2, on Flickr What do you think about this watch? Can anyone tell me anything about what I've got here? Is it a "poor-man's version" of a more famous watch (I see some similarities to a Lemania-powered Heuer Carerra - here, for example, but the cases are not quite identical)? Lemania_Chrono_04small by wotsch2, on Flickr Lemania_Chrono_05small by wotsch2, on Flickr I'd be grateful for any information, links or resources you can point me towards. Thanks in advance! -wotsch P.S. Apologies for the poor photos - taken with my phone under fluorescent light - I'll take better ones when the light's better and I have some time.
  8. Hello, I am looking for an everyday smart casual watch that can also be used as a dress watch. The brands that I found to be within my budget are Maurice Lacroix, Raymond Weil and Longines. I also see Movado, Tissot and Mido are within price range but as I read in articles these brands are Low-Mid range while the others mentioned are High range...for this I am not sure so this is why I am here to ask if you have a suggestion from the list or a brand that I don't know of? Thanks
  9. Hello All, I recently bought several CWC G10 watches. I read a brilliant article on here on how to remove the scratches from the crystal. Two of the faces have what appears to be rust on the batons and I would like to remove the crystal but can't quite figure out if I need to get the back off first. I don't have any tools as yet but am keen to have go. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Hiutsuri
  10. Hi everyone..I'm from the Lake District Cumbria and have always been interested in Tissot watches. A Seastar Seven was my first watch some 50 years ago..Yes I'm a grumpy too. I have a modest collection of Tissot's and one Le Cheminant. photos to follow.
  11. I've not been very active on the forum for a few months - sometimes absent, sometimes just reading, putting a couple up for sale and occasionally posting. Things are busy at the moment and there hasn't exactly been a fountain of funds for new watches of late. But I just picked up a beauty with a story behind it and I think the bug is back again. At least for long enough to write this post, anyhow... 1960s Hamilton Intra-Matic Here's the little beauty. Intra-matics00small by wotsch2, on Flickr This is a Hamilton Intra-matic from (I think - see below) the late 60s. It's in beautiful condition, hardly worn. The case is 34mm stainless steel, so it's the usual size for the time and small in comparison with today's dinner plates. It's slim, with a Hamilton Calibre 92 inside. I haven't opened it up to take a photo yet - too worried I'll cack-handedly put a scratch in it - a photo of the movement can be seen here. Intra-matics08small by wotsch2, on Flickr The Hamilton Cal. 92 seems to be a re-branded (possibly improved) Buren 1282 movement, which was produced, according to Ranfft, from 1962 on. It's a 19800 A/h movement with a 54 hour power reserve. The Buren micro-rotor movement was originally patented by Buren in 1954 (source here). Hamilton bought Buren in 1966 (source: Wikipedia) and used the Buren movements in its own Intra-matic models. One often also sees Intra-matics sold under the Buren brand, which may pre-date the acquisition by Hamilton. As my watch is a Hamilton branded Intra-matic with a Hamilton-marked movement, this would date it to post 1966, I suppose. If anyone knows more details, please let me know. I'd been looking a lot at vintage watches, especially from the sixties with elegant, minimal designs, but I couldn't imagine being able to wear a delicate 36mm-or-smaller watch and most of the ones I saw were gold or gold-plated, which isn't really my thing (except for on a really special occasion). Then I discovered the new Hamilton Intra-matic, which immediately caught my attention and with a 38mm version was, for my tastes, a great compromise of vintage design and modern watch. Shortly afterwards, my lovely missus got me one for my birthday. Soon after that, somewhat speculatively, I put some posts up on this and another forum, asking if anyone had an original 60s version up for grabs. I wasn't expecting a response, to be honest, as I'd googled and googled and only found a very few references and photos of the originals so I assumed that they were not particularly common. Well, how wrong I was as, within a month, I was contacted by Foggy from this forum and very quickly we had an agreement (thanks Foggy!). The only fly in the ointment was that I live in Germany at the moment and, after some previous bad experience, Foggy preferred not to post to Germany. So the watch was sent to some contacts in England and waited until just over a week ago for me to pick it up. With the watches side-by-side, the inspiration for the new Hamilton Intra-matics is blindingly obvious. Intra-matics01small by wotsch2, on Flickr The view from the back is different, of course, as the new version doesn't have the micro-rotor movement (it's a 2892) and does have a display back. Intra-matics02small by wotsch2, on Flickr Seen from the sides, you can see how well Hamilton have reproduced the shape, proportions and angles of the original, even down to the lugs. Intra-matics03small by wotsch2, on Flickr Intra-matics04small by wotsch2, on Flickr (continues...)
