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Found 152 results

  1. Good afternoon all! I've been trying to find out about my Mum's Seiko which she had for many years and so far I've drawn up nothing. I vaguely remember as a child it being a bit of a thing when she bought it and certainly looking at it now it doesn't compare to another Seiko she has. This one is much heavier (37g) and "special". It's 14K gold as stamped. Any other info from anyone? Any hints as to where I could find more? She travelled a lot so it was perfectly possible (likely) she bought it in Japan. On the back it has: 748135, underneath 14K, and then under that 0525 Any ideas?
  2. My SKX011J1 is a few months old. I'd got its regulation pretty well nailed to keeping almost true time (while worn) but after several week or more of daily use (I'd found myself preferring it to others) for no reason I can identify it started running a little too fast. Then crazy fast, so fast that maybe minutes per day were being gained. I tried running it right down, tried tapping it in various orientations lest the hairspring had somehow hooked up somehow causing this crazy acceleration. Eventually I put it back on the timegrapher - and could find no setting that restored any kind of sanity. It was put aside as a bad job gone wrong with a faulty escapement and I wore other watches. I have others with the 7S26/7S36 movements and they behave themselves in a predictable way, allowing a bit of back"hacking" when in need of winding but behaving as these do when worn sensibly. Including another couple I'd also managed to get running sub-6secs gain daily. Not quite as near-perfect as the 011 but not far away. Periodically I'd wind the 011 to see if anything had shifted back to normality but that never happened and I began to consider giving it an eBay transplant to an nh36, but did nothing about it. Then on the 16th Jan 2020 I tried again, Wow. It kept time! Slightly slow, but back to usable.So I wore it, with a second watch on my other wrist as a sanity check. Until going to bed last night, it showed an almost-acceptable pattern of losing about 8secs/day. Not as I'd set it months earlier, but on the slow side of acceptable. And this morning of the 19th, worn overnight, it's gained *5 minutes* over 8 hours. Back to its crazy house state again after running ok worn for over two days clear. I'm puzzled by this unaccountable schizophrenia in this previously admirable watch.... I'm retired, and am barely active enough to keep an auto watch like these running so I pretend I have St Vitus Dance for a minute or two periodically to apply some actual movement to - the movement! Other than that I rotate watches like many do, and none have suffered impacts or been dropped. I'm careful. Comments welcome. Helpful ones even moreso!
  3. Hi all,I have two seiko quartz, an A158 5059 and an A021 5000. I would like to place them in their original boxes. Can anyone advise which boxes these models should be in, or maybe have pictures of them? Thanks. Matt
  4. I'm interested in how people organise their watch collections. I personally just do the dress, tool, beater - Tangente, BB Chrono and Casio F-91W respectively (although I'm in the midst of selling my BB Chrono and have certainly been swooning over the Rolex Explorer I for some time now). Do you just collect from certain brands, certain models or according to the type of tool watch (one dive, one chrono etc.)? As a bonus question, advice as to what I should replace the BB Chrono with would be welcome.
  5. I have just bought an old Seiko which was made in October 1965 and it has a pretty filthy dial. It is a 6205-8940 DIASHOCK SELFDATER, 24 JEWELS, it's had a tough life as you can tell by the photo, but, it is working well, keeping very good time. I would like to clean up the dial, but, I understand it will never look great. Someone (watch butcher) has obviously had a go at cleaning previously and been rather rough with it. Am I right in thinking that the writing is inked and then varnished, or, is it some sort of vinyl decal? Some advice would really be appreciated.
