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Found 250 results

  1. Could someone please date this Wittnauer Geneve watch? In the back "all proof 1260 wrench" is engraved, as well as 10k RGP. The band is a two-toned gold and silver metal apparently original to the watch. It has an automatic movement and has a small dial at 6 o'clock. Itworks very well. Thank you very much.
  2. I recently purchased this Timex watch with original metal band. Under Timex is the number 21. I don't know what this means. I remember this brand being quite popular in the early sixties when I was in college. The watch has a mechannical movement. I know it has not much value, but I am barely beginning to become interested in vintage watches. Can someone tell me which year it may have been made? I live in Panama.
  3. Guest

    Old Watch Stories

    We are two friends in our forties who wish to combine our love of old watches and the community feel of the web. Though not professional story tellers we felt that there is a place for our watch stories and memories. We hope it would serve our kids in the future. The watches are from diverse sources. Some were given by fathers and uncles who were happy to learn that their old and beloved watches have new admirers, others were found in various places over the years. Maybe you have a watch story you would like to share? Welcome to our corner on the web. www.oldwatchstories.com Old watch Story Enjoy and Welcome
  4. Hi there guys. New to the forum (Brand new!) I was wondering if any of you could help me out. I was given by my great aunt a long time ago before she died (Aged 90) an old pocket watch owned by her father. I cherish it, with no intention to ever part with it (and i'm convinced its a common worthless oldie anyway) but it sentimentally means alot to me. Just wondering if any of you could help me out with some info about it. Ive wanted to know for years and just want to know a bit about my watch. :-) Link below to the photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/77238701@N08/sets/72157634344012981/ I appreciate any of you taking a look for me. Means alot. Neal
  5. I have an opportunity to buy a 18 karat gold Plosy gents wristwatch. Plosy were not watchmakers as I understand it but they were a Swedish boutique in the 1950's and sold private label watches and was wondering if it was worth me buying for £175?Any thoughts would be really welcome. Thanks.
  6. I just found this box in my mailbox sent from a relative back home in England: And here's what I found inside: An old pocket watch and a small bag for memory cards, which contained... ... A RADO Silver Star Now to find out what these are, and try to date them. More pictures to follow.
  7. Hi, Looking for some thoughts on the pros and cons of vintage vs brand new. Obviously everyone will have their own view, just looking for some hints and tips before I take the plunge for a new watch. Looking to send between 500/700 GBP. Looking for an automatic, reasonably smart dress watch. My thoughts on buying new are - should work perfectly, guarantee of purchase, wide selection (but unable to afford the premium brands), For vintage my main concern would be condition. Would it need serviced? How accurate will the time keeping be? But the plus points being able to (maybe) buy a classic timepiece with a good history. Any hints and tips would be appreciated. Also websites that specialise in vintage watches. Thanks Kevin
  8. Hi, Have joined the forum as am doing some investigation into a new watch. Have been looking at he Hamilton khaki or Hamilton intra matic. Thinking of maybe getting a more traditional classic watch, rather than the chrono (which I have a few of already). Would love the rolex or omega but budget at the moment won't stretch that far - or will it if I opt for second hand vintage. Needs to be an automatic with a smooth sweep, ideally with white / cream dial and leather strap. Any recommendations? Current collection include - Seiko titanium Fossil Swatch irony Tissot PRC200 Thanks for any suggestions. Kevin
  9. Hi, Can someone educate me on the necessity of a watch winder to keep an automatic watch running? I know that this will save resetting the time / date etc if the watch is kept wound, but will it increase or reduce the lifespan of a watch? Is it better to keep the watch running or will it not do any harm if it runs out of charge. Looking to add an automatic to my collection, but will want to rotate with my others watches. Thanks for any advice Kevin
  10. Hello all, I wonder if I could have your thoughts on a watch called the tissot powermatic 80, I am going to buy one but don't know which colour face I like it, I was thinking the black face with stainless steel strap or white or grey face with steel strap, It's uses an era movement and has a power reserve of 80 hours, and cost 560 in the uk, Let me know what you all think Harry http://m.tissot.ch/?collections/products/6599/n//T086.407.11.051.00
  11. Hey all, I'm slowly growing my collection and saw this watch (with the blue hands) at a flea market this past weekend: I love the design but can't seem to find anything about it online. The woman (who did not speak great english) could only tell me that it had swiss movement, but it was hard to understand her. She was asking about 850 DKK, or about $170 USD, if that helps. It looks pretty similar to some vintage Stowa's, but nothing quite matches exactly. Thanks! And sorry if this is the wrong plae to post, I'm new here!
