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  1. I have a quantity of vintage watch cases with dials dating from trench watches onward. They have no movements so I have no calibre information to go on. Does anyone know of any book or other resource that might help me date them with just the style / fashion of the case and dial to go on? Thanks
  2. A couple of weeks ago i noticed my 2008 tag heuer wac111a.ba0850 had stopped so i replaced the battery. On Friday i was about to go out walking with our dog and noticed it had stopped again, so again, i replaced the battery. An hour later after walking a few miles it stopped again. The original 'dead' battery was just that, but I've tested its replacement and that's ok. Anybody any ideas?
  3. To the Admin; not sure if this would be better in the Watchmaking and Repairs section. If so, feel free to move it. My Dad dug out this old Summit Automatic which belonged to my Grandfather. I know it's not worth anything in financial terms, but I'd like to get it restored as much as possible, for sentimental reasons. The movement (AS 1700) is fine as far as I can tell, but obviously needs a service. The whole watch was filthy, but has cleaned up well. Now to the problems. One of the spring bars was Superglued in place, as the lug is so badly damaged. Looking at it, could it be that
  4. I have not a lot of Information on this watch. They have a mention in Kelly's Directory early 1920's. I feel this is down to William Ehrhardt, and his sons working out of Birmingham Barr st. He wanted to build watches his way, without influence of the the london makers, but obviously still wanted the kudos of a London name. The case is a Victory model from the Philadelphia watch case company. The whole watch cleaned up easily, and with a basic strip and clean sprang back to life.
  5. Hi guys, tried signing up up and it turned out I was already a member. Really don’t remember doing that, may have been a lurker, anyway just a quick hello. obviously into watches, started about 18 years ago when my parents bought me a nice Raymond Weil don something or other, really classy Art Deco chrono. I’ve bought and sold on numerous seiko divers and eventually about ten years ago I bit the bullet and got a planet ocean with white numbers and black bezel. I love this watch and I think it’s my favorite dive watch. Bought a new explorer a bit over a year ago which again I’
  6. First I wish to thank you for adding me to this forum. I have this J w Benson caliber bought some time ago and I wish, if possible to fit it in a case, but the winding stem connection is a puzzle to me. Maybe some members will be kind enough to guide me how I should go about it. Thankk You Alf https://postimg.cc/gallery/f9p4v6lq/
  7. N New arrival from the current C.W. sale. Had to go for 38mm as i know 43mm will be large. First impressions are fairly heavy , the patina lume sort of looks odd when you are used to white. Has a nice domed sapphire and nice matte black bezel which very closely matches the dial. Is it a dressy diver though? , it came on a nice bracelet and has 600m wr, but the hour markers might be to petite for some. Lume shot above. Nice matching date wheel and a lovely shaped and machined case with a slight brush finish. Has the dreaded logo, which takes part of the 9 mar
  8. The business of Thos Russell & Son of Liverpool was prolific, there are many watches surviving carrying his name. Within my collection I have eight examples in various formats, with cases of different metals. This is the first one I collected, and because of its condition formed part of my learning curve. The case is nickel, a metal I have found that will shine better than silver, and hold the polish. The watch key came with a box of watch parts I found on ebay, as soon as I saw it I knew it belonged to this watch. In the near future I will redo the photos I used the wrong lens for the jo
  9. A family piece which was definitely carried by my grandfather, and great grandfather. A 70mm watch with around 5oz of siver in the case. The dust cover and watch plate carry family history so I have chose not to show the interior, The watch runs well and keeps very good time. What I will never know was if this was purchased from the Makers shop in St Annes Square Manchester. Or bought used.
  10. Hi Im still fairly new to the watch appreciation scene but throughly enjoying it so far. I would like to add an English watch to my collection and as local as possible. After doing a bit of reading (mainly on here) I discovered that Services watches were once in Leicester. Since then I have also discovered that my aunt used to work there. This ticks many of the boxes so I thought that I would try and find a good one without breaking the bank (sometimes like finding the holy grail so I’m learning). After looking on the usual sites I have seen a couple on eBay, a Competitor listed as
  11. Bought this yesterday at 'Home and Colonial' Antiques, Berkhamsted, yesterday. Marked 'Pain Brothers Hastings' on dial and mechanism, but a bit of googling suggests that they wereretailers, not watchmakers. Silver case, hallmarked Birmingham, 1900. Flickr album.
