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  1. I acquired this watch 30 years ago, totally forgot about it until my antiques mad 8 year old son found it. Does anyone know anything about it and its possible value?
  2. The man from TNT (FedEx) turned up today with my first new watch for almost a year. I like small manufacturers, what could be called high quality and genuinely in-house capable micro-brands -- hence my entries in this section about Moser (ca. 1500 pieces per year), Grossmann (ca. 400) and Dornblüth (about 200). This time I was looking for something different, and in conversation on this forum with the usual suspects. @WRENCH suggested a Benzinger. I knew nothing of the brand, but had always wanted a "guilloché main" watch, so I pursued the idea. After a long telephone conversa
  3. Hello, I bought this grand father clock yesterday and tried to find more information about it. I did see a PHS stamp pointing to Philip Haas and Son, but found nothing more when I tried to look it up online. Don’t really know how to insert photos from url. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone, Koha was a German brand of watch. Koha watches were manufactured in the town of Ellwangen, in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. The company was run by Hans Kohen, who had premises on Wolfgangsklinge Street. My watch has an AS-1130 Swiss movement, with 17J, and is 34mm in diameter. Knowing this information, how do I go about dating it? The watch is in need of a new balance staff (a friend of mine dropped it! ***) a crystal clean, re lume of the hands and a service, then it's good to go. Can anyone elaborate on
  5. My latest speculative punt, an "oh, that might be interesting" last minute bid. Turns out to be a Junghans 17J 693.83 (J93/1). Maybe not that interesting, but it's my first venture into the German watch industry. 30.5mm case, so it's small.
  6. It would be interesting to know, if you could travel today, which watches would you take on an Antarctic journey? I watched this video (with subtitles. Original Language: German) and found the choice quite interesting: I look forward to your selection... and please explain briefly why you would choose them!
  7. As a person of the "elderly persuasion", I am still practising social distancing as effectively as possible -- meaning I have time to do some silly things which I might not have thought of doing before. So, whilst I spend a lot of time gazing at the faces and movements of the pieces in my collection, I thought I would take a look at the fastenings (tangs and deployants) and mark them out of ten. So, here goes . . . . . . . . 1/10 (appalling) A horrible piece of pressed steel. Flimsy and rickety. If this cost more than a penny or two to make they haven't got th
  8. Hello all Firstly, thank you for allowing me access to your forum. I've always liked to have one "nice" watch since I treated myself coming out of my apprenticeship in early 90's. Through the years I cycled through a few but nearly always one at a time .... until fairly recently. 2 things happened in quick succession which found me in receipt of 3 "new" watches. I inherited a gold mechanical wind Bulova from grandfather / father. I got burgled and splurged on a new Omega Seamaster with the insurance money covering my pinched Tag Aquaracer Calibre S. I spotted
  9. Hi Simon, Can this watch be repaired by the watch seller ? Is it worth me paying 36€ to have it transported back to them by road to England ? Or can I get it repaired locally by a watch maker ? Does it need to be replaced or can it be repaired ? The dial has come off on a door ... It's a 140£ boss watch Thanks,
  10. Sculptor Susan Beatrice recycles old watch parts and turns them into fascinating artistic creations like the ones below. She has the gift to pull elegant forms out of lifeless machinery. Even if you are not a steampunk fan you will probably still enjoy this.
  11. Hi all, Any advice on how to remove the hands from this Estyma? Don't want to use any more force than I have with hand removers or a cannon pinion remover. Thanks, Billy https://photos.app.goo.gl/yC63R81P5fdch8TC8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/yTyGEPAUrGXpJoJw5 https://photos.app.goo.gl/d1GEP6TKxkgLgoo59 https://photos.app.goo.gl/8yzjJomFi2QHa8Qw9
  12. Hello all, I am an keen collector of wrist watches so naturally I love reading this forum however, I am not knowledgable on Clocks. I was given this Hermle Mantle clock from a family member as it runs 15 mins late. I do not know anything about it and I am not really a fan of it and it’s loud ticking so am pondering the idea of selling it. I have no idea reading it’s value nor it’s rarity. i have managed to find the clock on the Hermle website but I believe the wood on mine is not mahogany, it’s a lot lighter in colour. https://www.hermleclock.com/Product/debden-7264
  13. Help ! My Eurochron radio watch worked perfectly since I bought it in 2004 (given to me by Junghans when their watch failed). However in early December 2019 after 3 months with a new battery it stopped setting itself. The watch still runs perfectly but won't radio set. I have been unable to find out from any source whether it is the watch or DCF that is at fault. There might be a problem with DCF which from their website seems to have gone to DCF77.5 and it seems that the power has been reduced. I live approximately 1100km from Frankfurt. I know Eurochron is extinct but I cannot
  14. Hello, I am reaching out to the clock community in the hope of tracking down an early 1930s German wall clock which was stolen about a month ago from South London. It is has great sentimental value to my family as it was a wedding present to my grandmother. Unfortunately I can't find a closer photo of the face but it has a logo below the 12 which includes an eagle. The other identifiers are a damaged area towards the top of the clock where some of the wood was broken off. Also the pendulum was not with the clock at the time it was stolen. Any information will be greatly received and a mod
  15. I was thinking of buying the ocean 2. I was wondering if any members had bought one and if they think a leather strap would look good. As you cant see them in the flesh its hard to tell what it would look like. Also did you buy it off the Steinhart website and if yes did you have to pay vat on coming through customs. Thanks.
