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  1. Hello everyone, I’ve been reading The Watch Forum for a while and read a lot of informative posts. While browsing around I found this Blue-and-White Tourbillon from Memorigin really looks nice. I love the traditional Chinese art, combining this into fashionable watch, I can’t help but admire the exquisite craftsmanship and design
  2. I am planning to buy a san martin Sn0017, however i am not fond of the the security latch on it. I have looked through the internet and cant find a good one that suits me. The few ones that i can find are just far too expensive at around $80 for just a clasp. And another one is this one , but unsure if this does or doesn't have a security latch. I am in Australia btw. https://www.strapcode.com/collections/all/products/parts-nt-clasp-020b
  3. Good afternoon, Can you please help with explaining the function of the extra "second hand like" pointer with red pointer. It advances by one every hour? Thank you https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=parnis+automatic+watch+cream+dial&safe=strict&client=ms-opera-mobile&channel=new&espv=1&prmd=sivn&sxsrf=ALeKk02-0Rc4w0-hYE3nFpPEMCmVbV2Opg:1609081806024&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiMnNnruO7tAhVoQEEAHZ7nDHEQ_AUoAnoECA0QAg&biw=393&bih=685#imgrc=BjIKiPRoat-TDM
  4. Very glad to have the Opportunity to write here. We are HTD (Horological Tools Department) Watches. We are a Microbrand from Florence. We started this fantastic Journey in the watch industry 2 years ago, and now we are out with our first collection. In these 2 Years we have built relationship with The Man: Renzo. He is a watchmaker. He was the official Responsible for Zenith watch inspections in Florence from the 60's to 80's and the first Italian inspector for El Primero. After this he decided to open his own laboratory. We met him because we were determined to do something special. With him we have started the HTD Project LAB. We designed a lot of watches and cases but one day we met Renzo's Friend, Piero. Piero Show us the soul of the Mechanics. He had been a motorcycle champion and a mechanic. Then the decision: We will do a Chrono, no doubt! After a scrupulous and careful search, the whole Crew was convinced that the Seagull should be our Engine. Like a motorcycle of the 60's also the Seagull comes from these years. We bought a couple of movements from the official Company. With Renzo we found weakness and merits of this controversial but charming piece. Like an engine of the 60s, we added some oil in the right spots and we fine tuned the "engine idle". After that it was ready to run on Le Mans. So we made the decision that all our creatures had to pass from our hands before the wrist's Customer check. We are now in the ordination phase and we are curious if this project gathers the same enthusiasm as in Italy or more. We have also to say thank you to the creator of this community because we had always a lot of inspiration from the Vintage section ! Here more pics and specs: https://www.htdwatchinstruments.com Here a video Subbed in English:
  5. Choosed some colorful straps for winter, whats yours ?
  6. I have now purchased two clock rings on ebay and the charging pad to charge the ring and set the time was not included as it was supposed to be in both cases. I have searched everywhere I can think of to find a place where I can purchase a charging pad that can charge the ring and set the time but with no luck. Can anybody out there tell me where I can purchase one of these charging pads? Thanks a lot Ray
  7. Back from the Post Office, picked up new arrival from China. Seagull Chinese Military 'Tank Commander' Watch D813.581 (Cal ST2553)
  8. Does any one have knowledge of setting up the digital side of this watch. It is not intuitive or maybe it is damaged. The analogue side is working well.
  9. Hello All, We would like to introduce our brand - V Koncept. I'm Raymond who focus on chronograph watch design and production. We have finished an eye-catching chronograph watch and it will be launch in kickstarter at 20 Dec 2018. The main selling point of V Koncept Chronograph Watch is offering 3 different color cases and 4 different color dials, plus various style straps for customers' choice. We would propose the major specifications of the watch : CASE MATERIAL : Japanese 316L High Quality Stainless Steel CASE DIAMETER : 43mm DIAL CRYSTAL : Special Pot Sapphire Crystal BEZEL : Sapphire Crystal WATER RESISTANT : 5 ATM/ 50 meters MOVEMENT :Seagull ST1901 (Hand-wound Mechanic) / Miyota 6S20 (Quartz) ILLUMINATION: Swiss BGW9 Super Luminova At this moment, we would really appreciate to have your comments and thoughts on our project . Thanks a lot! Raymond Fan
  10. Young lad across the street asked me to look at his watch, digital works fine, the analogue does nothing. New these watches are less than a tenner. To my surprise when I opened it up I found only one battery a CR2016. his mum gave me the instructions that says it should have a CR2025. I am not an expert on Quartz watches but I had expected it to run off two batteries. Any one know anything about these.