  12. My father recently gave me an old Mido Ocean Star Datoday that he acquired secondhand about 35 years ago and it probably dates back to the early 70s or possibly the 60s. The watch itself has remained unused for a good 30 years and was left in a bedside drawer. Last week after pulling out the watch we set the time & date and we saw it ran perfectly for three days, however the clasp is missing the small pin that would allow it to stay closed on the wrist so we popped into a local jeweller who seemed to get very excited the moment he saw it and shuttled off into a back room before coming back a minute later asking us to leave it with him. For some silly reason he then pulled the crown and pin out, warning us to be careful of this but we both sensed his reaction was all a little weird and said we'd contact Mido regarding any parts before leaving. About an hour after we left the shop it became clear the watch was suddenly losing time and eventually stopped during the night... I'd be interested to know if anybody can tell me anything about this watch and suggest some place trustworthy to handle a service and fix the clasp on the strap. I rather like the look of the watch and I simply wanted to get it working properly so I could wear it on a normal day to day basis. I've heard that Swatch are not the best people for handling repairs.
  13. Hey again guys! Basically I have got a new job and I don't spend much (I'm a youth xD) but I am looking to get myself a nice watch, a respectable watch, to go with my Invicta (queue the hatred). Now I've estimated quite a lot of unused cash by Christmas time but I'd rather not get rid of it all in one go... I'm looking for a Mid priced watch (£300-£400 would be nice), preferably swiss, maybe automatic... metal, hopefully sapphire crystal, not bothered about a chronograph... not too big and just as long as it looks appealing :) Any suggestions leave bellow :) Thanks :D
  14. Finding it hard to find definitive information on a watch I have. I bought this LANCET 15 jewel cal. 984 some years ago. I was told it was 'rubbish' but liked it and as the movement looked nice I had it overhauled and wore it. Lancet 15 jewel cal.984 cal.984 by ashleybones, on Flickr I did some research and was pleased to find it was made by Langendorf who later branded watches as LANCO. I did some further research today and found a recent 'ended' eBay auction for a similar LANCET with and identical movement which was non-working - it sold for £1,032. Can anyone give me any more info on LANCET, the cal.984 in particular and why on earth a non-working one should sell for such a high price. Thanks.
  15. Hi all! Wondering if anyone with some insight in the ETA 2894-2 movement might have an idea as to what might be wrong with the movement when it's gaining approximately 5 seconds every minute? It's completely consistent in this gain. Does this perhaps indicate some serious issue that need some more thorough/costly repairs? Or might it be caused by something quite trivial that's easier to fix? Thanks for any input!
  16. My raymond weil multifunction spirts watch is stuck at some screen. The arms aren't moving and the screen is stuck at "R" where the date goes and "1" where the day goes. It isn't dead battery and I can't figure out what's wro ng
  17. The Tissot is what I would call "plain Jane". There is only an hour, minute and second hand, along with the Tissot logo. No day or date or any other amenities are here. The bottom of the dial says "Swiss Made". On the top of each side of the gold band are words "10K Gold Filled Top Caps" . Each link in the Spiedel watch and is marked Pat. 2,689,450. The stainless steel bottom where the band attaches to the case says "Stainless Steel bottom caps 68". When I opened the back, the case was attached to the face. Being beyond my skill to remove the back, I just left it the way it was and snapped it back together I took some pictures so you could look at it too: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41498098@N05/sets/72157634127163571/ I hope you can help me. Thank you.
  18. Hi All, just joined the forum and am a novice who is looking to learn about how to service my own watches. I have recently purchased a nice looking Venus Automatic 54 SE and I'm not having much look finding anything out about it, other than finding a very brief history of the company, so any info you might have would be gratefully received. The Mechanism is marked 2788, 21 Jewels. I first would like to know how to remove the crown and stem. The watch is keeping great time, my aim is to clean the dial as much as I can, I realise that many forum posts discourage this, but I buy watches for my own use with not thought of reselling. Many Thanks Kevin.
