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Found 70 results

  1. Hello Community, I am pretty new member of the watch community so I might be asking silly questions. Apologies if this happens. I recently came in possession of a Bernex Watch (BN 24101). Although I like the watch itself I realize I know very little of the brand and don't really find a way to communicate with the makers (whereabouts, etc...) Does anyone know this brand? Is this a relatively well-known business? As I am relatively neophyte, I feel it might be easy to do an otherwise ill-advised purchase. Many thanks !
  2. Hi all, I am looking for some advice as I have no idea what to look for at all..... Me and my partner are god parents at the christening of our best friends boy in a few weeks, and we are fairly set on getting him a pocket watch as a gift for when he is older, as his father received one at his christening and loves it. We have a budget of around £150 and would prefer a wind up (like his dads), but other than that I don't really know what to look for. Any advice on brands etc would be hugely appreciated.
  3. Hi All I have recently inherited a Badollet pocket watch and I am wondering what approximate age it is. (For some reason, the forum is not allowing me to upload pictures.) It Has a Badollet movement and the case has LFB stamp on it with the code i038i stamped bust below it. The case is extremely ornately designed with a very intricate face and it has a key for which to wind it up. It looks like it is silver plated. Does anyone by any chance know what approximate age and value this is? Unfortunately, it is missing the minute hand and the glass that is supposed to cover the face. Thank You Matt
  4. Hi All, I’m Tom, random member with some random watches. Everything from a GShock....to a soon to arrive Panerai with a splattering of Pulsar, CWC, Tag, Dunhill and Montblanc in the middle. Looking forward to chatting to you all! Very best.
  5. I was generously given this nice watch from my wife's family some time ago but it's been sitting in a safe for years. Having recently "found" it again, I have been trying to establish its history. What I've gleaned from the internet so far.... Brook & Son traded between 1891 & 1941 and were based at 87, George Street, Edinburgh. They were successors to Marshall & Sons. Alexander James Steel Brook's father started working at Marshalls in 1853, Alexander himself worked there from 1873. In 1891 they acquired Marshall's, and restyled the business as Brook & Son. They appointed Daniel Stewart as designer, and in 1935 it was noted that he had been with Brook & Son for 42 years. Following Alexander's death in 1908, the firm passed to his son, William, who died in 1941. Hamilton & Inches have resided at 87 George Street since 1952 and the founders would almost certainly have known Brook & Son. I'm not sure whether the Brook & Son Company was consumed by H&I. The Brook & Son name and address looks like it could have been engraved by the same person who engraved some of the Hamilton & Inches pocket watches I have seen elsewhere on this forum. The casing has a London hallmark with an 1888 date letter. The "RB" sponsors mark is possibly that of Richard Macaire Ball who was a specialist watch case maker. He was born in 1820 in Clerkenwell, London and was the son of Richard John Ball, also a watch case maker. I have not been able to find another photo of the same sponsors mark or links to any other watch cases he made. I would be interested to find out further information about Brook & Son and Richard Macaire Ball, if he was actually the case maker. Thanks, Richard
  6. Hi there! My grandfather left me and my twin brother two pocket watches. I've only got 1 picture of them at the moment, but can get more of them. I was wondering if anyone could tell me a little something about them. Best regards Mats Agbo
  7. Hello. I am after Information regarding a pocket watch that has come into my possession following the death of my Father. There is no makers name on the outer case or face of the watch. The only identifying marks are N.S.W.G.R. on the face, and L 5183 engraved on the back. I belieive this shows it is a railway watch that was given to a driver for the NSW Railways? Any information that anyone could share would be appreciated. Our aim is to sell the watch to raise funds for our Mother, but would like to know a little more about the watch first. Having a bit of trouble posting an image to the site, but have a pic on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.558410164188820.152758.100000595236734&type=1#!/photo.php?fbid=558410344188802&set=a.558410164188820.152758.100000595236734&type=3&theater Cheers
  8. Hello, my name is Alexander I am a 32 year old pharmacy technician. I am originally from Canada, but currently live in the United States. I am rather new to watch collecting and repair, but have always had an interest in mechanical objects. My small collection consists primarily of pocketwatches from the latter half of the nineteenth century. I do own two or three pocketwatch from the pre-war era and one watch from the late eighteenth century. My repair experience is extremely limited. I am certain that I will be asking many questions and will be happy for any advise I am given.
