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  1. Omega has announced the newest version in their series of James Bond branded watches. This Seamaster celebrates the 50th anniversary of of the 007 films. Based on the Bond style Seamaster 300 M platform, these anniversary editions feature either 41 or 36.25 mm stainless steel cases and ceramic bezels which have had the 50 minute marker dressed up in red.The dial features a less-than-subtle 007 design repeated across its surface and a date window at three oclock. This COSC certified model is powered by the Omega 2507 automatic Co-Axial movement with a special rotor featuring a design that looks like a bullet. As this is a Seamaster, the predictable 300m water resistance and a manual (crown operated) helium escape valve are still present.With the next Bond film, Skyfall, slated for a 2012 release it is of little surprise that Omega would produce another Bond watch. It is however, a little surprising that Omega chose the 300m Seamaster design as the current Bond (Daniel Craig) has been outfitted with a Planet Ocean in the last two films.Luckily, if you want to commemorate 50 years of James Bond with a limited edition Omega, you shouldnt have too much trouble tracking one of these down. Omega will produce 11,007 of the 41 mm version and 3,007 of the 36.25mm version which is definitely a large run for a limited edition. Ultimately, I am only a casual James Bond viewer and not likely the target group for such a watch made for collectors and Bond franchise fanatics. With Skyfall hitting theaters this year, what watch do you think Bond will be wearing? We expect to see Bond sporting a new 8500 based Planet Ocean but let us know your guess in the comments. www.dinnel.com
  2. Hi all, I've been a member for a while but this is my first post. I've been thinking about buying a particular watch for about a year now but before I place the order I want to check the opinions of people on this forum as I'm certainly no expert and this is a one off purchase (maybe) that I've been building up to since my brother bought himself a Tag Heuer about 20 years ago, so it's important to me that I get it right. The watch in question is this the Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow steel on leather ref: 321. - http://www.omegawatc.../32113445001001 The reasons I like this watch: - I want a 'sports' style watch with a leather/rubber strap as these watches suit my dress style which is casual to smart casual. I want a transparent case back as I want to see the internal workings, after all, this is what most of my money is buying and where all the craftsmanship is. I love how this watch looks i.e. the numerals, the honeycomb on the sub-dials, the broad arrow hands and of course the geneva waves on the face. For me it just looks right yet it differentiates itself from the other watches in the range with the modern twist Omega has given it. This watch is within my budget i.e. under £4k (with discount). I know everybody has different tastes when it comes to the appearance of a watch so I'm not asking for opinions on this. What I really want to know is if this watch is seen as some kind of "lemon" in the horology world, be it because of the appearance, internal workings or for some other reason that I have overlooked. I don't want to buy a watch that's value will drop more than "normal". I have read extensively about the watches 3313 movement and feel that although the movement had some issues when originally released these seem to have been ironed out. Finally, is there a better watch for the money? All opinions and suggestions are very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Sameila
  3. Have a new Planet Ocean in your expert opinion from new how long should it take from fully wound to stopping?
  4. Hey there, I want to buy an Omega Constellation, mini watch, steel bracelet, mother of pearl case- but browsing high street sales, i came across an Ebel classic, 1215421- ladies mini watch, steel bracelet, mother of pearl case, plus12 certified diamonds. The constellation is more expensive, the Ebel is cheaper even it bears diamonds (on sale because it gets discontinued). I am not a watch connoisseur, therefore, i would like to ask a savvy opinion, what is a better investment the Ebel diamond watch or the plain Omega? Common reasoning says to pick the diamond watch, but I dont really know the after sale value of the Ebel. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, Had a rather spontaneous purchase the other day, ended up trading my Omega Seamaster PO Chrono for the updated 9300 model: The idea being that the DSSD would be a more formal watch to wear to work, and the PO would be a casual wearer hence the orange colour. It's more 'fun' than having all dark coloured watches. This new PO 9300 model is often compared with the Rolex DSSD, which I am also fortunate to have in my hands. What the comparisons don't often show are side by side photos, and as I have the opportunity to do so it would be rude not to. As you can already see, they are both stupidly large watches, not just in diameter but in depth too. I wouldn't advise anyone to have either of these watches as your only watch, but in a collection they both have their place. I'll start with the boxes: The Omega box doesn't seem to be any different from my last PO model, however the Rolex DSSD box is much bigger than the Submariner's. At this price point I'd expect something pretty special as Omega did with some of their limited edition Speedmasters or Oris and Panerai have with their boxes. But all you get is a boring box and a cardboard outer dust cover.
