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Found 61 results

  1. Could anyone tell me what this watch is and what it may be worth?. I think its from the 1970s.
  2. I've found an used Omega Speedmaster Day Date 3521.80.00 going for £1200, looking to get it for my old man & it looks like a bit of a steal for this price. Has a few marks of light wear but nothing too bad. What do you guys think? Steal? Overpriced?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to decide on a piece I can wear for everything. This is my first watch and at the age of 31 I am running out of reasons not to buy a watch for myself. I can't find a fiancé which comes with an engagement offering, or parents that will produce a graduation present. So I'm looking at either a more practical Bell & Ross BR02/BR03 Diver or a Blancpain FF (2200-6530-66) or a IWC. Any other suggestions welcome. All I know is I don't want something too recognisable . Would like something a bit different. The Blancpain FF with the black bezel is where I'm currently leaning, thanks in advance. https://ibb.co/Ypw8nL3 https://ibb.co/T0G0X9g https://ibb.co/8BYm5nP https://ibb.co/mGbkqfC https://ibb.co/7kYVg4g A D E E free online picture hosting
  4. Hey I have an omega Constellation and was thinking it would look great on leather. does anyone no of any sites that do straps for them and if not how to put a modded strap on and keep it attached? Below are some pics Many Thanks Kane
  5. Hello, I'm a newby, I have a circa. 1979 Omega Constellation DD 368 0855 with steel & gold bracelet. A small screw or bolt is missing from one of the link joints. I have no idea how to identify it, or find a replacement part. I will attach some Imgur images, the first couple show the watch, the rest show the bracelet and highlight the area where the missing part is. The adjacent links on this side of the bracelet have screw heads, I presume this is the same and just worked loose. I need help in sorting this out, rather than go to an Omega shop and be stared at. I have a small collection of NOS 1970s Omega watches, this is my hands down favourite. It is so 70s but also has the proportions of an Apple watch. All help gratefully received!
  6. Subo


    Hi there. Looking for some advice from ones more knowledgeable than myself. I recently turned 30 and have threatened treating myself to a decent timepiece for years. But now it comes to buying one I'm struggling to decide. I ideally want one that won't absolutely haemorrhage money once purchased and maybe even one for a sound investment for the future. So looking for some suggestions or even warnings of what to avoid. Willing to push upto 6k mark at the very most at the time being. For a bit of context the watches I like at the moment are:- Bretling Superocean Heritage II Rolex GMT master, black/blue bezel Omega speedmaster Omega Seamaster planet ocean 600m Open to any suggestions or advice.
  7. Hi guys. I've recently developed a full blown watch obsession and whilst i have been reading/researching on the net, i have to admit i could do with some help. I currently own several quartz and one automatic (fossil), not including my jaeger vintage pocket watch. My next buy i wanted to be a swiss made automatic. I've picked out 4 and wanted to know people's thoughts on these watches and if they are worth the money. 1 - tossot pr100 powermatic 80, blue dial. £475. I recently saw the quartz version and it didnt feel as heavy or as nice as i thought it would for the price (i have a £200 diesel that feels loads better) 2 - TAG HEUER CARRERA CALIBRE 5 MENS 41MM AUTOMATIC DAY-DATE WATCH - blue dial. Looks really nice, but £2000 for a tag? Which made me think of number 3 3 - omega, de ville, blue dial £2550. But only 3atm for the price puts me off. 3/a - omega seamaster aqua terra blue dial £4000. Love this watch but i can by a rolex for similar price (what do i do) 4 - rolex oyster perpetual £4300, chanoagne coloured dial. I wanted the watch to look dress smart and that ruled out omega seamaster for me which was £2500. Cliffs, which watch is best value for money, best investment, best build etc, looks best? Tissot Tag Omega de ville Omega seamaster Rolex Thanks
  8. Hello Forum; Tim here - new member, so please forgive me if I haven't approached this query the correct way!! I have been bequeathed an "OMEGA Seamaster Cosmic 2000" wrist watch, and I am looking for any documentation / instruction manuals that may be available for this particular timepiece. It is a very early 1970's model, purchased in Switzerland. (We think 1972 or thereabouts) If anyone has this information available and is willing to share it with me (or point me to where I would find it) it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks; Tim. (Victoria, Australia.
