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Found 95 results

  1. My mother and I have recently taken up watch repair after inheriting some broken pocket watches. We have two watches that are proving rather tricky, both have an English lever which appears to have a broken pivot, it seems that the pivot may have been a jewel since there was some residue in the bearing on one of the watches. I’m very new to this so I’m sorry if I’ve said anything silly so far, please correct me if anything I’ve said is wrong. We haven’t had much luck searching the problem since we’re not strictly sure what we should be searching for, so any help would be appreciated. I’ve only just realised how to add images, I’m new here too so apologies again!
  2. My name is Piotr and I am writing to you from Warsaw, Poland. I am and old clocks lover primarily from 1920s and 1930s. Unfortunately, my precious Rolls Westminster Clock Super Ancre has not been working for the long time. An experienced clockmaker in Warsaw told me told me some time ago that is was a matter of the platform escapement that should be replaced. The platform was quite worn out. He and his son-in-law tried to revive it and my clock was working for nearly 3 month and stopped. They tried again and again without success. We have tried hard, but we have not managed to find a similar one in Poland. I am wondering if you have the part that I am looking for?. I can send you some pictures of the clock and platform. I am interested in buying that part in working condition. Regards Piotr
  3. Does anyone have any information on this watch: Limit Alarm Chronograph / 50M Emergency Quartz? Dates of manufacture? Parts? (new crown and stem) Collectability? Many thanks. Dan
  4. Greetings, A long case clock I've owned for nearly 40 years requires repair, and in the spirit of lock down, I thought I'd have a crack at it myself. The first time I've attempted any clock repair that requires significant dismantling. The clock itself is I think mid 19th century, full height, painted face. The engineering quality suggests the 'bog standard' end of the market. The problem is that when I attempt to wind the chiming train, the ratchet doesn't catch and the weight descends immediately. Visual inspection indicates that a small black leaf spring has shattered. From my distant Meccano days, I knew that the widget that locks a ratchet is called a pawl. However in clock spares lists, I have searched for the word in vain. - Am I correct in thinking that the devices listed as 'click springs' are what I need here? - My second query concerns whether I need to prepare to open up the core frame of the mechanism, or are there any clever tricks for replacing these things without doing that? - And finally, if i do need to open up the mechanism fully, is there any standard protocol for putting these things back together again, aside from not bending anything or losing any bits? Any YouTube instruction videos that can be recommended would also be appreciated. Cheers.. Tom
  5. AndyPond

    Clock face

    I have just purchased a Westminster chime mantel clock. This is my first resto and I have no idea how to determine which model it is and where I might find spare parts including a new click face. I can add pictures but not right now. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  6. Hello im a new member and would like to introduce myself. Iam an 30 year old guy, father of 2 girls and Live in London. I have a couple of watches as Omega Seamaster, Iwc Top Gun,Gmt master II aka batman,Breitling Chronomat, Oris, Longines Thank you for membership and I'm looking forward to give/gain experience I hope this is the right place to let people know I'm a new member
  7. Hi Porker here, Yes I am fat but it is really a reference to my love of most things Porsche. I have loved Watches since teenage years and bought a Rolex Datajust 36 when I was in the RAF in about '96. I then left the forces and ventured out into the big bad world. Watches then took a back seat whilst other things took priority. Cars & motorcycles amongst other things. However in the last couple of years I think I have gone completely mad. I sold/exchanged the Rolex for a Tudor Pelegos LHD as I never wore the Rolex because the clasp kept coming undone every time I flexed my wrist and then my watch buying went completely mad. Several more Tudors, a couple of Nomos, a couple of Oris, a couple of Christopher Ward, a Fortis I have a Seiko diver from about 15 years ago as well as my fathers old Omega and an Aqua Terra. Then finally just before the shops shut I went into a Rolex AD and bought a Rolex Daytona. I think I am going mad and need help.
