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Found 39 results

  1. I have a beautiful 1916 Rolex 'Trench Watch' which could really do with a professional service, and I would love to know where I could get it serviced. It has one slight issue that I know of which is the mainspring. It could do with going on a mainspring winder to tighten it up, but I did not see the point of buying one just to fix this watch only. The one on the left is the Rolex needing the service. (Rolex, Elgin, Rolex) Any advice regarding servicing, watch repairers that could do this, or cheap mainspring winders would be really appreciated.
  2. Hi, I would like to know some more about these watches, but I can not find any info. Any information about the Avalon brand is here on the forum but not much.Can they be (are) military (pillot) watches?Thanks MichaelSome details about them:Case Size: 38mmLug Width: 18mmMineral domed glass Movement diameter:23mmDial diameter: circa 28mms
  3. I started collected G10's when my GMTII started increasing in value, I wanted to feel slightly less conscious when travelling on the underground, reaching up for the grab rail and exposing my watch. Whilst I wanted something 'every day' and less obvious, I still wanted something I enjoyed wearing and that had something about it, history and desirability etc. Anyway getting to the point, my life long friend wants to offload his GMTII and I am looking at purchasing from him. In order to get this past the Long Haired General, I will need to sell some or all of my CWC collection... I have been a keen collector of the navigator style and managed to locate and purchase the coveted 1980 "Fat Nav" which I am also prepared to let go to a worthy custodian at the right price... I am looking for some selling advice, happy to use this forum, another forum or eBay to sell, obviously very keen to get a guide on prices...
  4. I have a small collection of vintage British and German military watches. Just venturing into American. Started with an A-11 and an A-17 and an A-17A. I like the look of the A-17 best . It seems to be legitimate to me but I don't have enough experience to be sure. What concerns me is very low serial number on the case back. not the best photos I'm afraid. Would appreciate any comments
  5. Hi everyone I have recently found a unique Eterna pilot its dated 1942/43 and its the only 852SU 17 jewel movement I have ever seen.This is a call for any other 852SU 17 jewel Eterna its all original and will have a service done shortly .It has a metered dial and uniquely marked hour hand I dont know how to post the picture I could use some help with that also.and any new information would be great thank you .
  6. This is a watch i bought from eBay last month, i have to say the watch impressed me. It's a Chinese brand you may not heard it before, neither do i, the brand called San Martin. I found they made a lots of bronze watches which really interested me, and finally i decide to take this one. so far i'm very pleased for this watch. Here i just want to share some of my experiences, i talk about it as i'm a fan of watches, and a collector of good watches. here we just go for this watch. The watch diameter is around 39mm, include crown around 42mm, thickness is around 12mm, wear on my wrist just a perfect size, the movement is Seiko NH35, the case use bronze material, on the picture you can already seen the oxidization already make it became more brown, the finishing is brushed around the case body, now it seems more like a sandblasted finishing, and i thought it would be rusted by the sweat if i wear it in summer, but i found the case back is made in stainless steel which avoided this problem. You can't see any logo on this watch, but it's fine for me, the seller told me they provide service for customized logo on dial, but it will take some to do it, so i just pass it. For the dial, i found they have a lot of versions, and i also picked some photos on their website.these version they have black, blue and green colors. and the tracking printing on dials used SLN C3 luminous oill from Switzerland. Same for Hands. I really love the lum effect, it just light up the watch. the strap they told it's top layer cow leather, for me it's a little bit hard to wear, i would like it to be more softer, could wear more comfortable, the strap has quick release by the way, the strap width is 20mm, and i have some other nylon nato straps, which just easy to change and it just amazing match, and looks also nice. Talk about the water resistance, this watch has 200 meters water resistance, i'm not try yet, i was planning to swim next week and wear this watch, i think it's may be a good choice for diving too. and i'm also expecting to see the finishing after diving. then talk about the price, i get the watch on ebay by $168, i think the price is very acceptable compare to the watches i bought before, i would say the same quality, San Martin watch have a better price to get. they have free tools by the way, for this watch they send free polish tool for watch case, and screw drivers, a set of booklets. it's a very nice purchase experience anyway. Last but not least, let me know your comments about this watch, like or dislike, or share your experience to me, thank you.
  7. Hi All, I’m Tom, random member with some random watches. Everything from a GShock....to a soon to arrive Panerai with a splattering of Pulsar, CWC, Tag, Dunhill and Montblanc in the middle. Looking forward to chatting to you all! Very best.