  12. Hello First post, I've recently gotten a thing for vintage Omegas (seamasters mainly). I travel a lot through my job and spend a lot of time Mumbai and other places in India ( and everywhere else on the planet to be honest). I've looked around for a decent vintage watch shop in india for years and found nothing; fountain pens seem okay though. I've seen lots of very dodgey ebay adverts originating in India but surely there must be some decent shops there? cheers K
  13. My Beautiful new Garrard 9ct dress watch, this has an E.T.A hand wound movement and is in mint condition, not even a scratch on the glass. £150 ... what does everyone think? any one have an idea on age on this style?
  14. So my last vintage machine has gone kablaam.. I now have a old version of the elma Super Elite. I think i need to clean up and strop the the motor, however i have NO clue how to do this... Where would i go to get this done as i assume this is not specific to horology? Thanks in advance as usual. Jonathan
  15. Yesterday I found something really beautiful.... and bought it immediately :thumbup: Orient Automatic 17 Jewels (CAL.16720) in very nice condition, working amazingly well :yahoo: Here it is:
  16. Hello, I own a vintage Roamer pocket watch which I have inherited from my grandfather. I am trying to find some information about it, but so far I didn't have much luck in doing so. I would really appreciate if someone could provide any information about it (e.g. when was it made). Thank you!
  17. I would like to know more about a clock I acquired from my grandparents many years ago. As I am over 70 it is probably at least 90 years old. There are no obvious external markings. It still goes but probably needs a service. For a photo please follow this link :- https://www.dropbox....t%2015.35.jpg?m
  18. Hi there I've specifically registered with this forum for advice, so please don't shoot me down in flames for asking anything stupid or repeating things that have been asked numerous times before. My father passed away a short while ago and I'm helping my Mum have a bit of a clear out. Amongst lots of clutter is a Rolex Oyster Speedking which he had for his 21st birthday early in 1949. I've done a little research and understand the size counts against it (midsize which some people say can be Unisex). I'm not going to do a sales pitch here or ask for valuations - I know (having scoured the forum) that this is frowned on. However, what I would like to know is, does anyone know how to go about selling such a watch. Obviously I could just put it on Ebay but I would feel a little vunerable doing that. Thanks for reading and any advice you may have Dave
  19. Hello, I'm new here and trying to choose a new automatic watch. I have no decent knowledge about watches, movements and so on... I am looking for something under 350 pounds. More interested in classic looking or interesting design and also leather strap, no metalic. I have picked some watches already, but maybe you have better suggestions in this price range? So here they are: Rotary GS02375/01 (224 pounds): Zeppelin 7060-5 (349 pounds) : and Ingersoll IN8009SL (212 pounds): Please give me your opinion. I personally prefer the first one (Rotary) amazing design. :) Cheers Mantas
  20. http://www.auctiva.com/hostedimages/showimage.aspx?gid=1109853&image=647330561&images=647330561,647330599,647330649,647330687&formats=0,0,0,0&format=0 It cost me £900 and I cant stop thinking if it looks to good to be true it normally is, Its due to be delivered tomorrow and i have 14 days to return it so any help/advise will be greatly appreciated. thank you kris
  21. Hi, I am new to this forum and have been very interested in mechanical watches for a long time. I do know the working of the watches/clocks and can understand the language but not an expert in fixing this (i am hoping to become one) I got a desk clock (mini carriage clock). This is mechanical and has Canham written in the face. The mechanism runs fine and keeps good time when laid down flat but in upright position it stops working (in some 5-10 ticks) . Can someone point me please towards possible things so that I can try fixing it ? I am not a watch expert but had a fair chance of meddling with them with crude tools. The mechanism is marked 'Foreign' and has balance wheel and the escape wheel on jewels. There are two jewel pallets. The mechanism looks clean (not in a dusty environment or greasy) The watch keeps good time when running flat. The ticks are even, healthy and loud. The mechanism does not stop. The only issue is in its natural upright position it stops (almost quite immediately). The feeling is as though the power in the escape wheel suddenly exponentially decreases until the balance struggles to tick and finally stops in approx. 5-10 ticks (sometimes in less than 10 ticks). thanking you in advance.
