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Found 5 results

  1. So i've had my RLT 29 for about 13 years now, it was a gift from my dad as he it didn't suit him but I loved it unfortunately teenage HC was an idiot as such the watch has lost its original crown (unique to the Tag Edge) and had its strap broken several times and so its spent the last few years on a rubber strap i've never been that keen on and couldn't afford to replace with something I really loved all this meant that I ended up with this: Don't get me wrong I still loved it but the lack of original crown and movement bugged me and I still don't love that strap. Recently I decided to give this watch a new breath of life as I absolutely love the uniqueness of it and the story behind it so I tracked down an original crown on ebay and grabbed that and found an ETA 955.112 which the watch would have originally shipped with if had of gone into production with a Tag stamp on it so i leapt on that too. So off it went to have the new movement fitted and crown installed, all well and good but before i received and email saying the watch had stopped. A few days later it was running fine and I got the watch sent back to me. All was well and good but when the watch reached me it had lost half an hour, I thought this was a little odd but it may have just been set wrong or been excessively thrown around so I reset it and carried on. The next day it lost another half an hour so I set it again and carried on, that evening however I looked down and discovered I had lost 3 HOURS! Not just that but the movement had leaked oil and stained my dial. And so back it went to have the movement removed so I could send it back on ebay for a refund, lesson learned never buy a used movement from ebay! I was very fortunate that the install was done by @Roy who was not only able to source me a new 955.112 very quickly but also happened to have a gorgeous dial that would fit the watch, not only that but was able to source me a new second hand to match it at an incredible pace. While all this was going on I decided I may as well go all out and so I commissioned a new strap from Steveo who made me a strap that actually perfectly fits my incredibly awkward 17.5mm lug width and perfectly suits the new aesthetic of the watch, and so a few weeks down the line I am now the proud owner of this beauty and it's like a completely new watch: Through this whole thing Roy has been amazing and I cannot thank him enough for his rapid turnaround, great communication and for just being a complete gentleman through this whole process. Also I cannot recommend Steveo enough for custom straps, they are beautifully made and look fantastic! Overall I am completely smitten with the new look of the watch and get complemented on it almost daily, even by non watch people and it just feels that bit more special.
  2. Hey guys, i'm new here and couldn't find a more relevant place to put this but RLT 29 owners what straps have you got on your watches? I know that these have a slightly awkward width about 17.5 mm as i recall which somewhat limits options and the shape may not lend itself to certain more traditional designs also i'm slightly hesitant to just but a strap to try it as if it doesn't suit the watch it will not fit my Hamilton. Currently i'm considering either a rally or a nato but any suggestions, experiences and photos would be very much appreciated. Any ideas?
  3. yddraig


    Good morning As above, with all the reviews and news of our host's fantastic watches, I'd like to add a teeny post on a small purchase I made last week. I have a pilot chrono on an old black NATO strap and although it looked ok and worked as a daily wearer, I knew it could look so much better. So on a whim, I ordered one of Roy's two piece bund style straps in tan. It arrived this morning and I have to say it looks bleeding fantastic..... thick, high quality leather that looks a million times better than the photo.... screams quality and has lifted the look of the watch beyond what I could've hoped for. The only downside if the fixed bars don't like the thickness of the quality leather..... Thank you Roy, I love your watches and if I could afford them I would love to own so many of your models, but your your straps also deserve a worthy mention, even if they only cost under a tenner. Graeme
  4. Thanks to Roy I now have a cracking new strap on my Citizen Eco-Drive that I think suits it very, very well indeed. Chunky carbon effect leather, 22mm and stitching colour to pick out the only dribble of colour from the dial logo. I'll let the pictures do the talking... Cheerz Mark H
  5. Hello - I am on this site to try to locate an old watch, essentially one just like the one that my father had given me and fell off my wrist. I would appreciate any and all input on how I might find it. I do not know the model number nor year it was produced, but I do have a fairly good description, and the watch was made by Aureole. It is a rather thin watch for the period, with a gold face (not real gold), that has a flortentine, "crosshatch" type-design - almost scratched in, you might say. Instead of numbers, it has X's on outer ring of watch (which is made of the same "gold" material), outside the crystal itself. It has a separate second hand at the bottom of the watch. I will soon attach a picture of a watch that meets all of the above descriptions, but is made by Zurex. If you have seen this watch - by any maker - I am interested in talking to you about it. If anyone on this forum could in any way help me locate this watch, or lead me to someone who might be able to, I would be very very grateful. I know that I can't get the original watch back, but a facsimile of it would equally have great sentimental value. Many thanks to the members of this forum.
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