  8. The lume is layered - the hands are the brightest, markers slightly less bright, and the bezel dimmer still, to avoid flare in night vision goggles - either yours or the enemy's lol See you in a bit, just going on to Ebay to get some night vision watchmaker's magnifying goggles Oh, in case you didn't see the watch - it comes on a chunky rubber strap.
  9. I did a search on the forum for 'Holton' and it only cropped up twice (both times in posts by me) - I have just bought one (as I implied I might, in my post 'one more watch' over a month ago). I hope to be wearing it later this week, but wondered if anyone else had come across them - this is a quote from an Elliot Brown spokesman: The Holton is different because ... it is NSN’d and Issued, and that’s rare. As we’ve said, we’re not aware of another British brand doing that in a decade.It's available to buy on the NATO system, and has been purchased from MoD budget by specialist military suppliers, not from EB directly, and will be issued from stores. retrieved from https://www.christopherwardforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=50890&start=15 This is the one I bought, after toying with MWC and CWC divers to replace my Citizen RM diver. https://www.elliotbrownwatches.com/101-001-r06 Just needs a cyclops and a pink NATO.
  10. Hello.Help me find the information and the price about the watch. The clock was inherited from my grandfather. I could not find anything anywhere. Photo https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pobqKTt9SzdyGQWHb70ViMdmltWStSf3 Photo https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pobqKTt9SzdyGQWHb70ViMdmltWStSf3
  11. Hello, Looking for some advice. I recently found in my father's belongings a dirty dozen Vertex watch (father was in army in early sixties and fought in Borneo, I think this is the watch he used at the time) I remember him wearing it when I was young. It is not working so I took it to a watch repairer who said after having a look inside that it was not repairable due to rust inside... The balance is also broken. Can you recommend a Yorkshire based specialist who will be able to do something with it? I would love to get it up and running again... Sentimental value etc.... My everyday watch is a 1980 CWC fat boy and I would love this as an alternative... I would upload pictures but cannot work out how to do so on my phone... Thanks in advance
  12. After oh so many videos in which the host TALKS about a historic watch while showing us the rather uninspiring modern derivation, this video actually shows us the originals. In EXQUISITE macro shot detail. Simply lovely. Featured Watches: Heuer Carrera 1153 Heuer Bundeswehr 1550 SG Heuer Monaco 1133G
  13. Hello, please let me introduce you the STH Carbon, on Kickstarter from the 1st June! Case and Dial entirely made of carbon fiber. Double domed 4mm thick sapphire crystal AR coated. Screw down crown. 300mt/1000ft water resist. Seiko NH35a automatic mov. Case 44mm cushion shaped with 36mm face/dial Superluminova c3 Short drilled and curved lugs for max comfort. for more photos and updates my personal page http://www.facebook.com/sth.watches.3 and STH page http://www.facebook.com/sthwatch/ Thanks!
  14. Anyone got any info on ARTA watches?....this one looks 40s or 50s ?
  15. Brendan1213

    JLC 497

    Looking into buying a JLC 497 movement watch (40'S army issue) never worked on one this old or an automatic watch for that matter but cannot seem to find much info on how exactly how these movements work. More specifically what the part with what looks to be some sort of adjustment with "P.S.A.R." around it.
  16. I am trying to find a replacement second hand for my 1968 Benrus MIL-W3818B. The watch met with an unfortunate accident, breaking the glass and losing the second hand. I have sourced a replacement glass from the US, but have been unable to find a cottect matching second hand. Any help would be greatly received.
