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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know where I could get a replacement bezel insert for this Sekio 7T92-0CF0 restoration project of mine. Not the whole bezel, just the insert? TIA PB PS I didn't do this to it BTW!
  2. I know very little about watches generally. I read that the Seiko 7A38 is valued by some collectors. I thought this 7A38-7250 would be nice to wear, especially for a mere $89, not much risk to buy. Condition on the outside looked OK. Would appreciate comments on the value of this purchase. https://www.ebay.com/vod/FetchOrderDetails?itemId=255024214439&transactionId=0
  3. Hi. I joined this group a few days ago, but haven't been able to find an answer in the forum about charging my Seiko Astron 7X52, during our dark ... and often sunless UK winter. If there is and answer in the forum to my following question, then forgive me that I couldn't find it. I somehow managed to 'put away' my Astron in a drawer some 18 months ago and forgot about it until 10 days ago. After checking it over and finding no charge (not surprisingly), I placed it on a front windowsill, facing the sun (of which there hasn't been a great deal where I live) in the morning and moving it to the back of the house in the afternoon to recharge it. It took 5 days before the watch was ticking along nicely and I was able to set to the correct time. The question I would like to get an answer to, (apart from not hiding it away in a dark place again for so long) is, are there recommended LED light chargers to boost the Astron's energy storage, to get it going again, more quickly if the same happens again .... or just as a top up during the winter. Or is it not recommended at all to use such a device. I have seen several on websites, but would value opinions on this subject, from those, far more knowledgeable than me . Regards ... merc1172001
  4. Can anyone shed any light on this odd SKX I've got please. The bezel has 90 clicks, not the 120 that I would expect. I had the bezel off the other night to change the insert and found instead of a flat washer type spring with 2 pawls it has a long single wire that curves round inside the bezel and ratchets on a vertical toothed bezel track. Not 100% on the history of it, the bloke I bought it off thought it was a window display watch that had been in a jewelers in Australia. The movement had the expected 7S26 markings, as does the dial and when I managed to break it a genuine NH36 fits properly, so if its a fake, its a bloody good one. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. I have a Seiko 7A38-7070 sports 100 chronograph which belonged to my dad and I absolutely love it. The minute sub-total dial is stuck in the 12 o clock position and resetting/calibrating the watch has had no effect. Anyone have any guidance on how to fix?
  6. Looking for the alarm spring for the Seiko Sports 100, H556-5029, lost mine when changing battery. Will it still work with out the spring, with the exception of the alarm functions? Thanks Scott - w9vhe
  7. As the ADs are beginning to open their doors again I wondered if anybody else is due to collect any new timepieces they ordered during lockdown? What did you pull the trigger on, or what are you likely to purchase in the coming weeks/months. I'm on the 7 day countdown to collect my Submariner Date. Can't wait. I say 7 days, I mean 6 days and 14 hours! Although if i'm being completely honest i'm already looking at adding a Seiko Turtle Save The Ocean to my collection.......I think I have a serious horological addiction!
  8. Hello Everyone, I'm a big fan of the Kinetic Auto Relay model, used to have three in my collection now only have one - thought I'd share some pics for everyone to see. I love the sleep mode function myself. Would love to hear from other owners - also let me know what you think guys in general.
  9. First post. Yesterday I was extremely excited to receive my new Seiko Turtle Padi SRPA21K1. Thought it was an absolute bargain as was in sale plus 25% off and another £20 discount code brought it down to approx £270. Sounded to good to be true, well yes it was. The shop had 5 in stock, I thought about it for a few days then checked only 1 left in stock so I pulled the trigger. So yesterday the watch arrived, opened the packaging and there was a white box opened that and revealed a white watch box. Now I thought that's strange as all the reviews and youtube vids I had seen the watch came in a special edition black Padi box. Ok so still really excited to see my new watch. Tried it on and if I'm honest thought the strap was a little on the cheap side for a rrp £429 watch. Anyway thought yes looks nice on the wrist. Took it back off to adjust the time. Started to unscrew the crown and felt like grinding metal. The thread was rough as ! ! ! ! Felt absolutely gutted tried screwing the crown back and forth but definitely something not right. So anyway noticed the outer box had a number on it it was from a ladies Seiko ! Then looked at instructions they were from a solar quartz watch. So theres my experience with my first ever Sieko ABSOLUTELY GUTTED. Sorry dont know how to attach photos. Sorry meant to add Isent it back today for a refund.