  6. I bought this online from a trusted seller through the Shopee app (similar to our eBay and Gumtree in the UK) for a really good price the other weel. It was listed as used but the watch and box looked new apart from the discoloured jelly that had gone yellow over a decade. I looked online and bought a new rubber bezel and straps from seller on eBay located in Manchester and within a week they had arrived in Thailand. So I took the opportunity to take a few photos to show just how bad the discolouration is (some call it patina but personally I’m not a fan): Here’s the watch untouched: Here’s a comparison with the ICERC Frogman and the transparent jelly in comparison to the 25th anniversary frosted jelly. Surprising what a decade brings in improvements to technology and materials: Replacement parts (yellow tint due to desk): Dismantled the parts. Springbar under each strap and four screws for the bezel. There was no dirt around the case which surprised me. This could have passed for an unworn watch: Old vs new jelly: An opportunity to take a look at the 2422 module on its own (note some clouding around the edges): Case fitted and test screen activated: End results: I’m glad I ordered the replacement jelly as it freshens up a ten year old watch. Tempted to dye the discoloured jelly but still deciding on a colour that will complement the gold case. Any suggestions?
  7. Once a respected name in watch making, they lost there way in the quartz period unable to compete on price. This watch was affected by gravel rash to the glass and surrounding bezel. Less than £4 for the new glass, but unfortunately the bezel lost its gold finish in removing the damage. Had the watch held any value I could have had it gold plated, but for now it will have to go bald faced.. Still quite an attractive watch.
  8. This is a cool looking watch, looks like they've done a really good job, think it would look even better with a black dial & bezel rather than blue, but still good none the less. Would really like one of these.
  9. Hi would just like to share a few photos of my seiko bellmatic alarm watch. Can’t see many around that have a numbered dial any comments appreciated thanks mike. F65396F6-E712-4259-8758-9B37B722F9ED by Lavino lavino, on Flickr E33B6A06-5CB9-44DF-82BD-9D457AE3BE56 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr 7AE14266-9115-46E7-AA4B-033577BBC5AB by Lavino lavino, on Flickr
  10. Interesting ebay find.. This chronograph watch reached me just in time, when I finally managed to get the back off the battery was just beginning to leak, but no damage had been done. The bezel took a while to turn and click, but now works fine. After replacing the battery I found instructions for a 6850 G8 1155. and to my surprise I was able to carry out a reset, then set the time and Calendar.by using the bottom function dial. The calendar is interesting in that when you set the function pointer to cal, the small second hand indicates the month, and the large second hand indicates the the date on a scale outside the dial. I am quite pleased with this one. I have no idea of the age but it is in remarkable condition.
  11. I have slowly been building a small collection of Animal watches. Today a Animal Hurricane watch arrived, Black and gold and rated to 200 metres, I have been unable to find a mark on it. The photos are as received, I have not even set the date yet. I reckon they used to sell at around £90, I paid a fraction of that..
  12. This watch came to me salt water damaged. Only stubbornness made me have a go at restoring it. The bezel and case back where frozen to the case, and took a couple of hours to free off.. The movement refused to work with a new battery luckily I had a spare Myota OS60 in my parts box. Removing the blistering removed most of the coating from the brass case, but it came out of my silver plating tank looking not perfect but acceptable. During the restoration the rubber cap on the crown fell to pieces, I replaced it with two 4 mm O rings super glued on, then capped it with a rhinestone, Finally a new watch strap from the Watchgecko sale.. Quite a cheap job less than £20, but the watch is now fully functional and looks presentable.
  13. Hi I am reaching out for the help of someone who owns an Orient Mako III (Kano) RA-AA0011B19B. The crown has broken off and lost and contacting Orient in respect of sourcing a replacement or even information about the dimensions of the crown have been met with polite refusal. I was hoping that perhaps someone on the forum who owns an intact Kano could give me a rough idea of the diameter and length of the crown so I can source a generic replacement either from a shop that sells parts or Ebay. Any help or advice would be very welcome . Thanks in advance Paul
  14. Anybody know what year more or less this Orient 469 is from and does it look original? My first guess is it is from the 1970's? Some people argue that Seiko 5's from the 70's with the 700x movement are more robust than the current 7s26 models (I believe the latter has plastic components). I wonder if the same is true of vintage Orient Tristar series, were they constructed better in the 70's-80's than today?
