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Found 11 results

  1. I know there’s a few computer boffins on here, so after some advice please. My elderly mother has a laptop with Windows 10 on it. The windows defender/ security app isn’t working properly and keeps showing “engine unavailable” and won’t allow updates. I’ve searched the internet and tried to reset this without success using various methods, but nothing seems to work. I’ve tried a windows update but that’s not altered anything. Any ideas on how to resolve this much appreciated before I try and find a computer bod to take it to for sorting. I’m not a computer novice but plain simple instructions appreciated please. She’s driving me nuts over it. I wouldn’t mind but she only uses it for emails and banking Cheers Jamie
  2. Yes, it has been some time! I pop in occasionally to see what's going on. Just picked up a pretty special piece and wanted to share it with you good folks. Better grab a cup of coffee) or tea in your cases), or other favorite beverage, for this one... * WARNING: A LONG POST THAT IS PIX HEAVY * Went to an invitation only watch event, a couple of weekends ago, where representatives from TAG/HEUER, Breitling and Oris, among others were on hand showcasing their product lines with their new 2021/22 introductions. When I walked in, I quickly scanned the cases and displays, looking for anything that caught my eye or for the unusual. Went to the Oris display and played with a few of those. Had my Oris Depth Gauge on my wrist (dollar for dollar - can this brand be beat?). A nice selection of Carl Bucherer (another must on my list), checked out the Breitlings, some nice new stuff!! Got to the TAG/Heuer display and was stopped dead in my tracks! At the very end of the long case... There it was... a Mikrograph!! Talk About unusual and rare! The Mikrograph is known for its history, as the first stopwatch that offered 1/100th of a second resolution. The 2016 Mikrograph 100th Anniversary wristwatch, sports a bullhead layout (with the crown and pushers placed at the 12 o’clock position) and a unique two-section case that allows the inner case to be detached from the strap, outer case and lugs. Once removed from its wrist watch configuration, the Heuer Mikrograph 100th Anniversary watch can be mounted into the supplied desk stand or a dashboard mount for further use as a stopwatch in your Aston, Ferrari, etc. (Insert favorite sports car here)! Incidentally, interestingly enough..., this is badged as "HEUER" only! To mark the Heuer 100th anniversary of the first mechanical stopwatch to break the seconds down into 100 parts! In other words... 1/100ths (0.01) of a second. A commemorative wristwatch with several nods to the original stopwatch! Only 100 produced to honor such an incredible milestone! Their own in-house movement with 66 jewels! Yep, you read that correctly... , sixty six, 6-6 jewels! Uses the Bullhead design with the crown and pushers at the 12:00 position. It also features an onion crown as a nod to the vintage chrono, as well as the 4 beautiful steel, blued hands used for the chrono function. I believe this is a porcelain dial, but I can find no information to confirm this. I love how TAG used the old 1916 font for the numbers, etc. This particular watch was born in 2016 and is already 3-5 years old (depending on how long it took HEUER to finish the series of 100 watches), but New Old Stock! Right out of TAG's vault and brought to this show, where I "was allowed" to purchase it (it was marked, "For Display Only")! I am a pretty good customer of the store and I knew so much about this particular watch that the the rep told my AD, that I deserved it!! We negotiated a very fair price on this amazing timepiece! I saw a brief write-up on this particular model in 2016 and remember the article had mentioned that the entire run of 100 had sold out before it even went to press! At the time, I knew it was a Hopeless Grail, Fuggedaboutit!... so I gave up on it, knowing I would never get a chance at one. Then fast forward five years. Like a stopwatch encased in a module. The watch body can be used as a wristwatch when worn on the strap. Or can be removed and used as a desk "clock". Then you can take it to your sports car and mount it on the dash! Included in the impressive box are the desk mounts and a special bracket for attaching it to your dashboard! This very special limited edition from TAG/Heuer is the first mechanical watch to feature a chronograph with a central 1/100th of a second hand which makes one revolution of the dial (the outer chapter ring), for every second! The Mikrograph uses a groundbreaking in-house design evolved from TAG's famous Calibre 360. It's actually a dual movement: one part uses an escapement beating at 28,800bph (8Hz) to show the standard time and date, with a self-winding rotor; the 1/100'ths portion, runs at a whopping 360,000bph (100Hz!) and allows for the remarkable chronograph function. This section requires hand winding and has the corresponding power reserve for this 90 minute chronograph function (marked 0 - 100 which is a percentage of the 90 minute reserve). Despite the cutting-edge technology involved, the aesthetic is beautifully vintage, inspired by classic Heuer stopwatches and the brand's long involvement with motor sports. Starting with the unboxing, as I feel this is actually an important part of this package (okay, I'll admit it... I like to see a nice box for a nice watch!). This even exceeds my high standards for a nice box! This is quite stout being made of very dense wood and metal. [B]The box alone..., weighs an unbelievable, 7.2lbs[/B] (according to my very accurate bathroom scale)!! The manual, COSC Certificate, guarantee/warranty, all tags, etc. are housed in a pocket cutout, underneath the box. I love that this is the 100th Anniversary of the 1/100ths second wristwatch, that runs at 100Hz and in a Limited Edition of only 100 pieces! C O O L ! ! I hope you enjoy the following pix starting with the unboxing... The true color... The proverbial wrist shots... Those gorgeous blued chrono hands (the hour and minute hands are not, reflection)... A few more misc. shots.. That beautiful case back... I know you want to see the video of this magnificent piece working... .... ooppss can't load a video, have to use a YouTube video for you. If you turn the sound up, I believe you can actually hear this amazing mechanical movement/complication running at the insane rate of, 100Hz! Posted elsewhere in another forum, so apologies if you have seen it and wasted your time on it earlier!
