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  1. I recently obtained a nurses NHS branded fob watch for £1 which has a Miyota quartz movement in it. It’s one of the pin-on types like a broach which is all metal with a glass crystal & has NHS printed on both the dial & at the top of the fob. The problem is that I can’t find any information on when the NHS actually stopped issuing watches to their staff, and research shows that nurses have had to buy their own for many years & many hospitals no longer allow their staff to wear metal watches, they are now usually made of silicone. I’ve searched the web (and this forum) but can’t even find a picture of one! Could anyone shed any light as to when the NHS stopped issuing NHS branded watches of this type please? I’ll post pictures when I get better at taking decent photos of watches, I'm still new here! Any info on it would be appreciated, cheers!
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know where I could get a replacement bezel insert for this Sekio 7T92-0CF0 restoration project of mine. Not the whole bezel, just the insert? TIA PB PS I didn't do this to it BTW!
  3. I know very little about watches generally. I read that the Seiko 7A38 is valued by some collectors. I thought this 7A38-7250 would be nice to wear, especially for a mere $89, not much risk to buy. Condition on the outside looked OK. Would appreciate comments on the value of this purchase. https://www.ebay.com/vod/FetchOrderDetails?itemId=255024214439&transactionId=0
  4. Hi! Ive bought my self a Seiko 7A48-2020 and the crystal have some scratches. I've searched the web for days and wasnt able to locate any seller's who provides it. Does anybody know where i could purchase the crystal on Web please? Highly Appreciate the help. Regards, Ruwantha
  5. Hi I'm mik I have just signed up to watch forum to ask for your help i keep going on Google to try and find out about the problem with my accurist worldtime watch cpoo but no help so far my problem is the piels on the digital minutes have some missing also when the minute time gets upto 7 it goes in reverse 6 then then 5 when its gets to end of 5 having miss 3 minutes on the right time it jumps to the right time it does this every time the minutes gets to 5 off it goes again it must something to do with missing pixels but how can it be fixed anyone with any ideas I would be most grateful for your help regards mik
  6. I had a couple of early Avias in my collection, then I spotted a couple on eBay looking very sorry for themselves and my bids won. I stripped them both during the week and started the restoration of cases and bracelets. I had to send for a new crystal for this one, I was unable to polish the damage out, It came today and the watch was reassembled on the coffee table while watching telly.
  7. Hi, sorting through my parents house and found an Avia Marino watch that they bought for me as a young teenager. I'd love to have it serviced and wear it once more problem is that the bezel is missing.. can anyone recommend or advise where I can purchase a new bezel? Also not sure if there supposed to be any other components that it would need to be able to rotate? Great full for any advice.
  8. I have a Seiko 7A38-7070 sports 100 chronograph which belonged to my dad and I absolutely love it. The minute sub-total dial is stuck in the 12 o clock position and resetting/calibrating the watch has had no effect. Anyone have any guidance on how to fix?
  9. Hi all, My newest addition - SPB185 aka MM200 aka Steelmaster etc etc arrived today. I wanted one of these since they came out but due to the lockdown and what not, I have not had a chance to see one in person until it arrived today, luckily I like it a lot! I think the dimensions are perfect, a Seiko diver with a 42mm diameter really suits it and I actually think it wears smaller, more like a 40. I haven't been able to get very good pictures as it is dark and we all know it's all about that natural light Anyway, here are a few pictures, I will try and get some better ones tomorrow Cheers!
