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Found 61 results

  1. I won this on ebay for a bargain price.. The crystal was totaly destroyed by welding or grinding spatter. You could just make out the yellow hand., Hours of work have gone into removing the deep pits with progressive use of wet and dry paper starting with coarse and working down to super fine. Then a final polish with stainless steel polish, followed by jewellers rouge. I amazed myself by the end results, and treated it to a new aviation strap
  2. The year is 1976. I was a newly minted constable in the Queensland Police Force. My first day on the job, someone asks "Why aren't I wearing a watch?. Every copper has to have a reliable watch." So, at the first opportunity I popped down to the local jeweller's to pick out a watch. The one with red on the ring thing and a couple of buttons on the side looked interesting enough. The price was right and it was a Seiko. I knew precious little about watches but I knew about Seiko watches from my Dad who had purchased a couple during his tour of duty over in Vietnam in 1966 and he swore by them. So the purchase was made. For the next 15 years that watch stayed on my wrist. Four years in a first response unit, three years in outback Queensland, chatting with shearers about whether or not they should retire for the night, meant that the watch and I regularly took a beating. Needless to say that this watch and I shared many adventures together. It was in the early 90s that I became a police diver and required a more suitable watch, so I retired the Seiko and bought a Tag 1500 Pro which I still wear from time to time, to this day. The wife, the Seiko and I became separated and it was for another 15 years that my daughter was able to retrieve the watch on my behalf. That was six weeks ago, the watch still goes after a bit of a shake but is badly in need of some TLC. The pushers are jammed up with gunk and as you can see by the photo, the glass could do with replacing. So off to the doctor's it goes. That's my story about about a 6139-6002. It hasn't been into space but it's done just about everything else. Cheers Hog Seiko 6139-6002, a little worse for wear Seiko 6139-6002-At the Post Office Tag 1500 - Still on the wrist
  3. I'm very seriously considering buying a Citizen Proximity with smart phone linkup. What are peoples thoughts?
  4. Seiko Flightmaster Watch SNA411 with bracelet & 2 Nato straps - Mint Condition! eBay Advert
  5. Hello Gents, my name is Evgeny and I am the founder of PaceMasters Watches We are a young yet ambition company, who specializes in racing-inspired watches. Our first project - Paddock Chronograph - is a Formula 1 racing inspired mecha-quartz chronograph powered by SII VK67 movement. It has a completely original design, and there are some unique racing parts which we wanted to implement in it, like a Pit Board with different signs which enframes the date window, start grid and Pole position marks on the chapter ring, and a carbon fiber layer as part of the multi-layered dial. We wanted to make something unique and really took our time to design it all from scratch. The design team consist of two great professionals: one is a watchmaker with many projects behind, another one is a car designer from Berlin, who helped us a lot to find our style. We have many visuals, design descriptions, as well as development story in the blog, and I would appreciate your comments, as watch-enthusiasts, if we managed to do it right. Please feel free to comment and ask questions and also check out more details on the website at www.pace-masters.com
  6. Hi watch geniuses I just got a Nixon 51-30 watch (model: A083595), bought from ebay. The seller gaurenteed that it was authentic, but I'm not sure about it. It is bought as a new watch without tags. The picture of the watch on the box doesn't look as sharp as I would think it would, and the gold color of the watch looks darker than the pictures of the internet.I have attached a picture of the authentic watch, and some of my watch and box.I hope someone can tell me if it is authentic or fake. If it is fake the i got to contact the seller ASAP, so I can get my money back before it is too late. Thank you guys! Best Regards Alex
  7. Last few days i was looking for a old Casio watch i've seen a 80s advertisement, and found this Marlin and Databank models which i didn't knew much about them, and fall in love with this one, i saw a guy with a DB and Marlin Casio collection on youtube and loved it. I found the Marlin on recommended page of Ebay and take a quick look at it, after a day, i decided that i needed to get it, the condition was not bad at all and had a new battery added in, i won the auction today, i'm very happy, i don't know if there is Casio digital-watch collectors or enthusiasts but i believe this is a Rare watch. There is a picture of it: https://imgur.com/eI0pdH9 Who owns the same watch? Just let me know!
