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  1. Been coveting this model for ages. One finally came up that was appreciably under list price, not new but unused and guaranteed By Tudor for full 2 years. also this one has the benefit of the NATO style Tudor fabric strap as well as a brand new full steel bracelet. I've almost never worn any watch on a NATO up until now, but I have to say this one looks the dogs bollocks - as we used to say in the old days. Seriously smart but slightly casual. The eyes have already popped out on stalks back home when shown to my two sons in their 20s! It’s caused a massive dent in my little watch f
  2. Hi, I’m new to the forum. My grandad left me an IWC Portugieser (automatic) and I’m thinking of selling it but I’m unsure of how to go about it Should I get it authenticated by IWC for 300 CHF or just try to sell it? And if so, what places would people recommend in London to get it appraised or sold? I’m not too comfortable with trying to sell it online Thanks in advance. Any advice would be appreciated -Jerry
  3. Greetings everybody I’ve just joined this forum and would love some thoughts on my next purchase. I currently own a Rolex Datejust which I bought new in 1998 and an Omega Planet Ocean, which I purchased new in 2010. I’d like to add to my collection and have seen some cracking prices for the Omega Speedmaster (Sapphire Sandwich) and the Chopard Mille Miglia XL 2016. I don’t know much about Chopard, but the looks are appealing to me. The Speedmaster, I think, speaks for itself. I would welcome anyone’s thoughts on these please. Thanks in advance.
  4. I recently bought an Helvetia Automatic watch marked "32 Jewels" on the face. When it arrived I found that it was marked "25 Jewels" on the rotor. As I thought that the movement had been changed, I returned it for a refund. There was another similar watch for sale so I checked with the seller as to how many jewels it had. He replied that it was also marked "25 Jewels" on exactly the same movement H847. Please could somebody tell me what is going on? Have Helvetia added some extra jewels and if so, why didn't they put the correct number on the rotor?
  5. Hello, does anyone have any information about Behco Swiss watch? I have recently found this watch for sale but can't find any information about the brand. Thanks very much for your help.
  6. Hi, I've recently received a nice looking ladies watch with mother of pearl rear cover and enamel on metal dial. It's Swiss but no makers marks or anything. Anyway, I disassembled it today, cleaned it, and I am in the process of reassembly. My confusion is, there is no pallet fork! I first of all thought I'd dropped it and searched for a while before going back to the watch and examining it in greater detail...… it doesn't have a pallet fork. The escape wheel isn't flat either, the edges of the wheel are turned up. The teeth are very similar to the standard escape but that's where it en
  7. Surprised to see no Ebel owners page so thought I'd start one. Here is my well "loved" Ebel Sportwave from 1995. This stainless steel bracelet is like an piece of jewellery on it's own. Great to wear and very tough as you can see from its scars. But jeez, if this watch could talk... Safe to say I now look after my watches much better than I did perhaps in my 20's.
  8. Good afternoon, I'm not sure, but is this Venus movement an FHF 25? I cannot see anything under the balance wheel. Love the translation of FHF thou, last F being; "Fontainemelon"
  9. I was fortuneate to recieve a Smiths Astral, 9 carat case, with a Swiss 17 jewel movement from a late relative. I bears no country of origin or manufacture on the dial, just Smith Astral and the crown logo. It has a screw down back hall marked for 1972, the inscription is dated 1974. I can't find any similar dials online having just the arabic numerals, and a centre second hand. The back has the number '1715/1' stamped inside with the various marks. Any ideas on rarity? or value? or is it more realistic to browse ebay for current prices? My grandson has his eye on it so I doubt I'
  10. Hello can anyone help with any info on Japy watches? are they any good, are they reliable, etc thanks
  11. Hi to all, my name is Nicola Callegaro and I'm the founder of echo/neutra a new Italian brand which will be launched in March on Kickstarter. I decided to write a post here in order to share with you our project and receive some feedbacks about our watches. Our collection consists of 4 Swiss Made automatic watches designed in Italy and inspired by the Italian Dolomites, a special place for us where we spend a lot of time every year with our families. Here there are the specs of the AVERAU watch: - 42mm wide - 52.5mm lug-to-lug - 11.5mm height - 20mm lug width; - 316L Stainles
  12. Hi, I was hopeful for some advice regarding a watch I have been looking to purchase. I am no expert and would appreciate any input. The watch in question is a vintage Jaeger le-coultre uniplan (from my understanding) however I have some concerns regarding authenticity. For one the dial is marked "Jaeger" only, where as the movement states "Jaeger Le-coultre. Could it be a Frankenwatch? Any thoughts on this and anything other comments would be greatly appreciated. I am really sorry but I cant load anymore pictures for some reason. Any thoughts on the above however would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi, Would someone with more knowledge than myself be able to confirm the legitimacy of this watch: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Rolex-Oyster-Date-1500-Stainless-Steel-Gold-36-mm-Cal-1570-COSC-/402279787850?hash=item5da9be6d4a%3Ag%3AXQQAAOSwxbhe0nWb&nma=true&si=cHlGt5Fju4iwwAUmg4a7D8QJp2Q%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 I have purchased it, but am concerned that the reference in the case back (1500) is different to the one between the lugs (1505). The serial number (5827306) suggests it was made in 1978, but am I right in thinking
  14. Hi there, We are small British start-up, trying to get crowdfunding for our first release,available at CF platforms As it usually happens on the start, we don’t have money for paid promotion. Don’t you mind to allow us to place crowdfunding link into your forum? Mörester watches Regards Alex, Mörester watches campaign coordinator
  15. It would be interesting to know, if you could travel today, which watches would you take on an Antarctic journey? I watched this video (with subtitles. Original Language: German) and found the choice quite interesting: I look forward to your selection... and please explain briefly why you would choose them!