  11. A question that, I think, can only be answered by experienced people...! I am not a watch guru, but was recently taken with a range of cheap Chinese watches which have the movement mounted in a thin bar running across the face - the rest of the watch being empty and see-through, with both face and rear glass. See here for example: https://www.amazon.co.uk/FORSINING I have a couple of these (two slightly different types!) at a cheap price as a dress watch, and am curious about one of them, as it appears to have no manual wind facility. Both are automatic - but while one has the traditional crown wind, with crown pull-out for adjusting the hands both ways, the other has a screw-on crown. Unscrewing it clockwise moves the hands anti-clockwise only - once it is unscrewed, turning the crown anti-clockwise does nothing - in particular it does not wind the mainspring. I had assumed that this was a broken watch, and got a replacement, which did the same thing. I looked in vain on the net for any specific manual for the watch - the only documentation which came with it was a general purpose sheet of paper which told you to wind it up by the crown. I found that the watch often has poor reviews with people claiming that the wind is broken - but then I found some videos showing a winding technique for it involving spinning the rotor by slapping the watch on your palm. About 30-50 slaps winds it up completely. I would like to know whether the watch is actually designed with no manual wind or not. Does anyone know if any other watches have been designed like this? Is the slapping technique a 'known' method for winding, or is it a fix to retain use of broken watches? It doesn't seem to be a good way to treat a watch, even if the 'slaps' are quite light... It seems odd for this to be a common complaint about the watch, and for the manufacturer not to have mentioned it in instructions...
  12. I Bought Chinese Watch Few Days Ago. And I Heard that They Use DG2813 Movement (From Dixmont Guangzhou) on Watch Some People Said to me "That is Copy of Miyota 8215" It' it True? And It is Reliabe?
  13. I Bought Holuns Watch in November 11. (Big Sale In AliExpress that day And I Want To buy Datejust Homage Model) Their Site (AliExpress Official Site) https://m.aliexpress.com/store/storeHome.htm?spm=a2g0n.detail-cache.0.0.54809ce2Po0vYa&sellerAdminSeq=221225490#/ They Make Many Watches including Rolex's Homage Watch. Have You Heard About this Brand? And They Make Watches Well?
  14. SHANGHAI POLARIS BEIJING ROSSINI TIANWANG EBOHR FIYTA these brands are very popular in Chinese ever over the world.
  15. Hi all, Over three weeks I have on my wrist 'the watch of my taste', and I'd like to present it to you: It's a long story, beginning in 2012. While discussing the new '2012 forum watch', a suggestion for tourbillon was one of the variants. Maybe because of the price, but it didn't get enough support, and another type was chosen. But a commitee decided to continue a side project, if at least 50 members sign-in. The signing took a while, so the minimum number was redused to 40. Well, slowly, but at last the number needed has been reached and the project began. One by one, the willing to particpate became 50, then 65, then 75 and at the end the final number became 80 :) As normal for a watch in this price range, the wotes and decisions went slo-o-o-wly. Then the prototype dial took over 3 months to be produced, only to be redrafted. Then again some delay, and a month ago the 2012 project ended in 2014 :). But the waiting worth it. Here is how it came - in a luxury wooden box (walnut color, or ?), inside a red (of course, it's Chinese) cartoon box: And here it is in all it's glory: The design is a real beauty, but the details emphasize it even more. As example for re-drafting, the logo and batons are now applied (not painted), and the guilouche of the outer ring is changed to sun-burst. All details are very well done, and this time a really excellent QC has been passed through. Look how the batons are centered in the axis center, which i different from the geometric center of the dial. I chose my crown to be "flat" with etched logo, but a "onion" type was also available. Frankly, winding is a bit harder than with onion, but I like it's style much more. The back is the same class - see-through back, cote d'geneve on the movement, blued screws, etched engravings (see the personalization :) ). The watch came with two straps (black and brown) and two clasps (standart and double butterfly, both signed). They are real leather of high quality, but for my taste they didn't fit the style, I prefer not to be flat. I was thinking about a strap with small scales, dark blue with a gray stitch. In the domestic forum there are few members that make hand-made straps with a very good quality at a very reasonable price. Especially for this watch I chose a skate-fish, but due to lack of colors, I decided it to be gray, bolded between lugs, with dark-blue stitch. Skate-fish is incredible beautiful, and as I understand, is very strong and robust. Thats why the stitch is a little intermittent, because every hole for it is made separately between scales (the scales can't be punctured). Unfortunately the limitation of the number of pictures doesn't allow me to show some more details. But I believe you can imagine it, it's more beautiful than the pictures. Regards, Miro.
