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Found 67 results

  1. I posted on the WRUW topic earlier but heres the official thread! I was lucky enough to pick up this little gem today. Paid for it during the lockdown at the end of April after spamming my ADs with chaser emails regarding my current position on "the list". I'd got into a bit of routine of touching base every few months. The next day I got an email to ring in urgently.....and 2 months later here we are!! Amazing service. Whilst I didn't get the obligatory glass of bubbles for obvious reasons, they kindly gave me a free gift (Rolex branded leather card wallet) and a letter from the CEO. I also asked for a catalogue as a little keepsake (I didn't realise how good the Rolex catalogues are). I also didn't realise that Mappin and Webb throw on an additional 5 years warranty on top of the Rolex 5. Full 10 years worth of cover. Pretty reassuring. So to the watch. Just love it. The fit is amazing, the quality exceptional, it just looks stunning on the wrist. So pleased. I initially tried on an Omega SMP300 about a year ago, and had the money ready to purchase - in fact I had every intention of purchasing there and then - but once it was on the wrist it just didn't click with me. Not knocking the Omega, its an awesome timepiece, and one day I may buy one, but it proves that you need to see a watch in the flesh to 100% know it's the one. After trying the SMP I tried on a 2-tone Sub as well as my pals no date and I knew it was the one for me. The Rolex Sub fit and finish just felt perfect. I decided then it would be; date complication, retail only, no grey market, save up and just wait as long as it took. To the list and the wait - I've been on a list for a Sub Date for about 15 months; however with this particular AD for only 8 months or so, with no additional purchases or sweeteners to get me in. Must have been the right place at the right time. I'd recommend that if anyone is on the fence about Rolex due to the waitlist it's worth getting on one anyway and being patient. Stay in contact with your AD. Gently nudge them from time to time. You may get lucky. Just as a final side note, the AD gave me all my paperwork to take away, even though I'd been told initially they would be withheld for 12 months. It's either an oversight on their behalf, or restrictions have been lifted a little with regards to UK Rolex paperwork practices. Some photos
  2. What's going on, divers and watch collectors! I just got my PADI dive master license and start to look for a new diving watch, then I saw this Crestical TX-1 on kickstarter recently and found that pretty cool. What I like about it the most is the duel bezel design which gives me a 24-hr GMT bezel for adjusting time zone while traveling and an inner bezel for calculating dive time. Of course you can use a dive computer for this, but I think most people prefer a real watch when it does the same thing and has luminous coating (for both outer and inner bezel). A little bit more detail about it: Titanium-made housing and strap Sapphire crystal Duel Bezel (as mentioned before) Helium Escape Valve (which releases the helium gas when returning to surface and prevents the glass from popping out), and it says 300-meter waterproof, when 40-meter is actually enough for most fun divers. What I like this campaign (other than the watch itself) the most is that they offer diverse customized options for me to kind of design my own configuration However, I'm pretty lazy to think of this while enjoying my diving journey. I chose the Dark Knight from their recommendations here Here's the campaign for you to check out, have fun diving and hope the information helps! CRESTICAL TX-1 Titanium Customized Dive Watch
  3. First post. Yesterday I was extremely excited to receive my new Seiko Turtle Padi SRPA21K1. Thought it was an absolute bargain as was in sale plus 25% off and another £20 discount code brought it down to approx £270. Sounded to good to be true, well yes it was. The shop had 5 in stock, I thought about it for a few days then checked only 1 left in stock so I pulled the trigger. So yesterday the watch arrived, opened the packaging and there was a white box opened that and revealed a white watch box. Now I thought that's strange as all the reviews and youtube vids I had seen the watch came in a special edition black Padi box. Ok so still really excited to see my new watch. Tried it on and if I'm honest thought the strap was a little on the cheap side for a rrp £429 watch. Anyway thought yes looks nice on the wrist. Took it back off to adjust the time. Started to unscrew the crown and felt like grinding metal. The thread was rough as ! ! ! ! Felt absolutely gutted tried screwing the crown back and forth but definitely something not right. So anyway noticed the outer box had a number on it it was from a ladies Seiko ! Then looked at instructions they were from a solar quartz watch. So theres my experience with my first ever Sieko ABSOLUTELY GUTTED. Sorry dont know how to attach photos. Sorry meant to add Isent it back today for a refund.
