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Found 637 results

  1. Anyone know the accuracy of the fc-292 quartz movement? Just the standard +\- 15 seconds per month?
  2. Hi Simon, new member here. I found this forum by Googling “Sicura repairs” so I believe you’ve worked on these watches before? I inherited this Sicura which is in need of some TLC- https://imgur.com/gallery/84BDiZy It runs for about 30 mins then stops. Is this something you think you could fix? Many thanks in advance!
  3. Hello, Can somebody please help me identify the movement inside a Victorinox 241617 without pulling it to bits. Thanks, Steve
  4. I'm a relatively new watch collector, but really like vintage Omega watches. I've tried to buy original and good quality from a couple of watch dealers/repairers that I've got to know and have even risked a couple off eBay. My collection includes Geneve, seamaster and constellation in 18ct and a seamaster in stainless steel. I'd really like to buy an original black face watch, but I've been warned that some that are for sale are standard faces that have been repainted (I was told that they do the same to make them look military?). Any advice on how I can find a genuine watch: were they limited to specific models that I could look for? Should I consider one that has been repainted? Many thanks for any info or suggestions.
  5. I have a beautiful 1916 Rolex 'Trench Watch' which could really do with a professional service, and I would love to know where I could get it serviced. It has one slight issue that I know of which is the mainspring. It could do with going on a mainspring winder to tighten it up, but I did not see the point of buying one just to fix this watch only. The one on the left is the Rolex needing the service. (Rolex, Elgin, Rolex) Any advice regarding servicing, watch repairers that could do this, or cheap mainspring winders would be really appreciated.
  6. Hello! I am new to this forum and not sure what to say to be honest. I have something on my mind. I am a fan of the concept of the Hublot 'Key Of Time' but not a fan of anything else about it LOL yes i just said that. The watch allows you to speed up or slow down the time on the watch by up to 4 times. The reason behind it is to treasure time however you like either with family or take some time to smoke a cigar. I mean its a just a fascinating thing to have in my opinion regardless of how practical it is . Does anyone know of another watch with somewhat a similar functionality. Opinions of the functionality of the watch? Image Below http://www.thewatchquote.com/Photo-img32079_1200.htm&Hublot Masterpiece MP-02 Key of Time
  7. After my fathers passing, i came across two watches that he had. One Elgin de Luxe and a Leonidas. This is a photo that is similar to the Elgin i have, no band. The Leonidas is similar in size and look. Both are small and square so im guessing that they are ladies watches. Just wondering if there is any value to these and a recommendation for a person who can clean and possibly repair. Any information would be appreciated. Photos are attached.
  8. Folks I'm having trouble identifying my grandfathers watch. (I’m also having trouble inserting photos of it) The watch is a BAYCREST. Swiss made. Automatic. Incabloc. Circa 70 years old. Bought in Vancouver Island, Canada. It still works but needs a good clean. Has anybody heard of the manufacturer? I have searched the internet for months with no joy. Seriously, ANY info greatly appreciated. I can sent pics privately if that would help as I can’t get pics on here. thanks folks D
  9. I got this rather nice Hirco ladies watch in a batch of watches I obtained a month or so ago.... On checking it recently I was rather surprised to see that on winding it ran, though could do with a service........ These are the sizes... And this is the movement..... And you can see it is in a Dennison case.... As for the movement the closest I can find in appearance is an AS676 and the dates of manufacture (1936 onward) fits in with the Dennison stainless steel case, 'Denisteel' being on their cases from 1934 onward... So far all I've done clean it up and put it on a new leather strap. My thoughts on the age of the watch is probably 1940's, early 1950's. Can anyone throw any more light on it, re. movement type/manufacturer and date?
  10. Hi, Grandfather's Seamaster rebuilt and custom strap is now back to being a daily watch after decades of living in a box. Caliber is 591. Patina is wonderful with nice orange spotting on the face and great wear on the case. Wanted to give it a youthful color in the strap, photos added for your feedback/review. Thanks for checking it out.
