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  1. I went back to my parents house a few weekends ago and was digging around in the drawers in my old room when I stumbled across my old school watch! This will be from about 1994ish so possibly 20 years old, It obviously wasnt ticking and the strap had perished and crumbled away in my hands! I clearly didnt take good care of watches in my youth as the screen was scratched to buggery! I feel stupid as i didnt take any before pictures to show the transformation! schoolboy I know but you will just have to make do with the final pictures, once I had the back off part of the case around one of the screws broke away, I ordered a new battery from cousins and glued the broken bit back on. Then I set to it with the brasso and got rid of most of the offending scratches, the battery arrived and although fiddily was easily replaced and to my delight it sparked back into life! Now it was time for a new strap I looked at loads on line and then whilst shopping in Richmond whilst the Mrs was sorting out some new shoes for the little fella I was given free time to go get a strap (this was allowed as I hadnt actually purchased a new watch!) So I went in with the intention of getting a £10 plasticy one and come out with a lovely Hirsch Knight with White stiching in black leather! I think it sets it off quite well! Well without further ado here is my new (old) watch Untitled by jorritschrauwers, on Flickr Untitled by jorritschrauwers, on Flickr and the obligatory wrist shot Untitled by jorritschrauwers, on Flickr All feedback welcome I realise I have been a bit of a lurker of late and seem to have come back with a bang today!
  2. Been waiting for this since Feb/March. I've eluded to it in a few posts and it finally made it! New Arrival and I am Absolutely Ecstatic! Door jams - BEWARE! Have not seen anything posted on here for these but I pre-ordered mine back in Feb/ March. It is the Helberg CH1 and it is not for the faint of heart... Or Wrist! I absolutely love it and have had an extremely hard time keeping my mouth shut about it coming. For those that are not familiar... it is an homage to the Rolex Deep Sea Special which made the most incredible journey on Trieste down to the Challenger Depth (36K feet!) back on January 23rd, 1960. As everyone knows, that particular watch is made out Unobtainium with only 2 examples existing, and therefore only in my dreams. I guess that would be the ultimate Grail - one you will never possess no matter how many zeros are in your financial portfolio. 1st the reveal... then the "Normal Shots"...: Since limited to pix uploads, please see Part Deux - for "The Money Shots"...: They did warn me when I ordered it with the huge spherical dome sapphire crystal, that it could distort the watch face but they were working on a couple of designs to cut that distortion down. You know what? It isn't that bad and I just don't care! It is easy to read the dial even at a ~45° angle. You are all probably chomping at the bit for the specs, so here they are: Case Dia: 41mm (meh) Bezel Dia: 42mm (meh) Movement: SWISS ETA 2824 Lug Spacing: 22mm (meh) [these dim's are needed to maintain the proportions/ratio of the original watch] Crown Diameter: 9mm (oh yeah!) (You better be sitting down for the next three specs...) Case Thickness: 27.2mm!! [i just realized some of my vintage case Width/Diameters, are not this big!] LTL Distance: A whopping 57mm!! Weight: ~330gms (w/bracelet)!! Limited Edition of 150 each in SS (316L) and 150 in Bronze (CuSn8) These specs are a little impressive as well...: - Water resistant 600 atmos. / 6000 meters / 19685 ft. with optional spherical sapphire glass and closed case back. (The way I ordered this one - I wanted it as close to the original as possible) - Antimagnetic: 70.000A/m. with closed case back. - Inside AR coated / anti scratch sapphire crystal. - 120 position bezel. - Stainless steel bracelet with micro adjustment. (Brown leather and black leather straps were also included) The Biggest, Baddest, Sapphire crystal in all of the land! Overall height with the solid SS closed back will be 27.2mm (just measured mine @ 27.4mm!)!! Let that sink in a minute. Hold a ruler up to your wrist - I did! 3 ¾ MILES DEPTH Rating (6 Kilometers)! ! Please see Part 3 for the comparison.
