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Found 133 results

  1. The year is 1976. I was a newly minted constable in the Queensland Police Force. My first day on the job, someone asks "Why aren't I wearing a watch?. Every copper has to have a reliable watch." So, at the first opportunity I popped down to the local jeweller's to pick out a watch. The one with red on the ring thing and a couple of buttons on the side looked interesting enough. The price was right and it was a Seiko. I knew precious little about watches but I knew about Seiko watches from my Dad who had purchased a couple during his tour of duty over in Vietnam in 1966 and he swore by them. So the purchase was made. For the next 15 years that watch stayed on my wrist. Four years in a first response unit, three years in outback Queensland, chatting with shearers about whether or not they should retire for the night, meant that the watch and I regularly took a beating. Needless to say that this watch and I shared many adventures together. It was in the early 90s that I became a police diver and required a more suitable watch, so I retired the Seiko and bought a Tag 1500 Pro which I still wear from time to time, to this day. The wife, the Seiko and I became separated and it was for another 15 years that my daughter was able to retrieve the watch on my behalf. That was six weeks ago, the watch still goes after a bit of a shake but is badly in need of some TLC. The pushers are jammed up with gunk and as you can see by the photo, the glass could do with replacing. So off to the doctor's it goes. That's my story about about a 6139-6002. It hasn't been into space but it's done just about everything else. Cheers Hog Seiko 6139-6002, a little worse for wear Seiko 6139-6002-At the Post Office Tag 1500 - Still on the wrist
  2. Nothing unique about this Mako II but I sure do like its sunburst blue dial. Regards Hog
  3. I have just picked up this Seiko watch with an alarm feature, it is worth restoring but the seiko 7T3B quartz movement is dead. Web search suggests that there are similar movements with seiko's other brands on them which are a direct swop. Can anyone suggest a direct swop please. The watch is presently stripped at the moment so no photos. It has a alarm dial at 6.. Seconds dial at 9, and a Minutes dial at 12.. The alarm dial is stem set.
  4. Hi there, Wondering if anyone out there could point me in the right direction. I have been looking for a Seiko 6139-6002 for a while and not really pulled the trigger due to the worry about buying one that had been made up of OEM parts, seems to be the case with quite a few out there. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than myself (this wont be hard!) would be prepared to cast an eye over the below picture and give me their thoughts? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. Most recent addition to my Seiko stable, a Black Monster. required only a clean, lub, and the bezel repainting.
  6. This little beauty arrived this morning, and what a little stunner it is. The dial is really nice, really happy with it. So a big thanks to teg62x for his raffle and his generous prize. Here it is with it's new seiko stable mates
  7. I recently bought this watch can anyone tell me what it is? The code on the back is EX05-C0 CA
  8. Hi all, Yesterday received my latest piece, a Seiko Samurai SRPB49K1. Having wanted one of these since a friend bought the Dawn Grey version, I managed to find it brand new online from a jeweller with a 25% discount. I am very pleased and if anyone has considered one of these, I would definitely recommend it Cheers
  9. Hi! First of all, I'm new to this forum, so this is my first post. Recently I wanted to get a new watch, so started exploring online stores, forums and YouTube channels dedicated to watches, found out that Seiko 5 would be the best choice in this price group under 100 bucks (Problem is that I couldn't find the Seiko with delivery from Europe, ones from Asia would take several weeks). I also really liked the Luch designs (downside is that they are manual-winding) and Vostok Amphibia (I heard that they just don't keep the time too well). What are some other solid pieces you could recommend me getting under 100$? Mechanical movement would be the main priority, however some decent quartz is ok too, Also 'Swiss made' or 'Japanese made' on the dial would be also nice.
  10. I recently replaced the capacitor battery in a womens Citizen watch with a B023 Movement. It doesn't want to run and I'm not sure why. I pulled the crown and stem out, apparently this puts it into " all reset" mode. I've left it on the window sill for over a week now thinking that the new capacitor battery wasn't charged enough when it came. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what to check further or do in order to get it running? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi everyone, just out out of interest, has anyone purchased a watch off the website Wish before? I recently downloaded the app just to purchase a few cheapie dog collars and also had a look at some nato straps. Ever since then I’ve had emails/ notifications containing watches. Some are cheap quartz watches from brands I’ve never heard of but there also a number of “Seiko” and “orient” too. I’m hazarding a guess that these are copies, just interested to know if anyone has bought from there before. thanks Jason
  12. Hi All, I am new to this forum, so I hope this is in the correct section I am looking to buy a Seiko Flightmaster SNA411, as I have been wanting one for quite some time now. The following sites have the watch in stock at a reasonable price: https://www.creationwatches.com/products/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=906&page=5 https://www.jomashop.com/seiko-sna411.html Is it a good idea to buy a watch from these retailers, or should I look elsewhere? Also, what kind of import fees should I expect to bring these into the UK? Thanks in advance for your replies
  13. Has anyone ever re-lumed the hands on their watch? If so, is it easy to do?
  14. Hi - I am new to the forum and enjoy reading the different discussions - I am new to g-shocks and would like to get either Grb100 or Gwg-100 - I am moving Mozambique to do mission work and need a tough watch - I like the bluetooth of the grb-100 and I like the multiband 6 or the gwg-100 - any thoughts on which one might be best for that environment - it is hot and dusty and by the sea, but not close to radio towers, but i do have cellphone reception - any thoughts much appreciated?