  16. Hi, I'd like to show my new income - Shanghai chronograph SH9001 This watch caught my attention long ago, but the price was too much for me. Even with a discount, the price is ¥6 800.00 - on T-Mall , plus shipping, agent fee, custom taxes, VAT, etc... But incidentally I saw an offer in a forum exactly for it! The description was "like new, with small issue". And the issue is that the quick-set of the Day is not working. Using regular setting via the crown, the Day changes. The seller suggested that the issue happened because of setting in the improper time (between 22:00 and 02:00). Of course that was taken in the price, so after less than a week it's here :yahoo: Definitely the watch is more beautiful in flesh (or metal :yes: ) than on the pictures (both seller's and mine). It came with original case, papers, guarantee card, even with new Hirsh (the original Shanghak strap was also included). Just the way it should be... So the pictures. Here it is from the crown and pushers side: You can see the excellent details and finish: Case is 42 mm, 15 mm thick, but looks a little larger, maybe because of the crown. The shape of the case is interesting: The finish of the main case is brushed, and polished for the rest. As expected, not only the crown is branded, but the double push-butterfly clasp too. The movement is 3LZF2 (7750 clone, working at 28 800). Winding is smooth and silent, I expected much clear "buzzing", as red in other threads about 7750. Again the finish is perfect - blued screws, Cote d'Geneve on the rotor, etched brand and engravings...Chrono functions work perfect: I just wonder what does "chronometre" on the dial means, has it pass some standards? On the timegrapher in every position it was below 4 s./day. The amplitude of the balance is between 245 and 270 degrees, maybe for a 28 800 is normal. And about the issue - will check if it will need of replacement, or simply fixing, and will decide will I fix it or not. It's evident why I liked this watch so much on the pictures, but in live I like it even more. The last few watches I got, make me little confused, they are all so beautiful, so I wonder which to wear :). Here it is how this watch looks on the wrist: Hope you like it too. Regards, Miro.
  17. Hi there everyone. Recently I have been looking at Seagull watches, specifically the M170S Chrono with the flywheel, and I'm wondering where is s good place to buy one! EBay seems good and there coming from Hong Kong but I don't know if the EBay sellers are Legitimate or not and how to tell this. Also I saw the website seagullwatchstore.com Hopefully some of you can tell me what are good places to buy from! Thanks!
  18. Hi, As this sub-forum is mainly "Russian", let me bring little variety and show You some of my new incomes: Automatic "Shuangling" (Double Rhomb) 40j: Zhongshan make some very nice pressed relief dial. Luckily I succeed to find three rare watches - Two peacocks (or Phoenixes), Six pandas and Eight deers: And again rare Wuyi with guilouched dial: Hope You like them. Regards, Miro.
  19. Hi, I'd like to present You my freshly arrived: 1. Seagull 2. Dongfeng with white dial and "Serve the people" inscription in red 3. Dongfeng with black dial and the same inscription And both Dongfeng brothers black & white They look like new, probably are not NOS, but recently assembled. The movements are the same - ST5A, keep very accurate time. Hope You like them too. Regards, Miro.
  20. Hi all, I'd like to show you my new income - a homage of a well known AT: It comes from the Singapore department of Seagull. It's with ST16 movement, which is no longer used in Tianjin watches: The quality is very good, the details are fine and precise: The crown is signed and screw-down: The bracelet is solid, but the end links could be fitted more accurate: Overall - excellent watch, especially for the price: Regards, Miro.