  3. Hi all, I've currently started scuba diving and was advised to get a good watch which can withstand a depth of 200m or above. I have seen a citizen promaster (not to sure if it is but that's what the shop has advertised it as) for a fairly cheap price it's virtually identical to this one: Citizen Professional Diver Watch Red/Blue300m BN0001-01L but instead of a 300m depth it has a 200m depth and I'm just wondering what the name of the watch is and how much they go for originally because I can't find the watch online at all just ones similar. All I know about it is, it's a citizen eco-drive, has a divers depth of 200m, Pepsi one way bevel and a screw down crown. Sorry for the lack of information and no picture unfortunately the shop wouldn't let me take a photo. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, first post so apologies if there are any mistakes. I've tried searching the forums and google to find an answer to this and while I'm sure it's out there I haven't yet. I'm building up to buying my second seiko and am looking at either a sumo or skx009 but I'd really like to try them on before making the decision. My question is does anyone know of any shops where I can do this? Preferably in Yorkshire or nearby but if it's only London that's not too bad. Thanks in advance.
  5. Good evening all. As our wonderful banking system is paying huge amounts of interest for using our money in savings accounts, I have started to look at collecting a few watches (for wear and maybe investment). I really have not much clue on what to go for, though I really like the style of military watches from the Cold War era and what I have seen of Raketa/Paketa perpetuals. As you can see, I'm not after spending my children's savings............ Any suggestions? Nice forum people....
  6. Good morning all! Recently I've looking at Seiko divers a lot. Of course, there's the classic SKX007, but I'm drawn to the more vintage-looking SNZH5x models. I really like the bezel design and the domed crystal. On my interweb travels, I've seen quite a few of the fifty-fathoms mods, but I prefer the original Seiko design. From photos I've seen, I'm finding it hard to decide whether I like the blue SNZH53 or the black SNZH55 dialled version better. I did a search here, but only came up with one review by AlexC1981 (click here). So what are your opinions? What's the nicer, blue- or black-dialled? Does anyone have both? How do they compare side-by-side in the metal? Here they both are: Source: direct from the Seiko website: Thanks in advance for your help! Cheers -wotsch
  7. Guest

    Old Watch Stories

    We are two friends in our forties who wish to combine our love of old watches and the community feel of the web. Though not professional story tellers we felt that there is a place for our watch stories and memories. We hope it would serve our kids in the future. The watches are from diverse sources. Some were given by fathers and uncles who were happy to learn that their old and beloved watches have new admirers, others were found in various places over the years. Maybe you have a watch story you would like to share? Welcome to our corner on the web. www.oldwatchstories.com Old watch Story Enjoy and Welcome
  8. I am sure you are all now well aware of my love of my Tag Heuer 1000, having read some more about this watch I had a hankering for the original Heuer version, on the bay they seem to go for silly money £600 plus in some cases! after being really good and not breaking my own limit (losing out on a couple but a couple of £'s!) I finally got what I was looking for and it arrived today, I paid the right amount for it, so without further ado here is my Heuer 1000! IMG_1761 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr IMG_1762 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr IMG_1763 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr and here next to his younger brother (I see i need to reset the errand minute hand on the Tag!) IMG_1764 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr IMG_1765 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr IMG_1766 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr I am very pleased need to source a Heuer jubilee bracelet for it, there is one on the bay now but it is a bit tired and more than I paid for the watch so wont be getting that! What do you think>? Cheers Yogi
  9. Hello First post, I've recently gotten a thing for vintage Omegas (seamasters mainly). I travel a lot through my job and spend a lot of time Mumbai and other places in India ( and everywhere else on the planet to be honest). I've looked around for a decent vintage watch shop in india for years and found nothing; fountain pens seem okay though. I've seen lots of very dodgey ebay adverts originating in India but surely there must be some decent shops there? cheers K
  10. Hello I saw this on ebay, made in Germany. (Couldn't add German tag as one doesn't exist!) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Praetorian-Night-Patrol-Black-PVD-Military-Watch-Tritium-Illumination-T25-/261016972935?pt=Wristwatches&hash=item3cc5d2ee87 http://www.milwatches.com/product_info.php/language/en/info/p1762_Praetorian-Night-Patrol-Black-PVD---Nato-Armband.html Looks good I thought, does anyone own one? Are they any good, they have a Quartz Citizen/Miyota 2115 movement inside. Any replies are welcome. Thanks
