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  1. OK, so I've wanted a nice, classic, vintage Omega Seamaster for quite a while. So when the oppurtinty arose, I bought one on an internet auction here in Sweden. I just picked it up and to be honest I'm not sure if I've been ripped off or what. The watch keeps stopping now and then, but continues to tick when I shake it a little. When I remove it from my wrist and lay it on the table it seems to be ticking like it should. Please help me to evaluate whether I should return it or keep it... See pictures below. http://i47.tinypic.com/16hp3pu.jpg http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=33
  2. Hi everybody, just to say hello and introduce myself, my name is Richard and live on the Isle of Wight, I'm now retired and am very interested in general antique pocket watches, only have 2 at the moment, a Waltham open faced and a Swiss ladies fob, I would like to ask for some help in identifying the hallmark of the Swiss fob as I am trying to find the date of it, it's the numbers at the top i'm stuck on, 9772 with what looks like a number 1 on its side underneath, hope somebody might know. Regards Richard
  3. Well, I've posted on here regularly about the Tissot Rock/Wood/Pearl watches I have in my collection, and I've just had an unusual model arrive from Germany. Found this one on Ebay, but as its an unusual model it was a little more expensive than most of the ones I already have in my collection. The dial is inlaid with contrasting materials, chosen to compliment the natural granite case. The watch itself is the 33mm R151 model, originally described as the 'Mens model'. This is what the standard model looks like Here are a couple of other unusuals that I've posted previously;
  4. Hi all, I'm a noob to quality watches, can't really afford anything too decent but still I do want a proper watch. I've narrowed it down to an Oris F1 chrono or TT. I quite like the idea of a rubber deployment but the option of a bracelet too. I like fairly busy watches, something that stands out but is not too garish. Tag F1 are on my list of likes too. Recommendations and points of view are welcome as well as your stories on what you started with... Thanks guys and Roy (everyone says that so who am I to break with tradition)
  5. Unbelievably, Felix Baumgartner, the skydiver/ base jumper is going to freefall from the edge of space wearing a Zenith El Primero. He is an ambassador of Zenith, and apparantly he will be travelling by baloon literally to the edge of space wearing his El Primero Stratos Flyback Strinking 10th for the jump. Edit.....
  6. Hi, I am looking for a watch auction or market, or even a general auction that might have pre-owned Swiss watches. I am based in Manchester but don't mind travelling, within reason ;) Hope someone here can help, with any info or leads. Many thanks, Morris
  7. How do I date a Bucherer ladies 18k gold wrist watch? By the gold markings on the watch? Are there any other identifying marks that I can search for somewhere on the watch? Here's a photo (again not the best): https://plus.google.com/photos/107338305882305419033/albums/5710879606232811233 All I know is that my mother inherited from her sister when she passed away some years ago. On the face it says Bucherer, the company logo and Swiss made. On the case it has its gold markings along with CD 18k 0.750 and CB750 on the gold strap also. The movement is in very good nick (v
  8. I’m the web editor at Plaza Watch, a watch magazine distributed in over 45 countries. We are launching a new website later this autumn and I’m now looking for bloggers to team up with. I’m a regular visitor to Wrist Fashion and think we could do something really good together. Since you already have really good content perhaps we could share this somehow? And you would of course get a link to your website and a mention somehow. Would you be interested in this? If so then I will give you more info about the site and make sure you get the magazine on a regular basis.
  9. Hi, OK I'm new to the forum, so hello to all. I doubt not too many of you are into ladies wrist watches, to be honest neither am I. However my mother has been having a clear out and has found this watch that she would like more info on. I have taken a couple of photo's, though not of the best quality, I'm afraid. https://plus.google.com/photos/107338305882305419033/albums/5710871755882520721 Looking at the case when it is opened (hinged at either top or bottom, cannot remember), the case says Stolkace, GAS, British made and also has 9k gold markings. The metal/gold strap is of the
  10. As Madame la Frog is in the UK until next week, I've put her list of "jobs to do" to one side yet again and have been doing some research on my little old Avia 15 Jewel from the early 1950's and it's Dennison Aquatite back. The movement I think is a AS1287. While I trolling around the net I came across an old post from 2006 on another forum of a Sentinel of the same period, If it's not the same face then I'm a Dutchman, (if I'm wrong I've nothing much to lose as my grandfather was Dutch :D ) My Avia and its twin
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