  8. Hi just stripped cleaned & rebuilt my first 1879 english lever fusee pocket watch now have just to pin hair spring but i am struggling to see the pin What is the best magification equipment to buy from Cousins Thanks in advance George PS i hate fusee chains lol
  9. Hello, I've made a silly mistake! I was taking apart a watch I've not worked on before, and rushed it. On removing the date wheel, the little brass coloured gear wheel on the right of the picture fell out, and I've no idea where from? It has a raised square edged centre on one side with a hole through and a smaller raised cone centre the other. This side also has a small pin set at approx 1/2 the diameter of the wheel. It has a course tooth edge which I cant seem to match up with anything. Aaarrgghh! Anyone help? Thank you. Matt
  10. Hi I'm trying to identify the following pocket watch movement it is in a solid silver Dennison watch case, UK Birmingham Hallmark dating 1915. I have no doubt watch and case are originally paired. The watch keeps excellent time and I am loathed to start stripping it down without good reason, to try and find more marks or serial number. The movement appears to be a 15 jewel separate bridge design with: 'US PAT 24 MAY 1904' being the only inscription on the movement. The centre / train bridge is quite a distinctive shape, but I have thus far been unable to identify its maker/calibre from various online reference sites or books, like the excelent Cooksey Shugart complete price guide to watches. The movement is 41mm diameter US 15 size I'd be grateful for any help to identify the maker of this movement. Many Thanks Jim https://imgur.com/a/XMMP5BZ Had real trouble trying to use the insert image from URL feature, can anyone give me some tips.. .
  11. Hi guys, I've got a Sekonda dual time watch (model number 5391), which i absolutely love, and I've searched hi and low fir an original bracelet for it, bu to no avail. I was wondering if anyone might know where i might be able to obtain one. :)
  12. Hi, I recently bought a small job lot of watches specifically for a Timex electric for spares, but amongst these was this 7 jewel Ingersoll. Initially not of much interest as the crown is missing and the hair spring distorted, making it run erratically and VERY fast! However curiosity got the better of me and I removed the balance and with a little skill and a LOT of luck, reformed the hair spring such that it has been running consistently now for a couple of days and is still within a minute or two of the time I set it. I cannot however identify the movement. It is definitely at least one step better made than the Ingersoll model 60, but not in the same league as ETA, more in the style of EB.... Any ideas out there?
  13. Hi, I have an old pocket watch with the words: JAs J Dagg, 242 Scotland Road, Liverpool, on the watch face. I’m wondering what the history behind it is, and approximately what year it would have been manufactured? (I want to post some photos of it on here, but I’m not having the option to do it.)
  14. I recently bought a Rotary Super-Sports from England. I will list what I think know about this watch. If I am wrong about anything please let me know and then I will get to my questions. I believe its a 1940, with an A. Schild 984/ 440 movement. 15 jewels. What I want to know; is it missing a tension ring at the crystal (bezel), is there a name for this case shape, could it have been an issued item for the war? Additionally is it wise to try to remove the lume that fell off the hands on to the dial, and is this a rare combination between the dial style with its markers in this case. I find very few examples of this watch.
  15. I saw a grandfather clock today with moon phases painted on it. I know that these could be used to show the phases of the moon. But this one has no drive system at all and never has been I think!, is this unusual or is purley decorative?
  16. First post here so bare with me.. I have recently purchased a Swiss watch which is branded as a Rone incabloc and a 17 jewel. I loved the look of the vintage/worn dial and so I grabbed it! I tried doing abit of research on the Rone brand but found very little info apart from they produced Swiss made watches from about 1920s - 70s. Also there are very few Rone watches available to purchase I have only seen a few on eBay but none of the same model as mine. If anyone knows anything about it please share. i tried to add a photo of mine but won’t let me for some reason :(
  17. My clock had a habit that it would stop, this was because the gut would get snagged, so I had to un snag it and it would go. To prevent this I installed new gut of the recommended size,its gone for a month without probs, but it has decided to do it again. When I wind the drum I feed it on with a knitting needle so that it sits tidily on the drum. Is there anything that I am missing? any ideas how to overcome this, the drum looks OK. Thanks in advance
  18. I started collected G10's when my GMTII started increasing in value, I wanted to feel slightly less conscious when travelling on the underground, reaching up for the grab rail and exposing my watch. Whilst I wanted something 'every day' and less obvious, I still wanted something I enjoyed wearing and that had something about it, history and desirability etc. Anyway getting to the point, my life long friend wants to offload his GMTII and I am looking at purchasing from him. In order to get this past the Long Haired General, I will need to sell some or all of my CWC collection... I have been a keen collector of the navigator style and managed to locate and purchase the coveted 1980 "Fat Nav" which I am also prepared to let go to a worthy custodian at the right price... I am looking for some selling advice, happy to use this forum, another forum or eBay to sell, obviously very keen to get a guide on prices...
