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Found 149 results

  1. I'm trying to identify a Fuji Quartz (Swiss Made) watch that i purchased in a yard sale. The dial is completely black with 2 rows of 60 diamonds circling the crown perimeter Other than the diamonds, the only thing else on the watch face are gold second, minute and hour hands. The back is the color of stainless steel with these words on 4 lines " Swiss Made/18K Goldplated 5M/3 ATM/Waterproof. The band is entirely made of a gold material and has 4 gold balls in a row offset by another row of 4 gold balls. These gold balls interlock to make the band. The clasp is gold with a closed rectangular piece on one side of the band and a gold snap on the other side of the band. The watch is about 31.65 mm in diameter without including the stem. The thickness of the water is about 6.22 mm. There is a card included with the watch that says "FUJI Classic Swiss Made" On the back of the card it talks about the three year international warranty. It also has 3 places where writing occurs. They say: Ref - 4008 Date - 6-9-88 Stamp - unreadable Along with all the writing on the card is another language that looks Arabic, but I'm not completely sure. The case is just a simple soft black velvet one with the words "FUJI JAPAN" on the front. In summary, the entire, most of watch and all of the band is gold. The face is black; the second, minuet and hour hands are gold. 'There are 2 rows of diamonds around the perimeter of the watch, inside the crystal. Could anyone please help me identify this watch? I looked on the FujuTime website, but this watch doesn't exist there. Thanks for your help
  2. Hi Guys.. First time caller.. I have a Gold Plated Seiko 7T32 6A60 that is very clean and in perfect working order. I bought it in and around 1990 but have very rarely worn it so it is in good nick. Could someone give me an idea as to the value because I can't get it on my wrist anymore and I guess it is time to let it go. Thanks (in advance) Juan.
  3. Yesterday I found something really beautiful.... and bought it immediately :thumbup: Orient Automatic 17 Jewels (CAL.16720) in very nice condition, working amazingly well :yahoo: Here it is:
  4. Hello I saw this on ebay, made in Germany. (Couldn't add German tag as one doesn't exist!) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Praetorian-Night-Patrol-Black-PVD-Military-Watch-Tritium-Illumination-T25-/261016972935?pt=Wristwatches&hash=item3cc5d2ee87 http://www.milwatches.com/product_info.php/language/en/info/p1762_Praetorian-Night-Patrol-Black-PVD---Nato-Armband.html Looks good I thought, does anyone own one? Are they any good, they have a Quartz Citizen/Miyota 2115 movement inside. Any replies are welcome. Thanks
  5. Guys, I am looking to get myself a Seiko Diver, I am new to the brand and after some confusing product number experiences could do with some guidance on what to look for and what all the various model numbers mean. Been watching a few go through ebay, but as I am no expert on these I dont really understand how some can be "buy it now" for £130 and others £230 and to the untrained eye they look like the same watch! :blush2: For example this model number SKX013K1 looks like the same watch as this model number SKX007K Can someone educate me please, I would love to know how to spot the differences and look for the right model mumbers... Forgot to mention, some dials seem to mention jewelled movements, some dont... anything to watch out for?? Scuse the punn Many thanks Jason
  6. Hi Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place but I need a little help as I am after all, just tinkering! I have a Rotary Sapphire divers watch and the movement appears to be broken. I took it to pieces to get rid of a mark on the glass, put it back together and now it won't work. Doh! Just in case the symptoms can be remedied without fitting a new movement they are..........pull out the stem fully and hands rotate no problem. Push the stem in to the middle position and both hands and date move. With the stem pushed in fully the hands can still be moved (briefly) and the second hand doesn't move at all. It sounds like knackerage to me would people agree? If it is indeed terminal I'd like to remove that movement from the face and hands and fit those to a new movement. It's not something I've done before but as the watch has minimal value I'm treating this as a training exercise rather than handing it over to a professional. Questions Questions Questions! 1. In what order i.e. how do I remove the dial and hands from the bad movement? I'm told it's a tricky procedure and I haven't been able to find any dummy guides with nice big pictures on the Interweb thus far. 2. Once I have the new movement how do I go about reversing the process i.e. to fit the Rotary dial and hands on to the new movement? 3. Are there any pitfalls I should be aware of or specialist tools I will need? I have a 'beginners kit' of tools inc a small vice, tweezers, umpteen screwdrivers etc - am I going to need anything else? I hope someone out there can help as I'd really like to learn how to do this kind of thing. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi All, I hope this is the right place to ask, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere for this particular watch/movement. YouTube shows some clips, but again not for this - IMO rather common - movement. I'd like to remove the NH35A SII automatic movement from its case (Invicta 8926OB) for cleaning. Since I'm not sure whether this particular crown unlocks with a very tiny pushpin (positioned to the left of the stem with the crown pointing up) or a screw positioned slightly to the right, I figured I'd rather ask someone who knows instead of trying something and possibly f* it up. Pics would be great, and if it's the screw I need, please advise how many turns are needed to release the stem without loosening any unwanted parts... ;-) PS: tips for cleaning the glass lint- and dust-free are welcome too! TIA.
  8. Hi all, I've got a Seiko SQ 8122 8000 that has a manky corroded movement which I'd like to replace. I know the watch is not valuable, or even of sentimental value to me. I jus thought it would be interesting to try. I've found a suitable replacement movement, but I can't work out how to get the old one out. It seems as if the crystal and bezel are bonded to the plastic movement holder, and then inserted into the front of the watch case. Before I get the new movement, or trash the watch trying to get it apart, does anyone know if these watches were designed to be "disposable" if the movement stopped working? Has anyone had one of these to bits before? Maybe I should have cleaned it up a bit more before taking the photos..... Cheers
  9. this was lurking in the bottom of a wardrobe, stopped and well worn. the details on the back are; Citizen Watch Co, a Chronograph f560-s068657 hst 071020160 japan mov't gn-4-s black face the face looks like the one here http://www.flickr.com/photos/citizenbrasil/5227057192/ but is circular and different positioning of words and no numbers. i think it is a fake, copy or reproduction but would like to know as it intrigued me many thanks
  10. Browsing through the web I found some very attractive looking designer watches by Issey Miyake Watches. Was wandering if there is anybody with any experience with these that can tell me abit about their quality, durability etc..