  11. Hi I’m getting married soon and want to purchase a watch to wear on the day. I’m looking for a dress watch, nothing bigger than 40mm and aim to spend up to £400. I’ve been looking at vintage Omegas and found some nice ones but wonder if there are any other brands I could be looking for? Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks
  12. Thinking of getting a Longines Conquest VHP to add to my watch collection but am I just as good getting a non VHP? I’m a stickler for accuracy so just how good are the Non VHP models? thanks D
  13. I bought this watch on eBay last week. The seller said “Have not replaced battery, may work but selling as spares and repairs.” I usually take these statements with a pinch of salt, but it looked quite clean even though the crystal was quite badly scratched and it appeared to have the original bracelet (since identified as a VERY expensive Swiss made NSA one) and with a £22 winning bid looked to be worth a go.... Well it arrived yesterday and from the build up of very old, and dried up, detritus all around the back to case join it was obvious that no one had removed the back for a while (at this point I just hadn't realised how long ago that 'while' was) . So the seller wasn't telling 'porkies' he hadn't tried a new battery in it. Not wishing to transfer all of the dirt into the watch on opening I cleaned the outside of the case with a drop of WD40 and an electric toothbrush. I opened the watch and was confronted with a very clean looking ESA 9157 movement, with a battery still in place. At this point I did notice that the designation on the battery, while being made by 'Renata', was one I was not at all familiar with.... On removal there was minimal signs of leakage so I cleaned up the movement contacts with some alcohol and a cotton bud and looked for a similar sized new battery amongst my 'stock' , which fortunately wasn't a problem. On putting the battery in, even prior to attempting to get the top clamp in place to my surprise and delight the balance started up and continued to oscillate. At this point I clamped up the battery and replaced the back and transferred my attentions to getting the scratches out of the crystal and generally tidying up the case, something that turned out quite nice and all of the time the watch ticked away happily... I was just about to set the time and date when I noticed that the battery that I had removed from the watch, and was still sitting under the bench light had some writing scratched on the -ve end......This is where the mind blowing bit comes in.....apparently the watch maker who had last changed the battery had carefully noted the date that the job was done on the battery itself..... That's right, the 16th of April 1982!, that's 38 bloody years ago! (which explains the strange battery number that I didn't recognise). How the battery hadn't destroyed the watch over the years is a miracle, I can't see any modern Silver Oxide battery being as kind..... Anyway back to the one bit of bad news about the watch... I set the time with no problems, the watch hacked and the second hand started up immediately the crown was pushed back in, but on pulling the crown back out to the first position, despite every thing turning as expected the date refused to change, there wasn't even any drag to suggest that something was sticking. Thinking that there was probably something amiss with the stem, stopping the quick date change from working, I thought that I would set the date the slow way by advancing the hands. Sadly this didn't work either, again no drag around 12 midnight to suggest something jammed or sticking..... I am resigned now to stripping off the hands and dial to find the problem, but I'm wary about jumping in on an unfamiliar movement without first asserting what the mechanism is like before starting the strip down. All attempts so far to get any detailed information on how the date change works on the ESA 9157 (or indeed the 9158 day/date version) have failed. The Ranfft picture of the keyless works side of the movement gives no clues as to what delights are lurking under the central cover plate.... Cousins have the 'Communication Technique' (in French) available for down load but while it shows the parts list it isn't obvious how the date change operates. I have found the information that I'm looking for , for the' similar' ESA9154, but the date change components (by comparing the two parts lists) appear to be totally different. Can anyone point me towards the info that I'm looking for. (or even a cheap, electrically defunct movement for spares...) I like to know where I'm going before starting a 'journey' and I am loath to strip the watch down unprepared, with the possibility of finding something broken (perhaps a tooth missing from the date wheel or a broken tension spring), without having immediate access to the necessary replacement part/parts.....
  14. Hey i recently brought a nice looking watch from a lovely old lady who said she got it around 30 years ago but it's in amazing condition and looks a few years old at most. I was hoping someone could help me date it and give me any information would be much appreciated. Thanks https://ibb.co/sv8vp4x https://ibb.co/xJR1Fwy https://ibb.co/K2LW6Jd https://ibb.co/MSFr1dB https://ibb.co/RBpPVM6
  15. Hi Simon. I'm trying to replace my dad's watch gasket. Tissot wont supply me with one. There is a red hard flat gasket which is thoroughly mangled and will not fit back in, It also seems too long, (The battery was changed by a shoe shine chain a few years ago and my elderly dad didn't realise the back wasn't on properly when he got it back!) I've tried Cousins but they seem wholesale only so I'm hoping to get the measurements to get a third party one. Are you able to help with measurements please? Thanks in advance, Andrew.
  16. Hi everyone, new member here, I’m just looking to start my watch collection after admiring various watches I’ve the years, I’m looking to finally take the plunge and invest in my first watch. I know a lot of people have a pop at TAG watches, but I really like the updated Aquaracer with the blue or black bezel, can anyone recommend them or own one? It retails at around £2200-2300, I have been offered the blue one, pre owned from this year and unworn, full set, all with papers and warranty card, for £1450, should I have any concerns or is this just a good deal for a entry level watch. Sorry for the long first message but where better to ask I suppose. Thanks for any help in advance Daniel
  17. I got this last year with some other watches, got put to one side......... I recently re-visited it and tried to find out any information about the maker (dial marked 'N.I.W. Arvin) and found absolutely nothing at all...... This is the movement, and surprisingly, on winding, it ran..... Out of curiosity I carefully removed any dust from the movement with a aerosol air blower and added a little lube to the visible pivots and regulated it on the Timegrapher, results, other than the horrendous beat error, quite pleasing...... can anyone shed any light on it's manufacturer and or age? My guess is that it is late 1930's but I'm open to correction... Shame about the condition of the dial
  18. Does anyone know in depth about the oris pointer date? In its current form it is available in 36mm and 40mm in many different dial options. When was the 29mm model produced and the 32mm? Which dial options were available for these sizes when they were in manufacture? It has been in production since the 1930s but there seems to be very few examples on the market or much information about them online Any response is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  19. Hi Watch Enthusiasts Patria Watch Co is a 127-year-old luxury Swiss watch brand, originally founded in Bienne, Switzerland in 1892. The brand has been revived by Patria Ltd as a UK company, trading as ‘Patria Watch Co’. Patria has already produced its first line of watches and is now crowdfunding on Crowd for Angels. Please visit the pitch here: https://crowdforangels.com/patria - Capital At Risk. The company have produced the following video <iframe title="vimeo-player" src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/379732804" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Video on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/379732804
  20. Just bought a Wenger Roadster from H Samuel , it was in a sale but apparently staff made a mistake and shouldnt have been in sale picked it out from display as looked excellent , sale price 120 (was 245). also got 25 off next purchase which i have yet to decide which one to use it on (includes sale items) citizen is possible.
