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  1. So as normal I started of with 'no more watches blah blah blah' then I saw this: Brought from Jura watches after some negotiations got it for great price. Only got to wait a week or so....
  2. The Lemania 1872 SAAF first dial issue 1971, The Second issue 1975, then the Lemania 2220 from the mid 60's and last but not least, the Lemania 5012 issued in the early 80's. For comprehensive articles on the 1872 and 5012, please feel free to follow the relevant links below The Lemania 1872 SAAF and The Lemania 5012 SAAF
  3. Hi there, just found the first real video, where all OMEGA Snoopy watches are presented side by side. There have always been separate videos, but not together, and they also offer a quit extensive story about them. The introduction to the particular models is a bit late, because the historical part of the article is quite long. So, if you want to see the Snoopy watches, you have to scroll down quite a bit. https://swisswatches-magazine.com/blog/in-the-metal-all-three-omega-silver-snoopy-award-speedmaster-watches-2003-2015-2020/ Enjoy and wish you everyone a great start into the NEW hopefully better Year 2021! Cheers, MN
  4. Hi, I owe a limited edition of a Rotary watch and would like to know how much it is valued. I have attached a few pictures. Essentially, this watch includes a gold ingot that is stamped with the logo of the Swiss Bank Corporation, which merged with UBS in 1998 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_Bank_Corporation#Merger_with_Union_Bank_of_Switzerland I think it was only sold to employees of the SBC, one of which was my grandfather. If you are not able to provide me with this information, could you please direct me to someone who could? Thank you. Kind regards, Stephane Unfortunately cannot insert pictures. It is in an unworn condition.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-SWISS-LADIES-analogue-watch-fond-acier-inoxydable-leather-strap/284128977414 I have an old ladies Swiss watch but I cannot read the maker's name well enough to identify it. It looks like 'Servies' or 'Fervies' but a google search provides no clues. Please help if you can. You can see photos of the watch at the link above.
  6. I recently pulled this watch I inherited a long time ago out of the safe and have been trying to identify which year it was made, and failed miserably to nail it down. Since a few kind folks here on the forum recently kindly helped me with a similar search for knowledge I was hoping someone here might be able to pin it down — a big thank you in advance for indulging me. It's a Chronoswiss Lunar Chronograph with moonphase, marked with reference number 77990. Given who owned it before and their biography, I'd expect this to be from around 1985-1993. I looked in every place I could think of (including pinging Chronoswiss directly) but I couldn't find a reference to a model with this specific configuration. Models I found referenced either had "Alfred Rochat" added under "Chronoswiss", or the "Automatic" was printed in an arc; none matched this exactly. Since I'd like to have this professionally serviced after 15+ years without any maintenance, I'd love to know what exact model this is. Here's the watch in question: The back says "77990 - WATERRESISTANT 3ATU - STAINLESS STEEL BACK - SWISS MADE". So no surprises there. Alas, it's got some nasty scratches and marks. I was almost too embarrassed to post this; I hope my go to watchmaker can take are of this brutal nick on the crown. This watch has clearly seen some rough times, relatively speaking. Can anyone give me a hint as to what year this might be, and how you ID'd it? Thanks so much in advance! ps. How do you take these amazing watch photos? Boy, this is even harder than I imagined
  7. This was my grandmother’s watch. Not been used for about 30 years but still works. Can anyone give me some advice about winding and looking after this watch? How do I add an image?? https://share.icloud.com/photos/0yeIYHL4BQ0h12r5O3Gq_P2kw
  8. This is a watch i found at my grandfathers house, would anyone be able to tell if it is an authentic watch? https://postimg.cc/McpJ7hxr
  9. First post here so bare with me.. I have recently purchased a Swiss watch which is branded as a Rone incabloc and a 17 jewel. I loved the look of the vintage/worn dial and so I grabbed it! I tried doing abit of research on the Rone brand but found very little info apart from they produced Swiss made watches from about 1920s - 70s. Also there are very few Rone watches available to purchase I have only seen a few on eBay but none of the same model as mine. If anyone knows anything about it please share. i tried to add a photo of mine but won’t let me for some reason :(
  10. I have what appears to be an extremely rare Movado RAF Military Watch 6B/159 and I would like to know a possible value?
