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Found 173 results

  1. Just a quick question I’m hoping someone can answer. Ive read that all of Orient’s M Force watches are made in Japan and I’ve also heard it said that an S prefix is an indicator that the watch is MIJ. Is this true? The reason I ask is I’ve seen an M Force with an EL model number listed rather than SEL and I’m wondering if this is an oversight by the seller? The watch in question looks identical to the SEL models I’ve seen elsewhere. I’m assuming this to be the case if the first statement is true that all M Force watches are MIJ. Slightly confused as the SEL and EL model numbers are seemingly interchangeable depending on the vendor?
  2. Hi Guys I‘m just ‚newly-in-love‘ with vintage watches. It came only by accident b/c I saw a 7169-7060 Seiko Sportmatic 5 Deluxe on EBay- and had to have it! Now it‘s really mine and I would really love to know everything about this watch, the movement, the Sportsmatic-series and so on. Does anyone know anything referring to that? I would be glad for comments from you guys... Thx a lot in advance and keep on going Newly-in-love from Berlin/Germany PS: watchleuths says it‘s made in January of 1966 - or is it 1976? PPs: I guess you guys would say it‘s ‚over polished‘ - but for me as a newby it‘s okay like this... but is it a frank ? What do you think? on EBay
  3. Sharing with you guys a new article on another amazing vintage Seiko watch line: the Seiko 7A28. This is believed to be the first analogue display watch with quartz movement in the world, and had more than 40 variations. Some notable models would be: the Giugiaro watches, specifically the "Bishop" and "Ripley" that both appeared in the "Aliens" movie in 1986; the 7A28-7020, the watch worn Roger Moore in View to Kill (the watch is known to most collectors as the "James Bond" watch after its appearance on the said Bond movie); and the model considered to be the grail of 7a28's, the Gen 1 RAF model 7A28-7120 (to find the said piece with its original strap would be a goal for most collectors and enthusiasts). Some special edition watches were also made using the 7A28 movement: the 7140 Bridgestone Motorsport and the Honda commemorative watches (7160 and 7170). With its many exciting designs, variations and famous models, I think the 7A28 watches are truly must-haves to any Seiko collection. You may read the full collector's guide here: http://thespringbar.com/seiko-7a28-collectors-guide/ Thanks and enjoy!
  4. Hello everyone, Right, this will be a controversial one. Yes, I think Japan beats Switzerland. You may think I'm off my rocker but just hear me out. As far as I'm concerned, the Japanise market is where it is at right now, and I think it is far under appreciated. Japanise watch brands are producing higher quality products than ever for extreme affordability, with the workmanship previously held exclusively by Swiss watch brands. Ok, I understand the attraction of the heritage, history and pure class that comes with Swiss made watches, heck, I own a few myself. And yes, they do probably still come out on top on quality against their Japanise counterparts. But in terms of value for money, they simply cannot compete. For me, I get just as much enjoymant from my Japanise pieces as I do from some of my Swiss ones, even though they were just a fraction of the price. Take Seiko, a company I would argue being perhaps most under appreciated in the watch community. They are producing incredibly high quality, in house watches for only a few hundred pounds. Look at the SARB collection, simply fantastic, high quality time pieces that you can't go wrong with. So there you go, that's my view anyway. I know Switzerland will always be the home of horology, but Japan needs more recognition, I highly recommend you check them out. What are your thoughts on this matter? All the best, TKOG
  5. I wanted a new watch as I haven't purchased one in ages, and as I couldn't afford what I wanted this month... I settled for second best. G-Shock GA110-HC Its a bit of a marmite design, personally I love it, it's going to be great for gym and bike rides mainly. Here's a few pics I wanted to share... Also £70 from creation watches, good price, and quick delivery! now I just need to work out how to change the times... :D
  6. I'm new here! I pretty much live on forums. I can be found on Chevy, ford ,rc car forums I was a diesel mechanic (63B) in the Army for 5 years, so obviously tinkering on automobiles and engines is my "thing " . I never thought I'd join a watch forum , but over the years I've learned to expect the unexpected. I have always had a thing for old clocks. I buy them old clock radios from yard sales and thrift shops . ( them old flip clocks and the analog clocks when they first started coming out. Especially the wood grain ones ) I was working with a cousin helping him clean ousomeone's house and garage ,that had passed away. When cleaning up the garage ,he started tossing boxes in the trash . I was carrying the trash boxes to the dumpster, when a water damaged box broke ,and garbage fell out.this watch is one of the things that fell out.i picked it up and kept it. I've had it for about 3 years now. Can't find any information on it . Haven't seen another one like it. I was offered $5.00 for it last year. I was told that it is from 60's or 70's . To me it's worth more than $5.00 ! I'd like to have it restored and have it operating again ,as a lighter and clock. It's missing the glass cover and one of the clock hands.