  15. Hi can anybody help me set up my watch
  16. Well loft actually! I was up putting away the ski clothes for another year when I heard a beep! I hunted around and after getting every torch I own into the loft for extra light something caught my eye in the eves! It was a..... watch (but you probably guessed that) now we have had a few workmen in there over that years so I assume this was left behind, it’s a Casio AE-1000W and was covered in what I imagine was cement! I dunked it in hot soapy water and started scrubbing so no ‘before’ picture then I thought you lot might be interested in the clean up! here it is getting a dunking this cement was all over the face as well when I started getting stuck in! this cement was everywhere in every nook and cranny It was underneath the straps too under my large magnifying glass the scratches were very obvious so out came the brasso Bit of elbow grease much better! straps back on and on the wrist! Now just need to figure out how to set the time and turn the Alarm off! But I am SO chuffed and the 710 can’t get upset as this involved no £££ although we were supposed to be recapping GoT but we can just watch 2 tomorrow. I am proper happy
  17. Never posted on a forum before, just googled ‘Seiko Prospex forum’ to find this one as I felt a need to post and see people’s thoughts. I have a small watch collection, predominantly Swiss but ranging from a Vostok to a Milguass in terms of price, and I’ve just bought my 1st Seiko as was looking for something to wear for weekend activities that I wasn’t too precious over, however... I’ve been blown away by this thing, the quality and attention to detail (the selective polished and brushed surfaces for example) are amazing, so much so that I now don’t want to wear it where it may pick up scratches - which was the whole point of buying it. But the main reason for posting is the accuracy - I’ve had it on my wrist for a week and it’s running consistently 0.5 seconds slow per day (and I mean consistantly - day one 0.5, day two 1 second etc., timed against a radio controlled G-Shock) I’m amazed. My Rolex hits about 2 seconds a day, about 4 seconds for my 7750 Tag, a bit more for a couple of Hamilton’s etc, and this little gem cost £290 new! I’m sure not all 4R35’s are like this but still. So I’m now trying to convince everyone I know they need to buy one. Oh, and I compared the longevity of the lume and come morning it beat all but the Rolex, which it was on par with - crazy! Cheers.
  18. Hello. I'm new around these parts I have a Seiko 5 automatic 6309-8060 (serial 971073) that has a missing bezel (and gasket). I have searched on eBay and Google for a replacement bezel but I can't find one when searching for "6309-8060". This is probably a newbie question, but will the bezel from another similar model likely fit, and if so what do I need to search for? I have a small collection of Seiko 5's that bring me pleasure and which I wear daily, but at the moment this one particular watch is going unloved - and I want to change that. Thanks for any help. Glenn
  19. I'm new to horology and have an older Citizen 2100 Calibre Eco Drive. I'm looking for technical drawings and or information on this movement. It is an E210M calibre. I would like to fix the winding stem and put a new crystal in it. I've spoken with Citizen and for whatever reason this information is proprietary? I've scoured the interweb to no avail. If anyone has any information I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  20. So pleased to finaly add one of these to my collection, it has not been off my wrist since I got it.. Designed to commemorate the Cuban free diver, Francisco Pipin Ferreras. His love of Dolphins is celebrated by the Dolphins fin on the case edge, and a dolphin engraved on the back. The sharks tooth bracelet adding to the beauty. The watch has been converted to rechargeable battery, a cheap conversion at £14.00..
  21. Hello, please let me introduce you the STH Carbon, on Kickstarter from the 1st June! Case and Dial entirely made of carbon fiber. Double domed 4mm thick sapphire crystal AR coated. Screw down crown. 300mt/1000ft water resist. Seiko NH35a automatic mov. Case 44mm cushion shaped with 36mm face/dial Superluminova c3 Short drilled and curved lugs for max comfort. for more photos and updates my personal page http://www.facebook.com/sth.watches.3 and STH page http://www.facebook.com/sthwatch/ Thanks!
  22. Hey guys, I've been into my G Shocks over the past two years (they share the same year of birth as me!). As 2018 was their 35th anniversary year I was looking forward to seeing what they were releasing. Unfortunately being in the UK they were not quite as easy to find on the high street. Since being in Thailand I've managed to come across many more models. Over the last few weeks I've picked up the below models if anyone is interested in them. Has anyone else managed to pick up anything interesting for the 35th anniversary or collaborations? DW-5700SF: DW-6900NC: GA-110FRG: DW-5600HDR: GPR-B1000TF: GWF-1035F: MTG-B100TF:
  23. I would love to see some finished or almost finished collections
  24. Last few days i was looking for a old Casio watch i've seen a 80s advertisement, and found this Marlin and Databank models which i didn't knew much about them, and fall in love with this one, i saw a guy with a DB and Marlin Casio collection on youtube and loved it. I found the Marlin on recommended page of Ebay and take a quick look at it, after a day, i decided that i needed to get it, the condition was not bad at all and had a new battery added in, i won the auction today, i'm very happy, i don't know if there is Casio digital-watch collectors or enthusiasts but i believe this is a Rare watch. There is a picture of it: https://imgur.com/eI0pdH9 Who owns the same watch? Just let me know!
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