  22. Hi I am trying to get more information on the pocket watch pictured. Its been passed down several generations at this stage and it would be nice to have some information on it. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks, Alan
  23. I recently bought 3 watches at an auction. I got them pretty cheap - and the main reason to buy them was, that I like their "appereance", the patina and design. After buying them, I started an intense google adventure, to try and find out, what I got on my hands - but I came up short, and did not find any information at all. So now I turn to this site, full of "watch-nuts" and other good people - to see if I can get a little more close to figure out, what I bought. 1. Brandname: "Optima". In the front it says (besides the brand name): "17 rubis - antimagnetique ". And on the back it says: "Fond acier - Noxydable - 7020" http://billedeupload.dk/images/XFZoL.jpg http://billedeupload.dk/images/n3hHP.jpg http://www.billedeupload.dk/images/KQPqT.jpg http://www.billedeupload.dk/images/5WDJf.jpg 2. Brandname: "π Pierce". In the front it says (besides the brand name): "Automatic - 25 jewels incablog - swiss made". And on the back it says: "Antimagnetic-Waterproof-Swiss-Shockprotected-Stainless steel back". http://billedeupload.dk/images/kgICs.jpg http://billedeupload.dk/images/b1rlf.jpg 3. Brandname : "Geana". In the front it says (besides the brand name): "Automatic - 25 jewels incablog". And on the back it says: "Antimagnetic-20 microns-Waterprotected-Steel back". http://billedeupload.dk/images/bNutL.jpg http://billedeupload.dk/images/nN3Q.jpg So all in all - what I am looking for in this thread is some information about the different watches (origin, pricerange, year of make etc) basically all that someone might know about the brand and the specific model. I´m looking forward to some usefull answers from the god people of this community :) Ps. sorry about the quality of the pictures - will try to take some, thats a bit better and more detailed if nessecary. //Lasse
  24. 2 watches inhereted from my grandfather. Gold Novet wrist watch with what looks like 23 karat and at bottom - Coenaho B CCCP. Back has number 54940 stamped plus two other marks i cant identify. Services pocket watch The same as posted in "Show us your Collection" Services, (Molnija 3602) 18 Jewels , circa late 1970s posted on Feb 17, 2012. Any information would be a great help.
  25. hi I'm new to this site, I joined because like many people I have just inherited from my uncle but originally it was my great, grandfathers pocket watch, I have a picture of my great, grandfathers wearing it on his wedding day! When I got it wasn't working so I took it the a watch menders and they have got it going for £55 which I thought was pretty good! I asked the guy in the shop if he could tell me more about the watch but couldn't really help or point me in the right direction...he did say it was fairly rare due to the type of movement...apparently this type is 1 in 500.....I have done lots of searching on the internet and can find nothing! I have uploaded some images, I would be very grateful if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction of where I can find any further information out about this watch. many thanks for any help you can offer. Ian...a new pocket watch collector
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