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Found 59 results

  1. I acquired this watch in a mixed bag and it's one of the more interesting ones, however it doesn't work. I can't find any information on the movement (8630A) so it seems a replacement isn't going to be easy to find, so I thought how about having a go at repairing it? It's actually in good nick so worth a try, and nothing to lose. A faint pulse registers on one of those tester boxes and the coil looks ok (wrapped in plastic helps I guess) but what now? I have an analogue multimeter, steady hands and a feeling I might be a bit mad to even attempt this, especially as I've never done it before... Cheers!
  2. Looking for the alarm spring for the Seiko Sports 100, H556-5029, lost mine when changing battery. Will it still work with out the spring, with the exception of the alarm functions? Thanks Scott - w9vhe
  3. My name is Piotr and I am writing to you from Warsaw, Poland. I am and old clocks lover primarily from 1920s and 1930s. Unfortunately, my precious Rolls Westminster Clock Super Ancre has not been working for the long time. An experienced clockmaker in Warsaw told me told me some time ago that is was a matter of the platform escapement that should be replaced. The platform was quite worn out. He and his son-in-law tried to revive it and my clock was working for nearly 3 month and stopped. They tried again and again without success. We have tried hard, but we have not managed to find a similar one in Poland. I am wondering if you have the part that I am looking for?. I can send you some pictures of the clock and platform. I am interested in buying that part in working condition. Regards Piotr
  4. Hello Simon, I recently bought myself a cheap repair kit and I successfully changed the battery on this watch that was dormant in a drawer for years! However, the problem is I haven't done something right as the day sub dial is ticking away same as the second hand sub dial!, I'm sure it isn't meant to do that. I'm obviously putting it back together incorrectly and also the two little white plastic cogs you can see in the pics, I can't remember where they go?! Any pointers, advice would be massively appreciated. Thank you
  5. My mother and I have recently taken up watch repair after inheriting some broken pocket watches. We have two watches that are proving rather tricky, both have an English lever which appears to have a broken pivot, it seems that the pivot may have been a jewel since there was some residue in the bearing on one of the watches. I’m very new to this so I’m sorry if I’ve said anything silly so far, please correct me if anything I’ve said is wrong. We haven’t had much luck searching the problem since we’re not strictly sure what we should be searching for, so any help would be appreciated. I’ve only just realised how to add images, I’m new here too so apologies again!
  6. Greetings, A long case clock I've owned for nearly 40 years requires repair, and in the spirit of lock down, I thought I'd have a crack at it myself. The first time I've attempted any clock repair that requires significant dismantling. The clock itself is I think mid 19th century, full height, painted face. The engineering quality suggests the 'bog standard' end of the market. The problem is that when I attempt to wind the chiming train, the ratchet doesn't catch and the weight descends immediately. Visual inspection indicates that a small black leaf spring has shattered. From my distant Meccano days, I knew that the widget that locks a ratchet is called a pawl. However in clock spares lists, I have searched for the word in vain. - Am I correct in thinking that the devices listed as 'click springs' are what I need here? - My second query concerns whether I need to prepare to open up the core frame of the mechanism, or are there any clever tricks for replacing these things without doing that? - And finally, if i do need to open up the mechanism fully, is there any standard protocol for putting these things back together again, aside from not bending anything or losing any bits? Any YouTube instruction videos that can be recommended would also be appreciated. Cheers.. Tom
  7. Hi Simon, new member here. I found this forum by Googling “Sicura repairs” so I believe you’ve worked on these watches before? I inherited this Sicura which is in need of some TLC- https://imgur.com/gallery/84BDiZy It runs for about 30 mins then stops. Is this something you think you could fix? Many thanks in advance!