  6. Woo second thread of the day! My father was gifted an Omega Constellation quartz back in 1998 from Kuwait. It's had a few battery changes from random jewellers but never a service. Two years ago it stopped working completely so we decided to get a basic service done on it. The crystal had the AR coating removed as it was scratched to death and the case was extremely mildly refinished. Not sure what internal work was done but the battery was changed and the movement cleaned up. The nylon caseback seal was kept as my father doesn't submerge the watch in water and it looked to be in good condition despite the age of the watch. Father was made up with it today :) We had his 50 year old Rado serviced last year and now he has two watches to wear (obviously not at the same time!). I must admit, after wearing huge watches all the time, having this on the wrist is amazing! It's so light and comfortable, just a shame it's not the auto model. Not seen any of these on the forum before so here's some photos:
  7. Hi all, help/advice needed. I've been given 1894 Omega Seamaster quartz watch with cal 1337 movement. The second hand is jumpling two seconds at a time so I repaced the 391 Renatta battery with one of the same. I find now that I cannot set the time and when depressing the button at the two o clock position the movement developes a mind of its own jumping several second and then stopping before going back to two second jumps. I have accessed a manual over the net and it appears I am setting the watch in the correct manner but it will not behave. The movement is clean and looks good. Any advice would be welcome. Cheers.
  8. Hi guys, As per my last thread, I managed to put a deposit down on one of my grails. Although I didn't just put a deposit down, I collected it too! It was supposed to be a 30th birthday present to myself but I wanted to avoid a potential price increase. It's a brand new Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea (DSSD). Now I know this is a marmite watch, some love it and others loathe it, but I love this watch. For a very long time I've been into watches and only during the last couple of years have I been in a fortunate position to build up a great collection. I've steered clear of Rolex watches before as I found them too conservative for my taste and my brother has a Rolex Submariner date which I found too small and just couldn't love the bracelet. It's also a competitive thing, I had to have a better model than him! But ever since Rolex launched the DSSD in 2008 I instantly fell in love with it. Just to clarify, I'm not a brand whore, more of an inverse badge snob. My last car was a diesel Skoda hot hatch and I loved the way people hated the brand, as the car was fantastic and it would genuinely surprise them how good it was. Perhaps this is why I've avoided a Rolex for so long. But one thing I love is technology and engineering. From my teenage years when I was into mountain biking, I loved reading up on the latest full suspension technology and the way components were being made stronger and lighter. This love of technology extended into computers (I've water cooled my computer!) and cars (my nephew can now explain the differences between FWD, RWD, 4WD and AWD!). Hence my love for the DSSD. As a watch, it's totally over engineered, uneccesary, huge, expensive and not very practical, but so are some of our dream cars. Look at Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Zonda's etc. As I had the opportunity to compare the watch against a 6-8 year old Sub I thought photos would do more than words ever could: Rolex DSSD Rolex Submariner Date Some comparison shots:
  9. Hey all new member so new to all this. I've been a bit bitten by the watch bug and want to have a small nice collection. I've just made my first foray into quality watches and have bought a Planet Ocean Big size, I already own and use daily a Citizen Skyhawk Titanium that has served me really well for the last 10 years. I think I would like to add something a little dressier, I'm looking at Baume & Mercier Classima 8875, I think it looks stunning. What does anyone think?