  9. If I may show one of my favorite pockets watches that I like to wear. https://postimg.cc/gallery/31k8hjdom/ PS. How I can show my photos without a link please?
  10. Hello, First I would like to say, it has been very nice looking around your message board and reading the immense information and viewing a lot of fine watches. I've reached the conclusion it would be appropriate and polite to join as a member. I hope to be of some use, if possible. If just for someone to discuss watches with. My name is Alex and started acquiring watches when I was around 10yo. Primary sources were/are flea-markets, yard/garage/driveway sales, antiques stores, and outdoor markets. I had never bothered to learn a great deal about my watches, and I generally lack focus with anything I collect. I intend on rectifying this problem. I do antiques restoration at an antique store near where I live. Furniture is my specialty; wood-work, veneer work, structural and cosmetic work. However, with that said, I do occasionally work on items not related to antique furniture. Anything from antique pocket watches to modern big-case watches, and anything in between, have sparked my interest. Time pieces fascinate me to a great extent. I have always been abnormally obsessed with time. You willl likely never see me without a wristwatch on or pocket watch in my pocket. The only watch I have in the collection that doesn't run is the Omega Constellation Chronometer. It is my luck that the Constellation was one of my dream watches and the mainspring broke soon after I bought it. Oh well, perhaps at some point I will be able to send it to Omega for a repair and spa treatment.:) Anyhow, my primary objective in joining the site is, learning as much as I can about the watches I have and watches I'd like to have. Thank you very much for accepting my request to join and am looking forward to reading some more of your great information and data. And, so you won't need to ask, here are some not-so-great photos of my watch collection. Please forgive the poor images. I have a ruptured Achilles tendon in my left leg, which makes getting up and down somewhat arduous at best. Hopefully I will recover soon enough to take some nicer images of the watches. It appears as if my assertion that the photos would follow the post was wrong. Hopefully it is fine the way it is.
  11. Halo everyone my name is Jesaya Pandia, i'm new to watch thing so i just buy this beautiful watch online for $18 and still workshop but it's hot a little problem with acuracy can anyone please tell me with year or was Made, is it collectiable, and di i Made a good bargain ?, Thankyou.
  12. In Vanitas still life of '600 it is easy to find in the painting pocket watches often with a blue ribbon instead of chain; does anybody know the reason of this choice? is there a book that explain and recognize the models of watches and clocks portraited in the still life of '600? thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge on the argument https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pieter_Claesz#/media/File:Pieter_Claeszoon-_Vanitas_-_Still_Life_(1625,_29,5_x_34,5_cm).JPG
  13. My dad found a pocket watch and would like to know more about it opening it up it had what looks like tho Hume London on the inside and NA 10176 the case has hall marks of a lion then a cats head then bn in the middle then what looks like an l i have pictures but seem unable to find anyway of posting them many thanks for for any help steve
  14. Hi. I want to know more about this watch. It is in a very good condition, fully working. Any information is welcome! Many thanks! https://ibb.co/kTpaGb https://ibb.co/cpHUbb https://ibb.co/mpUWpw https://ibb.co/f3GNwb https://ibb.co/hdBpbb https://ibb.co/nt0CUw https://ibb.co/g5AqGb https://ibb.co/fbj6pw https://ibb.co/n3MahG https://ibb.co/mFjvhG
  15. robanoble


    HI, I have size 16 Bunn special. I dropped the watch and broke the crystal. I have new crystal of the same size but have not been able seat in in the bezel. I this some thing that only can be done by a watch repairman?
  16. I've always loved watches, but it wasn't until recently, when my grandfather gave me his old pocket watch (that used to belong to my great grandfather) that I became fascinated with antique watches. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find anyone to take it to for advice, so I've been doing some research online. Can anyone tell me anything about this watch? I haven't been able to discover who made it. I can't get to the movements because it's covered by a "plate" (see last picture, with lion's head engraving) and I'm not sure how to remove it. Am I correct in assuming that the maker's name is underneath? Is it advisable to remove the plate myself (bearing in mind I have no idea what I'm doing), or is that something best left to professionals? I'd hate to damage the watch in any way. Pictures below. Any help/advice much appreciated.
  17. Just wondered if anybody had a better insight into a pocket watch from Lancashire watch company? They're costing around the £100+ mark on Ebay, but what is the quality like? A quality historic piece, or an Ebay rip off?
