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  1. Hi all, I have an oldish Paul Buhre watch purchased by my late father in Mombassa Kenya in 1953. It still has the original receipt and where purchased. The watch appears to work well. Simple question. Is there any value to this watch?
  2. HELP! So annoyed! Managed to drag my Seamaster against my outside wall causing a tiny scratch on the ceramic bezel. Watch repairer has said £150 for the bezel and £450 full service to replace it. Is this correct? A full service to replace an external part? Thinking of claiming off house insurance. Thoughts?
  3. Hello All. I'm a fellow watch enthusiast from the North-East of England. I hope everyone is keeping well. I'm new to the forum but not exactly lol I joined a couple of years back, forgot the password/display name within the first few weeks, and wasn't getting a reply from admin so just left it! I'm back now mainly because I recently bought myself a cheap watch repair kit, dusted off the old watch storage box and started to give my watches the attention they required. Last time I did a full intro of my watches - this time I'll keep it short. Top Row - Left to right
  4. Anybody know what strap size iwc top gun double chronograph have? Refnr: iw3799-01 Thanx for help
  5. https://www.watchpro.com/breitling-turns-its-back-on-boxes-and-papers/ interesting read.
  6. Hi guys and girls, A bit of an opinion poll for an isolated Sunday afternoon: Do you have any "must haves" when buying a new watch? Complications? Colours? Calibres? Mechanical or Quartz? Swiss or Japanese? Big boy 50mm or the more classic 40mm? I realise this is a very open question, but let's be honest, we all have a little extra time at the moment. Dive, dress or pilots, what makes a killer watch for you?
  7. Sculptor Susan Beatrice recycles old watch parts and turns them into fascinating artistic creations like the ones below. She has the gift to pull elegant forms out of lifeless machinery. Even if you are not a steampunk fan you will probably still enjoy this.
  8. Hi to all! Just approximately one year ago I wrote here in order to receive some feedbacks from you about our new collection of automatic watches, the AVERAU, that we launched on KS. The campaign has been very successful and so our dream has become reality. Now we will launch in June the second collection 1956 but I'm here again to receive some feedbacks about another project the AVERAU in 39mm. I know that many people didn't like the case size (42mm), the Date writing, the Jewels writing, etc. etc. So we have made some improvements and these are the new specs: - 316L case - 39mm w
  9. The Lemania 1872 SAAF first dial issue 1971, The Second issue 1975, then the Lemania 2220 from the mid 60's and last but not least, the Lemania 5012 issued in the early 80's. For comprehensive articles on the 1872 and 5012, please feel free to follow the relevant links below The Lemania 1872 SAAF and The Lemania 5012 SAAF
  10. I'm new to the watch repair scene and was wondering if anyone could give me some more information on this vintage Rolls watch I've just bought, I can't find this model online anywhere, it has the letters RR on it.
  11. Hi! I’m looking for more information on a watch I inherited. It’s a 15 jewels movement, 9ct rose gold JW Benson ladies wristwatch. It says it’s Swiss but also says London on the face. It looks like it opens up from the back and front as there are two sets of hinges. The face is round and has Roman numerals on the gold, while the hands are under a small circular glass/crystal. Any info would be great as the family doesn’t know much about it at all.
  12. Hi All, Looking for some advice as I am a complete novice to the watch world but I like the "value" factor. I like the look of the ROLEX Submariner, yach master & gmt versions. I see the Submarimers are around 9.9k to buy new & some of the others varie. If I buy the Submariner at 9.9k new today what's the chances of it holding it's value or decreasing? What's is potentially worth in a years time? Thanks in advice guys.
  13. Anyone know the accuracy of the fc-292 quartz movement? Just the standard +\- 15 seconds per month?
  14. Hi Simon, new member here. I found this forum by Googling “Sicura repairs” so I believe you’ve worked on these watches before? I inherited this Sicura which is in need of some TLC- https://imgur.com/gallery/84BDiZy It runs for about 30 mins then stops. Is this something you think you could fix? Many thanks in advance!