  8. Hi where can i buy a micro taper pin to lock the hair spring onto the cock 1879 fusee english lever pocket watch Thanks
  9. Hello, I've made a silly mistake! I was taking apart a watch I've not worked on before, and rushed it. On removing the date wheel, the little brass coloured gear wheel on the right of the picture fell out, and I've no idea where from? It has a raised square edged centre on one side with a hole through and a smaller raised cone centre the other. This side also has a small pin set at approx 1/2 the diameter of the wheel. It has a course tooth edge which I cant seem to match up with anything. Aaarrgghh! Anyone help? Thank you. Matt
  10. Hi all, I've got a quartz ETA 455.412 movement - everything appears to be in good shape until the seconds hand reaches around 12 seconds and then it just stops. I pulled the crown into the second position and pushed it back in a few times and I can see that it's itching to move but it can't. On further inspection I noticed that if you gave the seconds hand a slight nudge it would go past this point and then cycle around until it reached the same point and stopped again. I thought that the hand might be magnetised at first but after giving it a nudge there is a definite resistance and a little bit of a click as it pushes past the point. Any ideas before i dismantle it? Cheers Jae
  11. Hello, I’n not sure that this is the right place in the forum but as I am new and it said pocket watch I’ve posted here. Having decided I wanted to take up a new hobby I’ve settled on pocket watches, understanding how they work and maybe one day being able to take one apart and fix it. What I am after from you all is some advice covering the following points: - books or YouTube video to study to understand and learn the skills - recommended tool kit sets to dismantle and reassemble a pocket watch (when I am brave enough) - types of movements that are best to practice on (ease and simplicity as well as quantity of spare parts available) - best sources for movements and watches, eBay, forum members, websites etc. - anything else that would be helpful Thanks, Andy
  12. I decided to change the battery on my Bulova myself. I did have some one else replace it last time and they mentioned that the back was very tight and a press was needed to replace the back so bought one. Result http://www.23hq.com/ajohnw/photo/61879075 I decided that the die at the bottom was bending so tried something more solid. I put my entire weight on the press and it still wouldn't go in before breaking the glass. Main reason for posting is replacing the crystal and getting the stem out. For some reason I can't use the insert image from url so can only provide a link showing the inside of the watch http://www.23hq.com/ajohnw/photo/61879068 No problem removing the white plastic movement holder but am unsure about the insulator over the movement. The watch uses a lithium coin cell. I assume the insulator can be flicked out some how and could to with a clue before having a go. Under that I expect to find something to press etc to allow the stem to be removed. I bought a newer model of the same watch after breaking the glass. The have gone to a rather smooth second hand sweep and much prefer the older one which mimics a high quality auto's movement - perfectly in my view. I might even put the movement in the newer watch. Might be best to make sure my new dual pillar screw jack type press can get the back on before even contemplating that. John -
  13. I have just bought an old Seiko which was made in October 1965 and it has a pretty filthy dial. It is a 6205-8940 DIASHOCK SELFDATER, 24 JEWELS, it's had a tough life as you can tell by the photo, but, it is working well, keeping very good time. I would like to clean up the dial, but, I understand it will never look great. Someone (watch butcher) has obviously had a go at cleaning previously and been rather rough with it. Am I right in thinking that the writing is inked and then varnished, or, is it some sort of vinyl decal? Some advice would really be appreciated.
  14. Hi A mate of mine has an Omega Seamaster Cosmic but he had the back engraved which has devalued the watch, anyway a back can be sourced or fixed etc. Maybe tig welding the back and metal polishing it? Cheers
  15. Hello All, Got a bit of a funny one with a seiko 7F39 moon phase movement. The stem keeps falling out, I've had it open and tried to diagnose. As far as I can see, the Setting lever is catching the stem in the first position but as soon as I pull it into the second time setting position it doesn't catch and just falls out. The Yolk is properly attached to the clutch so I can't see that is the problem. Could it be that the setting lever is just bit worn? I'm thinking about bending the lip that catches the stem so it stays engaged. I'd rather not bodge it but I can't find any replacement parts or movements, or even if there are any non seiko movements out there that can replace it. Any help would be great, this ones giving me a bit of headache. Cheers
  16. Hello, I'm a newby, I have a circa. 1979 Omega Constellation DD 368 0855 with steel & gold bracelet. A small screw or bolt is missing from one of the link joints. I have no idea how to identify it, or find a replacement part. I will attach some Imgur images, the first couple show the watch, the rest show the bracelet and highlight the area where the missing part is. The adjacent links on this side of the bracelet have screw heads, I presume this is the same and just worked loose. I need help in sorting this out, rather than go to an Omega shop and be stared at. I have a small collection of NOS 1970s Omega watches, this is my hands down favourite. It is so 70s but also has the proportions of an Apple watch. All help gratefully received!
  17. So i've had my RLT 29 for about 13 years now, it was a gift from my dad as he it didn't suit him but I loved it unfortunately teenage HC was an idiot as such the watch has lost its original crown (unique to the Tag Edge) and had its strap broken several times and so its spent the last few years on a rubber strap i've never been that keen on and couldn't afford to replace with something I really loved all this meant that I ended up with this: Don't get me wrong I still loved it but the lack of original crown and movement bugged me and I still don't love that strap. Recently I decided to give this watch a new breath of life as I absolutely love the uniqueness of it and the story behind it so I tracked down an original crown on ebay and grabbed that and found an ETA 955.112 which the watch would have originally shipped with if had of gone into production with a Tag stamp on it so i leapt on that too. So off it went to have the new movement fitted and crown installed, all well and good but before i received and email saying the watch had stopped. A few days later it was running fine and I got the watch sent back to me. All was well and good but when the watch reached me it had lost half an hour, I thought this was a little odd but it may have just been set wrong or been excessively thrown around so I reset it and carried on. The next day it lost another half an hour so I set it again and carried on, that evening however I looked down and discovered I had lost 3 HOURS! Not just that but the movement had leaked oil and stained my dial. And so back it went to have the movement removed so I could send it back on ebay for a refund, lesson learned never buy a used movement from ebay! I was very fortunate that the install was done by @Roy who was not only able to source me a new 955.112 very quickly but also happened to have a gorgeous dial that would fit the watch, not only that but was able to source me a new second hand to match it at an incredible pace. While all this was going on I decided I may as well go all out and so I commissioned a new strap from Steveo who made me a strap that actually perfectly fits my incredibly awkward 17.5mm lug width and perfectly suits the new aesthetic of the watch, and so a few weeks down the line I am now the proud owner of this beauty and it's like a completely new watch: Through this whole thing Roy has been amazing and I cannot thank him enough for his rapid turnaround, great communication and for just being a complete gentleman through this whole process. Also I cannot recommend Steveo enough for custom straps, they are beautifully made and look fantastic! Overall I am completely smitten with the new look of the watch and get complemented on it almost daily, even by non watch people and it just feels that bit more special.