  10. Well it’s been about three months now and my love for my Speedy just keeps getting stronger and it was definitely the right choice – no question! Was I ever concerned? Well, yes, that kind of money on a new watch was a significant spend to me and I had no particular interest in watches other than the practical. Thanks to you guys and the power of Google I took my time to decide and boy did we come up good. I wouldn’t say it was easy though, cue a little bit of history... I first narrowed my choice to the Omega range, the Seamaster grabbed me big style partly due to the 007 association, I am a big movie fan. However, from the corner of my eye glinted the Speedmaster and I was hooked, then when I understood it’s space heritage that was the icing on the cake - when I said movie fan I mean Sci-Fi in particular. I got stuck again, this time for a while - reduced or not, my wrists are so scrawny. I really wanted the original Moonwatch (3570.50) to be as close as possible to the heritage, but not at the expense of looking stoooopid. I also wanted a new shiny one and I knew that I would have had to have found a reduced one on the used market. Luckily someone on here simply said try the Pro on your wrist first then only then try the reduced if you feel the Pro is too big – as a result I never tried a reduced, this was great advice. Don’t get me wrong it fills my wrist and certainly has presence, lots in fact, but I never feel it shouting, if you know what I mean. No one has ever commented on it either which again makes me feel good that it’s not drawing too much attention to itself, after all my love is all it needs. I enjoy my new morning ritual, putting my Speedy on is now part of getting dressed. The morning winding is really pleasurable, it actually feels like it I am helping it to breath. I had seen people say on here that winding a watch helps you bond with it, bonkers I thought – but its true, honest, I feel it now. The crown has also loosened up and spins so easily when winding. When I first got it I felt such a wimp as it took me ages and hurt my fingers, my wife thought it was time to trade me in. I just can’t take my eyes off it. I check the time randomly – sometimes I check the time and then have to re-check as I had been distracted by looking at the watch that I hadn’t actually noted the time! How bonkers it that? I know it’s hard to say but I really cannot see me going off the design, ever. It’s so simple, timeless and just grows on you the more you see it. I am a graphic designer by trade and just could not see how it could be improved on, perfect blend of form and function. Lets not get into me randomly timing things, and oh yeah, my poached eggs have come on a treat since owning it, thanks Omega. Then a cloud - it stopped! I actually though my world had stopped. The heavy night out followed by losing a day in bed to recover caused the slip in my winding regime. I promised Speedy it will never happen again, we soon made up. Sunshine restored. Tic-tic-tic, I never thought I would enjoy to hearing such a simple noise as much as I do. It catches me unawares, I can be sitting somewhere and for no real reason I just my spidey sense hears it ticking, even when it’s not particularly quiet, sounds weird but very cool nonetheless. I never intended to keep it ‘for best’. I knew if I did that I would become over protective of my new love and get distraught at the inevitable blemishes that appeared overtime. Instead I threw myself into a state of guerrilla ownership. I wear it everyday – if it’s built for the moon then it can certainly handle Tesco’s. It now has a few scratches and marks, but you know what – I really don’t care, and I never thought I would hear myself say that. I get more pleasure out of wearing it, looking at it and touching it then I do from worrying about it. I don’t know how to finish as I could go on for ages, so I’ll just stop.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm Brad and looking to learn more about watches and widen my collection! I'm really interested in adding a nice vintage Omega and maybe a Seiko divers watch to my collection and thought this forum would be the best place to pick up a few tips on finding them! I don't know much about watches, and know less about vintage watches and even less about pocket watches, at the moment I just know what I like! I currently own a Breitling Skyland Avenger, a Rotary watch passed on to me from my Dad that he bought back in 1980 and a Woodford pocket watch that I received as a present on my wedding day. I will post a few pics so let me know what you think!