  15. Hello, Can somebody please help me identify the movement inside a Victorinox 241617 without pulling it to bits. Thanks, Steve
  16. I'm a relatively new watch collector, but really like vintage Omega watches. I've tried to buy original and good quality from a couple of watch dealers/repairers that I've got to know and have even risked a couple off eBay. My collection includes Geneve, seamaster and constellation in 18ct and a seamaster in stainless steel. I'd really like to buy an original black face watch, but I've been warned that some that are for sale are standard faces that have been repainted (I was told that they do the same to make them look military?). Any advice on how I can find a genuine watch: were the
  17. Hello! I am new to this forum and not sure what to say to be honest. I have something on my mind. I am a fan of the concept of the Hublot 'Key Of Time' but not a fan of anything else about it LOL yes i just said that. The watch allows you to speed up or slow down the time on the watch by up to 4 times. The reason behind it is to treasure time however you like either with family or take some time to smoke a cigar. I mean its a just a fascinating thing to have in my opinion regardless of how practical it is . Does anyone know of another watch with somewhat a similar functiona
  18. After my fathers passing, i came across two watches that he had. One Elgin de Luxe and a Leonidas. This is a photo that is similar to the Elgin i have, no band. The Leonidas is similar in size and look. Both are small and square so im guessing that they are ladies watches. Just wondering if there is any value to these and a recommendation for a person who can clean and possibly repair. Any information would be appreciated. Photos are attached.
  19. Folks I'm having trouble identifying my grandfathers watch. (I’m also having trouble inserting photos of it) The watch is a BAYCREST. Swiss made. Automatic. Incabloc. Circa 70 years old. Bought in Vancouver Island, Canada. It still works but needs a good clean. Has anybody heard of the manufacturer? I have searched the internet for months with no joy. Seriously, ANY info greatly appreciated. I can sent pics privately if that would help as I can’t get pics on here. thanks folks D
  20. I got this rather nice Hirco ladies watch in a batch of watches I obtained a month or so ago.... On checking it recently I was rather surprised to see that on winding it ran, though could do with a service........ These are the sizes... And this is the movement..... And you can see it is in a Dennison case.... As for the movement the closest I can find in appearance is an AS676 and the dates of manufacture (1936 onward) fits in with the Dennison stainless steel case, 'Denisteel' being on their cases from 1934 onward... So far all I've done clea
  21. Hi, Grandfather's Seamaster rebuilt and custom strap is now back to being a daily watch after decades of living in a box. Caliber is 591. Patina is wonderful with nice orange spotting on the face and great wear on the case. Wanted to give it a youthful color in the strap, photos added for your feedback/review. Thanks for checking it out.
  22. Hi I’m getting married soon and want to purchase a watch to wear on the day. I’m looking for a dress watch, nothing bigger than 40mm and aim to spend up to £400. I’ve been looking at vintage Omegas and found some nice ones but wonder if there are any other brands I could be looking for? Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks
  23. Thinking of getting a Longines Conquest VHP to add to my watch collection but am I just as good getting a non VHP? I’m a stickler for accuracy so just how good are the Non VHP models? thanks D
  24. Hey i recently brought a nice looking watch from a lovely old lady who said she got it around 30 years ago but it's in amazing condition and looks a few years old at most. I was hoping someone could help me date it and give me any information would be much appreciated. Thanks https://ibb.co/sv8vp4x https://ibb.co/xJR1Fwy https://ibb.co/K2LW6Jd https://ibb.co/MSFr1dB https://ibb.co/RBpPVM6
  25. Hi Simon. I'm trying to replace my dad's watch gasket. Tissot wont supply me with one. There is a red hard flat gasket which is thoroughly mangled and will not fit back in, It also seems too long, (The battery was changed by a shoe shine chain a few years ago and my elderly dad didn't realise the back wasn't on properly when he got it back!) I've tried Cousins but they seem wholesale only so I'm hoping to get the measurements to get a third party one. Are you able to help with measurements please? Thanks in advance, Andrew.
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