  8. Good evening, I've found an old watch which belonged to my grandpa. I was wondering if any of you have any clue about what is it. It's an Ulysse Nardin, I've taken it to a local store and they told me it must have been made around the 30's/40's. It has a 5,4 cm wide face in ceramic. I've written to the identification service of Ulysse Nardin and all they manage to tell me is that the caliber is a 19"" C. C. R. based on the design of Paul David Nardin patented CH54714A sold from 1915 to 1971. I'll put some photos of it hoping they could help and that some of you can tell me something more about what could it be. Thank you all for your time. Greetings, Marco https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Yo1kx06o7IxbnoubbEx5QhgegavVlKCs
  9. After a little help from the U.K. forum members. For my 40th (8yrs ago!!) I was treated to a rather gorgeous IWC Fliegeruhr chrono which has behaved faultlessly until the chrono reset button fell out and was lost recently. I’ve done a bit of digging, without much success and am trying to find an independent UK who could repair the watch, give her a service and generally freshen up the case and stainless strap. Any recommendations gratefully received.
  10. Hullo all, as I'm new here, hope you can give me a little information about these Pulsar Chronograph watches, YM62-X144. I bought these two Pulsar Chronographs from a dealer, both with faults & bracelets missing. I've since overhauled & replaced the defective parts in the watch cases, but would now like to find a pair of metal bracelets to complete the repairs. So far, my search for the bracelets has proved unsuccessful. I tried Seiko firstly, as the parent company of the Pulsar brand but meet with a very unhelpful response that the watch was no longer available & subsequently, no parts were still stocked. They wouldn't even point me in the direction of their dealer network to check old stock. Dealers & watchrepairers that I know were also unable to help. A few went out of their way to try & source the missing bracelets, to no avail. So I now turn to members of the forum. My options are to either find suitable replacement metal bracelets or refit the working mechanisms into other suitable cases, beit Seiko, Pulsar or Lorus, where they are readily available. As these watches are for my own use, I'm not too bothered about originality, more about functionality as I was impressed with the working internals of both watches. They both keep excellent, accurate time.
  11. I have a Valjoux 7765 movement that i recently cleaned, however when putting the watch back together, i found that the only function that doesn't work is the date change. The quick-set date function works, however when in time setting and the time has been changed +24 hours, the date wheel does not react to this. Logic would guess that this has something to do with the cam and wheel it sits on, but i just cant seem to pinpoint the exact problem as photos i have seen online of the calendar set up seem identical to mine. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!
  12. I've recently been handed a watch which contains a Valjoux 7760 movement. However the keyless work is very dirty/rusty. The stem does not want to come out to matter how much force is applied to the setting lever. Does anybody have any tips on how i could solve this problem? Thank you in advanced! Christian
  13. Hi, I purchased a second-hand 2012 Breitling Superocean from a London watch dealer back in June last year. I have had no problems with this watch in fact I have been very pleased with my purchase, up until last week when I went to put my watch on in the morning (I never wear it to bed) and noticed that the face of the watch had turned within the case slightly. After a few hours the face had turned nearly 180 degrees in the case. I contacted the dealer I purchased it from and they suggested it had probably been caused by a knock or drop, and will result in the watch being to returned to Breitling for repair. This leaves me slightly confused as I am certain that this is not the case. This watch is very dear to me and I look after it very carefully - I saved for sometime and waited in excess of 6 months to find a model that I liked. Has anybody else had any similar problems as me - and any ideas on a resolution?
  14. They seems to have good reviews on trustpilot https://www.trustpilot.com/review/watchesofmayfair.com and real shop in London https://watchesofmayfair.com/about-us but their prices are kind of too low.
  15. Due to poor impulse control, I've now ended up with 2 yellow-dialled Seiko chronographs. I'm going to flip one of them, just haven't decided which one yet. It all started when Roger the Dodger posted a picture of his yellow Seiko. Before then, I'd never considered yellow as an option, but that watched looked stunning and I went to eBay immediately! I'm not disappointed, both look great to me. Anybody else have any yellow watches?
