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Found 173 results

  1. Hi Guys, attached are Preview Pics of an upcoming brand Don Kylne &Co. This is the First Watch from the collection. Do Enjoy.
  2. Has anyone any knowledge of this watch. A chronograph weighing a ton and I suspect a special tool to open it. Any ideas anyone? I have actually turned the job down as I don't know anything about it.
  3. Hi, I'm a muppet, managed to lose the clip to hold the push button when I was cleaning my 5m23 6b50. I am struggling to find areplacement. Only thing I have found is an assorted set for 25 quid. Any suggestions as to a supplier please? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone! I need an advice on a Nato strap for my Orient M-Force. Since it has a dark blue dial with red details (second hands, m-force badge, ring around the crown), I would go with a navy blue one, blue and red or a classic military green. The problem is that I can't find a shop with a good choice, the reason why is probably that the strap size is 23mm. Most of the shops I have visited don't have this size in their catalogue. I have found a shop on eBay (link here) who does them on order, but I would like to see if I can find some other shops. I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks
  5. Hello Can anyone tell me of a replacement movement for the Shiriojiri Y112A. There are loads of the movement type but mine being no longer available it would be good if I can match it up. It is a date at 3. TimepasseS80
  6. As per title: $20 cheaper than Sky Watches, and available with black and pepsi bezel.
  7. Just taken delivery of a Seiko SKA369P1 blue dial with the red and blue bezel.and kinetic movement. Camera needs batteries so will post some pics later. Saw this just before Xmas with an extra 10% discount but it was out of stock. Sent off a quick email and was told that they would let me know when it was back in and would hold the price and discount for me. Came with all the right boxes and papers including the stamped warranty card and a £25 discount voucher off a next purchase. Got it by next day delivery as well. Could have gone to Creation or Sky but if it got caught for VAT there would have been no saving. Also saw one for a fiver less on the bay but that did not have a Seiko warranty - return to seller who would deal with his supplier! This is the first time I have used Express Watches but they deserve a recommendation here - the order form allows for wrist size so that they can send it ready to wear - in my case no adjustment was needed.
  8. Hi.. I want to buy this watch.Really Like this watch and i found in a webstore feeldiamonds.com,can any one have feedback about this site? Please send me your comments..
  9. At Basel 2014, Casio announced the GPW-1000, a watch which will receive the location and time from GPS satellites and set the timezone and time accordingly. Some details of the watch can be found here: http://world.casio.com/basel/product/g-shock_concept/ Seiko do the same thing with their Astron range, but these retail at £1,000+ and I'm hoping that Casio will be able to provide the technology at a lower price. Anybody know when these will be available in the UK, and/or what the pricing is likely to be?
  10. I currently have three watches in my humble collection - one on a steel bracelet, one on a ZULU nylon strap, and one on rubber. All of which are very decent watches for just under $100 and all of which serve me well as daily wearers (Pics up soon!) A big birthday is coming up in a few months however and I do want to look at a chronograph on a leather bracelet. Realistically I can afford to set aside $500, perhaps $600 if there is a very good reason for me to do so. I've shortlisted 2 models, but am really welcome to any suggestions. The models are: - Vostok Gaz ( ) - Jorg Gray 6500 ( ) Both run on Miyota movements, but I'm wondering what a decent Swiss choice would be, at this price range. Cheers!
  11. This is my first post on the forum so be gentle with me ;) I have a G shock I wear for work, it's a Casio G-shock Wave Ceptor Digital Watch - GW-002E-1VER. I've had it for a few years now but recently on several occasions it has just been completely blank? It has come back to life again but I was wondering if this was a common problem?
  12. Hello. I have a Citizen Blue Angel edition Ti watch. Everything functions on the watch except the hour hand. Any clue as to what might be happening?
  13. I went back to my parents house a few weekends ago and was digging around in the drawers in my old room when I stumbled across my old school watch! This will be from about 1994ish so possibly 20 years old, It obviously wasnt ticking and the strap had perished and crumbled away in my hands! I clearly didnt take good care of watches in my youth as the screen was scratched to buggery! I feel stupid as i didnt take any before pictures to show the transformation! schoolboy I know but you will just have to make do with the final pictures, once I had the back off part of the case around one of the screws broke away, I ordered a new battery from cousins and glued the broken bit back on. Then I set to it with the brasso and got rid of most of the offending scratches, the battery arrived and although fiddily was easily replaced and to my delight it sparked back into life! Now it was time for a new strap I looked at loads on line and then whilst shopping in Richmond whilst the Mrs was sorting out some new shoes for the little fella I was given free time to go get a strap (this was allowed as I hadnt actually purchased a new watch!) So I went in with the intention of getting a £10 plasticy one and come out with a lovely Hirsch Knight with White stiching in black leather! I think it sets it off quite well! Well without further ado here is my new (old) watch Untitled by jorritschrauwers, on Flickr Untitled by jorritschrauwers, on Flickr and the obligatory wrist shot Untitled by jorritschrauwers, on Flickr All feedback welcome I realise I have been a bit of a lurker of late and seem to have come back with a bang today!
