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Found 26 results

  1. Now then... blimey it's taken me a year to make my first post! apologies for that. Well, I'm back because I've bough a replacement Grandfather clock. I've always been interested in clocks much to my wife's annoyance as her late Father was a watch and clock repairer, I guess the smells of clocks, parts lying around, which one is showing the reliable time etc has put her off. I have a habit of buying on impulse, cheap and often rubbishy things that I believe will sell on and make a bit too, often I keep things for years before letting them go. My first Grandfather clock which I reluctantly let go was a pine 30 hour clock, bought for £225 mid eighties sometime I regrettably let it go to a new home but did make a nice penny or two when pine furniture was fashionable. I now have, after a couple of weeks a nice cheap £225 again, nice oak/mahogany 1770 Kellett of Bradbury longcase Grandfather clock and I'm currently giving it a 'good' clean up and some general repairs. It runs okay although being a bit worn. Hope to show more photos if this one works.... using Google photos, (Fingers crossed that it works!)
  2. Hi, Just joined, well.... first post after joining a year ago! I wonder if anyone can recommend a touch up for a damaged Grandfather clock dial. The usual damage, the broken away enamel on face from the post attached behind to fix to movement (I dunno what these things are called) On the left of dial I tested using a permanent tyre wall pen, looks okay but it's a bit too white. The right damage was because someone had tried to solder the fixing leg to the dial and burnt the enamel.... When I got the clock a couple of weeks ago both these damages were disguised by over painting that had gone pinkish... there were decal flowers attached, it looked diabolical.... having cleaned all that off it don't look that much better. So what do I do from here? A LOT of work I know.... I even found more details by shining a UV light across the dial in the dark and much to my surprise I could see the makers name (Kellett Bredbury)
  3. I I have inherited a clock from my grandfather it is numbered with 253247 made by smiths of London and I was woundering if any one knew the history behind the clock it’s pretty heavy so don’t think it’s a car clock and in not bad condition I don’t know how to add a pic
  4. Dear all, i have just inherited this clock...but I'm not sure what clock it is or even if it is a clock! Any information would be gratefully appreciated thankyou Hello all how do you insert a picture thankyou, @Derek006 https://photos.app.goo.gl/gtYyfiFyxpN8ML6q9 thankyou https://photos.app.goo.gl/gtYyfiFyxpN8ML6q9
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2114919621/excellent-nixie-watch-ver-1/posts/2264713 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuwlgLKlwVQ&t=
  6. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows anything about a alarm clock maker called Services? My wife bought a job lot of old alarm clocks recently in which were two Services 'Siren' clocks, but I can't seem to find anything about this maker (although the name itself does not make an online search too easy). One of the clocks after a little cleaning now runs beautifully and keeps excellent time, although a 2nd clock (exactly the same) does run fast, no matter how the hairspring is adjusted. Just interested to know more about them. Any comments much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hello all, first time poster and hoping your experience and wisdom will help me resurrect this 1950s/60s car clock. It’s a 2” in-dash Smiths, CE 2160/02. It looks complete and the movement looks clean. I acquired as a non-tested clock. I think it’s negative earth, but first question is how to correctly connect it to 12v? It has a single yellow wire - is this for live feed or earth? Other than this it has two threadposts at the rear with knurled nuts and washers. I huess these fix it into the dash but are either of the threaded posts at the back for 12v positive also? All pointers appreciated. Many thanks.
  8. Hi, New to the world of clocks and asking for a bit of info. The limited history I know of it is it was previously my grandmothers but she did get it second hand when in Australia. Would anyone know anything further about the clock? At the bottom of the face it what looks to say Made in USA although the letters are worn after Made i.... so I may be wrong in that. Also does anyone have any recommendations on a place in London to get the clock serviced? While the clock does run, it doesn't last more then 1 day or so since its trip over from the land of Oz and the last service was sometime between 1995-98 so probably due for anther by now. Thanks
  9. Thanks to the people who do this work of art. A week ago, I went to the site http://komandirskie.com and I found a cheap watch, made an order. They are very cool. Many advantages and most importantly beautiful.
  10. Hi, All. Have just bought my first clock movement to hopefully bring back to life. From what I have gleaned, it's French, c. 1880s, has a count wheel set-up for the chime, takes a size 18 key and has a small pendulum (approx. 15cm, top-to-toe). There doesn't seem to be a maker's mark, just a serial number - 13078 - on front and back and an enigmatic inscription, either 15dm, 15Am, or 15clm on the backplate. The "15" is stamped, the characters are engraved in italics. Would anyone have an idea what this actually says and, more importantly, what it might mean? I'd love to post pictures, but don't know how. Many thanks in anticipation.
  11. I'm 17 and looking to buy my first 'nice' vintage, mechanical dress watch. £600 - £800 ish budget. I have VERY limited experience in the field and would appreciate any guidance and advice you could offer, whether it is on an actual watch or just the culture surrounding vintage pieces. Thanks!