  7. Hi. I just posted a thread and your help went a long way, so thankyou. However I have now been looking for this watch and the only polace I can find it is from a Russian shop, here is the link http://www.bestwatch.ru/watch/orient/DJ02003W/?_openstat=bWFya2V0LnlhbmRleC5ydTvQp9Cw0YHRiyBPcmllbnQgREowMjAwM1cuINCa0L7Qu9C70LXQutGG0LjRjyBDbGFzc2ljIEF1dG9tYXRpYztvUTFldERXRGI5dWk3YkNPM2Y1LURROw&utm_campaign=orient&utm_content=DJ02003W&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=YaMarket&ymclid=62444483594425823303001 Anyone know if this would be okay, and if the watch would be legit? Thanks.
  8. I'm looking for a Seiko watch I used to own some years ago. gave it to a friend as a birthday gift, but find myself wanting to find another. As this is the UK's premier watch forum, I hope someone will be bale to help me find one, please. It's a Seiko 6M25-8010 SQ100 gents quartz chronograph, made in the early 90s. There are two buttons on the left hand side and a crown with an inset blue stone. Dial is pure white. Hour and minute hands are black. Second hand is gold. Black roman numeric hour markers. The date window is at 3 o'clock. Round gold edged mode dial at 6 o'clock position. Case is stainless steel with gold metal bezel. Stainless steel back. Two-tone stainless and gold metal band. You can see it here: Seiko 6M25-8010 SQ100 Would very much appreciate it if if you can help me track one down in very good condition. Not an expensive watch, but I think it looks great. Many thanks, HC
  9. Hi. I have fallen in love with this watch but due to the fact it is a bit pricey (for someone like me) I am skeptical to make the purchase. Now this may seem like a silly question, but are the watches in these links all the same? (The CreationWatches one has a slightly different name?) www.creationwatches.com/products/orient-automatic-288/orient-automatic-gmt-sdj02002b0-fdj02002b0-4286.html#reviewswww.ebay.com/itm/ORIENT-Classic-Automatic-Constellation-GMT-Watch-DJ02001W-DJ02003W-DJ02002B-/271547585821And also, assuming they are the same, which one would you buy from? Is CreationWatches a good place to buy from, like will it come in the box and stuff?Also, why is the details different on these 2 Orient sites? Im so confused. www.orient-watch.com/products/category/item/?category_id=97 and orientwatchusa.com/dj02002bAny help will be great, and I apologise for the silly questions haha.p.s Sorry for using links, but I really am desperate, I love this watch. Apologies. Here are the working links. http://www.creationwatches.com/products/orient-automatic-288/orient-automatic-gmt-sdj02002b0-fdj02002b0-4286.html#reviews http://www.ebay.com/itm/ORIENT-Classic-Automatic-Constellation-GMT-Watch-DJ02001W-DJ02003W-DJ02002B-/271547585821 and then for the orient sites. http://www.orient-watch.com/products/category/item/?category_id=97 http://orientwatchusa.com/dj02002b
  10. Hi all, I am after a new strap for my Seiko 5 and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I currently have the nylon strap provided, but it irritates my wrist. Any suggestion will be helpful. Thanks
  11. Does anyone know where the stem release is on this watch as I can't locate it anywhere!
  12. Hi guys, I am new to the forum and would just like to share a watch that I've been keeping my eye on and gave money to on kickstarter, but unfortunatly that was cancelled because they didn't get enough funds. Here is a review I found of it that I found really good, and am very excited for when this watch becomes available to the public :D http://thewatchface.com/deaumar-ensign-review-prototype/ Let me know what you think of this watch! Would be interested in hearing what you have to say
  13. After seeing Bruce's 007 mod i knew i would like my 009 to be modded in the same vein. So i messaged Bruce to ask if he would be willing to undertake the job. He was very happy to do the mod and gave me the option of different crydtals, bezel inserts and chapter rings etc. The watch arrived back today, and i am very pleased with the outcome! Here it is. . . . . . Thanks again Bruce! Paul
  14. Hi my first request on this forum, I would like to know if any one here has a working movement for a ladies Seiko watch movement number 2A29 - 5010 (Model 360736) for sale, or can direct me to somewhere I could buy one of these movements? I have been searching eBay with no luck but don't have a clue who would sell one as they must be out of stock now as the watch is well over 20 years old. Thanks in advance and will let you guys know how I get on. David.
