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  1. I heard on the wireless today, because of narrow building lots and needing more floor space; they are finding all kinds of junk. what about " DANGER UXB" ?
  2. I'm sorry if this is not the right place to post this because I'm new to this. So basically about a year ago I bought a umbro digital alarm chronograph wrist watch. This is the second time this has happened today, whenever I press the light button, the screen goes blank for about 5 seconds (in which the light is turned on, but the time is not displayed), and then goes back to normal. Does anyone know why this is happening? What can I do to fix this
  3. Hi People A good friend has asked if I could look at fitting a new watch glass to his old Timex automatic watch, I have never done this before so all help appreciated, the size of the rim (where I presume the glass fits measures 33mm (please see photo) there is a couple of numbers on the bottom of the dial but I can't find a reference to a movement number, the numbers are 37169 and 10979, thanks. http://
  4. Hi Guys, attached are Preview Pics of an upcoming brand Don Kylne &Co. This is the First Watch from the collection. Do Enjoy.
  5. This is a new thread to replace my earlier thread that incorrectly refered to an Asprey Zenex. The watch is actually an Asprey with a "Smith Clocks of Cricklewood" movement. It's been in Aspreys for "repair/refurb" for just over six months now so I still don't have a picture (didn't think it'd be anywhere near this long - their watch engineer became sick and had to be replaced - gws soon if you are reading this!). It is almost identical to this watch (17 jewel), down to the the engraving being the same all-bar having my Granddads name instead, and I think 1962 as the date. Forgive my ignorance
  6. I have a collection of clocks but have run out of space so I've more recently been interested in pocket watches. My first was from my uncle, a 9ct gold one with Garrard on the dial and moon hands (I suppose given it is a watch we should call them breuget) Then a paircase by the Johnson brothers who worked in Walton on Thames where I grew up, a hunter by Sam Pegler from Blandford ten miles up the road. I have another three for various reasons. (I'm sure more will follow) I'm still learning about watches, I'm still learning about clocks too, but one thing interests me. I often hear people say th
  7. Hello! I'm new to the forum, and have to admit I'm not too big on watches, but I collect world war 2 militaria and I came across this Leonidas G.S.T.P which i want to find out more about. I already found a topic here about the same type of watch, and read up on the markings so Im familiar with GSTP now, I'm just wondering if there is any way to find out more about the watch's history. Dial: Military markings on the back: Army marking: British broad arrow with G.S.T.P Army serial number: N 5518 Markings inside the watch: Serial Number: 373738 no markings on the movemen
  8. Hello, I am new to this site. But I have inherited these two vintage ladies watches and was wondering ifanyone could enlighten me as to their value. I think they are from the 60's and the UNO one is 9ct gold case and strap. The Everite is just 9ct gold case and rolled gold strap. They are both working perfectly. The seconds hand on the UNO is missing so ive ordered a replacement for it. I look forward to hearing any information you may have. Many thanks, Alison
  9. Hello All, I recently bought several CWC G10 watches. I read a brilliant article on here on how to remove the scratches from the crystal. Two of the faces have what appears to be rust on the batons and I would like to remove the crystal but can't quite figure out if I need to get the back off first. I don't have any tools as yet but am keen to have go. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Hiutsuri
  10. Hi all , i had a Smiths Delux wristwatch movement for years in a draw just sitting there & someone gave me a case for one. I had to put a huge crown on it because of the huge pendant tube, which took me an age to find one , put an awfully big strap on it & low & behold it does`nt look too bad. Does any one have the smiths wrist watch book on smiths , by it think it Erick smith , as i`m looking to find a photo or references to a smiths Paratrooper watch, that i also own. Any one got any interesting smiths out there, not the militay stuff , just good old fashioned Smiths watches
  11. Hi! I have these pocket watch.repeater works perfectly! tell me please! what approximately production time? and what their market cost? yours faithfully