  9. Hi there! My grandfather left me and my twin brother two pocket watches. I've only got 1 picture of them at the moment, but can get more of them. I was wondering if anyone could tell me a little something about them. Best regards Mats Agbo
  10. Good afternoon all, It's my first post but I'm an avid reader of the forum and find the information and knowledge of the various contributors fantastic. I love vintage Omegas and have managed to assemble a small collection but am always looking to add to it. I have come across this Constellation but haven't seen a dial like it before so am wondering what your thoughts are on its legitimacy? Any information would be much appreciated. Regards
  11. Hello all, I am new to the forum so my deepest apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've recently purchased an Omega Constellation. I've been a long time lover of this watch and finally took the plunge. I'm going to take it for a little service in the coming days, but wondered if any of you wonderful horologist types could tell me about it? I know there are so many variation's on the constellations Thanks! J
  12. Hi, I have just brought a 9ct gold Omega Geneve. I am currently trying to work out if the dial is genuine. I have the manufacturer number :BL1325017 (this was with on the papers I brought the watch with). I have found a couple examples of pictures of this watch but none of good quality so I can tell the detail on the dial. So I have two question as to whether anyone has a picture of this watch or knows where I can possibly find one? and whether the two watches with the same manufacturer number can be different?
  13. Hello, First I would like to say, it has been very nice looking around your message board and reading the immense information and viewing a lot of fine watches. I've reached the conclusion it would be appropriate and polite to join as a member. I hope to be of some use, if possible. If just for someone to discuss watches with. My name is Alex and started acquiring watches when I was around 10yo. Primary sources were/are flea-markets, yard/garage/driveway sales, antiques stores, and outdoor markets. I had never bothered to learn a great deal about my watches, and I generally lack focus with anything I collect. I intend on rectifying this problem. I do antiques restoration at an antique store near where I live. Furniture is my specialty; wood-work, veneer work, structural and cosmetic work. However, with that said, I do occasionally work on items not related to antique furniture. Anything from antique pocket watches to modern big-case watches, and anything in between, have sparked my interest. Time pieces fascinate me to a great extent. I have always been abnormally obsessed with time. You willl likely never see me without a wristwatch on or pocket watch in my pocket. The only watch I have in the collection that doesn't run is the Omega Constellation Chronometer. It is my luck that the Constellation was one of my dream watches and the mainspring broke soon after I bought it. Oh well, perhaps at some point I will be able to send it to Omega for a repair and spa treatment.:) Anyhow, my primary objective in joining the site is, learning as much as I can about the watches I have and watches I'd like to have. Thank you very much for accepting my request to join and am looking forward to reading some more of your great information and data. And, so you won't need to ask, here are some not-so-great photos of my watch collection. Please forgive the poor images. I have a ruptured Achilles tendon in my left leg, which makes getting up and down somewhat arduous at best. Hopefully I will recover soon enough to take some nicer images of the watches. It appears as if my assertion that the photos would follow the post was wrong. Hopefully it is fine the way it is.
  14. Hi everyone, I hope you’ve been enjoying the bank holiday weekend. My name’s Nick and I’ve joined the forum today hoping to learn a lot from other members. Currently I’ve got a Michel Herbelin that was given to me for my 21st (10 years ago now) but my wife has recently uncovered her late fathers old Omega Constellation - still ticking but in need of a bit of TLC as it hasn’t been worn since 1988! It’s beautifully understated and I’ll be looking to get it restored as it holds significant sentimental value! Nick
  15. Hi guys just wondering I have a problem with my Omega Omatic Seamaster it is showing that needs a battery which I believe is rechargeable I have had on the watch winder for about 2 hours and it has now stopped then I wound it up 30 turns and it worked again then stopped isn't that why it has this rechargeable battery so when the watches power goes down the battery kicks in it has also shown the second hand skipping ever 5 seconds that the tell needs new battery if any of you know what battery and where to buy one it is and could I fit myself and best way to do it would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance Peter
  16. Hey guys I recently. Got this omega deville and just wanted to no what reference and year etc. If anyone knows about it I would be greatful. Attached are some photos.
