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  1. I've found an used Omega Speedmaster Day Date 3521.80.00 going for £1200, looking to get it for my old man & it looks like a bit of a steal for this price. Has a few marks of light wear but nothing too bad. What do you guys think? Steal? Overpriced?
  2. Hello everyone, Who and What My name is Dean, and while I am unfamiliar with the mechanics of watches, I do enjoy owning them and where else to learn more about watches that to join a forum dedicated to watch fanatics like myself? I am new to this forum, as is obvious, and the reason I have joined is because I need guidance from well-informed members who can educate me in my quest to produce a Wikipedia article on the Sicura watch brand. I often contribute to Wikipedia and have been contracted to produce articles for organisations. Therefore I am familiar with structure, language and research required to produce an article for Wikipedia. Why I am here I have taken a personal interest with Sicura and I am keen to develop an article on this interesting watch brand. However, there is barely any information on this watch brand and I can only go so far in my own research. Which brings me to you... If you are familiar with the history and anything related to the Sicura, please do post your knowledge, and if you have references to support the statements, they would be greatly appreciated. ANYTHING is useful. What I know and the 'Sicura by Breitling' controversy The knowledge I have already gained so far from browsing these forums on this watch brand is that it has a complicated relationship with the Breitling - which is why I have included Breitling in my tags. I recognize they are two separate brands entirely, and before Ernest Schneider purchased the Breitling brand in 1979, Sicura was in its entirety completely separate. But as far as in-depth knowledge, I do not know anything else about the watch other than what can be explained in the short draft of what I already have. Further points and Extra info I think making an article on Sicura not only makes an accessible database of information that will be more clearly available to the public, I think it will serve to educate people on its Breitling-relationship more clearly, and in turn, disrupt false advertising often found in vintage auctions of the watches. I have no access to books on watches that mention the brand and databases such as Jstor, my university library resources have helped little, if at all. I presume that most knowledge behind Sicura may unfortunately come from Breitling texts, but these are still hugely useful, as reliable resources are severely lacking on Sicura. E.g. most website links that have good information on Sicura are 'blogs' which unfortunately has no credibility when used as references. However, I am interested in where they got that information from as the source obviously can be referenced. If you have pictures of your own Sicura watch, and you would be happy to have them featured on the article, please do contact me. My short draft on the introduction to Sicura: """" Sicura (officially Montres Sicura SA or simply Sicura SA) was a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer based in Granges, Switzerland.[1] Originally founded in 1938,[2] its early historical origins are relatively unknown, and the earliest known record of the company can be found in the Swiss Handelsregister from 2 May 1955 (refneeded). During this time, it was owned and headed by Théodore Sfaellos and shortly after by his son-in-law Ernest Frédéric Schneider after the former's passing in early 1960. By 1975, Sicura had four watch assembly factories, a case factory and a jewel factory.[2] In 1977 Sicura began producing its first quartz watches. In April 1979, Ernest Schneider purchased the Breitling and Navitimer brand and several watch models from Willy Breitling,[3][4] merging them with the Sicura brand before eventually changing the company name, Montres Sicura AG, to Breitling AG on 29 November, 1993. Although Breitling-branded watches were briefly produced under Montres Sicura AG before the company was renamed, the brands had no direct relationship with one another and are considered separate; ironically, watches branded Sicura are often falsely advertised in vintage auctions as "Sicura by Breitling". """" ( link to my sandbox: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Imp_dean/sandbox ) -Disclaimer: expect in some areas that language and structure may be muddled and I implore you to correct me on my own history, mistakes in language etc as I want to create this article with your help. **** Overall, I need your help in developing a Wikipedia article on the watch brand Sicura. **** Look forward to hearing from you all!
  3. Hi, I have just purchased this vintage Leonidas triple date moon phase watch. I have little to no knowledge regarding vintage brands but fell in love with this as soon as I saw it. I contacted Leonidas watch company who could not locate this model in their archives. They explained that given the world wars, mergers and moves their archives are not as complete as they would like. I was hoping someone in this forum could give me some information such as date of manufacture, type of movement and if they feel this looks like a genuine original piece.