  18. Hello all, My wife inherited a number of pocket watches from her father. I have been able to get at least some information on most of them, however, I can't seem to find any mention of this particular one anywhere on the Internet. https://photos.app.goo.gl/SiLCUYEg6eH7DWvg1
  19. A couple of days ago I got an GF-J pocket watch for the Russian market, calibre Billodes 108/109. The dial has no any brand name but has the graphical TM (depicting a horse-drawn sleigh carrying two people) registered by Georges Favre-Jacot for the Russian market in 1885. Does anybody have info about such watches?
  20. Hello everyone--this is my first post here; I hope you're having an awesome day, or at least one with really good tea :D I've wanted a pocket watch for years; there's just something about watching a mechanical movement that mesmerises me completely. So, having done some research, the logical choice seemed like a skeleton-faced/double hunter watch. The issue is that reviews of such things are few and far between, and any modern pocket watch under £180 doesn't seem to have any knowledgable comments attached to its product pages. Much of what I've read by way of customer 'reviews' is people who bought watches as gifts for someone; the buyers seem happy to talk about how great a piece looks in every shade of floral gushing possible--but only a couple of comments even mention its timekeeping ability. I've heard vintage watches are better-built, or at least more accurate, than today's mechanical watches, but the lack of actual information about modern pocket watches has left me wedged uncomfortably over the fence. If you've had any experience with makes like Woodford, Charles Hubert, Royal London and so on, I'd really appreciate your thoughts on them. Are they durable and accurate? Are more expensive ones--say £175 as opposed to £40--going to retain their accuracy for longer, or am I just paying for the finish? Is the watch going to last, or would I be much better off going for a vintage pocket watch? I know railroad watches are fine timepieces when properly maintained, but ideally I'd like something that lets me see the movement. I like skeleton faces, solid ones and anything in between, but a double-hunter style would be great. I've already searched the forum for threads like this, and couldn't find anything comparing vintage watches to modern ones along with recommendations. If you've managed to put up with me long enough to read that, I salute you, and thank you profusely. Any recommendations you have are welcome--it's just really great being part of a community that's so knowledgable about things like this, instead of having to make my choices in the dark.
  21. Hi All, hope you can help, does anyone know of anyone that can fit fusee chains of Pocket watches for me and service them if needed, I buy a lot of these but I can't fit the chains, I can strip and clean. I buy 5 - 10 of these every month and looking for someone to help me with these as my current watch repairer has retired.
  22. The serial number is 169475 which apparently dates it to 1850 is this worth anything as my grandfather left it to us . Would appreciate any feedback not git any experience here
  23. Hey guys, I'm new on this forum so excuse me if I inadvertently break any rules. I have a vintage 2 faced pocket watch with no brand name on it. It has a 14k stamp near the crown. The words and numbers on one of the facets are in Fars (Irani), and one of the smaller dials is missing. That's about all I could gather from a surface examination. Has anything of this sort come across you guys before? Any idea which company made it? Any suggestions on my next course of action? Any information about this item will be helpful thanks.
  24. Thanks to the people who do this work of art. A week ago, I went to the site http://komandirskie.com and I found a cheap watch, made an order. They are very cool. Many advantages and most importantly beautiful.
  25. After having spent a few years in small scale models and robotics, I've got the bug for vintage watches, but am a total newbie - hope I can find some good advice here. First up I've inherited a few watches so experimenting with the more disposable first - I have a nice silver 1890 Fusee lever escapement watch which appears intact, but chain and hairspring are detached (I'm saving this for when I've had a bit of practice). I'm trying to work out how to add pictures here, but the sponsor mark is - J.B. in a rectangle. I can't find an online example to match. Expect this to come from the Manchester / Cheshire area questions 1/ Can I use MEK (Methly Ethyl Ketone) as an organic cleaning solvent ? 2/ I know one should not attempt to clean coins, is this also true of silver watch cases which are tarnished ? 3/ I can't identify the sponsor's mark on the silver - JH I think - my reading of the hall marks is Stirling Silver, Birmingham, and 1890 - Did I get this right?) Seems Like these fetch about £75 UK from what Ebay says, not working and about £200 if I can fix it - so this is my goal. I'd really appreciate some help for a true novice who really needs some help and guidance in a new and fascinating hobby . Cheers A
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