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  1. Hi could anyone help withe this tag watch if it's real all not
  2. Hey guys first time posting on here but was wondering if any of you lovely lot could tell me what battery I need to put into a 518.851 Universal Geneve Quartz ladies piece? Usually can find the info online but hit a bit of a brick wall with it, and would appreciate the help Luke
  3. Hello all! We've been sorting through my grandparent's house, as my Grandma died recently, and have found a number of watches. We're fairly sure none of them are worth anything and most of them are in pretty bad knick but we know nothing about watches and haven't managed to find much useful info online. Is anyone able to tell us anything about any of these watches; age, origin, rarity, value, anything at all would be interesting! My Grandad died in the late 80's so none of the men's watches are likely to be newer than that, and my Grandma was unlikely to have bought anything since the 90'
  4. Hello everyone, I posted this in the Dating watches thread first but there doesn't seem to be much activity. So I hope this is okay. Because I know absolutely nothing about watches. So I inherited this Omega Automatic Seamaster Big Seahorse from my grandad when he passed away. At least I think it's the Big Seahorse but I'm not sure. I would like to open it to find out the date myself but I'm afraid I'll damage it. I post a link to Imgur with pictures and a short video on how it looks like. I would like to find out as much as possible about it. For example if it's solid gold
  5. You know when you buy a new car you see them everywhere? Well I watched a video about a watch online and then suddenly everywhere I looked the watch was saying buy me. So I started paying attention and noticed as soon as a good one came up for sale it seemed to be gone as quickly as it came. Looking on Chrono24 there were a number of these watches, just 3 for sale at n the UK, one took my fancy, with a clean silver dial and a competitive price... I almost pulled the trigger but then spotted the lugs. Normally fluted like a Speedmaster this one had standard jobbies.. Havi
  6. Hi, and thanks very much for allowing me to join. I am not an expert in anything to do with clocks, so I'm hoping I'm in good company with at least a few others here, and I acknowledge gratefully anything useful and/or interesting I can learn/absorb along the way from other members, all of whom will have been on here longer than me, and who will have infinitely more knowledge than me about clocks/watches and very likely for a long time thereafter...but what brought me to this forum? A lovely old spring-driven hand-painted wooden chimimg pendulum wall clock, belonging previously to my
  7. Hi, My query if anyone can advise, is about a lovely old spring-driven hand-painted wooden chimimg pendulum wall clock, belonging previously to my parents, now passed on to me. I remember it working well, (too) many years ago, when I was a child, and of Dad pulling the wind-up weight every night before bed. Occasionally us children were allowed to "wind" it up, as a treat for unuaually good behaviour, so that wasn't too often...! The clock has not been working for a number of years, and has been recently cleaned and serviced, but it keeps stopping; It "ticks" for a while, a couple o
  8. Hello, I'm trying to find out when and where this watch might have been made. I'm struggling to find out any information about the maker (which I'm presuming is Rallye) online and wondered if anybody here might have more information. I'm interested in it's history really! Thanks very much for your help! Chris
  9. Hi all i recently got a Gold coloured Majorex gents watch, manual windup, has anyone heard of it,i need as much information on it as possible e.g. movement,age,good make or not? is it worth getting serviced, the windup mechanism sticks ?. i am in scotland uk does anyone reccommend good service company, thanks in advance...indy ps: ive attached a photo as well :+), how do i this ??
  10. I have just bought this Kered on eBay. It's very small indeed. My question is who was the watch made for? is it a girl's watch? It seems too small for a ladies' watch. The lucky horseshoe made me think of a charm bracelet. It's small enough to fit a charm bracelet but has two lugs, so it looks like it used a strap. Thoughts?
  11. My latest speculative punt, an "oh, that might be interesting" last minute bid. Turns out to be a Junghans 17J 693.83 (J93/1). Maybe not that interesting, but it's my first venture into the German watch industry. 30.5mm case, so it's small.
  12. Hi I purchased a job lot of watch pieces as I needed donor parts for a pocket watch of mine. I found a few interesting pieces in the bundle which I would like to get some info on if possible. the first is a rotary sport workings, I have researched this and not come up with anything. I have found lots of super sports but none with just sport on. Would any body be able to give me a possible date for this watch or any info at all. Next is a Rolex watch face. I’m not sure if it’s real or fake, how would I tell? Again I have researched this and come up with nothing
  13. Hello all. I inherited my grandfathers Bulova Longchamp, which originally (?) came with a rolled gold Excalibur expanding bracelet. The bracelet has had many years of use, some of the expanding sections are lazy/snapped, and I replaced with a leather strap. It just not the same. Does anyone know of a possible source for an Excalibur 71 (or similar) expanding bracelet? Lug width is 18mm. Length is 150mm. Watch is 9ct gold, not yellowy, quite warm. Thanks in advance.
  14. How to tighten the cannon pinion on a Timex Model 25 wrist watch movement with day/date dial? The exploded view in the manual lists canon pinion assembly and I've read mention of a friction pinion. Is this the source of the hand slipping problem?
