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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys. I am a newbie and this is my first post, so if I am in the wrong place then please excuse my ignorance. I am seeking some information on a Rotary LED watch that my partner has given me as I have been unable to find one like it on the web, it appears to be a gold watch with an integrated fine link gold strap, there are no hallmarks on the watch at all, it has a stainless steel back with no other markings on it except for a battery No sticker on the inside of the back, it has a sticker on the inside with a 5 digit No and the words Made in Singapore for Cronus. When I was first shown the watch a few years ago it was not in working order, so I took it to a watch repairer for a new battery, after a few minutes he returned saying he had put new batteries in it but it still would not work as there was some corrosion on the contacts, when I asked him if he could fix it he was reluctant to even attempt it, from this I gathered that it could be a valuable watch that he was frightened of being held responsible for if it went wrong. I consulted my son who is an electrician by trade and he cleaned off the corrosion and got it working, however it has a very small strap so wasn't wearable even for my partner. The watch was put aside for about ten years until now when she asked if I would like it, ofcourse I said yes but found it no longer worked so I removed the back with the intention of replacing the 2 side by side batteries, my problem is this, 1 battery is face up and the other is face down bridged by a metal strap which I presume connects them in series, the strap also has a prong sticking up which will connect to the back when replaced because there was nothing covering it when I opened it up, can anyone tell me if this is how it should be or should it be insulated from the back ?.
  2. Hi all, I really like the look of Pagol Watches and think the Palm Tree on the face is a really cool feature. From what I can find out they were Swiss made but mainly for the Asian market. what is the general consensus on them? I'm just getting in to watch collecting and have a really tight budget but quite like the small niche brands like Titoni, Pagol etc... I could swing a small amount of money on something I really like. has anyone owned or handled one?
  3. Does anyone else have information on this brand called KnJ? It's made in korea had branches in countries such as Switzerland and Spain in the 2000~2004? Ish? And been exported to several countries. Does anyone own a model from the company? Or have any other information or pictures on it? The company was short lived so i'm trying my luck but I'd appriciated any help. Thank you!
  4. Guys, if there is watch, good quality, 1000meter waterproof,saphhire crystal, Japenese automatic movement, C3 luminova, 316L steel. BUT brand new, will you buy it?
  5. Hi - a bit of a silly entree for a first post, but everything starts somewhere: I bought a per-se very nice watch on ebay, which stated it's automatic, confirmed by the seller up-front, and after I received it...as you can imagine, because I asked, due to the fact that it doesn't wind up automatically. Well, I know the looks of a common automatic movement, but I thought there might be some where you can't see the turning eccentric weight /rotor...as the case in this watch. Now, I'm happy to learn, but what I can't stand is having my leg pulled - in the listing it says only "Precision Automatic Movement" and after I received it and asked him, the seller replied on my question "How does it wind itself up? I've worn it a day, but it does not self-wind up?" with "An automatic watch does not have a battery and generates the power to operate, by the movements of the wearers hands. It will take about 4 days of constant wearing for the watch to build up enough power to operate correctly. That is the nature of an automatic watch." Well, 4 days seems pretty long to me, also as I have a few automatics which take only a few moves to start running - nevertheless, (don't laugh too loud) I actually have worn it 4 days to see what happens but nothing happened (...of course, when I wind it up manually, it runs for a day..but that's not what I'd expect to do with an automatic...so it looks like a hand-wound movement to me) So basically I'd like to ask you guys / specialists to have a brief look and give your opinion if this is an automatic movement or not to knwo at least roughly if I'm totally wrong here, or being misled...thanks I don't know if a link to the sales page is allowed, so I uploaded pictures I made today:
  6. Hi Guys, attached are Preview Pics of an upcoming brand Don Kylne &Co. This is the First Watch from the collection. Do Enjoy.
  7. Have you guys seen this new Instagram User @dailywatch? Pretty awesome gallery: http://instagram.com/dailywatch Found my next watch there! I think you would like it :)
  8. Hi, i'm posting for the first time and would like to share my watch with you and try and get some history for it. I am not really interested in it's value because it is a family piece. The watch is a Services watch and has Indian Army written just below it. The dial is paper and it has a small second dial with a sweeping second hand on it. It also has a little "button" on the side below the winder that helps set the time. It has come to me via my Father in Law who has 4 grand / greatgrand fathers who served in the Wars accross Europe, Africa and Asia. I have had it cleaned and had a new "in keeping" strap made for it and am very pleased with the results. I have a picture on Flickr of it but can't seem to upload it.
  9. I’m the web editor at Plaza Watch, a watch magazine distributed in over 45 countries. We are launching a new website later this autumn and I’m now looking for bloggers to team up with. I’m a regular visitor to Wrist Fashion and think we could do something really good together. Since you already have really good content perhaps we could share this somehow? And you would of course get a link to your website and a mention somehow. Would you be interested in this? If so then I will give you more info about the site and make sure you get the magazine on a regular basis.
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