  4. Does anyone know in depth about the oris pointer date? In its current form it is available in 36mm and 40mm in many different dial options. When was the 29mm model produced and the 32mm? Which dial options were available for these sizes when they were in manufacture? It has been in production since the 1930s but there seems to be very few examples on the market or much information about them online Any response is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. Hello Guys i am an vintage automatic watch the only problem i am having with it that it does wind fully i wear all the day long and when i leave it it just run 5-6 hours and stop could some one please tell
  6. Hi all, I've got a quartz ETA 455.412 movement - everything appears to be in good shape until the seconds hand reaches around 12 seconds and then it just stops. I pulled the crown into the second position and pushed it back in a few times and I can see that it's itching to move but it can't. On further inspection I noticed that if you gave the seconds hand a slight nudge it would go past this point and then cycle around until it reached the same point and stopped again. I thought that the hand might be magnetised at first but after giving it a nudge there is a definite resistance and a little bit of a click as it pushes past the point. Any ideas before i dismantle it? Cheers Jae
  7. Hi y'all, so in short, the guy that sold me the watch says it's at least 110-120 years old, and he also said it's from Switzerland. now! the pocket watch does not have any markings by the manufacturer, other than a small logo, that i could best describe as a Star, with a half moon under it, the watch is an Ancre movement, Spiral briguet, 15 jubis.
  8. Haven't been on for a while, had a watch rest after buying a Chris Ward Trident last year. Recently bought a Nite Alpha with orange dial, nice lume and ten year battery life so it might outlast me ! Thinking of splashing out on a blue Tudor Pelagos, anyone got one? Are they a good heirloom watch?
  9. Hi all, I have this Girard Perregaux Ladies watch that belonged to my Grandmother. But for the life of me I cannot find any information about it or date it. What I know is its a 21mm x 21mm case, the watch face is circular but housed in a square case which seems strange from what ive seen online. The glass over the front looks lile its been designed to resemble a gem and protrudes quite away out from the case. The only number on the case is 8056A on the back. The case is stamped 18K gold and has 206 stamped next to that. The movement is a 17 jewel hand wind. The serial number or the best I can make of it is 6719483. Here are a few pictures https://imgur.com/a/kMira7G Thanks in advance for any information or help! Sorry i mistyped 8561A is the number on the back
  10. I'm interested in how people organise their watch collections. I personally just do the dress, tool, beater - Tangente, BB Chrono and Casio F-91W respectively (although I'm in the midst of selling my BB Chrono and have certainly been swooning over the Rolex Explorer I for some time now). Do you just collect from certain brands, certain models or according to the type of tool watch (one dive, one chrono etc.)? As a bonus question, advice as to what I should replace the BB Chrono with would be welcome.
  11. My IWC Portofino all of a sudden changes the date at 4 pm instead of 12 pm what the day still does, any simple solution or to the dealer
  12. Hi, I'm trying to decide on a piece I can wear for everything. This is my first watch and at the age of 31 I am running out of reasons not to buy a watch for myself. I can't find a fiancé which comes with an engagement offering, or parents that will produce a graduation present. So I'm looking at either a more practical Bell & Ross BR02/BR03 Diver or a Blancpain FF (2200-6530-66) or a IWC. Any other suggestions welcome. All I know is I don't want something too recognisable . Would like something a bit different. The Blancpain FF with the black bezel is where I'm currently leaning, thanks in advance. https://ibb.co/Ypw8nL3 https://ibb.co/T0G0X9g https://ibb.co/8BYm5nP https://ibb.co/mGbkqfC https://ibb.co/7kYVg4g A D E E free online picture hosting
  13. I am wondering if anyone can help me 'pin the tail on the donkey' with a pocket watch that came in a bundle of watches I bought. I have gone down my usual routes of trying to get info on the movement and the case, and I have come up with nothing. It was made between 1880 and 1933 (stamped with grouse), but, my guess is around 1900. the case has a 'linked chain' logo which I guess is the case makers mark and the movement has a capital i within a diamond stamped on the barrel bridge. I would appreciate any help as I am totally lost with this one.
  14. Hi all, I tried looking for a conversation on this comparison but couldn’t find one. I’m looking to make my first foray into divers watched and I’ve narrowed it down to two: the BB58 and the Oris Sixty-Five Bronze (36mm). I can’t actually find the latter for sale for some reason and am well aware of the waiting list for the former. Any advice most appreciated!