  12. Hi there - recently acquired this clock from Germany and it syncs to CET - 1 hour in front. Does anyone know if it's possible to change this? Thanks
  13. Hello everyone! I'm as new to the forum as I am in the watch-area; total newbie. I became a member to discuss an impending acquisition. I'm in the market for a watch with a clean, humble design, and has gotten my eyes on this piece: Georg Jensen Koppel 307. It sports an ETA Automatic 2894, and is priced at approx 2000 € excl. VAT. I've hade a hard time finding any reviews/information at all regarding these watches online, except this one post on this forum that in the end really didn't offer much insight regarding the jensen watches. Only a comment that highlighted the fact that Georg Jensen was a jewelery manufacturer, not a watch-maker, and thus implied substandard quality(?). Does anyone have any experience with this/or a similar piece? I really appreciate the modest design, clean dial, no numbers, no abundance of small plotty details, that you'd find on most other popular watches. Are there any 'better' alternatives of similar watches? Best regards!
  14. Hi there. I found this weird looking clock movement at my local carboot sale, i purchased it out of pure curiosity really, does anyone know what it is please? I thought it being maybe a pigeon clock movement but im really not sure? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Hi I am wondering if anyone can help me with any info for this clock I have. I have searched the internet and have found similar ones which possibly date from the 1950's but I haven't found one like this. Any help would be much appreciated. Hoping this photobucket link works as I am not too sure how to share the picture. Please let me know if it is not available to view
  16. So I stumbled across This bad boy yesterday and wanted to get some opinions as I've never seen or heard of it my life before.
  17. I've started collecting a few Junghans radio controlled clocks after seeing an RC2 in the British Museum. I thought it might be good to own the world's first mass produced r/c clock. I emailed Junghans Germany to see if they could tell me about the manufacturing dates of my 2 clocks and whether the RC2 came before the Mega. I think something must get lost in translation as I get half an answer for every 2 questions I ask. So, does anyone know the history of these clocks? I'd appreciate your help!
  18. Hello I saw this on ebay, made in Germany. (Couldn't add German tag as one doesn't exist!) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Praetorian-Night-Patrol-Black-PVD-Military-Watch-Tritium-Illumination-T25-/261016972935?pt=Wristwatches&hash=item3cc5d2ee87 http://www.milwatches.com/product_info.php/language/en/info/p1762_Praetorian-Night-Patrol-Black-PVD---Nato-Armband.html Looks good I thought, does anyone own one? Are they any good, they have a Quartz Citizen/Miyota 2115 movement inside. Any replies are welcome. Thanks
  19. I would like to know more about a clock I acquired from my grandparents many years ago. As I am over 70 it is probably at least 90 years old. There are no obvious external markings. It still goes but probably needs a service. For a photo please follow this link :- https://www.dropbox....t%2015.35.jpg?m
  20. Hi, I am new to this forum and have been very interested in mechanical watches for a long time. I do know the working of the watches/clocks and can understand the language but not an expert in fixing this (i am hoping to become one) I got a desk clock (mini carriage clock). This is mechanical and has Canham written in the face. The mechanism runs fine and keeps good time when laid down flat but in upright position it stops working (in some 5-10 ticks) . Can someone point me please towards possible things so that I can try fixing it ? I am not a watch expert but had a fair chance of meddling with them with crude tools. The mechanism is marked 'Foreign' and has balance wheel and the escape wheel on jewels. There are two jewel pallets. The mechanism looks clean (not in a dusty environment or greasy) The watch keeps good time when running flat. The ticks are even, healthy and loud. The mechanism does not stop. The only issue is in its natural upright position it stops (almost quite immediately). The feeling is as though the power in the escape wheel suddenly exponentially decreases until the balance struggles to tick and finally stops in approx. 5-10 ticks (sometimes in less than 10 ticks). thanking you in advance.
  21. Hi, I inherited this brass Longines Clock made in West Germany and cannot find a clock similar to it through scouring the internet. If anyone could give me an idea to the production date and any other relevant info would be very well recieved and very grateful. It says made in West Germany, so I know this dates it to before 1990, but that is as much as I know. Please see link for picture. Can I take this opportunity to thank anyone for their input and advice in advance. Steve http://i1288.photobu...zpsff688b45.jpg
  22. Have you guys seen this new Instagram User @dailywatch? Pretty awesome gallery: http://instagram.com/dailywatch Found my next watch there! I think you would like it :)
  23. Hello. I have a Zenith 8 Jours clock. It is mounted on what looks like a propellor with the blades cut off. I think its is a dashboard clock. Is it from a car or aeroplane? I have photos but i can't see how to attach to post. This is my first post so there may be restrictions thanks Barry
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