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Found 264 results

  1. I've recently purchased a vintage looking sekonda. Any idea what model it is? Thanks
  2. I recently acquired a flightmaster 911, and it is soon due to come back from a service. When I got the watch it came with what was described as the original Omega reference 1117 bracelet, but this is broken and cannot be used. I am a bit confused by this reference to a 1117 bracelet, as from what I can work out the 911 requires a 22mm bracelet, but from what I can establish the 1117 bracelet is 20mm. I'm basically looking for some bracelet or strap recommendations, and am also keen to find out what Omega bracelets will fit this watch (although I'm also interested in 3rd party options). Looking at the design of the case, it looks like not all straps would fit anyway, even if they were the correct width?
  3. Is the Tapatalk mobile app plug in for the forum not working for anyone else?
  4. Hi there, I've been looking on the net for a new mainspring for an AS 1802/02 movement. I can't find a specific replacement and was wondering if it would likely be a generic type? The next problem is, how do I determine what size mainspring I need? I've had the old one out a couple of times, and it's almost straight at the end that contacts the wall of the barrel. The watch only runs for about 8 hours. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dick.
  5. Posted also in the Wanted section, just in case not everyone visits all sections on the forum: HI all. I'm after buying some spare links if anyone has any, for a vintage Tissot PRS 516 stainless steel bracelet, pictures below. Probably need two or three? PM me please if you have any. Bracelet reference: Top: Link size at the clasp end are 18mm Bottom:
  6. I have recently got an obsession with moonphase watches- so I am keeping an eye on them them, but all the ones I see for sale (mostly Omega) are too expensive. Are there any reasonable priced vintage moonphase watches to be had? Why are the Omega ones so expensive- is it a complicated movement?
  7. Dear All, I am looking to see if anyone knows what this watch is or anything about its history.......I have tried to approach Breitling and they have said i must send it in for a full service and background cert. I am going to do this as i want to sell the piece. I was offered £5500 for it in Cambridge by a watch specialist when i took it to replace the strap. I declined as i know nothing about the watch other than i aquired it in the USA in California at an estate sale. Can anyone help? I was told it was a 1950's piece possibly 1957 but am skeptical. The movement in the back looks amazing and the watch specialist was very excited about it when he asked if it would be ok for him to open it "PLEASE" ha! I have enclosed links to photos of the watch https://docs.google....3lWeTRQXzA/edit https://docs.google....EtLTmhPR0U/edit https://docs.google....WMyeEt3Zzg/edit https://docs.google....kUwMUh0LUU/edit Thanks in advance Guys Jamie
  8. I found an Ardath 'convertible 7' watch set, complete in it's box and looks to be unworn when scouring a market, I'm guessing it's from the 1960s? But can't find much out, I only paid £7 for it, but I'm just interested to know a bit more about the company, and if it's something worth hanging on to?
  9. For this afternoon, a Parisian Kody, with an early DuRoWe 318 16 jewel variant without shock protection:
  10. Hi, i'm posting for the first time and would like to share my watch with you and try and get some history for it. I am not really interested in it's value because it is a family piece. The watch is a Services watch and has Indian Army written just below it. The dial is paper and it has a small second dial with a sweeping second hand on it. It also has a little "button" on the side below the winder that helps set the time. It has come to me via my Father in Law who has 4 grand / greatgrand fathers who served in the Wars accross Europe, Africa and Asia. I have had it cleaned and had a new "in keeping" strap made for it and am very pleased with the results. I have a picture on Flickr of it but can't seem to upload it.
  11. Can anyone help me identify this "Henry Watch" pocket watch? The front cover has 3 jewels, 2 red and and 1 white/blue stone, and engraving on the top which appears to be the letter "M" over the letter "R" or "B" with two Greek Key insignias, one on each side of the two letters. Inside the front cover there are 5 marks: a shield with the numbers "56/14K/0.585" inside; a flower (maybe a rose) with two leafs, one on each side of the stem; a circle with what looks like a crown inside; a small round mark with something inside that looks like an eagle, dolphin, monkey or bird (too warn to accurately make out) and a cylindrical mark with what may be a squirrel inside. The face may be white porcelain with gold dots on the minutes and gold diamond pyramids on the 5 minute marks and the pendant at 3 o'clock. The movement's only markings are a capital "R" and "A" with a 3-prong fleur-de-lis or what my husband calls a "chicken-foot" in between the two letters. Underneath the "R" and "A" are the Roman Numerals II or III. The case side facing the movement has the same markings as the inside case facing the watch-face mentioned above. The back side of that cover has 10 marks and "No 94271". The 10 marks are visible in the included photo. Inside the very back cover are the same 5 marks as found inside the front cover with the number "94271". On the back of the case is an engraving: "1913" with the number 11 over Roman Numeral IV in the middle of that date. Following that is what may be a name engraved in fancy font, my best guess at the letters is "Napamiutne". Thank you so much for any info you can share with me. Ana
  12. Sorry if this has been posted before but did a quick search an couldn't find anything. Saw it in another site and thought you might be interested. http://imgur.com/a/sCePR
  13. I bought this yesterday at an antiques centre and I wondered if anyone would have an idea of its age. I'm guessing its not any older than late-70s but I'd be interested to see what people think. It certainly seems to keep reasonable time...