  11. Have you guys seen this new Instagram User @dailywatch? Pretty awesome gallery: http://instagram.com/dailywatch Found my next watch there! I think you would like it :)
  12. Good evening all In this age of crappy customer service I thought I would sing the praise of Tag Heuer on here as we hear so many bad stories I thought it would be good to share a few months age I purchased the forum bike! From what I can tell I am at least the 4th forum member to have ownership! Deco Gaz64 and Tall_Tim before me below is a picture of said watch from Gaz64's sales thread By the time it got to me it was on a rather fetching brown strap as the bracelet had seen better days. I contacted Tag via e-mail and got a response within the hour! I asked if they would be able to take a look at the watch and quote me on fixing the bracelet and a service, the next day a package arrived and I sent the watch off, I got a call from customer services to say it had arrived safe and a few days later a quote for everything I had asked for, this came to some £400+ and in my current circumstances I cant justify that amount of cash, so I asked if they could just service and change the battery, unfortunately they said that due to the state of the hands and the dial they wouldnt be able to service the watch unless I changed these (the lume is starting to crumble and this they said would make it impossible for them to guarantee the service) I told them that the reason I liked the watch was the state of the lume and dial (shabby retro look!) and asked about just a new bracelet, Helen on the customer services team said she didnt want me to buy the bracelet if it changed the look of the watch too much so offered to get a service chap to take a picture of a new bracelet and send it over, this she did and I agreed to part with the best part of £90 (more than i paid for the watch!) for a new bracelet. Today the watch arrived the company they use to deliver gave a date and then in the morning gave a time slot of 1 hour and 10mins into the slot they arrived! So here it is it looks like they gave it a good polish too! IMG_1036 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr IMG_1037 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr IMG_1038 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr and on my wrist IMG_1035 by Jorrit and Hillary, on Flickr I know some people are not fans of modern Tags but with customer service as good as this I will certainly consider Tag for my next big purchase. all comments welcomed have a nice evening I have a feelin my Alpha and Omega wont be getting much wrist time in the near future! cheers Yogi
  13. Guys, I am looking to get myself a Seiko Diver, I am new to the brand and after some confusing product number experiences could do with some guidance on what to look for and what all the various model numbers mean. Been watching a few go through ebay, but as I am no expert on these I dont really understand how some can be "buy it now" for £130 and others £230 and to the untrained eye they look like the same watch! :blush2: For example this model number SKX013K1 looks like the same watch as this model number SKX007K Can someone educate me please, I would love to know how to spot the differences and look for the right model mumbers... Forgot to mention, some dials seem to mention jewelled movements, some dont... anything to watch out for?? Scuse the punn Many thanks Jason
  14. Long time no post, Hi, everyone. I've been lurking on and off for practically 2 years now. Kids mainly, but also because I've been occupying my spare time in my cellar. I found an old TV wall bracket and an unused macbook so hopefully soon I will remain connected even when cellar-dwelling but until then I am doomed to be off-line when in 'the workshop'. Cutting to the chase, the reason I've been so occupied is that I have been busy developing a design and fabricating the prototype for my own watch-case. things have been slow, getting materials, tools, finalising ideas and making custom tools to realise the ideas. Anyway, things are finally coming to fruition and I thought it was time to let you see what I've been up to. I've been a long time fan of monocoque watchcases, a la PloProf, SM1000m etc and wanted to produce my own. Realistically a lathe was the only tool I could initially purchase so the design had to be produced solely by turning. I later got a great deal on a mill, which did not change the design but did make things a lot easier. As well as the aforementioned Omegas, as many know I am a great fan of Accutrons, so as well as the monocoque idea I also took the Apollo as inspiration. Both being products of the '70s and despite the many downsides I am still convinced that the 70s was one of the golden ages of innovation and design. armed with those ideas, this is what I came up with. and with a little help from a pal in 3d . All this happened back in 2007 but the arrival of a second child derailed things a bit. The design remained just that for a couple of years and then I started to gather the materials necessary. Things have been slow but now I am practically finished. more to follow. Andy