  21. I have posted this on other watch forums, but thought it might be of interest on here as well............ A little bit of Swiss watch manufacture history I saw a watch on eBay a few months ago, and having done some research on 'Camy Watches' when I got my two 1960's Camy 'divers', (shown below), I was aware of the Raymond Weil connection:- 'Raymond Weil (Founder and Honorary President) was born in Geneva in 1926. After he got a diploma in commerce, he entered Camy Watch S.A. – a Swiss watchmaker, in 1949 where he was to become manager and spend 26 years of his life. In 1976, during a crisis that affected the watch industry, he decided to create his own company.' What it doesn't say above is that on the death of the Camy Watch S.A. owner, one of the sons took over and fired Raymond Weil. At that point Raymond Weil set up his own company and took a substantial number of Camy's employees with him. (and Camy Watch S.A. closed in a few months) He initially (and for a very short time) signed his own watches 'Dinita', an amalgamation of the names of his two daughters Diana and Anita, but was, very quickly, convinced to change the brand name to 'Raymond Weil', the rest is history. 'Raymond Weil' is one of the last independent brands in the Swiss watch industry, and as far as I know the only family owned one left. Anyway, back to the watch I found on ebay, in itself a fairly nondescript Swiss dress watch from 1976, that I have no real love for, but historically quite significant in being a fairly rare example of one of the very first watches independently produced by Raymond Weil, after leaving Camy, the large 'W' on the dial and back, only having significance when you know the history. The movement is a 'Dinita' signed ETA 2750, and after a couple of 'tweeks' seems to be running surprisingly well What other gems will eBay give up next I wonder?
  22. Just picked this Rolex Spoon up did not know they existed. Has anybody seen these in the flesh? Looked on eBay and there are quite a few available.
  23. Hi all. I've got something I want to run by you having just bought my first deluxe watch which is a Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 Automatic. Basically the crown doesn't seem to operate in a smooth way as firstly when I unscrew the crown it doesn't seem to 'pop up' to position 1 where on various YouTube clips that I've seen on other watches it does. Second to that position 2 and position 3 when pulling the crown out further isn't that clearly defined and you can easily mistake what position you're in resulting in you accidently changing the date or time. My last concern which is probably the biggest is that the crown on occasions is difficult to screw back in to the water tight position and it seems to get stuck. It takes a number of goes in order to screw the crown in and it feels like the stem / thread might be damaged? I'm debating whether to send this back to Tag however I've only had it for a week and don't want to send it back unless their really is an issue. Is what I've described simply a characteristic of the watch or does it truely sound like it's damaged? Many thanks
  24. Dear Watchforum, I am writing to you concerning a problem I have encountered with one of my watches, and I would like to hear your opinion on the subject. I have requested an "Extract of Archives" from one of the top 5 watch company's for a rare watch from the 90's. I paid over 200USD for the Extract document, I wanted to have it because my watch does not have its original booklet and I was curious of the exact date age of the watch. After receiving this book, I took it home and looked at the reference number and something seemed off. I knew the exact reference number of my watch, and on the paper the last 2 numbers (which refer to the type of dial) were different then what it should be. I got upset, and started thinking that my watch could have been dial swapped in the past to the reference number dial I thought I had, therefore it would have been a fabrication. This could significantly effect the value of the watch in the eyes of the buyers. Doing research online I found that that reference number they wrote on the document didn't even exist. That was what got me to call the factory and question the accuracy of the document. They were even surprised to hear that the document was not accurate, and they asked me to send it back to them and they will replace it. If I would have not noticed it and thought that this document is accurate, then it would have ruined the value of my watch and It would have made it nearly impossible to sell on the market. My question to you is: is it common for watch companies to make mistakes on official signed extracts ? What would you do in my place? How can you trust watch companies with your watch? Thanks,
  25. I recently bought a Rotary Super-Sports from England. I will list what I think know about this watch. If I am wrong about anything please let me know and then I will get to my questions. I believe its a 1940, with an A. Schild 984/ 440 movement. 15 jewels. What I want to know; is it missing a tension ring at the crystal (bezel), is there a name for this case shape, could it have been an issued item for the war? Additionally is it wise to try to remove the lume that fell off the hands on to the dial, and is this a rare combination between the dial style with its markers in this case. I find very few examples of this watch.
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