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Found 57 results

  1. Hi, I am new to this forum, so if I have posted in the incorrect section my apologies and please feel free to direct me elsewhere.. I am looking for a local reputable watch repair service (independant or national business), I live in Halifax, West Yorkshire UK. I have two watches that I am looking for help with: 1) Fossil watch (similar in appearance to this) the pin has snapped and the small spring section which goes watch body is still in place. I believe it may need to be drilled out? Other wise the strap and watch is in perfect working order. 2) Emporio Armani watch (similar in appearance to this) I have had the watch sometime and I now need a new link adding back in, but I am not able to find the link. Can new links be obtained, or must the strap be replaced? (The strap looks the same as this). Thank you in advance. Gareth
  2. Hi all. I have an 1891 Elgin Pocket watch in need of tlc. I have already sent it to One company who waited 8 weeks before telling me they couldn't/weren't willing to fix it for whatever reason. It has a heartbeat, it just needs some surgery. I'm basically in love with it and I'm not willing to put it back on the auction site I got it from! I'm looking for any repair companies you guys would recommend. Thanks, James
  3. Hello. I have a Citizen Blue Angel edition Ti watch. Everything functions on the watch except the hour hand. Any clue as to what might be happening?
  4. I went back to my parents house a few weekends ago and was digging around in the drawers in my old room when I stumbled across my old school watch! This will be from about 1994ish so possibly 20 years old, It obviously wasnt ticking and the strap had perished and crumbled away in my hands! I clearly didnt take good care of watches in my youth as the screen was scratched to buggery! I feel stupid as i didnt take any before pictures to show the transformation! schoolboy I know but you will just have to make do with the final pictures, once I had the back off part of the case around one of the screws broke away, I ordered a new battery from cousins and glued the broken bit back on. Then I set to it with the brasso and got rid of most of the offending scratches, the battery arrived and although fiddily was easily replaced and to my delight it sparked back into life! Now it was time for a new strap I looked at loads on line and then whilst shopping in Richmond whilst the Mrs was sorting out some new shoes for the little fella I was given free time to go get a strap (this was allowed as I hadnt actually purchased a new watch!) So I went in with the intention of getting a £10 plasticy one and come out with a lovely Hirsch Knight with White stiching in black leather! I think it sets it off quite well! Well without further ado here is my new (old) watch Untitled by jorritschrauwers, on Flickr Untitled by jorritschrauwers, on Flickr and the obligatory wrist shot Untitled by jorritschrauwers, on Flickr All feedback welcome I realise I have been a bit of a lurker of late and seem to have come back with a bang today!
  5. Sizing A Replacement Crystal I am about to practice replacing a broken crystal on a rotary watch. So I have purchased a case press and I am waiting for this to arrive. The watch was dropped and the crystal is badly damaged. I expect it will come out in bits when I try to press it out. So how do I measure the crystal and where should I go to order a replacement, Cousins? being impatient but can I measure the crystal before it is out so I can order one or do i have to wait for the press, remove the crystal and then measure and then order? The movement is a miyota 0S60 (http://www.citizen.c...f/spec_0S60.pdf) but that wont help me know the size of the crystal. Any suggestions appreciated Thanks Peter
  6. Still Learning and trying to remove a movement from a Unicorn Watch I have removed both the case screws and the stem. However the movement does not want to lift out of the case. Do I need more force? or have I missed something? I am always wary of applying too much force, but dont see any thing else holding the watch.
  7. Well after years of enjoying watches I finally decided that I would love to start to be able to look after old watches. So my goal is to learn to clean watches and carry out minor repairs. Over the last few months I have picked up a few "victims" and some basic tools. I will add more as I progress and need them to allow me to finish other jobs. So today with a rare few hours to spare I plucked up courage and started my first tinkering session. I have an old roamer with a sub second dial. The second hand had fallen off and could be seen through the crystal. So I took the back off, removed the crown and stem, removed the mechanism, collected the second hand, reattached it, and re assembled the watch! Very basic job but still happy I managed to do this. I found this incredibly fiddly and showed me that I need some more tools, especially a range of magnifying loupes.
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