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  1. Hi everyone, new member here, I’m just looking to start my watch collection after admiring various watches I’ve the years, I’m looking to finally take the plunge and invest in my first watch. I know a lot of people have a pop at TAG watches, but I really like the updated Aquaracer with the blue or black bezel, can anyone recommend them or own one? It retails at around £2200-2300, I have been offered the blue one, pre owned from this year and unworn, full set, all with papers and warranty card, for £1450, should I have any concerns or is this just a good deal for a entry level watch. Sorry for
  2. I got this last year with some other watches, got put to one side......... I recently re-visited it and tried to find out any information about the maker (dial marked 'N.I.W. Arvin) and found absolutely nothing at all...... This is the movement, and surprisingly, on winding, it ran..... Out of curiosity I carefully removed any dust from the movement with a aerosol air blower and added a little lube to the visible pivots and regulated it on the Timegrapher, results, other than the horrendous beat error, quite pleasing...... can anyone shed any light on it
  3. Does anyone know in depth about the oris pointer date? In its current form it is available in 36mm and 40mm in many different dial options. When was the 29mm model produced and the 32mm? Which dial options were available for these sizes when they were in manufacture? It has been in production since the 1930s but there seems to be very few examples on the market or much information about them online Any response is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  4. Just bought a Wenger Roadster from H Samuel , it was in a sale but apparently staff made a mistake and shouldnt have been in sale picked it out from display as looked excellent , sale price 120 (was 245). also got 25 off next purchase which i have yet to decide which one to use it on (includes sale items) citizen is possible.
  5. I have posted this on other watch forums, but thought it might be of interest on here as well............ A little bit of Swiss watch manufacture history I saw a watch on eBay a few months ago, and having done some research on 'Camy Watches' when I got my two 1960's Camy 'divers', (shown below), I was aware of the Raymond Weil connection:- 'Raymond Weil (Founder and Honorary President) was born in Geneva in 1926. After he got a diploma in commerce, he entered Camy Watch S.A. – a Swiss watchmaker, in 1949 where he was to become manager and spend 26 years of his lif
  6. Just picked this Rolex Spoon up did not know they existed. Has anybody seen these in the flesh? Looked on eBay and there are quite a few available.
  7. Hi all. I've got something I want to run by you having just bought my first deluxe watch which is a Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 Automatic. Basically the crown doesn't seem to operate in a smooth way as firstly when I unscrew the crown it doesn't seem to 'pop up' to position 1 where on various YouTube clips that I've seen on other watches it does. Second to that position 2 and position 3 when pulling the crown out further isn't that clearly defined and you can easily mistake what position you're in resulting in you accidently changing the date or time. My last concern which is probably the bi
  8. Dear Watchforum, I am writing to you concerning a problem I have encountered with one of my watches, and I would like to hear your opinion on the subject. I have requested an "Extract of Archives" from one of the top 5 watch company's for a rare watch from the 90's. I paid over 200USD for the Extract document, I wanted to have it because my watch does not have its original booklet and I was curious of the exact date age of the watch. After receiving this book, I took it home and looked at the reference number and something seemed off. I knew the exact reference number of
  9. I recently bought a Rotary Super-Sports from England. I will list what I think know about this watch. If I am wrong about anything please let me know and then I will get to my questions. I believe its a 1940, with an A. Schild 984/ 440 movement. 15 jewels. What I want to know; is it missing a tension ring at the crystal (bezel), is there a name for this case shape, could it have been an issued item for the war? Additionally is it wise to try to remove the lume that fell off the hands on to the dial, and is this a rare combination between the dial style with its markers in this case. I find ver
  10. Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to watch collecting and have looking for anything that pretty much looks old or interesting. Of the watches I have so far 2 may be worth something. Kelek ~ Back reads Stainless Steel Back Swiss Made 12 1815. Smiths Deluxe 17 Jewels Made in England, nothing on the back plate. I've seen many similar Smiths watches but nothing exactly the same. With the kalek I've bot been able to find anything even similar. I currently don't have a tool to take the back off. I'd really like to know if these watches are rare or worth much. I have a f
  11. Hi folks 1st post and looking for inspiration. I’ve been a watch fan nearly 10 years and built up what I think is a nice collection. Got around 14 watches and really look after them wearing them in rotation. I’ve always been drawn to dive watches love the different coloured bezels, the 45mm Omega planet ocean orange bezel being my 1st proper watch. Also got an Oris small second hand with blue bezel, Tudor black bay Harrods addition with the green bezel, Omega speed-master man on the moon, Longines VHP, a couple of Jaguar watches which are fantastic quality for the money and a couple of Seiko’s
  12. Not long ago I purchased a Swiss chronograph bearing the brand-name 'Bose'. I was told it was made for the audio company by a well-respected Swiss maker but there's no sign of its origin other than 'Swiss Made'. It's a really nice, professional- looking watch and clearly not a cheap item or giveaway. I've asked Bose but their office couldn't find any trace of it so my question is: does anyone know just who made this watch?