  15. Hi there, Just wondering if anyone could help an idiot out! I'm a newbie and just getting into the hobbie. I've successfully serviced and repaired a couple of old British 'Services' movements. And now I'm getting around to ordering crystals and I'm flummoxed! It appears to be a tension ring domed acrylic crystal. But I'm not too sure. The chrome ring is on the inside of the crystal. The crystal is 30mm in diameter, 4mm high, and the side walls are 2mm. It's domed, but doesn't seem to be a high dome? And the watch case opening doesn't seem to have any indents in the side wall, just straig
  16. Hi forum members, I am new to the forum and have just purchased a longcase clock stamped Wright, It was listed as late 18th Century / early 19th with a moonface.. I have seen a clock in the Longcase Clocks book by Joanna Greenwood, page 17 that case an identical case , but different fretwork and finals listed as 1795 so the age maybe correct.although I cannot be sure teh movement is orginal to the case but hope that to be the case. I purchased this as a bit of a project and something I could afford and look to get working over a period. The case is in great condition wit
  17. I dont know much about vintage Rotary's, or even about Rotary in general. And I dont know if anyone would put in the effort and time to fake a Rotary watch, but I guess anything is possible. Despite that, I went and impulse buy a vintage Rotary from a local seller. The classic rookie mistake. Theres not enough information online regarding vintage Rotary online so its quite hard to even do my research on them. I only paid like 50 bucks for this one so my hopes arent high for this. Even so, could this be an authentic vintage Rotary? It says swiss made on the bottom of the dial. The crown is slig
  18. Looking for the alarm spring for the Seiko Sports 100, H556-5029, lost mine when changing battery. Will it still work with out the spring, with the exception of the alarm functions? Thanks Scott - w9vhe
  19. I recently pulled this watch I inherited a long time ago out of the safe and have been trying to identify which year it was made, and failed miserably to nail it down. Since a few kind folks here on the forum recently kindly helped me with a similar search for knowledge I was hoping someone here might be able to pin it down — a big thank you in advance for indulging me. It's a Chronoswiss Lunar Chronograph with moonphase, marked with reference number 77990. Given who owned it before and their biography, I'd expect this to be from around 1985-1993. I looked in every place I could
  20. Hi. Love casio watches. I just got a Casio CFX-40 from 1985 . Manual. https://www.casiodigitalwatches.com/manuals/cfx_40.pdf A watch I had when I was young and some with databanks, touch screens versions and so on. Regards Master of Science in Engineering Physics Civilingenjör i teknisk fysik , LTH
  21. My name is Piotr and I am writing to you from Warsaw, Poland. I am and old clocks lover primarily from 1920s and 1930s. Unfortunately, my precious Rolls Westminster Clock Super Ancre has not been working for the long time. An experienced clockmaker in Warsaw told me told me some time ago that is was a matter of the platform escapement that should be replaced. The platform was quite worn out. He and his son-in-law tried to revive it and my clock was working for nearly 3 month and stopped. They tried again and again without success. We have tried hard, but we have not managed to find a sim
  22. Hi all We have a couple of vintage watches that we have inherited from both sides of the family. (Dating to 1940’s / 1950’s at a guess) None of them are working, and I’ve not been able to find much information about any of them. I had hoped that this forum will be the place to help us learn a little about them, especially if they’re worth repairing ! i can’t see how to attach photos (from my tablet) to posts, can anyone guide me with that please ? many thanks, Lesley
  23. Hello People. My first post, I hope it’s not a repetitive one. Like many I ‘m sure, the CV lockdown has given us time to getting around to things which we have put off far too long and for me, one of those things was sorting through some boxes of my late father-in-laws effects. He liked to dabble in watch repairs, so I was not entirely surprised to open a shoe box and find 30-40 watches. Many appear (to my uneducated eye) to be cheap tat, but one in particular caught my eye, mainly because it has a strap and when I wound it, it worked! – although it does run fast at about 5 minute
  24. Hi all! Got this piece recently and want to get to know it a bit better. I've read from a couple sources online that the brand Pioneer was made by Rolex for the Canadian market - is there any truth to this? I assume this is just companies cashing in on the "Rolex style" branded movement and unbranded dial/case back and the loose relation to the Pioneer Rolex model to get more money out of people? Any further info on time period or such would be great! Case measures 31mm inc. crown, 15mm strap with and 36mm lug to lug.
  25. I have a beautiful 1916 Rolex 'Trench Watch' which could really do with a professional service, and I would love to know where I could get it serviced. It has one slight issue that I know of which is the mainspring. It could do with going on a mainspring winder to tighten it up, but I did not see the point of buying one just to fix this watch only. The one on the left is the Rolex needing the service. (Rolex, Elgin, Rolex) Any advice regarding servicing, watch repairers that could do this, or cheap mainspring winders would be really appreciated.
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