  17. Hey guys I recently. Got this omega deville and just wanted to no what reference and year etc. If anyone knows about it I would be greatful. Attached are some photos.
  18. Hello all I have an old Omega dating from 1965, can anyone ID it? It recently went in for a service repair at Omega (£400), I just ontacted them for further info and they said they would need it back! I'm hoping someone here can shed some light, I cant see anything on the back to give me a clue.
  19. Exciting day today - This old fella getting was getting serviced back home as a birthday gift from my parents: mmm, what could it be?? box looks promising.. Quite a bag of bits there.. There it is! My grandfathers Omega no less, acquired sometime late in the war. Had new crystal, crown and hands in this lot and that's a brand new Omega strap & buckle fitted, but the dial is all original and case is cleaned up but still suitably battle scarred in places. Love it!
  20. Hi guys, I'v been offered this nice watch, however I'm at a loss regarding the watch price as I specialize at our local Czech watches, Omegas are not my point of interest, but sometimes I venture out of my field of experience Tried eBay and various price, but no clue. Could somebody please suggest a price? Thanks
  21. I picked up a really nice Omega Dynamic today. Only problem is I cant keep a bracelet unscratched for more than about 45 seconds so I want to put a band on to preserve the original. Only now have I discovered that 19mm bands are only slightly less rare than Chicken lips. The new band is only a place keeper so dont want to spend more than £20 to £30 can anyone point me in the right direction. If you dont come up with any ideas I will stick it on a pink £1.99 NATO IMG_20180119_181448289 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20180119_181442641 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20180119_181420354 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20180119_181411740 by Stuart, on Flickr
  22. Hi! I was wondering if anyone here knows much about “tuning fork” Omegas. I am considering buying a 1970s Omega Constellation f300 (gold) here in Tokyo. I found one on an auction site. The condition looks good but not fantastic, it is working fine apparently, but the one flaw is that the crown isn’t original. Is £200 a fair price? Or does anyone have a better suggestion? I’m really interested in adding a cheap “hummer” to my collection! Thank you.
  23. So here's the story, I work at a company that deals with watches a man sent his watch off to get an EST on how much it would be to fix. The quote was around the £400 mark. Hes came into the shop to pick the watch up as he didn't want to pay that much for it, and didn't wear it often anyways. I said its a nice watch, what do you plan on doing with it? "Well I'm going to throw it in the bin... otherwise it will just sit in my man draw" THROW IT AWAY! I said I'll buy it from you if you want to sell it? "Okay £20 sound cool?" So the damage is bad to this watch yes. but as an employee i get 50% off so £200ish for me to fix it... This is now my watch :D I know this watch is legit as who i work for dont touch fakes, and the man is bringing me the box and papers the next time he's back in town! :D
  24. Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to watch collecting, and new to these forums, so I thought I would take advantage of the massive wealth of knowledge on this site. I have a decent collection going with some lovely Swiss pieces and a couple of excellent Japanese ones. What I really want to get into though is vintage pieces, as the stories they can tell and their character are unrivalled. I already have a rather fetching vintage Hamilton, but what I would love to add to my collection is a vintage omega. Omega is a watch brand with an incredibly rich history in horology, and I simply love their design, particularly on their watches from the 60s and 70s. However, it is so difficult to know where to start, what is a good investment and what is a quality watch. I have been looking at this 1967 sea master with a blue dial (though it is very difficult to find): https://www.omegawatches.com/planet-omega/heritage/vintage-details/14635/?no_cache=1&cHash=d1611797b8af6640e77b734e4151d6d2 So, I'd appreciate your thoughts and feelings on this watch, and are there any others you'd recommend? Also, feel free to share your vintage omegas, I'd love to see them! All the best, TKOG
  25. My Mum just gave me this watch that was in Dad's things (he died a way a few years ago). It came from a friend of his who was in the RAF. The guy at the Omega shop thinks it might be an RAF watch, but the numerals look unusual. Anyone know what it is? Isn't it missing the second hand? I think it looks cool and will get it serviced and cleaned up, then buy a strap (thinking brown leather, but any other strap advice?). Thanks!
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