  12. I have a pocketwatch in my family which I'm trying to identify. I believe it could have been made by my great grandfather (Thomas Horton) who was listed as a watchmaker in Coventry in the censuses 1861-1901. The pocketwatch has a Chester assay mark with date letter P which I think is 1898, and makers mark WJS on the case which I am told could be William Joseph Spencer, but I don't know if that's correct. The movement has no makers mark, just the number 23253. It has the word COVENTRY on it. Can I find out who made the case, the movement, and which watch making company Thomas Horton may ha
  13. Hello all , i picked up a sort of ships clock up earlier this year ,Chromed case but no back that you could screw it to a wall or anything,i guess it would have been made to be sunk in to a wall or something. it was smashed up inside & basically an unwanted box of bits, but i`d thought i would take a chance & see if it was repairable. It turns out it is a Smiths Asral clock movement. I have to say i could understand why no one else has bought it, almost every wheel was bent & buckled , where someone had dropped it from a hight, even the case was bent & buckled . The dial h
  14. Hi there. I found this weird looking clock movement at my local carboot sale, i purchased it out of pure curiosity really, does anyone know what it is please? I thought it being maybe a pigeon clock movement but im really not sure? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Hi, Looking for some thoughts on the pros and cons of vintage vs brand new. Obviously everyone will have their own view, just looking for some hints and tips before I take the plunge for a new watch. Looking to send between 500/700 GBP. Looking for an automatic, reasonably smart dress watch. My thoughts on buying new are - should work perfectly, guarantee of purchase, wide selection (but unable to afford the premium brands), For vintage my main concern would be condition. Would it need serviced? How accurate will the time keeping be? But the plus points being able to (maybe) buy
  16. My Beautiful new Garrard 9ct dress watch, this has an E.T.A hand wound movement and is in mint condition, not even a scratch on the glass. £150 ... what does everyone think? any one have an idea on age on this style?
  17. Hi I am looking at Robert Loomes website and they have a watch called "Robin" Does anyone have any experience of them? Quality/Finish/service etc Hope you can help Gary
  18. Hi I am looking at Robert Loomes website and they have a watch called "Robin" Does anyone have any experience of them? They are an all English watchmaker. Quality/Finish/service etc Hope you can help Gary
  19. Hi I am trying to get more information on the pocket watch pictured. Its been passed down several generations at this stage and it would be nice to have some information on it. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks, Alan
  20. I have been given a 18ct gold pocket watch stamped JW and the reg number 713055 18ct gold.The watch is also stamped 15 jewels, 2 ajusts,swiss made. The watch is a half hunter and the dimensions of the watch are diameter=45mm thickness=6mm. I have no idea as to the value of the watch or its age as the assay marks are not clear.If anyone can give me any information I would be very grateful. regards Harry
  21. During the Christmas break, my mother showed me an old pocket watch that's been passed through the family. As I don't know much about pocket watches, I did a little research online to find out something about the watch. Much of the information I found turns out to be on this forum (as expected), so I'm hopeful that the forum can also help fill the gaps in my findings. To start with: a photo. JWBenson02small by wotsch, on Flickr It's a half-hunter gold watch case, and I've seen plenty of similar gold- and silver-cased examples online – for example: here and here. There's no engr
  22. Have you guys seen this new Instagram User @dailywatch? Pretty awesome gallery: http://instagram.com/dailywatch Found my next watch there! I think you would like it :)
  23. Hello, I am a new member to the forum, I mainly collect watches but I was given this pocket watch recently when a family menber passed away. Does anybody know anything about the pocket watch, I cant find anything like it on the net. It is missing its winding pin and the loop for securing a chain. It does have the following markings : WEBSTER on the face FSAR on the internals it is stamped 925 silver Any info would be much appreciated.
  24. Speake-Marin vs Cecil Purnell The Tourbillon watch is considered one of the most refined and complex in horology. Invented in 1776 by Breguet, the Tourbillon is rare in that it represented a technological advance that was also ascetically pleasing. Most modern Tourbillon watches have a partially transparent skeleton, allowing the viewer to see the complex inner workings. These comprise hundreds of components and dozens of precious stones. Like their predecessors, most modern Tourbillons are wound by hand, making them incredibly attractive to collectors who want to connect with the rich h
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