  17. Hello, would somebody know which kind of watch this is? There are the only pictures available. Thanks! Insert isn't possible it seems, pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/lfl31U2
  18. So I bought a MWC G10SL MkVI as I wanted a quartz watch for work (EDC) as I ride a bike and it need to be sturdy, the watch has Sapphire Crystal, Field style dial, Screw lug bars, Tritium (GTLS) hands/chapter ring and Ronda 715Li movement (10 yr battery life). £275 which is abit much but I could not find a cheaper watch with these specs. Now this is when things go sideways when I noticed the seconds hand was not exactly on the indices so I stripped the watch down and after refitting it a dozen times finally got it sorted. Then after staring at the watch enjoying the precision, I deciced to change the seconds hand to an Arrow, "Easy" just buy a new hand and replace it "WRONG", Because of the GTLS hands are about 1mm high you need a special movement to keep them from touching and MWC watches overcome this by fitting a seconds hand with a long tube to allow for the extra height. Now the watch is starting to annoy me, "I want an Arrow seconds hand!" after stripping the watch down again I noticed the seconds hand pinion was lower than the Hour canon. So I searched the entire world looking for a solution and finally found another Ronda 715Li made for Luminox watches (GTLS hands) with a movement height of 6.7mm to the seconds pinion instead of the Standard Ronda 715Li with extended tubes on the hands. And down the rabbit hole we go. When I tried to fit the hands to the new movement with higher pinions and canons the hands were to high from the dial, the hour hand fits but the Minute hand was 3mm above it and raised aabove the seconds pinion. Back to the drawing board to find another way. Plan F... If the Minute canon on the first movement was okay and the seconds pinion on the new movement was higher then just swap them over... "what could go wrong". "I can hear you laughing" So here's the plan. strip the movements down and swap the parts, looks easy enough. Top red arrow is the hour canon (to be swapped), bottom arrow is the minute canon with seconds pinion inside. Just 4 screws and 2 bridges... Oh and a spring (3905.033). I decided to strip the new movement first incase I messed it up I could just fit the old movement and live with the boring seconds hand. Yes you'd be right assuming that I'd lose the spring... "Straight down the rabbit hole". Decision time... risk the £275 watch as it's got the last spring... "it's a really nice arrow hand". Sod it... After 3 hours... finally removing and refitting that spring I got the movement back together, now to fit the hands... And they don't fit....... the minute canon is still to high although the seconds pinion is higher. In for a penny... I filed a tooth pick to fit in the minute hand tube and with a diamond file filed the hand tube down from 0.7mm to 0.2mm and tried again... Success :)... was it worth it... Yes to me it was and it makes me smile everytime I look at my custom one off watch. Hope this blog helps anyone thinking of just modding a watch, it's never that simple... but never impossible.
  19. Hello everybody i am new here may i present : i am speak a little beat English. is this website good : kisaroboutique because i send message and the owner was friendly so can i go . please need answer sorry for the name i want to buy my Military Swiss watch quick before the and of the week.need help please our any good address thanks you.
  20. My Mum just gave me this watch that was in Dad's things (he died a way a few years ago). It came from a friend of his who was in the RAF. The guy at the Omega shop thinks it might be an RAF watch, but the numerals look unusual. Anyone know what it is? Isn't it missing the second hand? I think it looks cool and will get it serviced and cleaned up, then buy a strap (thinking brown leather, but any other strap advice?). Thanks!
  21. Sup all,I wrote a review of the Tisell Flieger a few days ago and posted it on r/watches, then thought I might as well contribute here too.As a preface, I’ve had the Tisell 40mm Flieger in my collection for about 7 months now, during which it has stolen 90% of my wrist time. The model has been out of stock on the Tisell website for quite a while now, though I do hope they manufacture more and in case they do, I wanted to do a short writeup of my experience with the piece so far in case anyone is thinking about getting one in the future. If you will end up purchasing one from them, do note that it will be with a different movement (Miyota) than this version, which I believe is of slightly higher quality than the ST2130 in this one. The lume colour was also changed from green (my version) to blue (new version) as far as I'm aware.Feel & DesignWhen the watch first I arrived I was very impressed with its feel save for the strap, which though looked good, felt very cheap. At 40mm diameter and 50mm lug-to-lug, it is the biggest watch that I own but I feel it wears significantly smaller due to its slim profile and the curved lugs, which make the watch feel very thin compared to for example my Seiko 5 which is of equal height but feels much thicker.I cannot praise the design enough. The dial and hands extremely legible, to the point where I am annoyed by a lot of my other pieces simply because they are not as quick to read nor as precise. The case as mentioned before is slim and there’s nothing I’d change about it. My feelings for the crown are much more neutral as in general I would prefer a screw-down, more “standard”-shaped crown. The crown works well in setting the time as it is easy to pull out, but it is not comfortable to wind and feels sharp when doing so. I don’t feel like this is a major problem though as far as my experience goes, I never have to wind it manually and it seems to have a very good power reserve though I haven't ever measured this precisely.Overall build qualityThe