  15. Have a new Planet Ocean in your expert opinion from new how long should it take from fully wound to stopping?
  16. Hi everyone, Had a rather spontaneous purchase the other day, ended up trading my Omega Seamaster PO Chrono for the updated 9300 model: The idea being that the DSSD would be a more formal watch to wear to work, and the PO would be a casual wearer hence the orange colour. It's more 'fun' than having all dark coloured watches. This new PO 9300 model is often compared with the Rolex DSSD, which I am also fortunate to have in my hands. What the comparisons don't often show are side by side photos, and as I have the opportunity to do so it would be rude not to. As you can already see, they are both stupidly large watches, not just in diameter but in depth too. I wouldn't advise anyone to have either of these watches as your only watch, but in a collection they both have their place. I'll start with the boxes: The Omega box doesn't seem to be any different from my last PO model, however the Rolex DSSD box is much bigger than the Submariner's. At this price point I'd expect something pretty special as Omega did with some of their limited edition Speedmasters or Oris and Panerai have with their boxes. But all you get is a boring box and a cardboard outer dust cover.
  17. Hi guys, As per my last thread, I managed to put a deposit down on one of my grails. Although I didn't just put a deposit down, I collected it too! It was supposed to be a 30th birthday present to myself but I wanted to avoid a potential price increase. It's a brand new Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea (DSSD). Now I know this is a marmite watch, some love it and others loathe it, but I love this watch. For a very long time I've been into watches and only during the last couple of years have I been in a fortunate position to build up a great collection. I've steered clear of Rolex watches before as I found them too conservative for my taste and my brother has a Rolex Submariner date which I found too small and just couldn't love the bracelet. It's also a competitive thing, I had to have a better model than him! But ever since Rolex launched the DSSD in 2008 I instantly fell in love with it. Just to clarify, I'm not a brand whore, more of an inverse badge snob. My last car was a diesel Skoda hot hatch and I loved the way people hated the brand, as the car was fantastic and it would genuinely surprise them how good it was. Perhaps this is why I've avoided a Rolex for so long. But one thing I love is technology and engineering. From my teenage years when I was into mountain biking, I loved reading up on the latest full suspension technology and the way components were being made stronger and lighter. This love of technology extended into computers (I've water cooled my computer!) and cars (my nephew can now explain the differences between FWD, RWD, 4WD and AWD!). Hence my love for the DSSD. As a watch, it's totally over engineered, uneccesary, huge, expensive and not very practical, but so are some of our dream cars. Look at Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Zonda's etc. As I had the opportunity to compare the watch against a 6-8 year old Sub I thought photos would do more than words ever could: Rolex DSSD Rolex Submariner Date Some comparison shots:
  18. Couple of shots of my Oris TT1 from today as its raining and horrible outside. Oris TT1 by TCR4x4, on Flickr Oris TT1 lume by TCR4x4, on Flickr
  19. Hello everyone, I'm Brad and looking to learn more about watches and widen my collection! I'm really interested in adding a nice vintage Omega and maybe a Seiko divers watch to my collection and thought this forum would be the best place to pick up a few tips on finding them! I don't know much about watches, and know less about vintage watches and even less about pocket watches, at the moment I just know what I like! I currently own a Breitling Skyland Avenger, a Rotary watch passed on to me from my Dad that he bought back in 1980 and a Woodford pocket watch that I received as a present on my wedding day. I will post a few pics so let me know what you think!
  20. I have been looking for a BFK Seiko ska371p1 for the past week and have found them on numerous gray / grey market website e.g. creation, sky, jomas. for about £150, however in the small print of the shipping page they all state that they cannot ship Seiko to EEA / EU. Does anyone have experience of this?? Are they just covering themselves legally (for some reason)?? Oh by the way, is it grey or gray (English is my second language). Thanks in advance.
  21. First Post, Please be kind. I'm just getting into the wonderful world of vintage watches and I purchased the king diver pictured below of EBAY for a reasonable price (I think). Love the style, movement is strong (lasts 38hr when stationary), but..... everytime i look at the face I feel the need to open it up and attempt to restore it.... is it possible? is it worth it? should I just find a donner face? Many thanks for any advice. Regards Damian
  22. When I first got into the 6309-7040 Seiko watches, there were a number of dial options available for modifying Noah, Seikoboy, Bill Yao and others all stocked custom dials for this watch. But not any more, why not?
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