  11. Hi to all, Recently I got my hands on this ROAMER D310 2270 watch. Supposedly it was pre-war, but I have a distance to such conclusions. Are you able to determine its date and value? Condition: new, with factory tag I would be very grateful. Thank you https://postimg.cc/gallery/8CbWBmz
  12. what is the quality of this watch brand. It was purchased as a gift by my wife. it look great but I’m not happy with its time keeping ability. with a $800 time piece what should be my expectations of time lost per day-week or in 30 days?...........m
  13. Hi Simon, Very much a novice at this very interesting hobby (for me anyway). I bought Montine 17 Jewel watch on ebay to practice on, it has an AS5203 movement. I stripped it down videoing as I went along. found a broken setting lever spring which I am sourcing a replacement (445/1). The trouble is when I rebuilt the watch I could not set the hands. I looked again at the video and rebuilt the watch again with the same outcome. It seems the 3rd wheel and the setting wheel are in constant contact with the minute wheel/cannon pinion (it is a one piece item. Having checked the video several times I cannot see where I could be going wrong. Any idea's please. I have photo's and a short clip showing problem but cannot see how to link them.
  14. Hi All, My very first posting, so please go easy :) Just entering this world, inspired by my late fathers 21 st Birthday present , this Peerex watch, With rolled , “expandable” gold bracelet. Its an inscribed Watch which dates it from 1954, what was Dads 21st birthday. The watch is working, but appears to be running a little slow., after a few hours testing I noted a minute dropped. i thought to include a photOhere, but couldn’t see a way how to attach an image (My ignorance, sorry) Other than by URL? anyhow, any information Or advice here much appreciated specifically regards to my current thought about separating the watch from bracelet, as I am more likely to wear a leather strap than the rolled gold etc. I have seen a similiar watch here on line which talks about it being a brand Used by Stauffer from 1930s. https://www.loveantiques.com/items/listings/gents-1950s-peerex-wrist-watch-LA57494 my watch is almost identical face to the one in the link above, except that their is no “anti magnetic” writing over the small seconds dial it would be nice to alternate this Watch , after a professional clean, with my day to day Bulova... on a brown leather strap....but not sure if I could cause damage by the separation, or Indeed if this would greatly effect it’s value etc. in terms of value, I doubt it expensive, but would be interesting to know all the same. As it is inscribed, which no doubt reduces book value. on other matters.... as I look to start a small collection...of older swiss watches that I will wear and enjoy...are there any pointers to Obscure but fun and faithful )brands to look for? Fully appreciate beauty is always in eyes of beholder ... but keen to hear any guidance / preferences from the forum on prudent Swiss made pieces to look out for online (that I may purchase for under £200), as I say, what I hope to be a fun, start to a collection. Thanks all For your time reading this, Bob
  15. Hey guys first time posting on here but was wondering if any of you lovely lot could tell me what battery I need to put into a 518.851 Universal Geneve Quartz ladies piece? Usually can find the info online but hit a bit of a brick wall with it, and would appreciate the help Luke
  16. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a replacement acrylic crystal for a Conquest Calendar Automatic Longines watch (made in the 1950's)? Thanks in advance for any help. Bassam
  17. Hi all, I'm pretty new to watches and I do have this Vita 105115 mechanical watch. I really like it, but I cannot find any info about it on the web? Nor about the brand, nor about the type. (all search results go to Viita smartwatches or to Longines Dolce Vita ) Does anybody have any info about this brand? Or about this watch in particular? It's Swiss made. Family-rumours guess it's from around 1945 (or later), but i'm not sure. I'm trying to add pictures but don't know how that works on this forum... Extra info: 17 Jevels - Calendar type Hands have some glow-in-the-dark inside them. It mentions: shockproof, waterproof, anti-magnetic, phinastar State: Currently not working but pretty clean on first sight. I suppose it will need lubrication and a new spring? Thanks in Advance! Jens
  18. The only good thing about wet days is you can tinker. I dug this one out of retirement, and treated it to a good polish new glass, and a lube. surprising how they recover with a little effort.
