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  1. I new to this forum, hopefully i'm posting this to the correct section. I have a Baume 17 jewel incabloc gold watch but I know very little about it. I understand (at least I think I do) that Baume was the original company before Baume and Mercier and they are Swiss? Other than that I have not been able to find any details online. It's a wind up watch, it works fine, there is a rattle if I shake the watch like there is a small loose fragment inside but it does not appear to affect the movement. Are they rare, sought after and do they have a great deal of value? I have a couple of pics but cannot seem to upload to this post. Thanks in advance
  2. I have a MedanaWatchCo extensa,7j, wind up, ladies wrist watch with a Ernest Borel kaleidoscope face. It’s late 1920’s(so I was told). How is that possible?? I’ve looked everywhere to see if Meyer, Studeli, & Borel ever worked together but to no avail.
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum. After travelling and living in many places around the world, I live in Switzerland. I have a passion for watches and intend to launch my own brand. During the research, I found myself jumping into the rabbit hole, buying all the tools, and ordering parts. Before I realized to what extent I became distracted, I had built a couple of watches from parts (a diver based on replica ETA 2824, and a mono hand based on replica ETA 6498). You can follow my progress on IG @swisswatchproject Now I am seeking parts for my third project, based on the Ronda 706.3 moon phase movement. I'm having real difficulty finding dials, hands and cases that are compatible with this movement. I would be very appreciative for any suggestions. I look forward to learning from this group. Thank you!
  4. I have a pic of a watch I would like to identify but not sure how to add it - if you can tell me, I'd love to see if any of you can identify it?
  5. I really like this rolex sub but im afraid that it is too big for me, I personally think it fits but what do other people think? can I pull it off or do I need to pick another watch? I attached a link to this post, any advice would be appreciated. https://imgur.com/gallery/gtz1fTT
  6. Looking for history, data or any information regarding my ACIER JB GARANTI pocket watch. Given to my great grand father as a gift from the Czar of Russia Nicholas II between 1884-1917 in appreciation for providing engineering/manufacturing tooling in the textile industry. Gun metal case, case# 32549, dials for minutes, seconds, day, week, month and moon. Approx. 3.5" round, 5" tall, and an inch thick.
  7. What do you think about my marriage? Here is new nickel plated case. New made dial and original Zenith movement after service.
  8. Hello everyone! i am new here, i am not exactly a watch expert and would be very grateful for any advice and opinion in choosing my first ‘more serious’ watch. I would like to buy a classic elegant men’s watch. Somehow Swiss watches were immediately imposed on me, and after endless searches I realized that vintage models of the Eterna brand are what I am looking for. I had to narrow down the choice to these three in my price range: https://www.etsy.com/listing/981779743/vintage-eterna-mens-swiss-watch https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Vintage-ETERNA-17-Jewels-1476K-Swiss-Manual-Winding/333588671182 https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-ETERNA-HAND-WINDING-STAINLESS-STEEL-SWISS-MADE-MENS-WRIST-WATCH/174410014099 I like the first one the most, it looks like it's in great condition. How could he check if he was really from the 60s? It looks better than most from those years, even from the much more expensive ones. Is it worth buying at this price? Thanks! John
  9. I inherited this old Le Coultre a handful of years ago- no real sentimental value (it was my grandma's third husband's, ha) but it is cool looking. All I really know is that it's a bumper and has a seemingly gold-plated case. That being said, I cannot seem to find any similar watches online. I also can't find a sense of whether it has much value, or if it has radium on the face (I try to avoid lots-o-radium when I can). ANY help would be hugely appreciated. https://imgur.com/a/B6Skv1o
  10. Hi and thanks for reading my post. As a new person to this forum I came here from cleaning up and trying to restore 6 watches left to me from a man I used to garden for. He died in his late 90s. Some are identifiable by online research and are Swatch, Sekonda Quartz and Casio. The other two, which are favourites, are wind-up Limit and Ingersoll watches. I attached photos. They are in good working order..., and I am drawn to the red pointer tipped seconds hand! I like the wear and tear on them, too. Any light on origin or date? Thanks so much. Aidan.