  12. I recently obtained a nurses NHS branded fob watch for £1 which has a Miyota quartz movement in it. It’s one of the pin-on types like a broach which is all metal with a glass crystal & has NHS printed on both the dial & at the top of the fob. The problem is that I can’t find any information on when the NHS actually stopped issuing watches to their staff, and research shows that nurses have had to buy their own for many years & many hospitals no longer allow their staff to wear metal watches, they are now usually made of silicone. I’ve searched the web (and this forum) but can’t eve
  13. Hello, I recently acquired a beautiful Smiths Astral. The watch strap has a vintage look and I wondered if it might even be the original. I did once read somewhere that Smiths made everything in house; from watch boxes to watch straps. This strap does have a letter S embossed on the strap. Perhaps for Smiths (or possibly Speidel or other) Any opinions please ?
  14. Hello all, first time poster and hoping your experience and wisdom will help me resurrect this 1950s/60s car clock. It’s a 2” in-dash Smiths, CE 2160/02. It looks complete and the movement looks clean. I acquired as a non-tested clock. I think it’s negative earth, but first question is how to correctly connect it to 12v? It has a single yellow wire - is this for live feed or earth? Other than this it has two threadposts at the rear with knurled nuts and washers. I huess these fix it into the dash but are either of the threaded posts at the back for 12v positive also? All poin
  15. Hi all, Read the forum as a guest for a while now, but thought I should join and enjoy all access benefits. I live in the West Midlands and have had some sort of weird attraction to watches since my first decent watch purchase some 35 years ago (a Tag Heuer Formula 1 - £117 I paid then, as a student!). My current collection consists of the following:- Breitling Superocean 44 Omega Seamaster 300M (Quartz) Tag Heuer Formula 1 Oris TT1 Divers Titanium Chronograph Oris Big Crown (small second hand, pointer day) Oris Big Crown Pro Pilot Chronograph GMT
  16. Good afternoon, I am fairly new to this Watch game so apologies in advance if some of the questions I ask or a bit dumb. I am looking to purchase a sub Mariner Rolex 116610LN privately. The gentleman has the box, papers and Original payment receipt from mappin and Webb. It all looks legitimate but I was just wondering what extent the fraudsters go to? He is willing to meet me at any watch dealership for them to take a look around the watch and I have spoken to Mappin and Webb who can look at the receipt number. I have spoken to a few local dealers who are happy to lo
  17. They seems to have good reviews on trustpilot https://www.trustpilot.com/review/watchesofmayfair.com and real shop in London https://watchesofmayfair.com/about-us but their prices are kind of too low.
  18. Hi all Im looking for some recommendations on vintage dress watches Nothing expensive £100 is my max I’m not new to buying watches but I’ve never actually owned a dress watch I’ve got a small collection of divers and a number of gshocks but my change of job calls for something more refined than say my Marathon GSAR so if anyone could help me out with some suggestions i would be more than greatful
  19. HI i have never joined a watch forum before but what ive read before joining looks a nice friendly place to start . HOPE I SEE YOU AROUND
  20. I've always loved watches, but it wasn't until recently, when my grandfather gave me his old pocket watch (that used to belong to my great grandfather) that I became fascinated with antique watches. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find anyone to take it to for advice, so I've been doing some research online. Can anyone tell me anything about this watch? I haven't been able to discover who made it. I can't get to the movements because it's covered by a "plate" (see last picture, with lion's head engraving) and I'm not sure how to remove it. Am I correct in assuming that the maker
  21. Just wondered if anybody had a better insight into a pocket watch from Lancashire watch company? They're costing around the £100+ mark on Ebay, but what is the quality like? A quality historic piece, or an Ebay rip off?
  22. I've recently been looking for a new watch. Over the hours I have been looking, I've narrowed it down to two. The first watch is an accurist london watch whereas the other is the fossil watch. I'm looking for opinions on both, as I've really hit a wall. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hey everybody... check out this new thread I'm reading on the Watch Forum!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Here's a pic!!!!!!! I can hardly wait to read it!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! Later, William Sorry Roger, I'm feeling "funny" today.
  24. Hi, I have a small collection of Smiths watches and I also have a number of Smiths movements that I am trying to rescue and I need cases. Does anyone out there have some old cases in reasonable condition that I could purchase? Wanted list: 1). Gold or gold plated case for a 28mm Smiths Imperial manual movement. 2). Gold or gold plated case for a Calibre 400 15 Jewel Smiths Deluxe 3). Gold or Gold Plated case for a Smths Everest manual wind movement 31mm. 4). Nickle plated or stainless steel case for a 7 Jewel Smiths "slimline" watch. Help with a
  25. I heard on the wireless today, because of narrow building lots and needing more floor space; they are finding all kinds of junk. what about " DANGER UXB" ?
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