  19. ello. I have only few pictures of Tudor Prince Oysterdate 7966. Can someone help me? Its real piece of Tudor? What do you think? greetings Photos: https://ibb.co/mR6Cjxm https://ibb.co/1TxJhjw https://ibb.co/1RZ02JL https://ibb.co/7tRbkdb https://ibb.co/TmF5NYn
  20. Been coveting this model for ages. One finally came up that was appreciably under list price, not new but unused and guaranteed By Tudor for full 2 years. also this one has the benefit of the NATO style Tudor fabric strap as well as a brand new full steel bracelet. I've almost never worn any watch on a NATO up until now, but I have to say this one looks the dogs bollocks - as we used to say in the old days. Seriously smart but slightly casual. The eyes have already popped out on stalks back home when shown to my two sons in their 20s! It’s caused a massive dent in my little watch fund, but it feels like a keeper already. I’ve been through three lovely Black Bay watches in the past three years, but this is a cut above. Completely modern reimagining of what I believe was a 70s original design. And so I now have a Steve McQueen Monaco and this Tudor Monte Carlo. Life is sweet. Thoughts?
  21. Hi to all! Just approximately one year ago I wrote here in order to receive some feedbacks from you about our new collection of automatic watches, the AVERAU, that we launched on KS. The campaign has been very successful and so our dream has become reality. Now we will launch in June the second collection 1956 but I'm here again to receive some feedbacks about another project the AVERAU in 39mm. I know that many people didn't like the case size (42mm), the Date writing, the Jewels writing, etc. etc. So we have made some improvements and these are the new specs: - 316L case - 39mm wide - 46mm lug2lug - No date - Improved lume with Superluminova BGW9 - Double domed sapphire (instead of flat) - STP1-11 movement (customized) - An high quality fabric NATO strap - 3 color variations Here it is the comparison between the 2 versions: And these are the color variations: Also we have managed to optimize the cost of the manufacturing, lowering the retail price. Waiting for your feedback!! Thank you Nicola
  22. Hi, I’m new to the forum. My grandad left me an IWC Portugieser (automatic) and I’m thinking of selling it but I’m unsure of how to go about it Should I get it authenticated by IWC for 300 CHF or just try to sell it? And if so, what places would people recommend in London to get it appraised or sold? I’m not too comfortable with trying to sell it online Thanks in advance. Any advice would be appreciated -Jerry
  23. Greetings everybody I’ve just joined this forum and would love some thoughts on my next purchase. I currently own a Rolex Datejust which I bought new in 1998 and an Omega Planet Ocean, which I purchased new in 2010. I’d like to add to my collection and have seen some cracking prices for the Omega Speedmaster (Sapphire Sandwich) and the Chopard Mille Miglia XL 2016. I don’t know much about Chopard, but the looks are appealing to me. The Speedmaster, I think, speaks for itself. I would welcome anyone’s thoughts on these please. Thanks in advance.
  24. I recently bought an Helvetia Automatic watch marked "32 Jewels" on the face. When it arrived I found that it was marked "25 Jewels" on the rotor. As I thought that the movement had been changed, I returned it for a refund. There was another similar watch for sale so I checked with the seller as to how many jewels it had. He replied that it was also marked "25 Jewels" on exactly the same movement H847. Please could somebody tell me what is going on? Have Helvetia added some extra jewels and if so, why didn't they put the correct number on the rotor?
  25. Hello, does anyone have any information about Behco Swiss watch? I have recently found this watch for sale but can't find any information about the brand. Thanks very much for your help.
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