  10. I have been scouring the forum looking at Seiko's since joining. My current favourite being @mitadocKing quartz. Such a beautiful watch and in amazing condition. I thought I'd start off small and see if I could pick up something of interest, I managed to win a 1982 Seiko 5 for £30.00 which I didn't think was too bad. Let me know if you think otherwise. Not my photos obviously
  11. Hello All. I'm a fellow watch enthusiast from the North-East of England. I hope everyone is keeping well. I'm new to the forum but not exactly lol I joined a couple of years back, forgot the password/display name within the first few weeks, and wasn't getting a reply from admin so just left it! I'm back now mainly because I recently bought myself a cheap watch repair kit, dusted off the old watch storage box and started to give my watches the attention they required. Last time I did a full intro of my watches - this time I'll keep it short. Top Row - Left to right Accurist GMT Grand Complication LE, Citizen Eco Drive Minute Repeater LE, Seiko Kinetic Auto Relay (probs my fav), Seiko Prospex Solar Chronograph Bottom Row - Left to Right Tag Heuer Aquaracer, Swiss Army Titanium Alliance, Citizen Eco Chronograph World Time
  12. I have inherited a Seiko automatic 17 jewels watch from.my grandfather, the watch isn't currently working so I have phoned the Seiko service centre about getting it repaired however they have said due to how old.itnis they are no.longer able to repair it as they don't keep these parts any more I would really love to.get this watch repaired and in perfect working order can anyone help. The numbers on the back of the watch are 7005-8042 & 290930. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi I just bought a Seiko 5 SNXS77 as a gift for my son. The strap is the usual folded link Seiko 5 one. Does anyone know a good UK source of a solid steel oyster style bracelet? Thanks
  14. Well I did it, I saw the picture and I drank the cool aid and bit the bullet on an Alpanist. I actually got it last year but had it put aside as it was a birthday present for myself, I was lucky and picked it up from Japan before the price hikes and somehow it got through customs without a charge. I actually realy like it, the dial is very striking and i love the compass as it makes it stand out just that little bit, unfortunately the original strap was garbage but I have a couple of Nato's for it and it looks great! It keeps time really well and the lume makes it very useable and easy to read, i've had plenty of compliments on it and it is rapidly taking over as my daily wearer. The only niggles are that if you catch it in a reflection the dial looks very flat, in person it looks much closer to a sunburst and the rotor is a little noisy but ive gotten used to it and now i miss that a little when i wer my other daily wearer which is a quartz. Here it is on one of Steveo's honestly I think this suits it down to the ground an i rarely take it off of this. And for when it needs dressing up a little: the week after my birthday I went abroard for a conference and this made for the perfect 1 watch wardrobe as it looks great with a casual outfit on the green Nato but also works well on the bond when it need to be dressed up a little.
  15. Hi Guys, I understand that this Baby Tuna SRP639 may be on the up and up! Are these becoming harder to source and if so should I ask for a high premium or sell it at all? Regards Astro
  16. So i was looking a very long time for this watch and finally got it, It’s a Seiko Olympic 7T42-7A50. I couldn’t really find any information on the internet for this particular Model.
  17. Morning, I have owned this Seiko Sports 150 for about 8 years. I got it from my brother-in-law who bought it new about 18 years ago. The only issue is that it has not worked in years. I have been unable to find a specialist that can fix it - it's not a simple battery change. Does anyone know of a reputible watch specialist that can repair my watch and also replace/buff out the damaged crystal. I live in Manchester. Link to watch: https://ibb.co/txSsZCP https://ibb.co/NL0jQGF https://ibb.co/3FdXdsP
  18. Good afternoon all! I've been trying to find out about my Mum's Seiko which she had for many years and so far I've drawn up nothing. I vaguely remember as a child it being a bit of a thing when she bought it and certainly looking at it now it doesn't compare to another Seiko she has. This one is much heavier (37g) and "special". It's 14K gold as stamped. Any other info from anyone? Any hints as to where I could find more? She travelled a lot so it was perfectly possible (likely) she bought it in Japan. On the back it has: 748135, underneath 14K, and then under that 0525 Any ideas?
  19. I have a seiko 6309, and when I advance the time, with the crown to the second click, the day indicator continuously advances as I wind the hands the day and date change off the first click of the crown, and advance at 12.00. Can anyone advise what I'm looking for when I strip it please? What makes the day wheel move in sync with the hands? Thanks for any hints.