  18. Hi I am reaching out for the help of someone who owns an Orient Mako III (Kano) RA-AA0011B19B. The crown has broken off and lost and contacting Orient in respect of sourcing a replacement or even information about the dimensions of the crown have been met with polite refusal. I was hoping that perhaps someone on the forum who owns an intact Kano could give me a rough idea of the diameter and length of the crown so I can source a generic replacement either from a shop that sells parts or Ebay. Any help or advice would be very welcome . Thanks in advance Paul
  19. Can you tell me what type of strap this is with the screws, and if you can give me some products similar so I can keep the original buckle , This is a Buler Alpha performance, very difficult to find because it is one of the last watches the company made before it closed. For more info DM I cant find the warranty card or manual etc. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16GmPTCN-8PkEZpMbD1TAgOKdFCQwaLPR?usp=sharing
  20. Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I want to create a mod for a an invicta pro diver inspired by the Omega Seamaster Commander. For this, I'm looking for a white dial with applied indices and a date window that will fit the Seiko NH35a movement. I found similar things, I found this dial, but it has no date window. I also found this dial which looks perfect and this dial which is also good, but they are for a MIYOTA 8215, 821A & 8205 and not Seiko. Could you please help me find what I'm looking for either the first one with a date window, or one of the latter two that fit a Seiko NH35a movement. Images of the dials in the links, in order:
  21. Hi There. I have a 15540-004 which keeps losing it's stem & crown. I have a spare miyota mechanism for it, & some stems & crowns to replace the missing items, but I can't figure out how to replace the mechanism. Normally, once the stem is out, the watch face can just fall out through the back. This one doesn't, so how can I get the hands to fit onto the new mechanism? Do I have to press the face & glass out from the back? Cheers, Woody.
  22. Hi All I have recently inherited a Badollet pocket watch and I am wondering what approximate age it is. (For some reason, the forum is not allowing me to upload pictures.) It Has a Badollet movement and the case has LFB stamp on it with the code i038i stamped bust below it. The case is extremely ornately designed with a very intricate face and it has a key for which to wind it up. It looks like it is silver plated. Does anyone by any chance know what approximate age and value this is? Unfortunately, it is missing the minute hand and the glass that is supposed to cover the face. Thank You Matt
  23. Hello, Looking for some advice. I recently found in my father's belongings a dirty dozen Vertex watch (father was in army in early sixties and fought in Borneo, I think this is the watch he used at the time) I remember him wearing it when I was young. It is not working so I took it to a watch repairer who said after having a look inside that it was not repairable due to rust inside... The balance is also broken. Can you recommend a Yorkshire based specialist who will be able to do something with it? I would love to get it up and running again... Sentimental value etc.... My everyday watch is a 1980 CWC fat boy and I would love this as an alternative... I would upload pictures but cannot work out how to do so on my phone... Thanks in advance
  24. I have a Seiko Sports 150 that has not been working as long as I can remember. I have tried to get it repaired at my local watch repairers, with no avail. Does anyone know of a trusted repair shop in Manchester or one that accepts the watch by post. Some images below: http://tinypic.com/r/ip03ee/9 http://tinypic.com/r/5upqon/9 http://tinypic.com/r/21kjhvk/9 http://tinypic.com/r/nlzk04/9
  25. Hello there, i'm a new member - looking for the benefit of experience and advice. I have a Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch, I bought new in 2008 and have used it as my everyday watch ever since, it's had several batteries and reseals over the years, but never been sent off for service etc. The watch has a few issues and I have had a quote of £325 to have it serviced and repaired. I'd like to sell the watch on, but i'm worried that after paying for the repair and servicing I may not make much in the way of a profit (i'm guessing around £80ish). Would it be worth selling a watch that is in need of repair? for parts / spares or as a project? (the crown and pin come out of the watch, and the bezel is missing the small part that makes the clicks) + the expected 10yrs of scratches? Picture below isn't my watch, but is the exact model and pretty much the condition also. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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