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Found 270 results

  1. I have a beautiful 1916 Rolex 'Trench Watch' which could really do with a professional service, and I would love to know where I could get it serviced. It has one slight issue that I know of which is the mainspring. It could do with going on a mainspring winder to tighten it up, but I did not see the point of buying one just to fix this watch only. The one on the left is the Rolex needing the service. (Rolex, Elgin, Rolex) Any advice regarding servicing, watch repairers that could do this, or cheap mainspring winders would be really appreciated.
  2. Hello, I've made a silly mistake! I was taking apart a watch I've not worked on before, and rushed it. On removing the date wheel, the little brass coloured gear wheel on the right of the picture fell out, and I've no idea where from? It has a raised square edged centre on one side with a hole through and a smaller raised cone centre the other. This side also has a small pin set at approx 1/2 the diameter of the wheel. It has a course tooth edge which I cant seem to match up with anything. Aaarrgghh! Anyone help? Thank you. Matt
  3. Hi all, I got my hands on some old watches, however it is difficult to get some information on them! I will make different topics out of them to keep it a bit organised, please have a look at them. I am curious if you masterminds could help me a bit with this Thank you for having a look!
  4. Hi, Grandfather's Seamaster rebuilt and custom strap is now back to being a daily watch after decades of living in a box. Caliber is 591. Patina is wonderful with nice orange spotting on the face and great wear on the case. Wanted to give it a youthful color in the strap, photos added for your feedback/review. Thanks for checking it out.
  5. New watch boxes - made in Italy - PERGHER MILANO was founded in 1990 with the goal to stand out and to emerge with its Utility, Quality, Design and care of the details of its accessories for watches: these are characteristics that in time rewarded us, marking us one one the most acknowledged brands in our field. www.perghermilano.com
  6. Well I've had some interest for a few years now with electric/electronic watches, having had a couple of Citizen Cosmotrons and a Seiko 3303 for a while now..... For my sins I 'discovered' the Timex electrics back in December. I soon found that they were not very popular and 'non working' ones could be picked up very cheaply on ebay, I stepped on a VERY slippery slope! and while my decent appears to have slowed down somewhat I have not yet reached the bottom! Anyway, less than 3 months later I seem to have amassed these:- ranging from a 1962 to about 1978 with a few late seventies/early eighties analogue quartz models, with one having the 'rare' step minute hand movement, and of course the one obligatory early quartz digital.... There are a few still awaiting my attentions so the box will still fill a bit more even if I don't buy any others, something I think I will not be able to resist doing Is there any cure for this addiction?
  7. Does anyone know in depth about the oris pointer date? In its current form it is available in 36mm and 40mm in many different dial options. When was the 29mm model produced and the 32mm? Which dial options were available for these sizes when they were in manufacture? It has been in production since the 1930s but there seems to be very few examples on the market or much information about them online Any response is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. I recently bought a Rotary Super-Sports from England. I will list what I think know about this watch. If I am wrong about anything please let me know and then I will get to my questions. I believe its a 1940, with an A. Schild 984/ 440 movement. 15 jewels. What I want to know; is it missing a tension ring at the crystal (bezel), is there a name for this case shape, could it have been an issued item for the war? Additionally is it wise to try to remove the lume that fell off the hands on to the dial, and is this a rare combination between the dial style with its markers in this case. I find very few examples of this watch.
  9. So i was looking a very long time for this watch and finally got it, It’s a Seiko Olympic 7T42-7A50. I couldn’t really find any information on the internet for this particular Model.
  10. Hi all! Got this piece recently and want to get to know it a bit better. I've read from a couple sources online that the brand Pioneer was made by Rolex for the Canadian market - is there any truth to this? I assume this is just companies cashing in on the "Rolex style" branded movement and unbranded dial/case back and the loose relation to the Pioneer Rolex model to get more money out of people? Any further info on time period or such would be great! Case measures 31mm inc. crown, 15mm strap with and 36mm lug to lug.
  11. First post here so bare with me.. I have recently purchased a Swiss watch which is branded as a Rone incabloc and a 17 jewel. I loved the look of the vintage/worn dial and so I grabbed it! I tried doing abit of research on the Rone brand but found very little info apart from they produced Swiss made watches from about 1920s - 70s. Also there are very few Rone watches available to purchase I have only seen a few on eBay but none of the same model as mine. If anyone knows anything about it please share. i tried to add a photo of mine but won’t let me for some reason :(
  12. Hi I'm trying to find out information on this watch. A Hugo Buchser gold reversible watch. I know absolutely nothing about it. Apart from what Google says about Hugo buchser himself. Iv had it some time and never used it as gold is not my style. If not owned it from new. But got it in an auction as new in box.