  16. I'm interested in how people organise their watch collections. I personally just do the dress, tool, beater - Tangente, BB Chrono and Casio F-91W respectively (although I'm in the midst of selling my BB Chrono and have certainly been swooning over the Rolex Explorer I for some time now). Do you just collect from certain brands, certain models or according to the type of tool watch (one dive, one chrono etc.)? As a bonus question, advice as to what I should replace the BB Chrono with would be welcome.
  17. I am wondering if anyone can help me 'pin the tail on the donkey' with a pocket watch that came in a bundle of watches I bought. I have gone down my usual routes of trying to get info on the movement and the case, and I have come up with nothing. It was made between 1880 and 1933 (stamped with grouse), but, my guess is around 1900. the case has a 'linked chain' logo which I guess is the case makers mark and the movement has a capital i within a diamond stamped on the barrel bridge. I would appreciate any help as I am totally lost with this one.
  18. Hi everyone. I’m looking to identify a wristwatch bought circa 1954 in Berlin for my wife’s grandfather. It’s an Arctos Parat. Shockproof and waterproof, apparently! It would be interesting to know a little about these watches. It looks to be an everyday item which I remember him wearing for many years until it stopped. Finally, I also wonder where in the UK I might get it repaired. It’s is rough but complete order, and has sentimental value but, I’m sure, no other value! Right now, I cannot fathom how to add a photo from the iPad I’m typing on. I’ll keep working on that....
  19. I have 2 Alpina Pocket Chronographs. Both have Minerva Cal 19/9 CH movements. One is fully marked on the case for the Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery and the other in a plain case. They worked fine until I had the bright idea of giving the cases a light polish, I removed the movements from the cases to do this. I have stripped and reassembled many standard pocket watches in the past without a problem. Put the movements back in and carefully replaced the winding stems, but neither of them will lock in place with the locking screw in the movement. The winder will just pull back out without
  20. I recently bought the above watch on ebay.de, so it's presumably receiving the German time-signal, although, living in London, I thought it would still be in range. The watch persists in being 1 hour ahead of GMT, and, in the absence of any instructions (I have searched the web), I cannot re-set the watch. The strange thing is that there is no recessed button, which I would have expect to find to change the time, only 3 "solid" buttons to change the mode, etc; one of the modes currently shows W 29 - 18, which is curious! The only numbers on the watch case are 18 2229. I'd b
  21. A new watch is been lunch on kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coastudios/redefining-british-luxury-watches?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=coa stu
  22. I really can't resist temptations...I was walking this morning in one of the nicest Leeds shopping centres... and all of a sudden I see this: Had to walk in the shop, and walk out 20 minutes later with a small bag and a lighter wallet. An impressive, understated work of art...I think I'm done with this hobby Will post some pictures in the next days
  23. Been looking at these for some time. Specifically the Pano Lunar, and the Pano Reserve. Questions I have are. Best place to try on/buy. I don’t mind pre owned either. Are these models good I’m so far as quality/fit/finish etc etc. What do these retail at and can I get a discount from the aforementioned dealer/boutique? what kind of timekeeping can I expect? Bit random but I kind of want high precision from my autos. What are the service intervals and cost from manufacturer? any other information you think I might like? and any wrist shots to whet my appet
  24. Hello, as some of you may know I've recently joined this community and I'm getting dragged into this rather expensive but interesting hobby. I got a great (IMHO) Longines Conquest to start (and a few inexpensive quartz), but I'd like a second beater watch to use every day, nice excuse isn't it? I'm thinking of a Seiko for budget reasons, and because of the huge selection. I've added a non Seiko watch to the list. I'm not looking for a Longines replacement, but something tough and resistant that could complement it. But as you can see from the selection I really like black dials. I wo
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