  10. Hi All, hope all’s well. I’m fixing a 1970s Seiko quartz A128-5010T for a friend. The LCD has moisture damage. Where can I get another? Any good traders? I know I could always buy a watch the same from eBay for parts. I doubt you can fix these, they seem bonded together and damage in the middle of the sandwich! cheers, B
  11. Hi, I'm new to The Watch Forum so not exactly sure how this works but any help would be very much appreciated. I've just purchased a Seiko 7016 5001 Chronograph and would like to get hold of an original instruction booklet, failing this a copy would be fine. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? Thanks PTG
  12. Hi, This is my first post so, sorry if I don't use the correct protocols. I've recently received a 1966 Seiko Skyliner Cal.402.The lens was cracked and it's case back has several scratches. The dial is silver with no numbers or batons, and has twelve lines emanating from the centre to indicate the hours. It's a round dial but the case is square-ish. I've disassembled the movement, cleaned it and reassembled it. Trouble is, the Timegrapher shows some fairly eratic results. Through several positions, the rate can be anything between -34 to +15 and the amplitude ranges between 178° and 230°. The beat error is 0.4 ms and it runs at 18000 bph. I'm very new to horology and I love it, so I'm very wet behind the ears! The rebuild went well so I'm thinking that I have a problem with the balance setting. I'm researching it at the moment. I wondered if anyone could give me the lift angle for it? I've searched a lot of websites, but the cal402 doesn't show up. It's very thin as well, which is quite attractive. The bracelet needs replacing, although there's nothing physically wrong with it, it could do with updating. I'll try and upload some photographs in the near future. Is this entry too long? Do you have any tips please? I hope to follow the forum more frequently than of late and hope to hear from one or two enthusiasts shortly. Best regards, Phil
  13. I'm a big fan of g-shocks but recently managed to scratch the crystal of my gravity-defier. So I was on the market for a new solar powered quartz watch with sapphire crystal. I wanted a sapphire g-shock but they are quite expensive. Today I found this beauty. For £135 I got a super thin, solar powered chronograph, with sapphire crystal and Bluetooth capabilities. I think it looks good too. The seller will adjust the bracelet for me and post it with next day delivery:). I think it's amazing value for money and can't think of any watch at the similar price that can compete with it. What do you think guys?
  14. I have to admit that I have been slow to the Casio Party, but I bought a pool beater for a holiday a couple of years back, and I was totally blown away by the value for money. That first Casio was the MRW-200H-1B which I still consider to be the best watch you can buy for £9.99, it's the 'perfect' pool beater in my opinion. While being on the watch forum I have had a chance to see some amazing Casio G-Shocks that members post on WRUW and I have liked them, but I was never sure that I could wear something as big as something like a Mudmaster as much as I liked the look of them. Then I saw the Casio GA-2100-1AER, the 'CasiOak' and I thought "yes that's the one" Covid-19 arrived, and they were not available anywhere other than on Flebay for well over the odds, like £250 Just received an email tonight and placed order with a minute of the email arriving. So on it's way to me is my very first G-Shock, and I am hoping that I am surprised by the GA-2100-1AER the way I was surprised by the MRW-200H-1B. p.s. I decided not to go for the 'full blackout' version, the triple black version, my eyesight is terrible so I didn't see the point of buying a watch where I struggle to make out what time it is.
  15. It would be interesting to know, if you could travel today, which watches would you take on an Antarctic journey? I watched this video (with subtitles. Original Language: German) and found the choice quite interesting: I look forward to your selection... and please explain briefly why you would choose them!
  16. I acquired this watch in a mixed bag and it's one of the more interesting ones, however it doesn't work. I can't find any information on the movement (8630A) so it seems a replacement isn't going to be easy to find, so I thought how about having a go at repairing it? It's actually in good nick so worth a try, and nothing to lose. A faint pulse registers on one of those tester boxes and the coil looks ok (wrapped in plastic helps I guess) but what now? I have an analogue multimeter, steady hands and a feeling I might be a bit mad to even attempt this, especially as I've never done it before... Cheers!