  16. Just wanted to ask what you guys thought of the Tag Heuer James Hunt watch and whether you think the Omologato is worth a punt? http://www.tagheuer.co.uk/int-en/news/tag-heuer-formula-1-james-hunt-limited-edition-1976-2016 omologato.myshopify.com/collections/the-hesketh-f1-chrono
  17. Hello guys, So I purchased a Longines conquest classic chrono 8 months ago. Really love the watch. However, a few days ago i thuroughly cleaned my watch and noticed on the caseback sapphire crystal a scratch. It is only seen when looking at it from a certain side and under a lamp or sunlight. It is wierd because it isnt just a straight line scratch but multiply tiny scratchtes in one spot. The front crystal has nothing on it which is wierd because the only time i take my watch off is for the night. I heard that if anti reflective coating is applied on the outside of the crystal (i dont know if longines does this on the case back) then that can get scratched easier then the sapphire itself. But i would like to ask how do i know if the reflective coating scratched or the sapphire itself? I dont think diamonds are resposible as my mother wears them but she rarly take them of and it is strange how they could scratch the inside crystal. Thanks
  18. So my friends Dad found a Certina Chronlympia circa 1971 8501-503, on the beach in the south of the UK believe it or not. Anyway I've had a tinker with it and managed to fix a loose hour hand and polish the acrylic and the case up. The only problem is that when I push the chrono function to send the second hand back to the 12 position it actually flies back to the 9 instead, and I can't work out how to alter this. I've tried pulling the crown out and pushing the 'A' button to send it forward but all that does is start the second hand up again. if anyone has any ideas that would be great.
  19. Finally my Chronograph with Moon phase was delivered today. Again, great quality from the small team at Perpetual, well packaged with a pusher included for the moonphase . I chose a tan colour strap to be fitted and, it is also excellent quality. Very pleased!
  20. Hello , I'm new to this forum and I'm seeking help. I inherited two watches and I would love to know more about them as I'm pretty clueless and Google isn't helping as I don't actually have enough info to begin a real thorough search. One has no writing or marks on the dial but has inside the working and the other just states Titus Geneva on the dial and it's 18k as it's stamped on the back casing. Any help to find out more or info on them would be great. Thanks ... how do i add pics ?!
  21. Hi guy:) so ive been on here before for my grandfathers old Rolex`s and today picked up my first real watch. Ive always loved some of the old WWWs and was familiar with the rarity of the Grana. Now i have no idea if i got a great deal or lost a whole bunch. Some of the exact info he provided "This example is a part of a small consignment of Grana contract watches which were designated 'W.W.W specification' with white, A.T.P dials."A comparative example is illustrated in the notable publication British Military Timepieces by Knirim, [page 553]. The serial number for the watch illustrated in Knirim's book ['M 2119'] is particularly close to the serial number of this Grana watch.Just looking for info:) thanks so much
  22. Hi, I have just found this watches from my grandfather. I would like to know what the name of this brand is? Maybe they are just cheap ordinary non-brand watches or some replicas because i can see Swiss made sign, I am just curious. Thanks a lot for help
  23. Hi guys I'm new around here and I've got this Longines heritage L4.754.4.52.4 watch that I have no idea how much is worth or what I'd even do to go about selling it. If anyone could help me out that would be great, I brought it brand new in the UK have all original packaging and paper work
  24. I have had this watch sitting in a box for years. For some reason I pulled it out yesterday to examine it. It is not currently running. Can anyone tell me a few things about it? 1. Is it worth anything/repairing? 2. Model information? Thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aws19ykw73ufq64/image1.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/s7k6trtrwvvjoz8/image2.JPG?dl=0