  11. Hello Everyone please can anybody give me informations about this watch !
  12. Hello guys, Could you help me please to rate this very rare vintage Swiss Venus. I can’t find any information on web and catalogue data based about this model. https://pasteboard.co/JTjI7tz.png https://pasteboard.co/JTjK0NK.jpg https://pasteboard.co/JTjKjpG.png
  13. I have an Omega Seamaster from circa 1954 inside the case back it has a case number of 197 which corresponds to the case . I was wondering what the "PAT APPLIED FOR" is in reference to. Any help would be most appreciated. The case is made by Dennison in DeniSteel stainless steel. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZpsuQfFEHjsR6s6h8 heres a picture of the case back
  14. Hi guys, have kept this Tag Heuer chronograph with a month, it is a Autavia with Caliber 02. I occasionally found the start/stop button of the chronograph can not click, the start function always work, for the stop function, I can press it but it does click and stop, when that happens usually I need to try two or three times to click, but sometime I have to press the reset button first then be able to click stop. And It happens around one out of 30 times. It's the first time I own a chronograph watch, is it a kind of general thing to all chronograph watch? And since it happens not a lot, not quite sure whether I should bring it to service right away as it will be hard to represent at the service centre. Any idea? Thanks in advanced.
  15. Hello, this is my first post, but I've been lurking for a good while - I especially enjoy the WRUW threads in Open Discussion. I have always been interested in watches, but lately am developing an interest in vintage watches, especially automatics (largely because my more expensive quartz watches have stopped during lockdown and I'm irritated by the perpetual cost of getting them sorted) - I like the aesthetics of older designs and have treated myself to some inexpensive vintage ones on-line, whilst I save for something special - I'm thinking maybe a dress Omega or a dial pointer Oris. I'm a woman, but prefer the look of gents watches (why do manufacturers insist on making ladies watches, pink, mother of pearl or festooned with 'diamonds'), but unfortunately, modern watches are just far too large for me, where vintage ones were that bit smaller. Whilst clearing my parents' house, my sister and I have found all sorts of 'treasures', as they didn't throw much away, including a number of watches, many broken and of little value, but a few worth keeping hold of and potentially wearing. I've been variously cleaning, fitting new straps and replacing batteries and am now left with a few mechanicals, as shown in the photos. The Roamer seems to be a winding mechanical that's just dead - doesn't wind, doesn't tick - although when moving it around when taking the photos, it set off ticking and went for 15 seconds then stopped again. I quite like the slightly military aesthetics of the face. I very much like the Medana - I think that and Roamer are the same company - it's a smidge smaller than the others (32mm) and as a woman, it's a decent fit on me - I've popped it on a tan pigskin strap that I had, for now, just so that I can wear it and see if I like it enough to spend money on. It was covered in tiny spots of magnolia gloss paint, it had obviously been consigned to being a work watch. But it perplexes me too - when I first came to it, it wouldn't wind, the crown was stuck solid. But on moving it about, it sounded like an automatic and started ticking. Without ever winding the crown, it ran for almost 24 hours - with occasional pauses. And today the crown would wind, albeit stiffly - I gave it a few turns and it has now run for over 90 minutes with good time. Is it an automatic - nothing visually suggests that it is, it's quite thin and just has a pop off back. I'm reluctant to try taking the back off a mechanical, where quartz don't worry me. Is it possible that it's a hand wind that was simply coiled so tight it was jammed solid, but some warmth and movement has released the spring into action? The number on the back of the case is 6827, but that doesn't appear to be a caliber. I also have an automatic Villard - which was a shed when I came upon it, but I've cleaned it externally, polished the glass and replaced the strap - it was opaque with scratches and whilst there is still some crazing going through the acrylic, it's come up visually lovely, but that may still need replacing. It seems to work well enough and keep good time, but it's a smidge large on me, but I have been wearing it - I just love the horizontal baton hour markers - I've only seen a couple of other watches with this style. Were these watches good enough when made to be worth spending money on to get them serviced - are they just in need of some TLC or have they perhaps already run their course? If I might get a few years out of them, I'll perhaps spend some pennies on them, but not if they're likely to have come to the end of the road anyway. They were all either one of my grandfathers and they probably haven't even moved for over 30 years - so they have some sentimentality attached (enough to not want to sell or throw them) but perhaps not enough to spend lots on them, for occasional wear.