  11. Hi, New to the forum. Finally purchased the above used from ebay. Wanted to buy new but missed the boat over the past year or so, as the model seems to have been discontinued. I bought the watch because I wanted something slightly elegant, not too chunky, but sporty, with practical features such as world time that suit me. However, I thought why can't we have fully customised watches tailored to our needs as manufacturers tend to produce great lines only to end them at some point. So would welcome some pointers as to where I could go for a customisation of this watch. WISHLIST: * All existing features * Titanium bracelet * Additional 10 or so bar for water resistance. Full diving capabilities * Atomic timekeeping (like Edifice) * Additional alarms Is this doable? Not asking for much. ;-)
  12. Hi all, the bug has bitten and that most marmite of watches (the Seiko Monster of course) no longer looks fugly to me. Instead I find myself yearning for it's chunky stainless steel goodness ... :yes: Can anyone recommend a good UK seller to me? I've already asked Roy, but he's out of stock and what I've read about creationwatches on this forum has put me off that option. For that matter, it's put me off all Singaporean (or similar) sellers - I'd prefer local so I have some warranty and customer support to fall back on if needed. Thanks in advance! -mrwomble
  13. A friend of mine has been given an old Seiko 5 (His Godfather passed away). While the watch does not hold a HUGE amount of sentimental value he'd still like to get it going spending maybe max £20 or £30 but not loads. The attached photos show the watch. It will run if 'wound' by swinging for a few minutes and/or wearing. But it has then stopped intermittently and when it does run it runs very fast. I suspect it has been unused for some while. Any advice/views would be welcome... Is there perhaps someone on the forum who can have a look at it? Is it easier/cheaper just to fit a new movement? He realises the watch will not be worth a lot even once fixed but would still like the option to wear it occasionally. Thanks Craig
  14. I have been looking for a BFK Seiko ska371p1 for the past week and have found them on numerous gray / grey market website e.g. creation, sky, jomas. for about £150, however in the small print of the shipping page they all state that they cannot ship Seiko to EEA / EU. Does anyone have experience of this?? Are they just covering themselves legally (for some reason)?? Oh by the way, is it grey or gray (English is my second language). Thanks in advance.
  15. Hey everyone. Im fairly new- i am looking for a digital watch i came across this seiko Does anyone know if its any good? Good buy? Thanks!
  16. Hi, I've had this Citizen Independent 1481010 for several years. It was part of my collection that I have been slowly selling, and I never even wore the watch. The battery had died, so I got a replacement before trying to sell it, and I have not been able to get it started up correctly. under the cover, the label states "Press 4-PB all together when replacing battery. 280-44 one jewel. C351 I tried pressing the 4 buttons whilst replacing the battery, to no avail. Subsequently the watch has kind of come to life again, but in an erratic manner: occasionally it beeps, and right now it looks like it is working, but if I press the "light" button, the screen scrambles and it goes blank, only to restart a few minutes later. If any of you have any suggestions, I would be most appreciative, as the only watch repair man in Edinburgh whom I trust is a man who can fix a mechanical watch. Not one of these. Cheetrs, Tobias
  17. Hi all, I'm a noob to quality watches, can't really afford anything too decent but still I do want a proper watch. I've narrowed it down to an Oris F1 chrono or TT. I quite like the idea of a rubber deployment but the option of a bracelet too. I like fairly busy watches, something that stands out but is not too garish. Tag F1 are on my list of likes too. Recommendations and points of view are welcome as well as your stories on what you started with... Thanks guys and Roy (everyone says that so who am I to break with tradition)
  18. I guess I took a different route than most people, because this morning I received the Seiko Super Oyster 22mm bracelet (from wjean28 on eBay) and I don’t have a watch to put it on yet :) I’ve been looking at the Seiko SKX007, since it looks like a really good value for the money diver. Now the problem is, I can’t decide whether I want to mod it or not. I figure if I wouldn’t mod it, I would go for the SKX007J. However, if I wanted to mod it I would rather get the K version. I know there’s a ton of SKX007 owners here. Which one did you get, and did you mod it? And of course you're allowed to post photos here ^_^
  19. just picked this up from a auction yesterday. seiko A239
  20. I’m the web editor at Plaza Watch, a watch magazine distributed in over 45 countries. We are launching a new website later this autumn and I’m now looking for bloggers to team up with. I’m a regular visitor to Wrist Fashion and think we could do something really good together. Since you already have really good content perhaps we could share this somehow? And you would of course get a link to your website and a mention somehow. Would you be interested in this? If so then I will give you more info about the site and make sure you get the magazine on a regular basis.
  21. First Post, Please be kind. I'm just getting into the wonderful world of vintage watches and I purchased the king diver pictured below of EBAY for a reasonable price (I think). Love the style, movement is strong (lasts 38hr when stationary), but..... everytime i look at the face I feel the need to open it up and attempt to restore it.... is it possible? is it worth it? should I just find a donner face? Many thanks for any advice. Regards Damian
  22. When I first got into the 6309-7040 Seiko watches, there were a number of dial options available for modifying Noah, Seikoboy, Bill Yao and others all stocked custom dials for this watch. But not any more, why not?
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