  17. Looking for the alarm spring for the Seiko Sports 100, H556-5029, lost mine when changing battery. Will it still work with out the spring, with the exception of the alarm functions? Thanks Scott - w9vhe
  18. I started collecting dive watches last year and now I seam to have a Citizen habit:- NY0040-09E BN0110-06E BN0000-04H BN0151-17L Now I just bought a BJ8050-08E Ecozilla (waiting for it to arrive, hopefully by Wednesday) Is this normal or there any support groups for watch collecting? PS there is another BN0000-04H on Ebay coming to the end with low bids at present
  19. Hi. Love casio watches. I just got a Casio CFX-40 from 1985 . Manual. https://www.casiodigitalwatches.com/manuals/cfx_40.pdf A watch I had when I was young and some with databanks, touch screens versions and so on. Regards Master of Science in Engineering Physics Civilingenjör i teknisk fysik , LTH
  20. Hello Everyone, I'm a big fan of the Kinetic Auto Relay model, used to have three in my collection now only have one - thought I'd share some pics for everyone to see. I love the sleep mode function myself. Would love to hear from other owners - also let me know what you think guys in general.
  21. Hi Guys Just joined having always had an appreciation for Japanese classics. I'm just curious but does anyone know what the late 60's Lord Matics originally retailed for or the equivalent now? I think the seikos are such good value. Thanks!
  22. Always something new. Since the day I bought it this watch has always looked a little grey round the perimeter of the crystal. Last night I was looking at it under a 25 times magnification Loupe what I found was ivy like patterns radiating in from the perimeter and looking like stems and leaves, this was around 360 degrees and looked symmetrical. Today I have removed the movement, and pressed out the crystal, after washing with a mild bleach solution I replaced the crystal with a new gasket.. All the hazing has now gone and it looks like new. Any one else come across this. The images are both from before I cleaned it.
  23. Hello watch fans. I've purchased a Seiko snzf17j1 and recently went out drinking. I woke up with my watch in my pocket and the spring bar that connects the end link with a little curved metal piece to the watch bezel or crown or what its called was missing. So I'm new to this whole watch thing and dont know if I can find any given spring bar that Is 22mm thick because my bandwidth is 22mm or I need a specific type of spring bar because it's the end link spring bar that is missing. Hopefully someone can help me out.
  24. Two or three years ago I acquired a Seiko EL-370 electro mechanical watch for 'spares' . Well it has been ticking away for the last couple of years on a shelf, with the second hand going round but the hands immobile, not even being able to be set as the crown won't turn in the setting position, jammed solid.... Well with isolation boredom setting in I decided to finally try to see what the problem was..... With the hands, dial and day wheel removed we are getting nearer the problem..... Next stage was to remove the date wheel ....... Closer but still cant see the problem.... One level lower and all is revealed.... A few more bits removed and the offending part.... The minute wheel which ........ a) a should be in one piece and not two and b) should have a full set of teeth...... At this moment I can't find a parts list for the 3703 cal. so cannot find the part number for this piece, though I suspect we are talking unicorn droppings for rarity.... I suspect that the only source would be another movement. Does anyone on here have a dead 3703 movement that they would be willing to part with? I do have a complete, but electrically non functional, Seiko 3303 movement that is available for trade....
  25. First post. Yesterday I was extremely excited to receive my new Seiko Turtle Padi SRPA21K1. Thought it was an absolute bargain as was in sale plus 25% off and another £20 discount code brought it down to approx £270. Sounded to good to be true, well yes it was. The shop had 5 in stock, I thought about it for a few days then checked only 1 left in stock so I pulled the trigger. So yesterday the watch arrived, opened the packaging and there was a white box opened that and revealed a white watch box. Now I thought that's strange as all the reviews and youtube vids I had seen the watch came in a special edition black Padi box. Ok so still really excited to see my new watch. Tried it on and if I'm honest thought the strap was a little on the cheap side for a rrp £429 watch. Anyway thought yes looks nice on the wrist. Took it back off to adjust the time. Started to unscrew the crown and felt like grinding metal. The thread was rough as ! ! ! ! Felt absolutely gutted tried screwing the crown back and forth but definitely something not right. So anyway noticed the outer box had a number on it it was from a ladies Seiko ! Then looked at instructions they were from a solar quartz watch. So theres my experience with my first ever Sieko ABSOLUTELY GUTTED. Sorry dont know how to attach photos. Sorry meant to add Isent it back today for a refund.
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