  14. I have a new Eco Drive (B612 S078229) but the leather strap has badly irritated my skin leaving my wrist chafed and sore. I'd like to replace the strap perhaps with rubber or silicone but I am really struggling to find anything on the internet. The strap is of the integrated type i.e. it has lugs that enclose two bosses with form part of the watch case. The pins are driven through strap sections and and bosses to secure. Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier of such straps? Many thanks in advance. NB
  15. Hi guys... I recently decided that whilst my Bulova is fully functioning it is a very slight ticking... At first I thought it might be slipping but to me it looks like a lack of power to keep it fluid so I think that (even if its incorrect) it could use a new battery... The thing is, I'm not incredibly skilful or experienced with this... Is it the right thing to do? How would I go about doing it? I think that the back of the case isn't a screw down.. Any help :) (BTW I do have batteries and some tools on hand) Thanks Liam
  16. I'm so excited about this... I've just bought the new Sony SmartWatch Version 2 and I am buzzing about it ! So much so I have to tell as many people as I can how brilliant this little gadget is. I know Galaxy and Pebble also have android watches but overall they cannot match the functions, cost and durability. The watch can synchronised with ANy android mobile, unlike the Galaxy which can only be synchronised with any another galaxy mobile. The battery lasts 2-3 day, the Galaxy lasts 3-4 and similar with the Pebble. Yes I know it doesn't have a speaker but come on, what do you guys want for £120 ! Its a bargain and got all the functions I need as well as being water and dust proof. A normal 23cm watch strap fits it too. if your not happy with that, you get two straps with it a a good selection of colours and styles to buy for a little extra. I love my Sony SmartWatch. You can check on the full low down by going to http://www.squidoo.com/workshop/sony-smartwatch-for-boys-who-love-toys-and-those-geeky-girls If you've not hear of the new generation of Smart Watches is worth a look. God Bless. Jesusfreakmccn
  17. Hi all, I am new to this forum and watch collecting. I have been intrested for sometime in watches but never had a strong enough erge to buy one, that was until the weekend passed when I bought 3. They are all Seiko's which I quite like, especialy the blue faced ones. Oddly the one I liked the most not only fitted my budget but also my wrist with no alterations needed. One of the others is a pre 1970's Seiko Weekdater, see photo below. Yes, it has an awful strap, which brings me on to my question. I have found an image online which show the origanal strap, which is much better in my opinion. I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right dirrection or would be able to help me locate to purchase this strap for my watch. The origanal strap is 20mm width at pins and can be seen here; http://www.use.com/media/2013/0603/3374909/p_022.jpg Any help with this would be greatly appricated, thank you. :thumbup:
  18. Hi guys! I'm very new to this forum and I came here for some advice on a new watch (for my birthday in 6 weeks). I have only been into decent watches for about a year (compared to you guys, I'm a baby :lol:) and it was last year I decided I would "suit up" and get myself a slightly classier watch to wear. I came across the Invicta 9204 and I loved it! It looks like my dads Omega Seamaster "James Bond" whilst also looking like a submariner and so I bought it for around £50 -£55 quid. Now a year later this watch still performs beautifully and it has been abused a lot, mainly in engineering class, so I'm very pleased at that but I think now I need go a step up and get something even nicer... Now after getting my watch a year ago I realised what my dad's watch really is (an automatic) and I cannot stop staring at it! Now I'm not getting an Omega :eek: at least not in my budget but I am looking at automatic watches! I just love that sweeping hand :thumbup: After a bit of research it lead me again to an Invicta... The Invicta 8926, it looks like mine, but black and its automatic with the new NH35A movement (which apparently is very good)! Really I wanted your opinions of it, negative and positive, but also if you can recommend anything in that price range? Thanks guys :thumbup: (p.s not really looking to spend much more than £150 but the cheaper the better :yes: )
  19. Hi all, I've currently started scuba diving and was advised to get a good watch which can withstand a depth of 200m or above. I have seen a citizen promaster (not to sure if it is but that's what the shop has advertised it as) for a fairly cheap price it's virtually identical to this one: Citizen Professional Diver Watch Red/Blue300m BN0001-01L but instead of a 300m depth it has a 200m depth and I'm just wondering what the name of the watch is and how much they go for originally because I can't find the watch online at all just ones similar. All I know about it is, it's a citizen eco-drive, has a divers depth of 200m, Pepsi one way bevel and a screw down crown. Sorry for the lack of information and no picture unfortunately the shop wouldn't let me take a photo. Thanks in advance.