  15. check out my vario strap on vintage seiko and let me know what u think ivan vario.sg
  16. I was perusing evil bay this evening and up popped Sumo's. It wasn't long before I came across a 50th anniversary edition. A very nice looking watch, but it won't be every Seiko fans cup of tea I'm sure. My eyes and brain are still reeling from reading the price! Search for it at your bank balances peril ! Paul
  17. I'm considering buying a CASIO watch, MODEL LCW-M170TD-1AER. It's advertised with good features for the price ($319 + shipping and tax): Waveceptor, solar recharges the battery, Titanium case, Titanium band, Sapphire crystal. Lots of plusses for this watch. It's a 2014 model but is supposedly new. To anyone who has had experience with this model or similar ones: Will I have to replace the battery right away if it's been stored away for a couple of years? Is it compatible with the US time-sync signal? Any pro's and con's you care to pass along are appreciated. Thanks, Miner_Hokie_Ramp
  18. Hi there Im a new memeber from South Africa. A little about myself and my watches: Im a Mechatronic Engineeri working in Johannesburg. I love classic watches, just about anything and everything with a bit of history. I have a few heirloom watches including the topic of this thread a seiko 7t42-7A10. I also have a patek philippe along with a citizen eco divers and a few more generic modern new watches. Unfortunate my seiko has stopped running and I've been searching high and low for anybody who can help me repair it or even just to source an alternative movement. I'm a clumsy person so i prefer not to open my watches myself. Especially as i don't want to learn any expensive lessons on one of my heirlooms. Hears where you guys come in. What advice can you give a novice and where do I continue the search?
  19. Been trying for moths now to find parts for the above, had the watch for years and it requires a new crystl glass and a winder, sadly no body can point me in the right direction. Any suggestions would be grateful
  20. Hi everyone I'm new to this forum but I do love my watches always have done, I have a small collection to include omega seamaster professional, Breitling Aerospace, Rolex SD , an Iwc and a few other less desirables that I have purchased over the years whilst other watches have been serviced and I wanted something different to wear. But to date I do not own a seiko, I have done throughout my life but lost them along the way but I'm trying to get my head around the fact why do people like them. although build quality is pretty good and I'm sure the auto mechanics are reliable, I struggle with the clumsy looking hands, whilst I see the grand seikos are considerably more expensive what justifys such a price jump ?? i was warming to the idea of getting a SNZF17K1 with the gold hands, I like the date and day mix on the watch. or do I wait save and get what my heart says a Rolex gmt Am I missing something with the new seikos is there an underground love for these watches ? I know at least they are real as there are so many fake Rolexs and others out there. If I'm adding to my collection what would be a good addition ?? Do I go for the seiko or will I be disappointed with the quality having had more expensive brands !! Thoughts and ideas welcomed !!
  21. Seiko 6139-6002 and the calculator says January 1974. I good condition and runs very well, but with a couple of issues that I knew when I bought it, both sub dials will not zero properly. Doesn't bother me too much, and there is no pusher code on these ones that creep the hands around. Still a great looking watch and a decent size that meets today's standards
  22. On the 11/11/2015 I purchased my first vintage watch, a Seiko Diamatic 6119-5410.Crystal is near perfect, which is a good thing because of their shape they are near unobtainable. Case could do with a polish. It only cost me $100 which is a bargain, however as with all vintage watches I had no idea how long ago it had been serviced. Worse, it was fine ‘on the bench’ but when I wore it, it was losing time to the tune of….lots.Turns out the barrel jewel is broken and needs replacement – which will be done as part of the service I was expecting to have to have done anyway ($250). So in reality it will be a $350 watch but running perfectly. That’s still a good buy I reckon.Looks fantastic in my opinion and wears well on the wrist. I’m super happy and will be even happier when I pick it up from the watchmakers next Monday. I know it’s a long shot but does anyone know where I could get an electronic copy/scan of an owners manual for this?
  23. Hey, Been quite a while since I've posted but always found you lads and ladies helpful so I have a question and an announcement. I've recently bought an Orient Auto DB08004B just because and have seen good reviews on them (Woo!) , it was either that one of the classic looking Bambinos. Thoughts? I've never spent much on a watch but I have a fair number of pieces going back to 1901. I'm also looking for a little auto woman's Orient preferably in green (my ladies favourite colour for christmas) and found this listing : Greenish Orient? Is it actually plated green? Similar items seem to all be in Malaysia and was hoping to buy from someone reputable that might ship to Australia. If anyone has any better sources then please let me know. I bought my DB08004B from CreationWatches. Thanks for any replies, L
  24. Dear sirs i own a casio solar powered radio controlled wrist watch. Still while everything is set properly the day of the week doesn't fit the current date. Could you tell me how can i reset the watch to the factory settings without removing the battery nor opening it?
  25. I have spotted a cheap Seiko 6309-7040 for sale on ebay but it has a cracked crown tube. The seller claims the crown still screws down but obviously it wont be waterproof anymore. I am not the sort who gets his watches wet so assuming everything else is still working as claimed is it worth a punt.
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