  14. My husband is desperately trying to find either an AS 2063 movement or just the part he needs which is a date click spring? Any ideas anyone? He has found, in his hoard, an AS 1581 - does anyone know if the spring would be interchangeable? Hope someone can help.
  15. Ever since my husband asked for a Cartier Santos I have been more and more interested in collecting watches. Every time I go to London I seem to end up staring into the windows in Bond Street or the Burlington Arcade. I fixed on a steel Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso Duetto - sadly not the current model - and I've been on a quest to find one ever since, at a price point of $5-6000. I noticed that others start their collections at a modest price point so that might be the way forward. Any suggestions for a ladies' watch on a budget of £500 to start off with? I also like the look of the Cartier Tank Francaise but the new ones all seem to have a quartz mechanism and I think that detracts from their long term value. I can't wear anything too heavy - a case size of 38mm x 23mm (like the Duetto) is about right for me. Any ideas greatly appreciated as I'm spending far too much time searching for that high end Jaeger
  16. Hi there everyone, I have been collecting pocket watches and wrist watches now for a while. And just recently been tinkering with them, just simple things like main springs, winding stem and button crowns. I am put of buying a lot of the watches I come across because of the state of the watchcase. Does anyone have any tips to restore wristwatch cases?
  17. Hello all I just wondered if anyone had come across Brooklyn Watches before. I stumbled across an article on a gadget site a few months back about this guy David Sokosh who was taking vintage pocket watch movements and placing them in contemporary cases with new hands and faces. The watches are only available through his website or in person from the Brooklyn Flea market for between $500 and $1000 each and in my opinion look very nice! I'm pretty new to the forums so I understand I shouldn't post link to sales websites, but have a search as they are worth a look. My personal favourite is The Bennett Field watch. Here is a link to a short documentary called 'The Watchmaker showing how David Sokosh come about creating these watches http://vimeo.com/39194241
  18. Hello everyone, I'm Brad and looking to learn more about watches and widen my collection! I'm really interested in adding a nice vintage Omega and maybe a Seiko divers watch to my collection and thought this forum would be the best place to pick up a few tips on finding them! I don't know much about watches, and know less about vintage watches and even less about pocket watches, at the moment I just know what I like! I currently own a Breitling Skyland Avenger, a Rotary watch passed on to me from my Dad that he bought back in 1980 and a Woodford pocket watch that I received as a present on my wedding day. I will post a few pics so let me know what you think!
  19. Hi all, I'd like to present You my late incoming. I had a strange experience with that lot. Although it was EMS, somehow it appeared in Lima, Peru. And when arrived, it looked like it was dragged all the road from Lima to Plovdiv. The watches were unwrapped and three of the glasses were broken. Most of the watches didn't work. So I gathered all my amateur skills, used a watchmaker for replacing glasses and the result is: 1. Xihu; 2. Shanghai; 3. Yinbei; 4. Seagull; 5. Qionghua 6. Double rhomb; 7. Beijixing; 8. Zhongshan; 9. Dongfeng; 10. Shanghai The last two are real pieces of art. Hope You like it. Regards, Miro.
  20. hi, looking for some assistance, if possible, for a mechanical Midland Watch i have. Very little info online about the Midland Watch Co so any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks. pic below. http://www.flickr.co...in/photostream/
  21. OK, so I've wanted a nice, classic, vintage Omega Seamaster for quite a while. So when the oppurtinty arose, I bought one on an internet auction here in Sweden. I just picked it up and to be honest I'm not sure if I've been ripped off or what. The watch keeps stopping now and then, but continues to tick when I shake it a little. When I remove it from my wrist and lay it on the table it seems to be ticking like it should. Please help me to evaluate whether I should return it or keep it... See pictures below. http://i47.tinypic.com/16hp3pu.jpg http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=33c5cac&s=6 http://i45.tinypic.com/2w3vvk9.jpg
  22. Just bought this Glycine airman....want to refurb it, can easily do watch strap and case however has anyone had experience in recoating/anodising the bezel if i can remove it..if so any recommendations Cheers
  23. Hi all, while browsing in TaoBao, I found a very nice and relatively inexpensive Beijing. When it arrived, it differed from the pictures :) - the case and the front glass were quite scored, so it had to go to be polished and glass replaced. The result is: It has a pretty nice dial, not-guilouched. Very interesting for a non-chronograph are markers for the parts of the seconds. The font of the numbers is very successfully chosen. With a little help form another forum the red chinese inscription on the dial are translated as "A gift from the Beijing City Chinese Communist Party Committee, and the People's Government of Beijing City" : The movement is DG2813 - very reliable movement, but in that moment not so exact. It gains minute and a half for 24 hours and needs adjustment. The case is very well shaped with beautiful lugs. The crown looks intact, although is not signed. The back is see-through and is engraved too - "To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army" At the end - the wrist-shot:
  24. i've recently unearthed this watch from the loft and i strated look for valuations on ebay .after a few hours of searching i could not find this watch, i then went to look at google. i still could not find any image or info on this watch i was hoping someone could help value and tell me about this watch. http://tinypic.com/r/14nl8xv/5 the words on the watch display read: 1st word - seanto 2nd word - quartz
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