case of the watch is stainless steel and so far has done well. It has a lot of minor scratches but they are not really visible in everyday use and from a normal watching (heh) distance. This Flieger was my first watch with a sapphire glass and this is by far one of the most positive aspects of the piece for me. All my other watches show a ton of scratches, especially the Seiko 5 which is almost unusable at this point due to the scratching of the crystal. The crystal on the Flieger has yet to show any scratches at all, even when viewed under a loupe, even though I know and the case can testify that I bump it on very many things very often.The dial printing is extremely crisp and has a little bit of thickness to it when viewed from the side. The lume on the watch is usable and in a very dark room at night works very well. The legibility of the dial also means that at very low light it is still easy to read even without the lume being an active factor. However I am a bit disappointed by the lack of lume on the white seconds hand, which is lumed in the more expensive models like the one Stowa produces. Stowa on the other hand does not have lume on the individual minute indices, only on the hour ones, so overall I think I prefer the design choice made by Tisell here.Functionality, timekeeping & movement quality In case I didn't make this clear enough yet, the dial is extremely legible at almost any condition. The only piece in my collection that can compete at all is my F-91W, which is not really a fair comparison.In terms of timekeeping, the watch did insanely well for the first 3-5 months, gaining less than a second per 24 hours when used daily. Currently, about 7 months in, it is doing roughly 3-10s fast a day, which, given the hacking feature, is very easy to correct from time to time.The feel of the movement – Seagull ST2130 – is something that I am very conflicted about. While in my view it has performed very well, it definitely feels cheap to use. Sometimes when you pull out the crown, the hacking feature does not work, sometimes it does. When putting in the crown, sometimes it does not go in all the way until you turn it a little bit and then push it down again. Winding is like hacking - sometimes it works, sometimes it does not and in general feels quite terrible. Setting the time works well and feels fine but it’s nothing to write home about. ConclusionOverall I am extremely satisfied with my experience for the price. After using it on the original strap for a week or so, I ordered a riveted 20mm strap from Stowa which I feel fits the watch perfectly, especially after combining it with a cheap deployment clasp. Until I can get my hands on a something higher-end, this will more than do and I can hardly recommend it enough if the model is ever restocked. I do plan to modify it in the future with the intentions of replacing the Seagull movement with an ETA one.The whole album: Tisell Flieger Review - Album on Imgur
  22. Hi guys,We're starting a new collector's guide series for the Breguet Type 20, a watch which I think is one of the coolest military chronographs out there. The article below is the first (of the two) part of the collector's guide which focuses on the military issues, that will be followed by a guide on civilian models next week.With a really interesting story behind the production of this particular watch (and with Breguet being a highly regarded luxury watch brand), it's no wonder all surviving pieces are of high value.Please do check out the guide and enjoy! Breguet Type 20 Military Issue Collector's Guide
  23. Hi everyone, I am an amateur watch enthusiast and I'd really like to add a vintage Tissot watch to my collection. I came across the watch below with very limited information and photos. From my search on the web and forums I found that it is probably Tissot Aquasport Antimagnetique military watch from 1943 or around that era. Now I'm not sure if that is accurate or if this might be an entirely different Tissot watch. I find the history fascinating and I was thinking of a purchase but I'm not sure it's worth considering. They are functional. The dial seems ok but the crystal might be cracked a little at the bottom (can't really tell, will ask for better photos). Unfortunately the back is pretty beat up and I'm not really sure what I can do about it...probably the only option is a replacement. I'm not asking for a valuation, I know that is forbidden here. I would just like a kind opinion of more experienced collectors about the state, history and if it's worth a deal (the asking price is 100 USD). Any help appreciated. Oh and I forgot to mention. I would probably clean the dial and hands a little
  24. Anyone know what the difference is between a Panerai that has TM/Reg on the crown latch & those that do not? Clean: http://www.panerai.com/en/collections/watch-collection/luminor/luminor-marina-8-days-titanio---44mm_pam00564.html With Text: http://www.panerai.com/en/collections/watch-collection/luminor-1950/luminor-marina-1950-3-days-automatic-acciaio---42mm_pam00392.html Thank you!
  25. Hi, I have recently purchased this Limited Edition Eterna Super Kontiki with all paperwork from a reputable Eterna dealer shop. Image 01 - My Watch Image 02 - Image from the official Eterna website Image 03 - Image from the top retail watch supplier None have exactly the same printed dial, so I was wondering what other owners' dials look like. Is it possible for a limited edition run of 1973 watches to have different dials or does anyone know if this is the case for these watches? I have emailed Eterna and I am waiting for their explanation; in the meantime are there any other owners out there and which dial do you have? The word SUPER on image 03 is higher and not directly under the 'O' from KONTIKI ?On my watch (image 01) SWISS MADE has markers directly above the first 'S' and last 'E', the other two don't ?Image 01 Image 02 Image 03
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