  3. I acquired this watch 30 years ago, totally forgot about it until my antiques mad 8 year old son found it. Does anyone know anything about it and its possible value?
  4. ... but is there a wristwatch out there with a day complication but NO date ? whats left of my working life revolves around week numbers and days of the week - the actual date is of very little use to me in this respect. anyhoo, watch with day but without date complication ?
  5. Hello All. I'm a fellow watch enthusiast from the North-East of England. I hope everyone is keeping well. I'm new to the forum but not exactly lol I joined a couple of years back, forgot the password/display name within the first few weeks, and wasn't getting a reply from admin so just left it! I'm back now mainly because I recently bought myself a cheap watch repair kit, dusted off the old watch storage box and started to give my watches the attention they required. Last time I did a full intro of my watches - this time I'll keep it short. Top Row - Left to right Accurist GMT Grand Complication LE, Citizen Eco Drive Minute Repeater LE, Seiko Kinetic Auto Relay (probs my fav), Seiko Prospex Solar Chronograph Bottom Row - Left to Right Tag Heuer Aquaracer, Swiss Army Titanium Alliance, Citizen Eco Chronograph World Time
  6. Hi guys and girls, A bit of an opinion poll for an isolated Sunday afternoon: Do you have any "must haves" when buying a new watch? Complications? Colours? Calibres? Mechanical or Quartz? Swiss or Japanese? Big boy 50mm or the more classic 40mm? I realise this is a very open question, but let's be honest, we all have a little extra time at the moment. Dive, dress or pilots, what makes a killer watch for you?
  7. Good morning everybody, I am thinking about buying a cheap automatic watch with complications (chronograph, lunar phase, or the like) Do you have such a watch serviced? Or do you just buy a new one when the time for a service comes? Do you spend, say, £300 for the service of a watch with some complications you have paid, say, £400 or £500? Or are there cheaper ways to get these watches serviced? Or am I missing something? Thanks to all in advance Cassius Longinus
  8. I have a seiko 6309, and when I advance the time, with the crown to the second click, the day indicator continuously advances as I wind the hands the day and date change off the first click of the crown, and advance at 12.00. Can anyone advise what I'm looking for when I strip it please? What makes the day wheel move in sync with the hands? Thanks for any hints.
  9. Hi everyone! I discussed my projects in other forums and got great help on a verity of questions which led up to my own watch project. I thought many of you might be interested in. I while ago I quit my job to chase my dream of creating a high-end wrist watch from scratch. It's a risky, dumpy ride and totally worth it! The design is ready and I found a manufacturer in Switzerland who can both modify a ETA movement to fit my requirements and assemble the watch. The model will have a unique feature never seen before, so that is incredibly exciting! I would be honored if you wanted to follow it, all opinions makes a Huge difference. I'm posting daily on my Facebook page: facebook.com/ecanderssonwatches Thank you!
  10. Hi, I am new to this forum, so if I have posted in the incorrect section my apologies and please feel free to direct me elsewhere.. I am looking for a local reputable watch repair service (independant or national business), I live in Halifax, West Yorkshire UK. I have two watches that I am looking for help with: 1) Fossil watch (similar in appearance to this) the pin has snapped and the small spring section which goes watch body is still in place. I believe it may need to be drilled out? Other wise the strap and watch is in perfect working order. 2) Emporio Armani watch (similar in appearance to this) I have had the watch sometime and I now need a new link adding back in, but I am not able to find the link. Can new links be obtained, or must the strap be replaced? (The strap looks the same as this). Thank you in advance. Gareth
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