  15. hello can any body help me by telling me where i can find out how to name longings wittnauer models i have about 10 of them but can't find how to name the watch
  16. I have an oris auto where the movement has become bound and it will not wind. Can it be repaired or the movement replaced or is it scrap. I have been told it is not an ETA movement. It has sentimental value so would like to get her back up a running if possible. Thanks Si
  17. So I’m interested to hear what any else might think about the following.. I took my Rolex Sea Dweller D-blue into my local Rolex dealer as the self-winding mechanism has come loose. You can hear it isn’t right but ironically the watch still works fine. I just noticed it one day out of the blue. I am 3 years into the 5 year warranty so an open and shut case I figured but no….Rolex have other ideas and I am not convinced at what they are saying. The watch has got some dents in the main casing and on the lugs as well as a small chip to the glass. All of this was pointed out to me when sending the watch away for repair by the dealer. Okay so I hadn’t really noticed anything but under magnification these things I am not disputing exist. Rolex had the watch for weeks and then sent an estimate for £850 to repair the watch OUT of Guarantee because the problem has apparently been caused by shock damage and as such does not come under their warranty. Their description differs to the dealer and also mentions a fracture to the glass and it would need a full service to boot! I pointed the discrepancy between the dealer description and theirs but they suggested I take issue with the dealer – which just isn’t cricket in my view. Now I know what you might be thinking but hand on heart the watch just has not been used and abused beyond the norm. It has been knocked and scratched but commensurate with living a normal life it that’s possible anymore. I tried to reason with Rolex directly on the phone but they are absolutely convinced I am to blame. I know that what they are suggesting just did not happen. I also suggested that had I smashed the watch I would have called Hiscox and claimed accidental damage. If you are looking through a magnifying glass fair dos there is going to be evidence of wear as I have said already. The bracelet is intact not to mention my precious left arm so just how badly has it have been knocked? I can’t help feeling they are just nickel and diming me. I honestly did not expect this from Rolex. In fact I was rather expecting a fast track repair together with an apology perhaps accompanied by chocolates and flowers. Where do I go from here? Any sensible unbiased views would be appreciated. Steve
  18. Hi everyone, I'm new here so apologies if this post is in the wrong section. Can anyone help me with the two watches I'm looking at. The first is a Eden, is there anyone who knows what the estimated manufacture date is? I unfortunately dont have pics of the inside... And Second is the Rodania, does it look authentic? I do appreciate any help I can get. obviously my url images didnt load. Sorry
  19. Hello Community, I am pretty new member of the watch community so I might be asking silly questions. Apologies if this happens. I recently came in possession of a Bernex Watch (BN 24101). Although I like the watch itself I realize I know very little of the brand and don't really find a way to communicate with the makers (whereabouts, etc...) Does anyone know this brand? Is this a relatively well-known business? As I am relatively neophyte, I feel it might be easy to do an otherwise ill-advised purchase. Many thanks !
  20. Hello, I'm a newby, I have a circa. 1979 Omega Constellation DD 368 0855 with steel & gold bracelet. A small screw or bolt is missing from one of the link joints. I have no idea how to identify it, or find a replacement part. I will attach some Imgur images, the first couple show the watch, the rest show the bracelet and highlight the area where the missing part is. The adjacent links on this side of the bracelet have screw heads, I presume this is the same and just worked loose. I need help in sorting this out, rather than go to an Omega shop and be stared at. I have a small collection of NOS 1970s Omega watches, this is my hands down favourite. It is so 70s but also has the proportions of an Apple watch. All help gratefully received!
  21. Hi, am struggling to choose the ap roo titanium or the Rolex Daytona white gold with red bits, maybe here can help me decides which one looks better and will last longer, keep in mine I already have the Daytona ss panda, and the new Daytona white gold with oysterflex, I was going to buy the ap but I just saw that Daytona preowned and I can get it out of my head it looks fabolous but the ap do as well
  22. Hi there. Looking for some advice from ones more knowledgeable than myself. I recently turned 30 and have threatened treating myself to a decent timepiece for years. But now it comes to buying one I'm struggling to decide. I ideally want one that won't absolutely haemorrhage money once purchased and maybe even one for a sound investment for the future. So looking for some suggestions or even warnings of what to avoid. Willing to push upto 6k mark at the very most at the time being. For a bit of context the watches I like at the moment are:- Bretling Superocean Heritage II Rolex GMT master, black/blue bezel Omega speedmaster Omega Seamaster planet ocean 600m Open to any suggestions or advice.
  23. Hi there can anyone help me on how to remove the movement of a pocket watch from the case.I have retired and have taken up tinkering with watches as a hobby and I have a silver pocket watch that appears to have a broken mainspring as you can keep winding and it doesn't store any power.Also when releasing the click there is no power in the mainspring barrel.I cannot see any case screws or anything that holds the movement into the case and I need to remove the movement to replace the mainspring any help would be great.Many thanks,Sethnettles.
  24. A very good morning to you. I apologise if I am starting this thread in the wrong place, but I am after some help please. I am going through my brothers old watches, and came across a watch that is a "Tag Heuer" (I say that loosely as I am not sure if it is a fake or genuine) Where is the best place to get it looked at to see if it is a genuine Monaco watch or another fake that seems to have been made. I appreciate your advice I do have pictures I have just taken but not sure how to upload them here
  25. Can you tell me what type of strap this is with the screws, and if you can give me some products similar so I can keep the original buckle , This is a Buler Alpha performance, very difficult to find because it is one of the last watches the company made before it closed. For more info DM I cant find the warranty card or manual etc. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16GmPTCN-8PkEZpMbD1TAgOKdFCQwaLPR?usp=sharing
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