  13. Hi I'm trying to find out information on this watch. A Hugo Buchser gold reversible watch. I know absolutely nothing about it. Apart from what Google says about Hugo buchser himself. Iv had it some time and never used it as gold is not my style. If not owned it from new. But got it in an auction as new in box.
  14. Hi, Bought this at auction and can't find any info online. No intention to sell, just curious. There's no serial number on back (at least anymore) and the Tissot logo is fading. Used a loupe and can't tell if there was any other text on dial. Manual wind https://photos.app.goo.gl/JwwZsTwBpNuYUfeg8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/1ZsUczrN8wXaJifw5 Thanks
  15. Could anyone tell me what this watch is and what it may be worth?. I think its from the 1970s.
  16. Hello, This is my first post. Ive been left a box from my late father that has a Timor watch in a condition that could only have been caused by being kept in a garage drawer with screws which is such a shame but ill try and do something with it. Also an Automatic Favre Leuba. Im looking for help with it. The movement is a 2670 which I believe would be a modified ETA, its tiny. Ive never seen a movement that small so very impressed. I think it may be a 1970s era watch? Also not sure if it would have been a mans or ladies. Ive tried to add an image but see I can only add from websites? Thanks
  17. Hello everyone, Who and What My name is Dean, and while I am unfamiliar with the mechanics of watches, I do enjoy owning them and where else to learn more about watches that to join a forum dedicated to watch fanatics like myself? I am new to this forum, as is obvious, and the reason I have joined is because I need guidance from well-informed members who can educate me in my quest to produce a Wikipedia article on the Sicura watch brand. I often contribute to Wikipedia and have been contracted to produce articles for organisations. Therefore I am familiar with structure, language and research required to produce an article for Wikipedia. Why I am here I have taken a personal interest with Sicura and I am keen to develop an article on this interesting watch brand. However, there is barely any information on this watch brand and I can only go so far in my own research. Which brings me to you... If you are familiar with the history and anything related to the Sicura, please do post your knowledge, and if you have references to support the statements, they would be greatly appreciated. ANYTHING is useful. What I know and the 'Sicura by Breitling' controversy The knowledge I have already gained so far from browsing these forums on this watch brand is that it has a complicated relationship with the Breitling - which is why I have included Breitling in my tags. I recognize they are two separate brands entirely, and before Ernest Schneider purchased the Breitling brand in 1979, Sicura was in its entirety completely separate. But as far as in-depth knowledge, I do not know anything else about the watch other than what can be explained in the short draft of what I already have. Further points and Extra info I think making an article on Sicura not only makes an accessible database of information that will be more clearly available to the public, I think it will serve to educate people on its Breitling-relationship more clearly, and in turn, disrupt false advertising often found in vintage auctions of the watches. I have no access to books on watches that mention the brand and databases such as Jstor, my university library resources have helped little, if at all. I presume that most knowledge behind Sicura may unfortunately come from Breitling texts, but these are still hugely useful, as reliable resources are severely lacking on Sicura. E.g. most website links that have good information on Sicura are 'blogs' which unfortunately has no credibility when used as references. However, I am interested in where they got that information from as the source obviously can be referenced. If you have pictures of your own Sicura watch, and you would be happy to have them featured on the article, please do contact me. My short draft on the introduction to Sicura: """" Sicura (officially Montres Sicura SA or simply Sicura SA) was a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer based in Granges, Switzerland.[1] Originally founded in 1938,[2] its early historical origins are relatively unknown, and the earliest known record of the company can be found in the Swiss Handelsregister from 2 May 1955 (refneeded). During this time, it was owned and headed by Théodore Sfaellos and shortly after by his son-in-law Ernest Frédéric Schneider after the former's passing in early 1960. By 1975, Sicura had four watch assembly factories, a case factory and a jewel factory.[2] In 1977 Sicura began producing its first quartz watches. In April 1979, Ernest Schneider purchased the Breitling and Navitimer brand and several watch models from Willy Breitling,[3][4] merging them with the Sicura brand before eventually changing the company name, Montres Sicura AG, to Breitling AG on 29 November, 1993. Although Breitling-branded watches were briefly produced under Montres Sicura AG before the company was renamed, the brands had no direct relationship with one another and are considered separate; ironically, watches branded Sicura are often falsely advertised in vintage auctions as "Sicura by Breitling". """" ( link to my sandbox: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Imp_dean/sandbox ) -Disclaimer: expect in some areas that language and structure may be muddled and I implore you to correct me on my own history, mistakes in language etc as I want to create this article with your help. **** Overall, I need your help in developing a Wikipedia article on the watch brand Sicura. **** Look forward to hearing from you all!