  19. Every so often i get them out and give them a light shine.
  20. Good evening all I have have had this watch since the late 1980s it no longer runs I have sent this to seiko who have stated spares are no longer available the watch has ran without missing a beat since I purchased it until recently Is there anyone else that can possibly help me please the watch has a 24hr face and only sweeps once each day ie 3am = 6am ie everything doubled Kind regards Pete
  21. Hi, I am relatively new to the world of watches and have acquired a Services pocket watch which seems to be the same as that in the picture but with the late 50's to early 70's Services brand logo on the dial. It has a Wotania 1 jewel unadjusted movement. The gold finish is thin and worn off. Can anyone tell me anything about this watch and what the gold finish was? I think it may have been a 'contract watch’ badge engineered for Services. Thanks in advance Services Logos https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cImqnnO_MlZSoOqkvhs-777kFtFqiGHY/view?usp=sharing Watch Picture https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BsxjJm-SN7j7Raa5jDkznhVztd3YdYwO/view?usp=sharing
  22. Hi, I have found a Lever Sportsman’s wrist watch. It has a round face, in two different circular tones of colour. It ha a very small second hand at the bottom placed inside the bottom ring of colour. Either side is foreign made A huge winder with a very fine pin into the watch. It appears to be made in a dull brass coloured metal. Inside is a brass movement, a cover is missing and part of the moment beneath. It is not working. Question is it worth spending money on. Keith Lockwood.
  23. Now then... blimey it's taken me a year to make my first post! apologies for that. Well, I'm back because I've bough a replacement Grandfather clock. I've always been interested in clocks much to my wife's annoyance as her late Father was a watch and clock repairer, I guess the smells of clocks, parts lying around, which one is showing the reliable time etc has put her off. I have a habit of buying on impulse, cheap and often rubbishy things that I believe will sell on and make a bit too, often I keep things for years before letting them go. My first Grandfather clock which I reluctantly let go was a pine 30 hour clock, bought for £225 mid eighties sometime I regrettably let it go to a new home but did make a nice penny or two when pine furniture was fashionable. I now have, after a couple of weeks a nice cheap £225 again, nice oak/mahogany 1770 Kellett of Bradbury longcase Grandfather clock and I'm currently giving it a 'good' clean up and some general repairs. It runs okay although being a bit worn. Hope to show more photos if this one works.... using Google photos, (Fingers crossed that it works!)
  24. Hi, Just joined, well.... first post after joining a year ago! I wonder if anyone can recommend a touch up for a damaged Grandfather clock dial. The usual damage, the broken away enamel on face from the post attached behind to fix to movement (I dunno what these things are called) On the left of dial I tested using a permanent tyre wall pen, looks okay but it's a bit too white. The right damage was because someone had tried to solder the fixing leg to the dial and burnt the enamel.... When I got the clock a couple of weeks ago both these damages were disguised by over painting that had gone pinkish... there were decal flowers attached, it looked diabolical.... having cleaned all that off it don't look that much better. So what do I do from here? A LOT of work I know.... I even found more details by shining a UV light across the dial in the dark and much to my surprise I could see the makers name (Kellett Bredbury)
  25. Hello Community, I am pretty new member of the watch community so I might be asking silly questions. Apologies if this happens. I recently came in possession of a Bernex Watch (BN 24101). Although I like the watch itself I realize I know very little of the brand and don't really find a way to communicate with the makers (whereabouts, etc...) Does anyone know this brand? Is this a relatively well-known business? As I am relatively neophyte, I feel it might be easy to do an otherwise ill-advised purchase. Many thanks !
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