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Found 13 results

  1. They seems to have good reviews on trustpilot https://www.trustpilot.com/review/watchesofmayfair.com and real shop in London https://watchesofmayfair.com/about-us but their prices are kind of too low.
  2. I’m trying to find a 22mm, black/dark grey, heavy duty (1.6mm+), nylon weave or canvas, 4/5-ring Zulu watch strap with gunmetal hardware to put on my 44mm Breitling Colt Blacksteel Automatic watch. I can’t find anything online with gunmetal hardware to match my Blacksteel watch. This is the sort of strap I’m looking for, with metal strap holes: https://www.zuludiver.com/collections/watch-straps/products/vintage-canvas-zulu-watch-strap?variant=29637477826657 Does anyone know where I can source such a strap know of any uk companies that could make a custom strap? Any suggest
  3. Okay so last year I took some time off from watches to focus on other things and recently got back into it. I've decided to start "flipping" watches on the side which means I get all the fun of finding, buying and giving a little TLC without the hoarding! I will resist talking money as I do not think it fair when the plan is to sell on, but obviously the aim of the game is to "buy low, sell high" so all are bought at a fairly low price tag for one reason or another (e.g. low 'buy it now' price or lack of details etc) Anyway, without further adoo: Sicura Chronograph: Man I loved this! Rea
  4. Hello everyone, Who and What My name is Dean, and while I am unfamiliar with the mechanics of watches, I do enjoy owning them and where else to learn more about watches that to join a forum dedicated to watch fanatics like myself? I am new to this forum, as is obvious, and the reason I have joined is because I need guidance from well-informed members who can educate me in my quest to produce a Wikipedia article on the Sicura watch brand. I often contribute to Wikipedia and have been contracted to produce articles for organisations. Therefore I am familiar with structure,
  5. Hi there. Looking for some advice from ones more knowledgeable than myself. I recently turned 30 and have threatened treating myself to a decent timepiece for years. But now it comes to buying one I'm struggling to decide. I ideally want one that won't absolutely haemorrhage money once purchased and maybe even one for a sound investment for the future. So looking for some suggestions or even warnings of what to avoid. Willing to push upto 6k mark at the very most at the time being. For a bit of context the watches I like at the moment are:- Bretling Superocean Heritage II
  6. Hey guys I’ve recently come into procession of a breitling (in desperate need of repair) and I have no idea if it is real. The movement seemed pretty legit looking through the Skelton circle. I’ve never seen a breitling in person so can’t tell if it feels real. I think I would know a fake Omega as the speedys are my everyday but with Breitling I’ve only ever read and seen pictures so I don’t feel qualified to determine if it’s real or not. Unfortunaly the hands have come off and I don’t know if it’s worth a lengthy journey to a repair centre if it’s not even real. Is there anyone who could off
  7. Hi, I purchased a second-hand 2012 Breitling Superocean from a London watch dealer back in June last year. I have had no problems with this watch in fact I have been very pleased with my purchase, up until last week when I went to put my watch on in the morning (I never wear it to bed) and noticed that the face of the watch had turned within the case slightly. After a few hours the face had turned nearly 180 degrees in the case. I contacted the dealer I purchased it from and they suggested it had probably been caused by a knock or drop, and will result in the watch being to returned t
  8. After a lot of toeing and throwing, I finally placed a deposit on a watch I have been pining for a long time... A Breitling Navitimer 01, 43mm with the bracelet. Definitely a Marmite watch (and brand) I know, but I am far too excited to get hold of it to care For me this is a big purchase, and not the sort of value watch I will be able to buy very often - which makes the wait feel all the more slow! They seemed to think it may be up to 2 weeks to get in.... How do you feel during the wait for a new watch, particularly if it is a special or grail watch for you? And is everyone as happy whe
  9. Guys, asking for a friend. He has a Breiting Navitimer World (date at 3 O'clock if that makes a difference), and looking to buy a genuine bracelet, it's currently on a croc strap. If anyone has one, please let me know and I will put you in touch, otherwise, where is the best place to buy one other than direct if it's possible? he thinks the model is 24322, but he's blind and couldn't confirm until he gets home to check with a magnifying glass. Cos
  10. Right then, I'm finally about to do it! I've wanted to get a Navitimer for a long time now, and now have the pennies saved up to pull the trigger. I have decided on a 43mm standard Navitimer with a black face, B01 movement, and either a bracelet or a strap + deployment. But what strap option to choose! At first I thought I wanted just a tang buckle calf strap, but then I wore a bracelet, and it was on another level or any other bracelet I have worn or seen in the flesh. BUT, I also think a black leather strap look very refined and classy. I will be using this as my daily wearer watch t
  11. I'm considering buying either a Breitling Transocean 1461 or a Zenith El Primero 410. My problem is that I like them both but I have only been 'authorised' by the wife to buy one. Which one should I go for?
  12. I baught a "Breitling" in a fleemarket recently for 30 Kr (4$) all the 4 buttons were totally jammed but with something like dry tar but it was ticking. After cleaning with ultrasound and SUN dishwasher powderI got the buttons working again. The buttons 2,4 and 10 gives a function but the 8 button gives no functionality, what should be the function ? I can´t get any sound/chime out of it, is it some trick to put the sound/chime on? Anyone have a usermanual for this Watch ? Picture see link http://s173.photobucket.com/user/lennartlennart/media/BreitlingMinutRepeater_zpsi4fgboqm.jpg.html?filte
  13. ....hello GSOM: What a great addition to the collection. The Breitlings weren't getting worn much and I've always loved the GSOM. It's much more formal than the DSOM and its fairly understated too. Never thought I'd trade any watches again but if they're not being worn then no point in keeping them.
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