  18. Does anyone know anything about a citizen n-e310 s081276-ka I have one and cant find anything about it.
  19. Hi all,I have two seiko quartz, an A158 5059 and an A021 5000. I would like to place them in their original boxes. Can anyone advise which boxes these models should be in, or maybe have pictures of them? Thanks. Matt
  20. Hi Simon, new member here. I found this forum by Googling “Sicura repairs” so I believe you’ve worked on these watches before? I inherited this Sicura which is in need of some TLC- https://imgur.com/gallery/84BDiZy It runs for about 30 mins then stops. Is this something you think you could fix? Many thanks in advance!
  21. Choosed some colorful straps for winter, whats yours ?
  22. Hi y'all, so in short, the guy that sold me the watch says it's at least 110-120 years old, and he also said it's from Switzerland. now! the pocket watch does not have any markings by the manufacturer, other than a small logo, that i could best describe as a Star, with a half moon under it, the watch is an Ancre movement, Spiral briguet, 15 jubis.
  23. We've just inherited a vintage lady's wristwatch which has no maker's name or brand identification marks that I can see. The case opens like a half-hunter pocket watch. Inside, there's no movement serial number or anything else showing that gives information about the mechanism showing -- except the French words 'Avance' and 'Retard' in cursive script on the adjuster, for 'fast and 'slow'. I imagine that suggests that the watch is Swiss-made. On the inside of the lid, I can see: (1) the symbol for 9-carat/.375 gold; (2) a capital 'Q' in double outline form, with a swallowtail shape on the tail, within a round shield -- which I can't find as either a maker's mark or a year, anywhere on the web and (4)) what the web says is the symbol for a London import 'sponsor' post-1907 (no actual hallmark, though), with '316' beneath that -- which I can see identifies the grade of steel used. There are a few other scratched letters and numbers on the inside of the case lid which I think were done by hand with a pin or a stylus -- repairers' marks? There's nothing about 'jewels'. The numerals on the face (all black, except for a red '12') suggest the 1920s or 1930s (which fits, in terms of my wife's grandmother, who owned it previously). The minutes are marked by tiny gold dots, and the (black) hands are what I think are called spade design. The watch has a bracelet which I assume is a rather later replacement. It's an expanding one marked 'Excelsior', and '/10 R.G.FT' -- which I understand means 10% rolled gold filled or plated. Oddly, the bracelet is firmly attached but twisted like a Mobius strip. So it would need to be detached at one end by drilling out the pin, turned around and then properly re-attached, to make it wearable again. Very strange! However, the watch works very well indeed, when carefully wound. It keeps reasonably accurate time over several days (losing a minute or so). At the moment, I've no idea how to add any photos, here. I don't have access to any system on the web where I can post images with a URL. But I'll see if there's a way I can do it through a friend, etc. On the description above, could anyone of you out there tell us anything about the watch, even if it's just an informed guess?
  24. I have just bought an old Seiko which was made in October 1965 and it has a pretty filthy dial. It is a 6205-8940 DIASHOCK SELFDATER, 24 JEWELS, it's had a tough life as you can tell by the photo, but, it is working well, keeping very good time. I would like to clean up the dial, but, I understand it will never look great. Someone (watch butcher) has obviously had a go at cleaning previously and been rather rough with it. Am I right in thinking that the writing is inked and then varnished, or, is it some sort of vinyl decal? Some advice would really be appreciated.
  25. Hello I am a new member is there any members out there that give me any advise on Longines-Wittnauer vintage watches. I have about ten in my collection. And i am trying to find where i can get the best information from so that i can try and source how i can identify when made name and sourcing parts crystals. iIf that is possible some body might be able to help cheers
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