  16. Hello Simon I was given my late father's Roamer Rotodate watch, it has '44' in the face too (presumably the number of jewels) and Brevete and various patent numbers on the back. If I wear it, it seems to work OK except the winding stem and knob (crown, jewel etc) are missing. There is only a small round, hollow piece sticking out of the watch. Whilst my research suggests this is a rare model, I'd quite like to wear it. To do that, I'll need a winding stem and the 'knob' or whatever it's called. Is this something I can insert myself without dismantling the watch? ...if so, do you kno
  17. Hello have found my grandads J W Bensons watch and wondered if someone could give me a little info on it and maybe a value?
  18. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143647158804 Hello. I have recently acquired a Camy miss 25 solid silver watch. It has been scratched '1979' on the inside case. I know nothing about this watch, and can't find any other like it. Any information would be greatly appreciated, and also I would be interested to know if there are any links that could be added to make it bigger. Thank you
  19. Hi all, I've been a background observer and fan of the forum for quite some time but never had the need to post. Until now. I've inherited the below watch and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on model, specs, value etc. Any additional information is appreciated. As background, the watch was issued as a long service award to my great uncle back in 1966, was worn for a year or two and then put back in the box in the bottom of his wardrobe with all the papers and there it stayed until he died. The original case of the watch was previously replaced and engraved with the
  20. I posted on the WRUW topic earlier but heres the official thread! I was lucky enough to pick up this little gem today. Paid for it during the lockdown at the end of April after spamming my ADs with chaser emails regarding my current position on "the list". I'd got into a bit of routine of touching base every few months. The next day I got an email to ring in urgently.....and 2 months later here we are!! Amazing service. Whilst I didn't get the obligatory glass of bubbles for obvious reasons, they kindly gave me a free gift (Rolex branded leather card wallet) and a letter from the C
  21. Good Afternoon, I am rapidly approaching my 50th Birthday and despite always wanting an Omega Speedmaster, in all honesty cannot justify the price tag. My wife is keen to buy me a nice watch which is high quality, good looking, built to last and a respectable make for our budget of £1,200. I do like the look of the Longines Hydro Conquest Automatic and would be very grateful for any advice on: (a) I can see the watch on various websites, but there appears to be two different model numbers for the 41mm Blue Dial version. (L37424966 and L37814966) and apart from the numberin
  22. I have some experience of repairing clocks of mantle size, but a friend has asked whether I can repair a small clock from his 1938 car. He thought that the spring had broken which is sort of true, but the actual problem is that it has become disengaged from the barrel. In the clocks I am used to the end of the spring has a hole in it which engages with a hook made from an tab cut into the barrel. This is similar but the end of the spring itself has been bent back to form a hook which is supposed to engage with the barrel. The end of the spring had broken off so I heated it and made a
  23. I was just given my Grandfathers watch and am trying to find information about it. The face has Nivada Grenchen on it, above the name is a crown with a letter C inside it. There are diamonds arranged rectangular like at the 12/3/6/9 positions and diamonds at the other hours is a diamond background with the bottom of the diamond pointing towards the middle of the face. The crown look shielded from the front with only a small section showing. The case is marked 14K Gold..I’ll try to figure out how to post a picture
  24. I recently pulled this watch I inherited a long time ago out of the safe and have been trying to identify which year it was made, and failed miserably to nail it down. Since a few kind folks here on the forum recently kindly helped me with a similar search for knowledge I was hoping someone here might be able to pin it down — a big thank you in advance for indulging me. It's a Chronoswiss Lunar Chronograph with moonphase, marked with reference number 77990. Given who owned it before and their biography, I'd expect this to be from around 1985-1993. I looked in every place I could
  25. Hi all just wandering if anyone could give me a little advice.my oris super manual wind (circa 1960) is very rough almost grinding when I set the time.other than this it’s working perfectly keeping very good time,is it something I should seek assistance for or is it not cost effective for the value of the piece. i also have a oris pointer date which is in excellent condition and keeping good time.however the date will not set and is grinding,does anyone know what the problem could be and if it’s easy to fix. Thanks anyone for any advice you could give it’s much appreciated.
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