  13. https://ibb.co/dDPmwYd https://ibb.co/dL6vv7g So basically I purchased an early eta powered Milie Miglia, however there is a strange orange stain on the dail which would appear to be where the hands have sat for some time. Has anyone seen this before? If so how easy would it be to remove the staining?
  14. Okay so last year I took some time off from watches to focus on other things and recently got back into it. I've decided to start "flipping" watches on the side which means I get all the fun of finding, buying and giving a little TLC without the hoarding! I will resist talking money as I do not think it fair when the plan is to sell on, but obviously the aim of the game is to "buy low, sell high" so all are bought at a fairly low price tag for one reason or another (e.g. low 'buy it now' price or lack of details etc) Anyway, without further adoo: Sicura Chronograph: Man I loved this! Rea
  15. Hi i have a watch that was my grandads bit as my grandad or my dad are no longer here I don’t know much about it but can’t find another one on line to compare it it is a sultana 17 rubies vintage watch manual wind and I would think it’s an old one i know they have only been around since 1937 but can anyone advise if this is of some commercial value I can’t work out how to add photos ?? Help
  16. Good morning I am new to the forum but have been a humble lover of watches for a long time... that said I have a question for the experts out there. I am looking at purchasing a Glycine Airman from an auth dealer and I noticed on the case back where the serial number should be it just has AAAAAA. Anybody have ideas on that? Thanks much!
  17. Could anyone tell me what this watch is and what it may be worth?. I think its from the 1970s.
  18. Hi I posted yesterday about my grandfathers Sicura divers 400 well today I took it to a watch repair shop they are going to check out if they can source parts then get back to me with a quote upon telling the family they all searched through their lofts and garages and this popped up from my mother also one of my grandfathers, A Lings 21 Prix not working hands move winds backwards but not forwards so this will be going to the repair shop next week, anyone have any info on these I think its 1960s
  19. Hi Everybody, I'm sure that this is a common story, sorry if I appear ill informed. I recently purchased a watch from ebay as a gift. Its a good looking watch but I suspect now that it is a Geneve with a refinished dial that has been labelled up as a Seamaster. If that is so then I'm not unhappy as it is for wearing not bought as an investment or part of a collection (and the price was OK). However, if it is a complete fake then I will be contacting Paypal! Thanks for taking an interest, hopefully you will be able to ease my mind! y Movement calibre is 1012 I belie
  20. New to this forum...hello. Just bought the above watch today as a early Christmas present, I also have a 1998 Omega Seamaster and also a Tissot PR100 Titanium. Looking forward to reading the various threads.
  21. I've found an used Omega Speedmaster Day Date 3521.80.00 going for £1200, looking to get it for my old man & it looks like a bit of a steal for this price. Has a few marks of light wear but nothing too bad. What do you guys think? Steal? Overpriced?
  22. Hello everyone, Who and What My name is Dean, and while I am unfamiliar with the mechanics of watches, I do enjoy owning them and where else to learn more about watches that to join a forum dedicated to watch fanatics like myself? I am new to this forum, as is obvious, and the reason I have joined is because I need guidance from well-informed members who can educate me in my quest to produce a Wikipedia article on the Sicura watch brand. I often contribute to Wikipedia and have been contracted to produce articles for organisations. Therefore I am familiar with structure,
  23. Hi, I have just purchased this vintage Leonidas triple date moon phase watch. I have little to no knowledge regarding vintage brands but fell in love with this as soon as I saw it. I contacted Leonidas watch company who could not locate this model in their archives. They explained that given the world wars, mergers and moves their archives are not as complete as they would like. I was hoping someone in this forum could give me some information such as date of manufacture, type of movement and if they feel this looks like a genuine original piece.
  24. Hello Guys i am an vintage automatic watch the only problem i am having with it that it does wind fully i wear all the day long and when i leave it it just run 5-6 hours and stop could some one please tell
  25. Hi all, I've got a quartz ETA 455.412 movement - everything appears to be in good shape until the seconds hand reaches around 12 seconds and then it just stops. I pulled the crown into the second position and pushed it back in a few times and I can see that it's itching to move but it can't. On further inspection I noticed that if you gave the seconds hand a slight nudge it would go past this point and then cycle around until it reached the same point and stopped again. I thought that the hand might be magnetised at first but after giving it a nudge there is a definite resist
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