  25. I've combined my two favourite Citizen watches into one, my absolute fave! There's a close-up photo at https://goo.gl/photos/DCbXwoRKKvEBMh7x5 that I hope you all can see. I am a sailor and a competitive racer of (mostly small Albacore-class) sailboats, so I've long been attracted to the Citizen Navisail Stars & Stripes sailor's watch. But I didn't actually race with it! Like my Sperry sailing shoes, I wore it on land and took it off when I actually when sailing, in favor of a bigger, louder, more modern Ronstan ClearStart racing watch (and neoprene boots). And I have a big tactical compass with a rotating bezel on my Albacore, so the Navisail's rotating compass-rose bezel adds no utility for me. And BTW, I do own some newer versions of these watches that add solar recharging and atomic-time synchronization, but I prefer the much lighter first generation, which doesn't hurt my hand when I bicycle over potholes, and which has a MUCH larger digital readout around 3:00-4:00, which I usually leave set to CAL, telling me the day and date. I can read the 3rd-gen watches' smaller screen, but I begrudge the effort. Being a sailor and a techie (M.I.T. grad), I am morbidly fascinated by the forecast and actual wind velocity. My sailing buddies and I think in knots (nautical miles per hour), and the rest of the world hereabouts (Toronto) thinks in Kms/hour, so I'm constantly doing mental arithmetic to convert one to the other. The conversion is approximately 20 kms = 10 knots, but not exactly, and I've long drooled over the circular SLIDE RULE bezel that comes on most of Citizen's Navihawk PILOT watches, like the ones named after the US and UK aerobatic teams. In fact, I bought a few of those watches, 1st-gen, but (a) I discovered that Citizen mysteriously omitted the Navisail's lovely sweep second hand, which I enjoy, and (b) both of the ones I bought on eBay "works fine, just needs a new battery", really had serious movement problems that I couldn't fix. (And yes, I did try to fix one of them, with a lot of help from this site and a few others.) So one time when I was replacing a battery in my trusty old 1st-gen Navisail, I decided to try combining my favourite features into one watch by taking the Navisail's movement and slipping it into one of my Navihawk cases. I wasn't going to take a backswing or use any force, and I didn't have to. The fit seemed identical, and I enjoyed almost all of my fave features for around a year -- until the Navisail movement went on the fritz when I replaced a battery. :-( (IIRC, the digital screen went dead, though the analog hands still kept time.) I can't be 100% sure that the problem wasn't caused (or made more likely) by some mismatch between the Navisail movement (C320?) and the Navihawk case (for a C300 movement?), but the smooth fit causes me to doubt that. So after a few years of wearing a 3rd-generation Navihawk with all the bells and whistles (and squinting at the too-small digital display and overlooking the micro-bruises when I bicycled over bumps), when I found another nice 1st-gen Navisail on eBay at a good price (partly because the case was scratched, which I didn't want to use), I bought it. The vendor had just inserted a frustratingly excellent battery, and I was reluctant to do surgery on a watch that was working perfectly. I actually forget what changed my mind, but I eventually relented and inserted the C320 movement into my 1st-gen Navihawk ("Blue Angels") pilot watch case, as I hope you see it at the above link. The bezel is set to convert between knots and Km/hr, though it can easily be set to convert currencies or anything else. (I set 27 opposite 50 to convert between knots & Km/h, which is precise enough for me. 50 kph = 26.99 knots, IIRC.) I find a circular slide rule FAR better for mass conversions (like currencies or measurement units) than any calculator or spreadsheet, because I can simultaneously see, and grasp, the entire set of equivalencies between the two units. And I fail to see why I should do without a sweep second hand just because I like a slide-rule bezel! This second hybrid C300/C320 watch has been humming along for a few months now, and I hope it lasts a long time. The new hybrid brings a smile to my face pretty often -- more than daily -- but it is not as perfect as it would be if I had a magic wand instead of just some watch tools. Mostly, the band and clasp on the 1st-gen Navihawk is not as stiff and solid (and secure?) as that of the 1st-gen Navisail, which I miss a bit. And the advances of the 2nd- and 3rd-generation Citizens (solar recharging and "atomic" or "radio" synchronization) are benefits that I wouldn't mind having if they didn't come with such a high cost (in weight, bulk, and visibility). The weight penalty can be addressed (at a $ cost) with a 3rd-gen Titanium watch, but I'd still be squinting at a bulkier watch. Also, my "surgery" has introduced a 4th colour to these 3-color watches, with the Blue Angel's yellow accents and the Stars & Stripes' red, along with the blue and white of both. My other Navihawk case is from the UK aerobatic team and has red accents instead of the Blue Angel's yellow, but the case and bezel is more beat up, so that case is still in storage. This colour mix doesn't really bother me -- though if one of you owner's of a spare red-accented C300 case wanted to offer it to me, I'd probably make the switch. ;-)
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