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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys and girls, A bit of an opinion poll for an isolated Sunday afternoon: Do you have any "must haves" when buying a new watch? Complications? Colours? Calibres? Mechanical or Quartz? Swiss or Japanese? Big boy 50mm or the more classic 40mm? I realise this is a very open question, but let's be honest, we all have a little extra time at the moment. Dive, dress or pilots, what makes a killer watch for you?
  2. Hi, am struggling to choose the ap roo titanium or the Rolex Daytona white gold with red bits, maybe here can help me decides which one looks better and will last longer, keep in mine I already have the Daytona ss panda, and the new Daytona white gold with oysterflex, I was going to buy the ap but I just saw that Daytona preowned and I can get it out of my head it looks fabolous but the ap do as well
  3. I read an article by a member on here about Camel Trophy watches, After reading I was determined to add one to my collection It has taken a while to get one at a affordable price, but this one is a beaut. Original tin and paperwork, plus the original till receipt from H Samuels in 1995 showing it cost £239.00. The brass or bronze bezel is a strange colour but, I wonder was it to match the sand glow colour of the competing vehicles.
  4. Hi everyone, not exactly a huge watch enthusiast here. I have however recently came into possession of a limited edition Mille Miglia automatic chronograph watch with the godolphin horse racing logo on the dial. I have the box including a certificate of authenticity, and I haven’t actually worn the watch yet because I am looking to sell it, providing I can retrieve the majority of its value. I have had the watched looked at and valued at around £6000, I really don’t have a clue what I’m doing though and would be very grateful if somebody could advise me. Many thanks Nick
  5. After my bitter experience with GS earlier this year, I thought I would never try the Japanese high end again,but then I saw this and the rest is as much anticipated - now waiting a package from HK. I did some research - this is the movement that is probably considered as the pinnacle of Japanese watchmaking so far, hand wound, supreme chronometer grade, no date, 36,000 bph. This was the movement that made angry the Swiss guys who decided that Seiko would no longer attend to the COSC battles and certifications as being to good for them and always winning of course. I
  6. Hello fellow forum members, This is my first post and will arguably be my most important, so if anybody would be able to provide any help or useful information then I would be very appreciative. So a little bit of a background, I'm 21 and have always loved watches, I recently decided to follow my passion and am seeking to begin a career within watch repair and watch making and having found out recently that my great great grandfather was a watch maker in London, who moved to Coventry where my family were raised has given me a real sense of vindication and desire to carry on a trade w
  7. HI, I picked up a nice looking Bucherer Electronic Chronometer at the weekend. Runs on an ETA 9154 Electro/mechanical movement. Runs well and keeps great time. I plan to carry out a little light restoration on the case. One thing it desperately needs is a new crystal, I can polish out the scratches, but this one has an internal crack so it spoils the finish. I have removed the crystal with a press, it's 30mm od with a yellow internal reflection band. My question is, can I just use a generic crystal or is it possible to obtain the genuine article? Watch must be from the early 70's so I'm assum
  8. On the 11/11/2015 I purchased my first vintage watch, a Seiko Diamatic 6119-5410.Crystal is near perfect, which is a good thing because of their shape they are near unobtainable. Case could do with a polish. It only cost me $100 which is a bargain, however as with all vintage watches I had no idea how long ago it had been serviced. Worse, it was fine ‘on the bench’ but when I wore it, it was losing time to the tune of….lots.Turns out the barrel jewel is broken and needs replacement – which will be done as part of the service I was expecting to have to have done anyway ($250). So in reality it
  9. Hi, A few months ago, I wondered what was the best tool to measure the accuracy of my mechanical watches, tired of using my notepad and an atomic clock. With two friends, also watch enthusiasts, we thought of a web application for that purpose. We wanted the whole process to be the the most simple and convenient possible. We then launched Toolwatch.io confidentially a few weeks ago and we were surprised to soon have several hundred and thousand users. We listened to their different feedback and based on these, we just launched a brand new version. I would be delighted to have your feedback as
  10. ....hello GSOM: What a great addition to the collection. The Breitlings weren't getting worn much and I've always loved the GSOM. It's much more formal than the DSOM and its fairly understated too. Never thought I'd trade any watches again but if they're not being worn then no point in keeping them.
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