  19. So I really like the Hamilton dress watches, mainly the Jazzmaster series but pictures on sales sites are so lacking in visual detail. Any of you guys own a Hamilton dress watch with a black dial preferable and how do you like it? Pictures are also very much wanted. Any hints on where to buy them (from a thrustworthy source) would also be greatly appreciated, I'm in the EU but for the right price the shipping from the USA'd be worth the price.
  20. Hi, I've recently acquired this Novoris, which I do like quite a lot. It's apparently from around 1940 (ish) but was not able to trace it anywhere on the Internets. It seem to run of a 4 jewel movement (cal 292), though when checked online 292 movements seem to be 7 jewels. I've cleaned face and hands as best as I could and swapped old leather strap (bit stinky) to a simple NATO (yup I know, probably made the biggest faux pax but hey.. it can be changed easily). It does seem to keep a good time (but not timed correctly yet). It definitively work for +24 hours on a full wind so it's good enough. Tick lovely and I'm quite pleased with it. There you go some pictures, enjoy...
  21. I wonder if anyone could tell me which model this is, when it was made and a rough estimation of it’s value? Just click on the below to see images. Watch Front Watch Back
  22. Hello everyone! I'm as new to the forum as I am in the watch-area; total newbie. I became a member to discuss an impending acquisition. I'm in the market for a watch with a clean, humble design, and has gotten my eyes on this piece: Georg Jensen Koppel 307. It sports an ETA Automatic 2894, and is priced at approx 2000 € excl. VAT. I've hade a hard time finding any reviews/information at all regarding these watches online, except this one post on this forum that in the end really didn't offer much insight regarding the jensen watches. Only a comment that highlighted the fact that Georg Jensen was a jewelery manufacturer, not a watch-maker, and thus implied substandard quality(?). Does anyone have any experience with this/or a similar piece? I really appreciate the modest design, clean dial, no numbers, no abundance of small plotty details, that you'd find on most other popular watches. Are there any 'better' alternatives of similar watches? Best regards!
  23. My Father is giving me a family heirloom that my Great Grandfather gave him. He is giving it to me for funding my two son's college education...woot! He had it appraised several years back and it came out to somewhere around 50K...though he doubts that it will fetch "near that much" in today's market. Photos are below. I dare not crack the caseback open with my limited knowledge and tools, therefore I don't have pics of the movement. It includes the original display box with Bailey, Banks & Biddle insignia inside, a little pocket of soft material, a gold/platinum chain and gold knife. Here are the few details I know regarding the watch: 'BAILEY, BANKS & BIDDLE' on watch face and caseback. 'Switzerland' at the bottom of the watch face. At the top of the winder where the chain connector is...is has 'PPC' stamped on it (Patek Philippe Company?). On the back of the caseback is engraved 'To XXXX XXXXXXX A Veteran of Veterans Semper Fidelis 1896-1940 From Sun Oil Company'. Can anyone tell me more about this watch? Thanks!
  24. Hello everyone and wonder if you can help. I have just come by a Lonstar Delux, Swiss made watch which is gold plated on the body, markers and hands. It also as a gold crown logo. This watch is running very fast and I am wondering wether to get it repair. I have been quoted 35 pound. Does anyone have any information on these watches and are they worth repairing. Been told by my watch repairer it will need cleaning and requlating. Many thanks Lee
  25. Hi peeps :P Hopefully the right forum page! A quick query please - I just received a small job lot of watches from that well known online auction site One of them among it all is a small ladies Rone which is not running. I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on it's age for me & also let me know if the case is a screw down or not and if it's an automatic? I don't want to attempt to open it up in case I do something wrong. I plan to probably re-sell it to be honest, so I obviously need to know how to get it going. Identifying marks on the face are Rone at the top, 17 Jewels at the bottom with Incabloc under that. Also Swiss Made either side of the "6". I've heard of Incabloc before, is that a part of the Rone range, or something seperate? On the rear case are the numbers 6839, and nothing else. Also, are these water resistant, or would it say on the watch if so? BTW - I do have the strap, it's a stainless elasticated bracelet type, I've removed it for cleaning. I've posted two photos to show you: Thanks everyone for any help or advice! Rick
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