  4. Hello all, I am looking for an affordable diver watch, around 180 euros. My wrist is quite small, so preferably 38mm. I was looking at the Invicta Pro Diver, but I dont know if people would look at me like the "Guy with the cheap submariner" Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Choosed some colorful straps for winter, whats yours ?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to decide on a piece I can wear for everything. This is my first watch and at the age of 31 I am running out of reasons not to buy a watch for myself. I can't find a fiancé which comes with an engagement offering, or parents that will produce a graduation present. So I'm looking at either a more practical Bell & Ross BR02/BR03 Diver or a Blancpain FF (2200-6530-66) or a IWC. Any other suggestions welcome. All I know is I don't want something too recognisable . Would like something a bit different. The Blancpain FF with the black bezel is where I'm currently leaning, thanks in advance. https://ibb.co/Ypw8nL3 https://ibb.co/T0G0X9g https://ibb.co/8BYm5nP https://ibb.co/mGbkqfC https://ibb.co/7kYVg4g A D E E free online picture hosting
  7. I bought this online from a trusted seller through the Shopee app (similar to our eBay and Gumtree in the UK) for a really good price the other weel. It was listed as used but the watch and box looked new apart from the discoloured jelly that had gone yellow over a decade. I looked online and bought a new rubber bezel and straps from seller on eBay located in Manchester and within a week they had arrived in Thailand. So I took the opportunity to take a few photos to show just how bad the discolouration is (some call it patina but personally I’m not a fan): Here’s the watch untouched: Here’s a comparison with the ICERC Frogman and the transparent jelly in comparison to the 25th anniversary frosted jelly. Surprising what a decade brings in improvements to technology and materials: Replacement parts (yellow tint due to desk): Dismantled the parts. Springbar under each strap and four screws for the bezel. There was no dirt around the case which surprised me. This could have passed for an unworn watch: Old vs new jelly: An opportunity to take a look at the 2422 module on its own (note some clouding around the edges): Case fitted and test screen activated: End results: I’m glad I ordered the replacement jelly as it freshens up a ten year old watch. Tempted to dye the discoloured jelly but still deciding on a colour that will complement the gold case. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi all, I tried looking for a conversation on this comparison but couldn’t find one. I’m looking to make my first foray into divers watched and I’ve narrowed it down to two: the BB58 and the Oris Sixty-Five Bronze (36mm). I can’t actually find the latter for sale for some reason and am well aware of the waiting list for the former. Any advice most appreciated!
  9. Hi I am reaching out for the help of someone who owns an Orient Mako III (Kano) RA-AA0011B19B. The crown has broken off and lost and contacting Orient in respect of sourcing a replacement or even information about the dimensions of the crown have been met with polite refusal. I was hoping that perhaps someone on the forum who owns an intact Kano could give me a rough idea of the diameter and length of the crown so I can source a generic replacement either from a shop that sells parts or Ebay. Any help or advice would be very welcome . Thanks in advance Paul
  10. Nothing unique about this Mako II but I sure do like its sunburst blue dial. Regards Hog
  11. This is a watch i bought from eBay last month, i have to say the watch impressed me. It's a Chinese brand you may not heard it before, neither do i, the brand called San Martin. I found they made a lots of bronze watches which really interested me, and finally i decide to take this one. so far i'm very pleased for this watch. Here i just want to share some of my experiences, i talk about it as i'm a fan of watches, and a collector of good watches. here we just go for this watch. The watch diameter is around 39mm, include crown around 42mm, thickness is around 12mm, wear on my wrist just a perfect size, the movement is Seiko NH35, the case use bronze material, on the picture you can already seen the oxidization already make it became more brown, the finishing is brushed around the case body, now it seems more like a sandblasted finishing, and i thought it would be rusted by the sweat if i wear it in summer, but i found the case back is made in stainless steel which avoided this problem. You can't see any logo on this watch, but it's fine for me, the seller told me they provide service for customized logo on dial, but it will take some to do it, so i just pass it. For the dial, i found they have a lot of versions, and i also picked some photos on their website.these version they have black, blue and green colors. and the tracking printing on dials used SLN C3 luminous oill from Switzerland. Same for Hands. I really love the lum effect, it just light up the watch. the strap they told it's top layer cow leather, for me it's a little bit hard to wear, i would like it to be more softer, could wear more comfortable, the strap has quick release by the way, the strap width is 20mm, and i have some other nylon nato straps, which just easy to change and it just amazing match, and looks also nice. Talk about the water resistance, this watch has 200 meters water resistance, i'm not try yet, i was planning to swim next week and wear this watch, i think it's may be a good choice for diving too. and i'm also expecting to see the finishing after diving. then talk about the price, i get the watch on ebay by $168, i think the price is very acceptable compare to the watches i bought before, i would say the same quality, San Martin watch have a better price to get. they have free tools by the way, for this watch they send free polish tool for watch case, and screw drivers, a set of booklets. it's a very nice purchase experience anyway. Last but not least, let me know your comments about this watch, like or dislike, or share your experience to me, thank you.