  20. Hi all,I have two seiko quartz, an A158 5059 and an A021 5000. I would like to place them in their original boxes. Can anyone advise which boxes these models should be in, or maybe have pictures of them? Thanks. Matt
  21. Choosed some colorful straps for winter, whats yours ?
  22. Hello All, Got a bit of a funny one with a seiko 7F39 moon phase movement. The stem keeps falling out, I've had it open and tried to diagnose. As far as I can see, the Setting lever is catching the stem in the first position but as soon as I pull it into the second time setting position it doesn't catch and just falls out. The Yolk is properly attached to the clutch so I can't see that is the problem. Could it be that the setting lever is just bit worn? I'm thinking about bending the lip that catches the stem so it stays engaged. I'd rather not bodge it but I can't find any replacement parts or movements, or even if there are any non seiko movements out there that can replace it. Any help would be great, this ones giving me a bit of headache. Cheers
  23. I need some typical beginner advice please. I intend to replace the crystal in my basic Seiko 7S26-0480. Not to upgrade but because it was broken in smallish pieces. My question is do I press the new crystal with the bevelled edge bevel face down or bevel face up.? I should have checked when I removed the damaged one but as I say it was pretty wrecked. I have the basic tools, press etc and I have watched some tutorials, tested the movement isn't damaged, ensured dust free environment (under a whisky glass on a lint free cloth) et al, but then hit this dilemma. I won't compound my lack of knowledge my asking what size hammer do I use :-) Thanks In advance Dave W
  24. The year is 1976. I was a newly minted constable in the Queensland Police Force. My first day on the job, someone asks "Why aren't I wearing a watch?. Every copper has to have a reliable watch." So, at the first opportunity I popped down to the local jeweller's to pick out a watch. The one with red on the ring thing and a couple of buttons on the side looked interesting enough. The price was right and it was a Seiko. I knew precious little about watches but I knew about Seiko watches from my Dad who had purchased a couple during his tour of duty over in Vietnam in 1966 and he swore by them. So the purchase was made. For the next 15 years that watch stayed on my wrist. Four years in a first response unit, three years in outback Queensland, chatting with shearers about whether or not they should retire for the night, meant that the watch and I regularly took a beating. Needless to say that this watch and I shared many adventures together. It was in the early 90s that I became a police diver and required a more suitable watch, so I retired the Seiko and bought a Tag 1500 Pro which I still wear from time to time, to this day. The wife, the Seiko and I became separated and it was for another 15 years that my daughter was able to retrieve the watch on my behalf. That was six weeks ago, the watch still goes after a bit of a shake but is badly in need of some TLC. The pushers are jammed up with gunk and as you can see by the photo, the glass could do with replacing. So off to the doctor's it goes. That's my story about about a 6139-6002. It hasn't been into space but it's done just about everything else. Cheers Hog Seiko 6139-6002, a little worse for wear Seiko 6139-6002-At the Post Office Tag 1500 - Still on the wrist
  25. This is a watch i bought from eBay last month, i have to say the watch impressed me. It's a Chinese brand you may not heard it before, neither do i, the brand called San Martin. I found they made a lots of bronze watches which really interested me, and finally i decide to take this one. so far i'm very pleased for this watch. Here i just want to share some of my experiences, i talk about it as i'm a fan of watches, and a collector of good watches. here we just go for this watch. The watch diameter is around 39mm, include crown around 42mm, thickness is around 12mm, wear on my wrist just a perfect size, the movement is Seiko NH35, the case use bronze material, on the picture you can already seen the oxidization already make it became more brown, the finishing is brushed around the case body, now it seems more like a sandblasted finishing, and i thought it would be rusted by the sweat if i wear it in summer, but i found the case back is made in stainless steel which avoided this problem. You can't see any logo on this watch, but it's fine for me, the seller told me they provide service for customized logo on dial, but it will take some to do it, so i just pass it. For the dial, i found they have a lot of versions, and i also picked some photos on their website.these version they have black, blue and green colors. and the tracking printing on dials used SLN C3 luminous oill from Switzerland. Same for Hands. I really love the lum effect, it just light up the watch. the strap they told it's top layer cow leather, for me it's a little bit hard to wear, i would like it to be more softer, could wear more comfortable, the strap has quick release by the way, the strap width is 20mm, and i have some other nylon nato straps, which just easy to change and it just amazing match, and looks also nice. Talk about the water resistance, this watch has 200 meters water resistance, i'm not try yet, i was planning to swim next week and wear this watch, i think it's may be a good choice for diving too. and i'm also expecting to see the finishing after diving. then talk about the price, i get the watch on ebay by $168, i think the price is very acceptable compare to the watches i bought before, i would say the same quality, San Martin watch have a better price to get. they have free tools by the way, for this watch they send free polish tool for watch case, and screw drivers, a set of booklets. it's a very nice purchase experience anyway. Last but not least, let me know your comments about this watch, like or dislike, or share your experience to me, thank you.
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