  12. I have a lovely old omega seamaster which i guess is from 1960s, does anyone know short of taking it to an expert where i might find a serial number - i cant see anything on the outside Also this is a rather nice new site - *Link Deleted*
  13. OK, so I've wanted a nice, classic, vintage Omega Seamaster for quite a while. So when the oppurtinty arose, I bought one on an internet auction here in Sweden. I just picked it up and to be honest I'm not sure if I've been ripped off or what. The watch keeps stopping now and then, but continues to tick when I shake it a little. When I remove it from my wrist and lay it on the table it seems to be ticking like it should. Please help me to evaluate whether I should return it or keep it... See pictures below. http://i47.tinypic.com/16hp3pu.jpg http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=33c5cac&s=6 http://i45.tinypic.com/2w3vvk9.jpg
  14. Only just noticed that a chap I have know for quite some years wears a damaged 1969 manual wind Speedmaster, he was telling me he 'tore off' the bezel in a pargliding accident at the same time cracking the glass/perspex! He bought the watch from new for himself in 1969 for £100! He still wears it most days, the fact that it is not perfect does not seem to bother him, I am asking without his knowledge what might be involved cost wise to get the bezel re-fitted (I think he has the original) and for the glass to be polished or replaced, the crack is not massively obvious, its not 'smashed' as such.... I may even be able to get a photo of it at some point and post it up... Just an indication of what is involved and what the cost might be would be useful to encourage him to get a classic looking its best once again :cheers: Many thanks Jason
  15. Hi Guys, I’m a complete watch newbie but have been teetering on the edge of my first major purchase for a while now. Was thinking an Oris or possibly a vintage Rolex circa £1500 to kick things off. Anyway, my grandmother passed away recently and left me some money so I thought this would be the ideal time to get something to remember both her and my granddad. Mentioned this to my father and he scurried upstairs and produced my grandfather's omega sea master he was given upon retiring (roughly 1969) that he had stashed somewhere since he passed away 10 years ago. He said that I could have it on the assumption that it would stay in the family. This was ideal solution because it will be extra special to me. It is in a state of disrepair (don’t know if he ever had it serviced) and I’m looking for some advice on where to get it restored, how much to pay and thoughts on what type of strap to put on it - (I was thinking some sort of leather - possible crocodile skin?) I got a quote of £350 (inc VAT) from swisstimeservies for: The service would be undertaken according to Omega’s Working Instructions. This includes: The replacement of any worn movement parts Ultrasonic cleaning, reassembly, lubrication and regulation of the movement to Omega specification Refinishing of the case and bracelet to the original specification New crown and glass Testing for water resistance A 2 year guarantee They also said they would provide certifications of authenticity (which I’m not too fussed about as I know it’s real and will never sell it.) Any thought or advice would be much appreciated. Have a photo but no idea how to attach it as can only find a way to add URLs pointing to images? Cheers in advance. D.
  16. Hi, I am looking for a watch auction or market, or even a general auction that might have pre-owned Swiss watches. I am based in Manchester but don't mind travelling, within reason ;) Hope someone here can help, with any info or leads. Many thanks, Morris
  17. Hello, I have recently been looking to replace the bracelet on my Omega Speedmaster Mark II and in my various web searches this forum popped up a number of times. I think I have found the bracelet I would like to put on my watch, namely the Omega Stainless Steel Bracelet (1380/237) AKA Mesh bracelet, which can be seen on this page: http://www.ofrei.com/page1280.html Given my wrist size is about 7 ½â€ and I like a looser bracelet, sized for about 8†usually, I suspect I will need to get an Omega Clasp Extender (034ST01) Can anyone who has mounted an extended mesh bracelet onto a Speedmaster Pro Mark II give me a sizing for it? Would a mesh plus the extender give me a 8†sizing one a Mark II? Also if you actually need 2 extenders to fit your wrist, can you put one on either side of the clasp or do they mount into one another on one side only? I hope you will forgive my first post on these forums being questions, but I am drawing a blank online and frankly don’t quite know where to look or how to find this information but by asking. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Andrew
  18. Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and am planning to buy myself a Speedmaster Professional (the classic 3570.50). I used to have a great Eterna 1948 Chronometer but that was stolen and I don't have a decent watch now. I have the cash to buy a new one, but may need the money back at some point, i.e. I may need to sell the watch in the next couple of years. I see a lot of collectors regularly "flip" their watches. How can you do this without losing money on each transaction? If I buy a new Speedmaster from an AD it will cost about £2,500 (it seems I can get a 10% discount on the £2,800 RRP without too much difficulty; I don't think the gray market is for me). It sounds like even watches that are only a few years old sell for £1,500 to £1,800, so that would be quite a hit if I had to sell it. If I buy a second hand one (up to five years old) with papers from a reputable shop, it will cost me £1,800 or so. I don't know enough to buy on eBay. It seems that I would still be able to sell that watch a few years later for about £1,500. Does that sound right? If so, it seems that buying a new one would be a poor investment if I may have to sell it. Is there a way of buying and selling a Speedmaster without losing money? I suspect the answer is to cut out the middle man and buy and sell on a forum, but would be very grateful for your views. Many thanks in advance.
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