  16. I have recently bought a manual wristwatch in Milano, Italy. It is labelled Besch, and the writing on it is in French. I have been unable to locate anything about its brand, age or model online (I've searched in English, French and German). The seller sold it as a 1960s Besch watch. I wonder if it's an obscure watch brand, or a no-brand watch. A watch appraiser I emailed suggested it was a generic watch that was supplied to companies to input their brand. Another person on a forum suggested that it looks mid-50s. Any help on identifying it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  17. I saw this watch subscription service company called watches by lp the other day where one recieve a vintage watch every second month. The cheapest alternative costs 32 Pound and I saw pictures of the watches in another forum and the watches looked good. What do you think? Have you heard about it and Is it worth it in your opinion?
  18. Hi. I have bought a Mido oval case because it is beautiful. I am looking for a reasonably priced movement which will fit. It has automatic. Day. Date at 3 0 clock I would like hacking and hand wind able. I think originally had ETA movement. Anyone for advice please
  19. Hi all, Hoping someone can help a relative newbie here. I speculatively bought a Sicura Submarine 400 (Sic 28 movement?) as not working. Certainly isn’t running... The hands and date can be adjusted in both directions but I am unable to wind up - no sign of life. Upon opening I was pleasantly surprised to see that it seems fairly clean. However the hairspring has gone - someone seems to have ventured in to the movement before (!) and the hairspring has been cut away. I’m not sure if this accounts for being unable to wind (it will not turn clockwise and I obviously don’t want to force it), or perhaps there are other issues I may be unaware of. So, my question really is how can I at least get hold of a new hairspring? I appreciate that this may be a costly exercise, but my intention is to get hold of the part/s I need and then pass on to an expert to repair. Searching for “Sic 28” doesn’t seem to be yielding any results online! Am I wrong with regards to this being the movement reference? Any advice greatly appreciated. Joseph
  20. So as normal I started of with 'no more watches blah blah blah' then I saw this: Brought from Jura watches after some negotiations got it for great price. Only got to wait a week or so....
  21. Hi there, just found the first real video, where all OMEGA Snoopy watches are presented side by side. There have always been separate videos, but not together, and they also offer a quit extensive story about them. The introduction to the particular models is a bit late, because the historical part of the article is quite long. So, if you want to see the Snoopy watches, you have to scroll down quite a bit. https://swisswatches-magazine.com/blog/in-the-metal-all-three-omega-silver-snoopy-award-speedmaster-watches-2003-2015-2020/ Enjoy and wish you everyone a great start into the NEW hopefully better Year 2021! Cheers, MN
  22. Hi, I owe a limited edition of a Rotary watch and would like to know how much it is valued. I have attached a few pictures. Essentially, this watch includes a gold ingot that is stamped with the logo of the Swiss Bank Corporation, which merged with UBS in 1998 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_Bank_Corporation#Merger_with_Union_Bank_of_Switzerland I think it was only sold to employees of the SBC, one of which was my grandfather. If you are not able to provide me with this information, could you please direct me to someone who could? Thank you. Kind regards, Stephane Unfortunately cannot insert pictures. It is in an unworn condition.
  23. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-SWISS-LADIES-analogue-watch-fond-acier-inoxydable-leather-strap/284128977414 I have an old ladies Swiss watch but I cannot read the maker's name well enough to identify it. It looks like 'Servies' or 'Fervies' but a google search provides no clues. Please help if you can. You can see photos of the watch at the link above.
  24. This was my grandmother’s watch. Not been used for about 30 years but still works. Can anyone give me some advice about winding and looking after this watch? How do I add an image?? https://share.icloud.com/photos/0yeIYHL4BQ0h12r5O3Gq_P2kw
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