  21. Hi all, here's my new addition to the Seagull's collection - Seagull m222s orange: It's a wristwatch with a movement from a pocket watch - some of You make this themselve :) Well, Seagull decided to make such, and I've been looking for it, only the price of ~ $270 looked some over for me. But at the Bay a seller accepted my offer, and after three weeks here it is: Unfortunately the red case came with broken lings, but otherwise I couldn't see signs of wear. The back is see-through and let us enjoy the nice decorated old ST3600: Maybe only from the bended strap I can gues it's worn. It's nice with orange stiches, and the buckle is branded: Of course , here's a wrict-shot: It's place in the collection's box is prepared to accept it after few days on the wrist, just in the middle of it's compatriots :) Regards, Miro.
  22. Hi all, I have two chronos with ST19 movement, but as a collector I wanted to own a genuine 'Seagull' made. Today arrived my new addition - m190s, black version. The dial is a standard m190s, but in black - guilouched with two different pattern. The combination of the outer guilouche (outside the seconds marks) and the imprint of the sub-seconds is quiet interesting. The chrono hands are common too, but the main hands are a bit unusual for this style - with the black dial they make it look more like a 'pilot' nuance. The watch came 'second hand', but polished 'as new'. Unfortunately the polish has wiped off some of the back engravings - not quite, but still ... As usual, the back cover is transparant, of course, to let us see the beautiful classic ST19 :) The strap and buckle are branded, but the crown logo is missing, the crown is also not just m190s. As a small issue I can note that the chronograph second hand does not reset each time at 12 - there's a tolerance of about half a millimeter in either direction. Since the probability to use chronograph is very slight, I don't care so much about it. Another problem (seen only at the picture)- the hour dot at VII looks like there was some intervention. But from a distance view - practically can't mention it. Here's how it looks on my wrist with traditional Bulgarian March's celebration wrist-let :) Hope you like it. Regards, Miro.
  23. Hi all, I'd like to present you the original Chinese reissue of the first mass-produced Chinese wristwatch WuYi. It means '51' and was dedicated to the International Labor Day (1st of May). There also is a version for the American market - limited to 800 pcs. It's influenced by the very popular Seagull m177s. And it was more than twice cheaper, so it was the first I got. But frankly I liked more the Chinese reissue, based on the original design of the 1955's. At last, after a year from buying the American, I got the Chinese WuYi too: It came in a very nice wooden case, colored in Bordeaux. Every detail is very carefully thought through - the dial: branded crown and clasp: fine and precise engraved solid back: And here are some pics together for comparation: Very sleek and stylish watch. I am very happy that I can add it to my collection near to his American brother. I hope to you like it too. Regards, Miro.
  24. Have you guys seen this new Instagram User @dailywatch? Pretty awesome gallery: http://instagram.com/dailywatch Found my next watch there! I think you would like it :)
  25. Hi all, I'd like to show you my new income. It was an accidental buy, I liked the 3D renders, it was stated it's a limited edition of 199 pcs. Then I contacted the seller, he redirected me to QQ (chat program mainly in China), and after a long chat I decided I can trust him (You know the rule "buy the seller, not the watch"). Today the watch arrived :yahoo: The movement is ST2130, Seagull's clone of ETA 2824-2. The look is astonish, doesn't matter the case is 40 mm, the watch is so elegant and discreet. Every detail is very well designed, and perfect quality control is obvious - label, logo, even the alignment of the figure of the date on the box. The hands are nicely blued. As might be expected - signed crown and clasp The back is a real beauty: Did You recognize my name on the back? 米罗斯拉夫 :yes: And now ...... about a problem - the crown is not so well designed and there's no gap between it and the case, so can't be used without a tool: Here's the crown in a base position: The crown have to be corrected to some sloped shape from the case side, so I'll have to visit a watchmaker. Excluding this, the watch is an absolute hit for $ 100. The movement not only guarantees precision and stability, but also ease of maintenance. The watch arrived with a box with a logo and a certificate with a number. It's interesting that all the numbers, containing 4 (in Chinese 4 sounds like "death", so is regarded as 'unlucky' digit), that's why on the back is stated xxx/232, while the real number is 199. And of course - a wrist-shot: Regards, Miro.
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