  15. The year is 1976. I was a newly minted constable in the Queensland Police Force. My first day on the job, someone asks "Why aren't I wearing a watch?. Every copper has to have a reliable watch." So, at the first opportunity I popped down to the local jeweller's to pick out a watch. The one with red on the ring thing and a couple of buttons on the side looked interesting enough. The price was right and it was a Seiko. I knew precious little about watches but I knew about Seiko watches from my Dad who had purchased a couple during his tour of duty over in Vietnam in 1966 and he swore by them. So the purchase was made. For the next 15 years that watch stayed on my wrist. Four years in a first response unit, three years in outback Queensland, chatting with shearers about whether or not they should retire for the night, meant that the watch and I regularly took a beating. Needless to say that this watch and I shared many adventures together. It was in the early 90s that I became a police diver and required a more suitable watch, so I retired the Seiko and bought a Tag 1500 Pro which I still wear from time to time, to this day. The wife, the Seiko and I became separated and it was for another 15 years that my daughter was able to retrieve the watch on my behalf. That was six weeks ago, the watch still goes after a bit of a shake but is badly in need of some TLC. The pushers are jammed up with gunk and as you can see by the photo, the glass could do with replacing. So off to the doctor's it goes. That's my story about about a 6139-6002. It hasn't been into space but it's done just about everything else. Cheers Hog Seiko 6139-6002, a little worse for wear Seiko 6139-6002-At the Post Office Tag 1500 - Still on the wrist
  16. Helloo! So i found an old Citizen Chronograph titanium wr100 which belong to my father. I took it to watch store to get the battery changed. He said that the watch hasn't been used in 15 to 20 years because the battery that wasn't supposed to leak had leaked. Despite trying to put in new battery we got no response. The watch has 3 small dials and the regular dial and day number. The watch store guy said that to change new movement for the watch would cost 250$. Does it really cost that much and is there any way to get it cheaper? Where can i get the new movement? Am i able to change it myself (i have some experience but am newbie)? https://www.flickr.com/photos/182760756@N05/48329531482/in/dateposted-public/
  17. I have a BN0000-4H (Promaster Sea Eco-Drive 300m) which as the monocock one piece case GN-4W-UL and my local watchmaker say's he cannot change the crystal (very badly scratched). I have considered sending to Citizen Service centre, but put off with the sending away and no idea on how make it going to cost. Any thoughts on using the UK service centre?
  18. I started collecting dive watches last year and now I seam to have a Citizen habit:- NY0040-09E BN0110-06E BN0000-04H BN0151-17L Now I just bought a BJ8050-08E Ecozilla (waiting for it to arrive, hopefully by Wednesday) Is this normal or there any support groups for watch collecting? PS there is another BN0000-04H on Ebay coming to the end with low bids at present
  19. Second Camel trophy watch, non of the packaging with this one, but everything in good condition, including the stamping on the leather strap.
  20. Well over twenty years ago I bought this watch when I had a sailboat. She has had a battering from seawater, and a few knocks some of which chipped the bezel. Today I fitted new batteries then set her up and away she went. I thought about fitting a new bezel, but my web searches have only revealed parts for more modern ones.
  21. Nothing unique about this Mako II but I sure do like its sunburst blue dial. Regards Hog
  22. I have just picked up this Seiko watch with an alarm feature, it is worth restoring but the seiko 7T3B quartz movement is dead. Web search suggests that there are similar movements with seiko's other brands on them which are a direct swop. Can anyone suggest a direct swop please. The watch is presently stripped at the moment so no photos. It has a alarm dial at 6.. Seconds dial at 9, and a Minutes dial at 12.. The alarm dial is stem set.
  23. Hi there, Wondering if anyone out there could point me in the right direction. I have been looking for a Seiko 6139-6002 for a while and not really pulled the trigger due to the worry about buying one that had been made up of OEM parts, seems to be the case with quite a few out there. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than myself (this wont be hard!) would be prepared to cast an eye over the below picture and give me their thoughts? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
  24. Most recent addition to my Seiko stable, a Black Monster. required only a clean, lub, and the bezel repainting.
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