  20. Good morning ^_^ I aquired an old, (I think poss '90's?), G Shock DW-002 the other day, Module No 1446. I "do up" casios mainly to re-sell, so usually take all the bits off, clean & back together. Well, as I found out when I removed the top shell/bezel, it had previously been broken and glued back together and basically fell apart on me, so useless :icon21: Does anyone know where I can get hold of one of these? I looked on ebay, but no joy. I also need the small rubber part pictured below that's above the back cover & two of the longer screws in the photo as well. Cheers fellow tinkerers!! :victory: Rick
  21. Hi, first post so apologies if there are any mistakes. I've tried searching the forums and google to find an answer to this and while I'm sure it's out there I haven't yet. I'm building up to buying my second seiko and am looking at either a sumo or skx009 but I'd really like to try them on before making the decision. My question is does anyone know of any shops where I can do this? Preferably in Yorkshire or nearby but if it's only London that's not too bad. Thanks in advance.
  22. just wondering, if i bought an ORIENT watch from say, creation singapore.can you get spares,repairs in the u.k.? ? thanks in advance! :rltb:
  23. For the last few weeks, I've been trying to make up my mind whether to get a blue or a black Seiko SNZH model. I tried to pan off the decision to you lot, and then finally made up my mind for a blue one. Amazon did the usual rocket delivery and it arrived yesterday. Seiko5_SNZH53K1_01small by wotsch2, on Flickr It really is rather nice and I'm very pleased with the decision for blue. The watch is chunky, feels very well-made and I'd say is astonishing value for money. It's hard to photograph, especially outside with a phone, as the shiny surfaces reflect everything around. I'll try to take some better shots when I have time. Seiko5_SNZH53K1_02small by wotsch2, on Flickr I very much like the raised, slightly-domed crystal. The bezel (anti-clockwise only) is not quite up to the quality of the one on my Damasko, but it's not far off with a good precision feel to it. Seiko5_SNZH53K1_03small by wotsch2, on Flickr Just over 41mm across, it's nicely sized for my tastes. At 13mm thick, it sits quite high, but that's fine for this style of watch. Seiko5_SNZH53K1_04small by wotsch2, on Flickr Considering the price of the watch, the steel bracelet is very good - solid and well-made. I will be looking around for some other straps though. The watch looks to go well with a mesh (see here) or a nato (see here), but I'd be very happy to hear any other suggestions. A very smart watch indeed with a great vintage feel to it. I'm chuffed. Have a great Sunday! -wotsch
  24. Good morning all! Recently I've looking at Seiko divers a lot. Of course, there's the classic SKX007, but I'm drawn to the more vintage-looking SNZH5x models. I really like the bezel design and the domed crystal. On my interweb travels, I've seen quite a few of the fifty-fathoms mods, but I prefer the original Seiko design. From photos I've seen, I'm finding it hard to decide whether I like the blue SNZH53 or the black SNZH55 dialled version better. I did a search here, but only came up with one review by AlexC1981 (click here). So what are your opinions? What's the nicer, blue- or black-dialled? Does anyone have both? How do they compare side-by-side in the metal? Here they both are: Source: direct from the Seiko website: Thanks in advance for your help! Cheers -wotsch
  25. I'm trying to identify a Fuji Quartz (Swiss Made) watch that i purchased in a yard sale. The dial is completely black with 2 rows of 60 diamonds circling the crown perimeter Other than the diamonds, the only thing else on the watch face are gold second, minute and hour hands. The back is the color of stainless steel with these words on 4 lines " Swiss Made/18K Goldplated 5M/3 ATM/Waterproof. The band is entirely made of a gold material and has 4 gold balls in a row offset by another row of 4 gold balls. These gold balls interlock to make the band. The clasp is gold with a closed rectangular piece on one side of the band and a gold snap on the other side of the band. The watch is about 31.65 mm in diameter without including the stem. The thickness of the water is about 6.22 mm. There is a card included with the watch that says "FUJI Classic Swiss Made" On the back of the card it talks about the three year international warranty. It also has 3 places where writing occurs. They say: Ref - 4008 Date - 6-9-88 Stamp - unreadable Along with all the writing on the card is another language that looks Arabic, but I'm not completely sure. The case is just a simple soft black velvet one with the words "FUJI JAPAN" on the front. In summary, the entire, most of watch and all of the band is gold. The face is black; the second, minuet and hour hands are gold. 'There are 2 rows of diamonds around the perimeter of the watch, inside the crystal. Could anyone please help me identify this watch? I looked on the FujuTime website, but this watch doesn't exist there. Thanks for your help
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