  12. Looking to buy a second hand "Divers" watch with a budget of around £1500. I would be eternally grateful for the Forums guidance into the more "random" manufacturers out there as well as the more mainstream. "Vintage" would also be of interest within the prescribed remit.
  13. Hi All, I’m Tom, random member with some random watches. Everything from a GShock....to a soon to arrive Panerai with a splattering of Pulsar, CWC, Tag, Dunhill and Montblanc in the middle. Looking forward to chatting to you all! Very best.
  14. The lume is layered - the hands are the brightest, markers slightly less bright, and the bezel dimmer still, to avoid flare in night vision goggles - either yours or the enemy's lol See you in a bit, just going on to Ebay to get some night vision watchmaker's magnifying goggles Oh, in case you didn't see the watch - it comes on a chunky rubber strap.
  15. Could somebody please tell me the difference between these two longines legend divers? I notice that the dials are signed differently at the automatic - can anyone explain why or which watch is “better” thank-you Okay, so I just read up that they added this 30 bar bit to the dial in 2013 or thereabouts - but after some deliberation and customer dissatisfaction they dropped it back off... what does anyone think about this becoming a rare model some day?
  16. Just picked up a crazy Citizen divers watch that I’ve had my eye on for some time. Couldn’t say no after they gave 50% discount. Suits Thailand’s sabai sabai attitude but don’t think I could get away with it in the UK. Lets see what other crazy divers watches you have. I’ll start:
  17. Hi, looking for some advice please. Im interested in purchasing a christopher ward c65 trident automatic. I love the retro design, colours and leather strap and size. But due to them being online only i am interested in asking about quality and value for money as im very much a fan of being able to feel and see a product before i buy. Ive never spent more than £300 on a watch before so this what i consider to be a more sizeable investment. I am new to the world of watches, ive always had an interest of sorts and have always liked Omega but feel i cannot justify the price (yet) any help in these matters are grately appreciated. Thanks in anticipation Robert Catley.
  18. Hello, please let me introduce you the STH Carbon, on Kickstarter from the 1st June! Case and Dial entirely made of carbon fiber. Double domed 4mm thick sapphire crystal AR coated. Screw down crown. 300mt/1000ft water resist. Seiko NH35a automatic mov. Case 44mm cushion shaped with 36mm face/dial Superluminova c3 Short drilled and curved lugs for max comfort. for more photos and updates my personal page http://www.facebook.com/sth.watches.3 and STH page http://www.facebook.com/sthwatch/ Thanks!
  19. I got this watch a couple months ago. Previously I had the stainless version which is also shown in this video. Both are extremely accurate. http://youtu.be/coJVgXmNGzM
  20. hi Simon....I have managed to find a bezel that seems the right size to fit this TARA allsport watch....(original one missing)...however am struggling to get it to fit securely...have tried giving the spring a few bends in different places but it doesn't seem to want to clip on tight...don't know if this is something you could point me in the right direction for...advice wise....or if not ....something you could remedy quite cheaply for me... perhaps with a different spring? maybe... many thanks
  21. Anyone know where i could find a bezel for this TARA All Sport Divers Watch?....Or if one can't be found ....if it would be possible to fit a generic replacement of some type or perhaps one from another watch with same size face?....Any suggestions?.......watch face is 30mm diameter and case 35mm (minus crown) many thanks
  22. Hi guys, tried signing up up and it turned out I was already a member. Really don’t remember doing that, may have been a lurker, anyway just a quick hello. obviously into watches, started about 18 years ago when my parents bought me a nice Raymond Weil don something or other, really classy Art Deco chrono. I’ve bought and sold on numerous seiko divers and eventually about ten years ago I bit the bullet and got a planet ocean with white numbers and black bezel. I love this watch and I think it’s my favorite dive watch. Bought a new explorer a bit over a year ago which again I’m totally in love with and last week I got a moonwatch which I’m smitten with. On here to learn more about watches etc, love good pictures of watches and always nice to see what’s out there in the way of straps and new models etc. Kind regards to all Chris
  23. Evening ladies & gents, Firstly, thanks for having me, literally just made an account. So you all are aware I am a complete novice in regards to watches let alone Rolex's so apologies for any naivety on my part. My current range is a bog-standard Casio G-SHOCK and a Kirby Morgan (diver) watch which I believe runs with Seiko internals but don't take my word on that. So, I was recently fortunate enough to have won a 'Rolex Deepsea 126660 James Cameron Edition' watch through a BOTB (Best of the Best) competition run through the UK. For those of you who don't know it's a guessing game where you selected from a variety of tickets from cars, watches, bikes, holidays etc. The aim of the game is to guess where the center of the football is in the screenshot of two footballers looking in the direction of the ball. I was lucky this week and my winning ticket was the Rolex. So as a winner you are given the opportunity to either take the prize (worth 9050 GBP according to their website) or take a cash alternative at 7000 GBP. I hastily took the watch as I have been made aware from a fellow Saturation diver who collects Rolex's that their value usually increase overtime. They have now placed the order and have been told the waiting list can be anywhere from 1-2 years. My question to you is, over the next year or two whilst I’m waiting for the watch could you estimate any increase in value and also over the next 1-5 years thereafter? I guess the answer to that will also answer my next which would be do you think I made the right decision in turning down the cash option. Completely understand no such thing is guaranteed and any estimates given are exactly that, just an estimate. Thanks for taking the time to read through this, apologies for it being a bit long winded, just wanted to spin the whole spiel. Cheers ads
  24. N New arrival from the current C.W. sale. Had to go for 38mm as i know 43mm will be large. First impressions are fairly heavy , the patina lume sort of looks odd when you are used to white. Has a nice domed sapphire and nice matte black bezel which very closely matches the dial. Is it a dressy diver though? , it came on a nice bracelet and has 600m wr, but the hour markers might be to petite for some. Lume shot above. Nice matching date wheel and a lovely shaped and machined case with a slight brush finish. Has the dreaded logo, which takes part of the 9 marker away, a nice vladimir script C.W. would probably suffice below the 12 marker, and I would love to see ward do something like this next time around. Will give it a wear for a few days to see how I get on with it. Thanks.
  25. Every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet to expand my options for watch stands. I try to get good former retail display stands. These can feature the logo of a brand you favor (or want to display), or are made of fine material (wood, plexi, leather). Some are made cheaply and wont survive the use and abuse of regularly having watches put them, taken off, put back on. Others are superbly made and will last a long time. Sometimes I get lucky and get some in VG or like new condition. This month I did a look-see and found a black, plastic one with the Nixon logo very discreetly embossed into one corner, hard to notice except in direct light. Suited me because I own no Nixon watches. What intrigued me was the elegant chrome arm coming up that supports the "C" band support in two positions: vertical 12-up, or a 45 degree angle dial up. In low light it sort of disappears and the watch appears to be floating (I'd guess this was never apparent in a brightly lit jewelry or watch store). Nice shape, good bargain for $11ish. The same seller had some Seiko stands, most of them sort of beat up and the coverings or material showing wear and tear, coming off the underlying base. (With some snazzy stands, when the covering gets scuffed or ripped, is coming off, the whole effect is ruined. Think of wood veneer that's peeled up and showing particle board underneath.) This one's in fine shape. I have no idea what model it was intended to display, with its carbon fiber pattern, and yellow highlight down the lateral center. I'm guessing it was for a sport watch, maybe with a racing tie-in. The "C" band support is huge, that's an issue I found with some stands: they are intended to hold a watch with the unadjusted factory bracelet (no links removed), so with small wrists like mine a watch that's sized for me doesn't a quite fit. Except for my 7S26 diver (SKXA47K), which has a diver extension on it (a small latch that expands the bracelet to fit over a wet suit, then locks away under the bracelet clasp when not in use). With the extension released, this lovely underrated watch stands proud on my new stand. Looking high speed?
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